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DARPA: Creating the Ultimate Super Soldier With Brain Implants

Better Listen Up - tell your friends, especially those with family members of the age to join the military . .  they WILL become cyborgs in the very near future


In it's never ending quest to gain superiority on the battlefield, DARPA has a new tool—--the minds of human soldiers. DARPA is expanding beyond weapons and robotics into brain mapping for the use of artificial neural networks via implantation of electronic neural circuitry directly into human brain tissue. ....

Obama's BRAIN Initiative
Executive Order: HPC and National Strategic Computing Initiativer [NSCI]
Engineering the Course of Human Evolution
DARPA's RAM Program

Engineering Humans for War

It was the collapse of the Soviet Union that accelerated many of DARPA’s most radical super-soldier science programs. The revelation that the Soviets had developed an extensive biological-weapons program caused DARPA to bring biologists into its ranks, and with the life sciences at the fore, DARPA began to look inside the human body, toward a scientific capability that could transform soldiers from the inside out.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is a Quantum Shift Occurring?

( does not allow the embedding of her Vimeo videos on a Google platform)

Here is a string of comments from a person with a YouTube channel called:

"in my opinion we are experiencing two or more separate timelines beginning to converge. similar as sinewaves resonating as two separate notes, then as one. there appears to be more proof of this event. i will explain more in this thread.
Galactic Flares : Milky Way Awakens | S0 News Timestamp (1 : 22)

here is an example as to the nature of our enemy. this is what is hunting us. i believe we are being seperated from this possable reality if we are willing to be good people. one timestream has us living on a clean & perfect earth. the other timeline ends in 2045. this is the one where HIVEMIND has captured humanity as a battery, basically. imagine cenobite from hellraiser & the borg from star trek. this is HIVEMIND. it can be summoned by blood ritual or quantum computer. it is the nothing from the never ending story. it is Oblivion. the bottomless pit. the blackstar. light of lusifer. Apollyon. Archon. it is a program from the creation of time/space. this is an example of this Creature .. Mass Effect : Sovereign :
i have had visions sense 1994 about how this whole thing goes down. for 21 years i have stoped watching tv & focused on this situation. very few people can understand or even keep up with me in this particular feild of strangeness. but without explaining in detail how it will happen. i will just attempt to explain the bottom line on how this will work out. it is very difficult to explain property. very complex
as we become closer to this event horizon. we will began to notice reality becoming less real & more dreamlike. skipping all the fun details. the earth timelines are converging onto one & then spliting into two. this process appears to began 2015 - 2018. threw this period of no time flux. the bad people will go insane & eventually be reverted to a small childs mind. but in reality they are on a different timeline where AI HIVEMIND Quantum Computer cubematrix has them & they become what we know as the common Grey being. MIB. now once this splitting occurs it appears the earth is resonating with the glactic frequency & going up an octive. this transition appears to me & my visions to actually be a very easy process. the dreamatrix will be evident. bottom line is the earth GOD & all of the universe is protecting the good people as an endangered species. we are protected. the HIVEMIND is prepared to do anything to assimilate or destroy all life. but as the timeline is seperated. they cannot effect us ever again. this also means all of earths past history will be erased or scrubbed. this is where it gets complicated.
i know this looks crazy. but really look at the biggest part of the overall picture. look closely to the puzzle pieces. and how they are actually chess pieces. if you look very closely you see there is a game of light & dark. life & death. the universe works & flowes far beyond this good & evil game. but at the current moment the wheel of fate & karma of judgment is very real to us. this applies to time/space. from a higher perspective it is not real. but to us is very real. also about physical matter. it is comprised of molicules & atoms& 99.99 nothing. we appear to be a mathmathical illusion. look at the stars as molicules, atoms, nuclei. life repeats itself forever. we are forever. i call this the dreamatrix. we appear to be in monkey bodys. yet the universe is composed of 99.99 spiritual matter. a type of electric universe of overlaying patterns. i am also aware of a secret program that is so very secret that nobody knows about. i will explain. it is called dream training. in the simplest explanation is we are from forever. that is our home. we are pretending to be only a physical monkey person. yet we allowed ourselves be here & now with no memory of forever. yet we have the whole universe & beyond that is our direct family. all the way to the top. we are trained for this moment in time to be triggered by the event. we are prepared ourselves withing our dreams to know exactly what to do at this trigger point. the event horizon. you all like rollercoasters? my point is we are the professionals that we are waiting for. i guess you could say our junk DNA will be hotwired all at once to jumpstart the spiritual nature of our reality. and the past trama will never have been. hard reset. reboot. very few people will remember exactly what happened & why the earth is so perfect. they will have only vague memory of the past timeline. it will be as it never was. i will be one of the few people to remember the old world. that is my gift for seeing it threw.
Olly Barnes
+mikewick77 what you just said is what ive been trying to find the words to explain to people what i thought was happening. Although i thought this world was actually doomed and most of us was being "transferred" to another earth (like identical) and we would all just wake up and think we are on the same planet.
exactly.. its difficult to explain & most people identity this process as eather biblical or newage but it is what it is regardless. and as i tried to explain. the entire universe is choosing this as the best possible outcome. and from what i have seen with my own dreams & visions is that this process is going to be somewhat like the birthing process in awkwardness but still a completely natural process. and of coarse nothing is set in stone as to any of the details. if anyone has any real concrete proof of this transaction process please share. i still have not shared any of the actual fine details of my personal visions. as far as i am concerned they are for me to withhold. i will not give the undead HIVEMIND any more intel from the spirit side until i began to see these things taking place. and if all of this is just a wild delusion. then i guess were stuck with a lemon.

END OF COMMENT THREAD as of the timestamp of this post

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

Thursday, September 10, 2015

SYRIA: War Of Deception

From 2013:  Ken O'Keefe NAILS these neo-cons to the wall here, with no mercy . . the first video is from 2013, and is only O'Keefe's side of the debate . . but this makes it a very powerful statement of the Truth about the US, Great Britain and the allies' role in the world being the TRUE TERRORISTS. . below the first video is a a video of the full debate, with the pathetic loser (who seems to hold his head down in shame while O'Keefe is speaking) also trying to defend the absolute defenseless position, once the truth is declared . . . share this . . Syria is still in the cross hairs in their attempts to get WWIII started, for the benefit of "The Greater Israel" . . . could you only imagine a debate like this on American TV?  Not a chance!

The debate on press TV. 28 August 2013.
"All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets, they don't serve the people there is no real democracy, they serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money....wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians.
Psychopaths are running the world." - Ken O'Keefe


True Activist

Must-Watch: Ex Marine Goes Crazy, Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag And Real Agenda

September 9, 2015 by Sophie McAdam

"We have tortured and killed and maimed and raped around this planet. We don't operate under international law; we have the law of the jungle"

Ken O’ Keefe is an ex US Marine turned anti-war campaigner who appeared on a Press TV debate called Syria: War of Deception, and absolutely owned his opponent in such an awesome way that you’ll be cheering at his every comment.

Recorded in August 2013, this interview is now two years old, but in light of the current European refugee crisis it’s more relevant today than ever before. Passionate, articulate and knowledgeable about the subject matter, O’Keefe is the perfect guy to step up and tell these home truths- and boy, does he do a good job. This guy nails so many crucial points about the Syria situation in one interview, he’ll have you jumping around and punching the ceiling.

“We have tortured and killed and maimed and raped around this planet; who in their right mind would consider the United States or the West in general to be in any position to punish anybody?” the veteran begins angrily, going on to outline the evidence for Syria being a false flag attack (Note: leaked emails showing how Assad was framed by the USA are detailed in this cached Daily Mail report from January 2013, which was published online briefly before being removed).

He rightly points out that the USA dropped more bombs in Vietnam than during the whole of WW2 combined, that it regularly arms terrorists (but the mainstream press refer to them as ‘freedom fighters’ when it suits them) and the ex-marine also points out how the so-called ‘War on Terror’ is nothing more than a well-planned strategy to be in a “perpetual state of war to destabilize the region for the Greater Israel plan.”
“We don’t operate under international law; we have the law of the jungle in which the rich and powerful basically determine what goes and what doesn’t go.” O’Keefe shouts. He correctly points out that Bush and Blair would be “rotting in prison cells” if the law were administered equally to all, or even “executed if their own rules were applied to their own crimes“. He also acknowledges that these men are nothing more than puppets who “serve rich and powerful bankers who control the money supply.”

Keefe rants about the hypocrisy of the West, who are arming terrorist organizations in the name of ‘freedom’ for civilians in geo-politically strategic countries while turning a blind eye to vile human rights abuses in countries like Saudi Arabia. The only people who still fall for all this crap, Keefe passionately points out, are “bought-off prostitutes [our politicians] or the dumbest of the dumb.”
In short, this is a video you should consider sharing with anyone you know who is still under the illusion that the USA and Britain are doing good in the world, anyone who doesn’t believe the ‘conspiracy theory’ that 9/11 (or Syria, or Libya, or Afghanistan or Iraq) were not orchestrated attacks to further a sinister long-term goal of controlling the Middle East, and anyone who believes that the desperate refugees fleeing these countries we have systematically destroyed have no right to seek help from their oppressors in Europe and North America- after all, without Western imperialism, we wouldn’t have any refugees in the first place (more on that here).

Ken O’Keefe renounced US citizenship in 2001 and now holds Irish, Hawaiian & Palestinian citizenship. He says on his blog: “My ultimate allegiance is to my entire human family and to planet Earth.”

Well said.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why the Elite are Orchestrating so Many Amateur False Flag Shootings

Waking Times

September 4, 2015

Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

False Flag AmericaThe recent spate of amateurish false flag shootings, which are now being rolled out at an increasingly rapid pace, give one cause to wonder: why? Why are the elite orchestrating such feeble and poorly executed false flag shootings? With all their money, power, control of the media, control of law enforcement and control of politicians, why can’t they make these false flag shootings look more real? Aren’t they worried that with such amateurish false flag shootings they are running the risk of being caught? Of being exposed? Of doing such an atrocious job that it defies common belief, and thus acts as a catalyst to wake people up?

Ridiculous, Poorly Executed and Utterly Fake Aspects of Recent False Flag Shootings

Around the world, and especially in America, the number of false flag operations these days (whether they be false flag shootings, false flag bombings or any other kind of false flag attack) is truly astonishing. Another day, another false flag. Both the quantity and quality of them are surreal. Sometimes it’s hard to believe we live in a world where people are unconscious enough to sacrifice and murder others in cold blood to achieve a political goal, and where other people are gullible enough to buy into the official narrative time after time without any further investigation.
Take a look at the most recent amateurish false flag shooting in Virginia on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 (the WDBJ TV News report shooting). AsBernie Suarez of Activist Post pointed out, there are so many loose ends, coincidences and fakery in this one that it’s really quite incredible. Since YouTube has embarked on censorship (just like it did after the false flag attack in Charlie Hebdo in France), it is hard to find the video clip, but you can see some of it in this video (also embedded above).
We have a situation where:
– a gunman approaches 2 women doing an interview, within 10 feet, brandishing a gun, and they don’t stop talking to run, scream or even ask him what he’s doing;
– the shooter holds a gun up, leaves it there awhile, and puts it back down, all while the women keep chatting merrily away. Then he puts it up again and shoots;
– the shooter shoots people at point blank range but there’s no blood;
– the cameraman and alleged victim Adam Ward apparently does not see, hear, sense or even smell that there is someone (a dangerous shooter) standing right next to him;
– Adam Ward was shooting an active shooter drill 2 weeks before the “shooting”;
– the shooter commits conveniently suicide right afterwards;
– the shooter puts out a manifesto, so the MSM (mainstream media) has more fake news to report and build the incident into a story it is not (who writes a “manifesto” these days anyway?);
– there are fake comments posted before the shooting took place;
– the alleged father (Andy Parker) of the alleged victim, just hours after the shooting, claims to already have made it his life mission to pass gun control laws, and to already have talked with the Governor of Virginia!
Once again, like almost all false flag shootings which are really targeting theright to bear arms, right after the incident, we don’t see the victims’ family members passing through the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance according to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross). Instead, we see them full of passion with a strong political message, using their platform and air time to push for gun control. Why? Because they phony, fake crisis actors.

Have the Elite Become Too Arrogant and Sloppy?

Look at all the false flag attacks the elite have already pulled off. It’s a favorite weapon of theirs, and it’s primarily psychological. It uses the brute force of a bullet, sure, but the main point is to mislead, trick and deceive. Since false flag operations have been used from everything to start wars (assassination of Prince Ferdinand 1914), to get countries into wars (sinking of Lusitania 1916, Pearl Harbor 1941), to demonize and destroy political opponents (Reichstag fire 1933) and to pass draconian legislation (9/11), the elite are clearly very familiar in planning and executing them.
Is it possible the elite have become so arrogant that they don’t think they need to carry out these psychological operations more professionally? Do they not care if many people quickly spot the obvious errors, contradictions and loopholes? Maybe they are just counting on the fact that a large majority still cannot see through false flag ops, no matter how quickly alternative news and independent media get it.

It’s All a Numbers Game

Perhaps it’s all about reaching a critical mass. The elite know the widespread ignorance of the majority is a perfect blanket for their crimes. The elite can monitor all electronic activity (and more), so they have their finger on the pulse of how quickly humanity is awakening. In his famous interview before he died, Aaron Russo recalls how Nick Rockefeller mentioned to him that the elite didn’t care if some people knew the truth, just as long as it wasn’t enough to make a difference.
Yet, humanity is awakening at a rapid rate – maybe even an exponential rate. We must already be very close to reaching a critical mass of awakened, aware people who are politically active and willing to put energy into making the world change for the better. Some people have suggested that a critical mass of people is the square root of 1% of a given population. Using 7.2 billion as the world population, the critical mass is 8486, which is not a very high number. Whatever figures you use, seems like the elite are running out of time and are not going to be able to use these tactics for very much longer …

Are the Amateurish False Flag Shootings a Deliberate Distraction …

On the other hand, maybe the elite are using false flag operations as a distraction (in addition to the obvious push for gun control). Maybe the point is to capture the focus of the alternative media and distract people from issues like Operation Jade Helm 15, the 3 T-Treaties (TPP, TTIP, TISA), the looming currency crisis or other events scheduled for September 2015.

… or are these Amateurish False Flag Shootings Set Up to Collect Data on Post-Crisis Reaction?

Since the elite own the MSM and Hollywood, they could pull off a false flag shooting that looked way more believable than what we have been seeing. Is it possible these amateurish false flag shootings are calculatedly fake? In other words, are they a kind of test to see who’s paying attention? Is one of the main points (alongside gun control, promotion of fear, promulgation of terror, police state mental conditioning and distraction) to collect data on post-crisis reaction?

Post-Crisis Reaction

Remember how utterly fake Sandy Hook was. It was another surreal false flag psy-op, because the entire location was a movie set. In her excellent presentation on Sandy Hook, Sofia Smallstorm highlighted how the entire false flag operation “contained built-in coordination behavior of public and professionals, including post crisis observation and management” in Agenda 21 style. Additionally, thanks to the outstanding research of citizen journalist DJ (YouTube channel Level 9 News), we now know that Jade Helm is about the advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and putting a machine (the Jade 2 program) in charge of everything, as a command and control, network centric operator.
The elite, with all their supercomputers, are watching you closely. They’re recording and analyzing every single movement you make. They want a technocracy where they can rule the world through technology. To the elite, it’s quite possible that collecting data on post-crisis reaction may be the most valuable thing of all about these amateurish false flags – because then they know more about their ultimate target: the peace and freedom-loving people of the world.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Most Of The "7" Crew Members Who BLEW UP In The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster Are Still Alive & Well

Watch this video and you decide!   Those who are old enough to remember this "disaster" know that this fiery explosion was shown over and over over again, with our minds and hearts so shocked, hurt, traumatized, imagining the families of the astronauts grief and horror as they watched their loved ones incinerate right before their eyes!

A lot is being revealed right now . . WoW

Matthew 10:25-26

25 It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more shall they call them of his household?
26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Is The Virginia Shooting Hoax Blowing Up in the MSM’s Face?

By Joe Wright
Activist Post

Gun control false flag crisis actors be warned: Facial recognition search software is going to bust you. Funny, the technology is easy enough to use on Facebook, one has to wonder why the mainstream media and police don’t use it for these alleged mass shooter events.

Actually, this is an even bigger warning to the billionaire “philanthropists” who back aggressive gun control initiatives and are likely backing these staged “events.” You’ve hired horrible actors. You’re going to get busted unless you back off. But, alas, we know your allegiance to the UN Small Arms Treaty requires you to push forward despite a growing number who know your game.

The latest reporter shooting hoax in Virginia is getting so easily torn apart by the conspiracy research community that the media’s emotional staging of actors is becoming absurd.

The latest discovery is that Alison Parker’s alleged fiancé Chris Hurst, who has only eight social media photos of him with Alison, is probably just her “TV” boyfriend. A guy named Daniel Wulz has been outed by facial recognition as her real-world boyfriend.

Some of the media’s photos of Alison are taken directly from Wulz’s Facebook account, which is now curiously unavailable.

Not surprisingly, Daniel Wulz, is also filmmaker. His YouTube channel described as “The combined efforts of our work featuring Independent Films, Concert Videos and Film trailers.”

A video posted to his YouTube channel has the description “Something I made when I was still learning film. Kinda crappy but whatever.” Video below:

Wulz posted a creepy new video to his YouTube channel today after a 7-month break, a shirtless rendition of a song “For Alison.” When will the media interview this guy who was so clearly a huge part of her life?

Many have already pointed out the acting background of the supposed father of the victim Alison Parker, Andy Parker. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that his background readied him for appearing everyday on TV since and including the same day his daughter was allegedly murdered.

From the description to a recent Dutchsinse video: “While playing the banker, Andy Parker is also simultaneously doing Broadway plays and TV commercials reaching back multiple years. To top it off, he’s also a former politician ! :) He’s real “jack of all trades” it would seem. Pictures of Andy Parker’s latest performance as the lead star in Les Miserables! See screenshots from his 2013 performances here.”

All of these alleged mass shootings are immediately capitalized on by fake family members to call for more gun control. The media and the lawmakers are either completely in on the fraud or they’re being played like fools. When will they wake up?

UPDATE: Another amazing compilation of the crisis actors working on this hoax.


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?