Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Controversial autism vaccine researcher found dead from suspicious gunshot 'suicide'


Tuesday, June 30, 2015 by: Kali Sinclair

(NaturalNews)   Dr. Jeff Bradstreet's body was found floating in the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Creek North Carolina. A handgun was found in the river. Deputies say the gunshot wound to his chest appeared to be self-inflicted.

When suicide occurs, there are always questions. The reason why is, of course, the first. Was the person facing prison? Divorce? Public humiliation? Even if the reasons are never found, we are rarely left questioning the means.

The means are a combination of availability, seriousness of intent, and knowledge of anatomy. For men, the most likely means is a firearm – 56% in fact. Most have the sense to shoot themselves in the head. Self-inflicted shots to the chest are often survived.

So why would a doctor, a medical doctor, with full access to any drug of choice and a full knowledge of anatomy commit suicide by shooting himself in the chest and falling in a river? He, who could have mixed himself a cocktail of drugs or injected himself with a dose of pharmaceuticals and simply gone to sleep?

Jeff Bradstreet was not a typical doctor. He was a former pastor. He was the father of a child who developed autism after a vaccination who went on to specialize in helping autistic children. His thriving practice, which focused on treating children with autism and related disorders, was located in Buford, Georgia. He was a well-known vaccine opponent and a prominent researcher. Many parents of children he treated have come forward with online testimonials about Bradstreet saving their child.

Little is known at this time as the investigation is ongoing and the autopsy results have not yet been revealed. And authorities are not forthcoming with the reason the FDA and the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency raided Bradstreet's offices shortly before his death.

Hopefully we will learn the answers to these questions in the coming days and weeks. In the meantime, we wish to express our sympathy to Dr. Bradstreet's family, friends, and patients.

To learn about the dangers associated with the flu shot and the MMR vaccine, see the first two sources below, and see How to Detoxify from Vaccinations.









About the author:
Kali Sinclair is a copywriter for Green Lifestyle Market, and a lead editor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. Kali was very sick with autoimmune disease and realized that conventional medicine was not working for her. She has been restoring her health by natural means and is interested in topics including natural health, environmental issues, and human rights. 


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