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9th Wave Decoded - A Theory On Elenin & Manifestation

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More Obviously Fake Norway Footage:

Mayan Calendar Stuff:

Red Ice Radio - Richard C. Hoagland - Comet Elenin, Norway Attack & The Messengers of Horus

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Richard C. Hoagland is a former museum space science Curator, a former NASA Consultant and was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. In the early 1970's, Hoagland proposed to Carl Sagan (along with Eric Burgess) the placement of a "message to Mankind" aboard Pioneer 10 -- humanity's "first" unmanned probe of Jupiter. Since then he has been pioneering the pursuit of uncovering the hidden data of our solar system. He is the author of several books, probably most famous for his theories on the face on Mars. His website, is updated regularly with analytical research into current anomalies on our planet and way beyond. In this interview, Richard shares his convincing theory about Comet Elenin, its symbolism, purpose and message which is a positive one. He rips apart the fear-porn propaganda about Comet Elenin as this is a key point in time and someone or something is intervening to steer consciousness into another direction. Could it be that Elenin is a time capsule sent by our ancestors containing important information crucial for this time? Then, Hoagland weaves together an intense eye-opener which connects Comet Elenin with September 11, the original masonic message, the bombing in Norway and the secret space program.


(WARNING! . . .if you have high blood pressure, etc., you probably should not watch this video . . .)

Here is a development in Tacoma WA (Salishan) that was built for Illegal Immigrants! 1325 Homes created! Refugee Pay offers them $2642 per month in SSI benefits, plus Food Stamps, plus Section 8 Housing. You will see new expensive cars in this video. Wouldn't you like to get a free ride like the illegals?

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Greek debt crisis a Goldman Sachs economic coup?

G. Edward Griffin - Government signs over ALL of its assets (real estate, cash funds, and tax revenues) to the European Commission, IMF, and the European Central Bank as collateral for the bailouts it received. The bailout money went to pay interest on loans from foreign banks. [Rebellion is possible but, if so, the present collectivist regime likely will be replaced by a new collectivist regime, and the plunder will continue.]

Raw Story

Posted on 07.28.11
By Stephen C. Webster

Journalist, entrepreneur and Russia Today opinion host Max Keiser traveled to Greece recently for a film project that looks at how the country came to be on the verge of default.

The conclusion of his interview subjects, and indeed a large portion of the Greek population, is that Goldman Sachs, perhaps the most powerful financial firm in the world, has engaged in an economic coup against the nation, taking advantage of rife tax fraud to force Greek lawmakers to hand over the country’s public assets.

His mini-documentary is concise, smart and informative. Take 20 minutes to learn what happened there, before it starts happening in the U.S.

Part 1:

(wow . . . what a shame . . . the banksters own the media, too many people believe the media . . . sounds very familiar . . . )

State of Arizona breaks silence on madness in 'Nazi'-cop town

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July 30, 2011

By Bob Unruh

The town of Quartzsite, Ariz., has been in the headlines several times lately, and a state investigation was launched after such odd reports as:

  • A man was ordered to give up his guns after he allegedly "glared" at a town official.

  • A woman was forcibly removed from a public town meeting by police even though the mayor pleaded her cause.

  • Some sort of secret decision was made to quit paying the mayor, as police officers were wrongly being fired.

  • "Several hundred" emails prompted a declaration of a state of emergency.

Now the state has taken the unusual step of releasing a statement amid its investigation, confirming there is "reasonable cause" to believe officials in Quartzsite, after getting worldwide attention by having officers forcibly remove a woman from speaking at a town-hall meeting, have broken the law.

State Attorney General Tom Horne said about his investigation of Quartzsite:

Normally, we do not release the results of an investigation until it has been completed. However, because this is a matter of unusual public interest, we are prepared to say that, based on review of a video of a July 10 meeting, there is reasonable cause to believe that there has been a violation of the Open Meeting Law, inasmuch as the public was excluded.

The meeting was held under the misconception that an emergency meeting can be conducted without the public present. Independently of the question of whether the town council had a legitimate reason to hold an emergency meeting, even proper emergency meetings must allow the public to be present. The exception is if there is a legitimate basis for an executive session, and the city council did not attempt to hold a proper executive session during the emergency meeting.

The investigation of this and other alleged violations of Open Meeting Laws is ongoing.

The controversy in Quartzsite began June 28 when a fiasco developed at town hall. As shown on YouTube, Jennifer Jones, publisher of the Desert Freedom Press, was physically ousted from a council meeting over the vocal objections of Mayor Ed Foster, who pleaded with his own police not to remove her.

Then, just days ago, Town Councilman Joe Winslow, who admits he's been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, obtained from elected Justice of the Peace Karen Slaughter a harassment injunction against gem dealer and online entrepreneur Michael Roth.

As a result, Roth was forced to relinquish all of his weapons.

Winslow had warned, "I have been diagnosed with PTSD … that's what I'm concerned with, that he's gonna get so far into my personal space that I'm gonna react without thinking."

Winslow claimed Roth verbally chastised him.

Town officials did not respond to a request from WND for comment on the pronouncement from the attorney general today.

Full story HERE

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Time to Reboot America

Constitutional Writes

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

“We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

George Orwell, author of “1984″ (1903-1950)

I originally titled this article as a query, “Time To Reboot America?,” but after a little thought realized that there is no question — it is past time to reboot America. By “reboot” I mean that it is time for “we the people” to avail ourselves of the instructions left to us by the Founders:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Link

There we have it; there it is; those are our marching orders. It is not only our right; it is our duty to fight a tyrannical, despotic government that holds sway over us, no matter under what label it hides — even when that government is wearing the garb of the United States of America. That we are indeed suffering under “a long train of abuses and usurpations” is no longer in doubt; no longer to be denied; no longer to be endured. So the question becomes “What to do?” How best to effect the overthrow of a blatantly anti-American elitist political/social cabal — as large, powerful, and entrenched as it is?

As our Declaration of Independence notes, such an important and monumental task is not to be undertaken for “light and transient causes.” Nor should “we the people” commit ourselves to a foolish, or impatient course of action.

About six months after Obama usurped the Presidency, readers started to email me asking “what can we do — what can I do?” “We the people” found various ways to get involved, and I stopped receiving such emails well before the November 2010 elections. The emails started up again a few months back, but with a difference — now people are wanting to know where to attack, when to attack, how to attack. To say that “the natives are restless” would be a gross understatement. Link

In the relatively short time since I started to cover the political scene during the 2008 elections, I have watched “we the people” go from confused, to dismayed, to angry, to “locked and loaded.” I suspect that the only reason that American Revolution II has remained on the back burner for as long as it has, is only because of a lack of leadership and direction. Walt Kelly’s statement that “we have met the enemy and he is us” was never more apropos than in regards to America today. Where do you point the gun without the risk of shooting yourself in the foot? (If you have not yet read Angelo M. Codevilla’s article “The Chosen,” then please do so. I’ll wait). Link

America has been so thoroughly infiltrated and infested with traitorous elements that it has become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, the patriot from the traitor. Nonetheless we must move to save America (and with it freedom), and we must move with some alacrity. Link

All well and good, but what sort of action, and in what direction? Aye, there’s the rub. For in moving against the “establishment” — which is now arrayed against “we the people” — we must be very careful not to fall into carrying out a scenario they have planned for us. I do not believe that we can wait until the 2012 elections to take back America, but that does not mean that I advocate a violent revolution, or taking to the streets pell-mell and directionless.

In fact, it is my sincere wish that America can be spared such a thing. I would much prefer a “Velvet Revolution” comparable to the 1988 movement that overthrew the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Link

(Sidebar: kudos are in order for actor Jeremy Irons, who not only did the narration for a film on the “Velvet Revolution,” but also narrated the film on Lt. Michael Behenna — whose “Defend Michael” wrist-band I have worn for some time in support of him, the “Leavenworth 10,” and all of our US military who have been unjustly imprisoned). Link Link

When your house is on fire because of arson, finding out who the arsonist is, and why they lit the fire should not top your “To Do” list. Putting out the darn fire should be your number one priority. Nevertheless, “putting out the fire” in this case will involve jailing some of the lead “arsonists” as part of the process. That means “heads will roll” — in a purely figurative sense I hope.

I’m talking about pointing fingers, and naming names. I’m talking about jail time — serious jail time. I’m talking about mass movements to unseat treasonous Americans across the country. I’m talking about a “house cleaning” from top to bottom; side to side. I’m talking about some very serious stuff folks. Things you wouldn’t dream of doing for “light and transient causes.” Link

Freedom itself is at stake here. Future generations will live in freedom and light. or darkness and shackles, depending on what “we the people” do today. We did not want this fight, but it has fallen to us to be the torch-bearers, the Minute Men, the American patriots who once more take the fight to the enemy, and make them rue the day they messed with America. Most of you already know the score, so I won’t bother going over the long list of “abuses and usurpations” — which go back for decades, even though they are coming to a head just now.

There is no sense in asking “why us.” It is what it is. (Personally, I have often wondered how I ended up writing about politics ["Why couldn't I be churning out lucrative bodice-rippers about vampire love and lust, or some such. Why this?"]. Not wishing at this time to go into arcane details regarding karma, free-will, destiny, divine providence, and the like, I’ll simply repeat — it is what it is).

Which means that it is up to “we the people” to put out the fire (“Once more unto the breech, dear friends, once more”). By the term “we the people” I mean that strong backbone of America that the country has always called upon in time of dire need — and who have always responded. It includes blue and white collar workers, high school dropouts and the highly educated, farmers and businessmen, soldiers and sailors…. Patriots all. Link

Our country needs us — once again. The stakes involved are as big, and the outcome as uncertain as in any situation we have ever faced — including the Civil War, and Revolutionary War. God willing, this revolution will not be as painful and bloody as those in our past. But if it is — what of it? It is our watch, our duty, our time to stand tall — come hell or high water.

The time has come to reboot America. The time for talk is done. We should be about the business of forming patriotic cadres, groups and movements — from the national level down to splinter cells. The “Birther’s Summit” scheduled for next March, the Oath Keepers “Operation Sleeping Giant,” and the activities of “Veteran Defenders,” “US Patriots Union,” and “20 Turns” are good examples of what I’m talking about. We should do this now. Some of you have no doubt been involved in such action for quite awhile. Now is the time to go into full battle mode. This is no drill. (Note: If you download the “20 Turns” PDF, please note that the author has requested that any copies made consist of the PDF in its entirety). Link Link Link Link Link

We should keep on sending emails and letters, placing phone calls, knocking on doors, saying prayers, et al. — but there needs to be a new sense of urgency about it all. We need to ratchet things up — kick out the jams, pull out the stops, and throw back the throttle. We need to broaden our scope, deepen our commitment, and fire up our righteous indignation.

I understand, and respect, the need for secrecy some of you must work under, but there is strength in numbers, and we should be about the business of openly organizing national as well as local NGOs to fight the enemy tooth and nail. Unseat them, impeach them, disgrace them, and otherwise use every legal means at our disposal to get rid of these parasitic leeches that have infested our country. Make sure that they understand just how much we despise them, and how unwelcome their traitorous, arrogant, anti-American agendas are. Link

It is not a major concern that the bulk of Americans are still largely clueless about what is going on. It is to be expected after decades of intentional dumbing down, and a steady diet of disinformation, propaganda, and frivolous distractions via America’s various venues for “news” and entertainment. We do not need their participation. They are dead weight — but they are not the enemy.

If someone is a NWO, one-world-government globalist, then they are the enemy — you know their catch phrases and lingo by now. If someone is a Muslim Islamist, bent on world conquest through blatant or stealth jihad, then they are our enemy. I won’t go through the whole list — most of you know it by now anyway.

They are the enemies of liberty and “unalienable rights.” They are the enemies of freedom and choice. They are the enemies of tradition and values. They are the enemies of families and marriage. They are the enemies of truth and honor. They are the enemies of the United States of America. They are the enemies of civilization itself. They are my enemy, and they are your enemy.

After the shootings in Tucson the media propaganda outlets whined about Sarah Palin’s map that “zeroed in” on political opponents. Yeah well, they ain’t seen nothing yet — not by a long shot. We need to zero in on these dirt-bags and as Alinsky advised, “identify, isolate, and freeze them.” Time for the gloves to come off. Anything short of breaking the law is now on the table.

It may appear that the enemy is vast and formidable, and I would certainly never underestimate them, but in fact, they are only a relative handful of fanatics. The sheeple who swell their ranks, will be the last ones to awaken to how they have been played — but awaken they will. Many of them are simply greedy, arrogant, self-centered twits, who wouldn’t know patriotism if it came up and bit them on the butt. Their mind-sets are largely dysfunctional and self-absorbed (arrogance, angst, and ennui, oh my).

The dyed-in-the-wool fanatics are much fewer in number than “we the people,” and they are much less impressive when stripped of their media “loud-speakers” and political clout. That is, after all, why they went to such pains to subvert those institutions. It is the puppet-masters behind the fanatics, behind the sheeple, behind our corrupted politicians, who are dangerous — very dangerous indeed.

Speaking of corrupted politicians; it is a naive mistake to think that just getting rid of the politicians currently in Washington DC will solve our problems. A number of America’s institutions are in desperate need of an over-haul. They should be included in the “house cleaning,” and it will require some time and effort to set things aright. I’m thinking mainly of our educational system, such as it is. One thing at a time — or everything-all-at-once, whatever works.

Some folks mistake the police for our enemy, due mainly to a few duplicitous and corrupt leaders among them. It is well to keep in mind that, by and large, the police are filled with patriotic, conservative men and women who are dedicated to law and order, and preserving the peace. That means that the police should not, as a whole, ever be considered the enemy. For every Sheriff Dupnik, or Bacca, there are many more true patriots like Sheriff Mack, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Sheriff Paul Babeu. Beware of the exceptions, but the vast majority of the police are on our side — albeit constrained by rules of law and fulfilling their jobs. Link Link

Like the US government as a whole, the US military is riddled with quislings, brain-washed dupes, and traitors of various sorts, who will not uphold their oath to defend the US Constitution — but just as with the police, it would be a grave mistake to think of our armed forces as being the enemy — they are anything but.

Granted, some of the treasonous scum currently strutting their stuff in the Pentagon would turn on “we the people” in a heartbeat, but the vast majority of the junior grade officers, and the rank and file, will refuse to fire upon their fellow Americans — won’t you, junior grade officers, and rank and file? If they are unsure, they had better make up their minds in a hurry. The moment after receiving an order, that they know in their heart is wrong, is not the time to join the debating society.

They need to know beforehand where their allegiance lies — with America and the US Constitution, or with a temporary despotic regime. They need to make up their minds now. “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic….” Words are cheap — integrity and valor will cost you. Link

Patriotic organizations such as we currently have, need to step things up a notch — make that several notches. At the same time, we need to take as a given that any openly patriotic movement will attract enemy infiltrators like a magnet. Also, there are bound to be enemy sources of discord and disinformation masquerading as patriotic NGOs. These should be lumped together with other elements of controlled opposition, and dealt with as time and opportunity allow.

If we wish to minimize disorder and bloodshed, then acting now is our last chance to avoid major chaos and violence. If we act now, riots worse than the ones in the 1960s may erupt, but if we do not act now, the results will make the riots of the late sixties look like quaint schoolyard squabbles. There is a rapidly closing window of opportunity in which we have the luxury of doing things legally and non-violently. After that window closes all bets are off. Après cette, le déluge.

Although “we the people” no doubt have numerous people in our midst who would make the eco-terrorists look like rank amateurs, if the situation deteriorates to guerrilla warfare and sabotage, then we have lost America as a country, and it will devolve into a Byzantine network of splinter factions, regions, and enclaves. If that scenario should become a reality, then heads will roll — literally. That eventuality must be prepared for as well. May God grant we avoid it.

Lest you think that the views expressed in this article are extreme, I suggest that you find and read some far right blogs and websites. In comparison, I am the voice of moderation and prudence itself. My point here is that while the liberal propaganda outlets no doubt consider the views I express to be extreme; the truth is that they are the ones who are extreme — extremely to the left. What is essentially a rather moderate conservative view becomes skewed under their warped perception into something rabidly far right.
At worst, they can accuse us of being what — anti-globalists? “We the people” are certainly not anti-American. America is what we are fighting for.

We are not the ones leading our country to dark ruination through arrogant stupidity, avarice, and design. We are not the one’s lauding one-world-government over America — disdaining America, reviling America, destroying America. That is their job — and they excel at it.

As I close, let me say that America needs to bring God back into our national fabric. This, more than anything else, is what our country sorely needs. We have lost our moral anchor, our guiding star, and only acceptance of God, and His natural law, can return us to our intended course. God either exists or He does not. If He does not exist then nothing ultimately matters, and we are left with naught but the ash heap of atheistic nihilism.

But if God exists (and oh He does), then we would have to be insane to deny His existence, or more commonly, we would need to be in secret (often a secret hidden even from ourselves) rebellion against God — refusing to acknowledge anything higher, more important, or more worthy of devotion than our own sweet selves. Such an attitude is a soul sickness, and America is sick in her soul. Link

There is another worse case scenario than the one I mentioned earlier, of course. The world may be drawn into a nuclear Armageddon, or a biological disaster, or some other life-ending catastrophic event. It is always a good idea to get right with God — now so, more than ever.

It is time to reboot America. May God guide, bless, and protect us in our endeavors to keep the torch of freedom lit. “We the people” did not ask for, or want this fight, but with God’s grace we will d–n sure win this fight. For ourselves, for our children, for humanity, for freedom.

Laus Deo.


By Kelleigh Nelson
July 29, 2011

"It is a known fact that the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democrat are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party platforms in that critical year." --Walter Trohan (1903-2003) Chicago Tribune reporter (1929-1972) and bureau chief in Washington, D.C.

The frustration level from attending tea party meetings is so high that I simply have to walk out the door and go home. If I imbibed, I'd have to have a glass of wine to calm my emotions. It is with grief and melancholy that I am writing this article, but I also think I must speak the truth.

At the tea party I have attended the most, there are four very knowledgeable people who know there are major problems we should be focusing on at every meeting. Then there are a number who have just awakened to the problems and are not at all educated on the situation we face, but know they love their country and want to do anything they can to save her. The balance of these people are infiltrators and change agents that continually preach the RNC propaganda that has gotten us where we are today. "Compromise" is what they do and is a dirty word in my lexicon.

The Origins of Today's Tea Party

The Tea Party movement got its start when CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on a rant against government efforts to protect Americans from home foreclosures and called for “tea parties” as a means to protest against government intervention in the economy. Despite Tea Party folks making it clear in the beginning they were not part of the RNC, it has not stopped the infiltration by the phony rightwing Republicans.

Grover Norquist

The first nationwide tea parties in February of 2009 were co-sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, whose president, Grover Norquist is a charter member of the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP). Norquist married a Muslim woman in 2005 and has since converted. Link Allegedly his donations to Muslim charities also fund Al Qaeda. The association of Norquist and Islamists became known in 1998, when he became the founding chairman of an organization called the Islamic Free Market Institute, better known as the Islamic Institute. Norquist is also a lobbyist for Bill Gates' Microsoft.

American Spectator

The American Spectator was the other sponsor and their then-managing editor organized the rally near the White House, according to promotional materials and participants. The Spectator was originally funded by Richard Mellon Scaife with $25,000 (Chase Mellon Bank - Rockefeller) and Scaife funds both sides of the aisle. He is also a strong Planned Parenthood pro-abort who recently had a full page article in the WSJ stating why we should support Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. Emmett Tyrrell, the "Alternative's" founder (later to be the American Spectator) cultivated the rightwing neo-cons to write for the magazine, including Irving Kristol a member of the Young People's Socialist League in the 1930s, and whose son Bill Kristol also wrote for the Spectator.

Nelson Rockefeller directly gave Irving Kristol $100,000 through his Commission on Critical Choices for just 15 short essays. Irving's son, William Kristol did make it big time of course and is a Fox News contributor and commentator. He is also a member of the Bilderberger group. William Kristol is one of the top three strategists of the GOP. He launched a weekly magazine called the Standard and is backed financially by CFR Ruppert Murdock. Kristol is assembling the next generation of socialists on behalf of the NWO. The Kristol's have plotted for several decades under the disarming word, "neoconservative."

Richard Mellon Scaife continually funded The Spectator as did the widow of the pharmaceutical magnate Eli Lilly. She sent $3,000 and offered to give much more if the magazine could be set up as a charitable foundation, which would make her contributions tax-deductible. This was done and supplied Tyrrell with enough money to live a stylish life.

Other influential writers and board members of the Spectator included, Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick (Former Director of CFR; Ambassador to UN; Trilateral Commission; Co-Director, Empower America; Board Member, American Spectator); Adrian Karatnycky, President (CFR, Publisher Freedom Review Publisher; Conservative author, American Spectator).

Richard "Dick" Armey and FreedomWorks

Former House Republican Leader Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch family’s oil wealth, also have worked behind the scenes to build the Tea Party movement. Dick Armey is a charter member of the CNP. He is staunchly pro-amnesty, which has cost him some of the tea party allegiance.

In 2003, Armey became co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, which in 2004 merged with Empower America to become FreedomWorks. In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy split into two new organizations, with Citizens for a Sound Economy being renamed as FreedomWorks, and Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation becoming Americans for Prosperity.

In 2008 Freedomworks Foundation Paid Dick Armey $550,000 even before the Tea Parties Got going in 2009! So the entire program was planned. Looks to me like some pre-planning of tea party propaganda to infuse the angry grassroots Americans, doesn't it? Here is FreedomWorks 990 for 2008, see page 7.

Empower America was founded in 1993 by high stakes gambler and former Drug Czar and Education Secretary William Bennett, who was involved with the US-Soviet education exchanges and treaties and implementing the Soviet quota system; former Secretary of HUD Jack Kemp (charter CNP member); former UN Ambassador Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick; and former Representative Vin Weber, CNP member and co-director of the globalist Aspen Institute's Domestic Strategy Group. Link Charlotte Iserbyt exposed Bill Bennett for his purposeful destruction of education since she worked under T. H. Bell in Reagan's education department. Bennett continued all of Bell's socialist/communist policies, especially OBE and the Skinner method. Regarding Bennett's role in U.S./Soviet education agreements, he wasn't overtly involved, but he, when asked by Malcolm Lawrence about the agreements, responded "I'm not in that loop." [Link]

Empower America was largely filled with Council for National Policy members, CFR members, Trilateralist members, as well as Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church members such as Josette Shiner Sheeran, now Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.

David Koch and Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity has worked closely with the Tea Party since the movement’s inception. In the weeks before the first Tax Day protests, in April, 2009, Americans for Prosperity hosted a Web site offering supporters “Tea Party Talking Points.” Peggy Venable, State Director for AFP explained that the role of Americans for Prosperity was to help “educate” Tea Party activists on policy details, and to give them “next-step training” after their rallies, so that their political energy could be channeled “more effectively.” And she noted that Americans for Prosperity had provided Tea Party activists with lists of elected officials to target. She said of the Koch's, “They’re certainly our people. David’s the chairman of our board. I’ve certainly met with them, and I’m very appreciative of what they do.” A Republican campaign consultant who has done research on behalf of Charles and David Koch said of the Tea Party, “The Koch brothers gave the money that founded it.

Tim Phillips is president of AFP for the Koch's. Phillips was a political veteran who had worked with Council for National Policy member Ralph Reed, the so-called evangelical leader and Republican activist, co-founding Century Strategies, a campaign-consulting company that became notorious for its ties to the disgraced lobbyist and fellow CNP member Jack Abramoff. Century Strategies had many political clients, including Dick Armey. Phillips also has a history of anti-Semitic smear campaigns and lobbying work on behalf of a forced-abortion sweatshop owner.

David Koch and his brother, Charles own Koch Industries, the 2nd largest privately owned company in the country after Cargill. David and Charles are lifelong libertarians and David ran as vice president to Ed Clark on the Libertarian party in the 1980 election funding 2 million of his own dollars into the campaign. Ed Clark told The Nation that libertarians were getting ready to stage “a very big tea party,” because people were “sick to death” of taxes. The Libertarian Party platform called for the abolition of the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., as well as of federal regulatory agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Energy. The Party wanted to end Social Security, minimum-wage laws, gun control, and all personal and corporate income taxes; it proposed the legalization of prostitution, recreational drugs, and suicide. William F. Buckley, Jr., CFR and Yale Skull and Bonesman alleged conservative, called the movement “Anarcho-Totalitarianism.”

In 1977, the Koch's provided the funds to launch the nation’s first libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute. According to the Center for Public Integrity, between 1986 and 1993 the Koch family gave eleven million dollars to the institute. They've also heavily funded Heritage Foundation which is connected to Rockefeller, just as are the Koch brothers. Heritage has fascist, communist, United Nations, and Sun Myung Moon connections. See part 2 of my article, Saving the Republic?

David Koch is on the board of Trustees of Rockefeller University. He is also on the board of the globalist new age Aspen Institute formerly headed by new age environmentalist Maurice Strong which I wrote about in More Republican Deception. He is also on the board of Earthwatch Institute, an environmental, sustainability, Agenda 21 group. See this map of Koch's many connections. David Koch also supports gay marriage and stem-cell research.

Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy was started allegedly to counter the workings of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), yet there were five CFR members on the early membership rosters of the CNP. The CNP was started in 1981 by Nelson Bunker Hunt, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye, (who accepted millions from Sun Myung Moon who claims he came to finish what Jesus started) and T. Cullen Davis who helped fund the CNP to get it off the ground. T. Cullen Davis was tried for murder not once, but twice. A book written about the trials is still available entitled, “Blood Will Tell: The Murder Trials of T. Cullen Davis” by Gary Cartwright. For a short synopsis click here.

Several of the CNP's original members, such as Nelson Bunker Hunt, contributed large sums of their money to the JBS, which initially was funding provided from people such as Nelson Rockefeller -- another example of how the elite control all sides and administer the opposition to these sides they create.

Many of CNP's highest-ranking members also belong to the Masonic Knights of Malta and are associated with Fabian socialism and the eugenics movement, not to mention cultists like Sun Myung Moon and Scientology as well as the heretical and cultic Dominionist/Reconstructionist movement. Oil baron and CNP member Nelson Bunker Hunt was a former member of the racist pro-eugenics group called the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics. The group was heavily involved in the promotion of eugenics and segregation. I know two members who left the CNP stating it was in bed with the left from its inception. One of these former members writes for

Fiddling While Rome Burns

The very first tea party meeting I attended was a few years ago in another county. I got up and left when the speaker who was supposed to be guiding the audience to educational forums told them to go to Third Wave futurist Newt Gingrich's and Heritage Foundation sites.

About two months ago I got a call from a young man who attends the local tea party and wanted me to come and critique what they were doing. This first meeting had our state senator speak to us about the legislation that passed and failed to pass in Tennessee. I thought it was a pretty decent meeting although I ended up challenged regarding charter schools and tort reform. Sadly many have bought into the rightwing propaganda regarding both. For part two click below.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reeves Special Report: Norway Massacre, Winehouse, Templar Cartel

All Roads Lead to Rome!

Glorious Testimony

A Dear John Letter
And a Placeholder in Time

Glory to Jesus I just got a “Dear John” letter. Woohoo! I kid of course … well not really. Anyway it’s good to share positive testimonies whenever you can. So I am sharing this testimony from a wonderful person named Kathy. God Bless You Kathy for sending in this email (below).

But First Some News

However before you read Kathy’s email, let me share some information on a forthcoming article. I am currently working on a sizeable article that will hopefully unfold some amazing information and possibilities about the next few months.

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding ELEnin and Planet X. Many believe they are somehow related. Some even suggest they are the same thing. The science and the rumor isn’t matching up very well. You Tuber’s are going bonkers with all sorts of wild allegations that don’t line up with each other at all. I’ve even seen one fairly popular You Tube personality suggest that the Nazi swastika is not related to the “Black Sun” or Nibiru. This is amazing to me, since the data is beyond clear, and a simple search on Wikipedia will end that discussion quickly.

Folks are all over the road on these “cosmic issues” and very few people are putting in any real research before they start publishing information. It sadly adds to the confusion. I don’t want to do that if at all possible. So at this point I have been working on this research, both from a Jesus filled perspective, and a scientific-”esque” perspective, and the results are quite exciting.

Does this mean I have found some “secret formula for Coca-Cola” or Bible prophecy? Absolutely NOT. But I believe you will find the information most exciting.

Here are some hints in bullet-point format of what I may be shedding some possible light upon soon.

  • Several months ago claimed sightings of “Planet X” appeared mostly as a “second Sun”. Why?
  • Current claimed sightings of “Planet X” appear to be much darker in color and look like a “planet behind the moon” (e.g. the Neumayer Station and the Twin City sightings). Why?
  • Is ELEnin really big enough to cause geological disturbances on earth, and if not, what is going on?
  • What is a “Hyperdimensional Torsion Field” anyway?
  • What the heck is YU55 and why should we care?
  • What is the “Last Trumpet” of 1 Corinthians 15:52 possibly referring too?
  • Why have so many awesome Christians been seeing the numbers 11-11 so often?
  • Are robot androids heading toward earth? What about the Annunaki?
  • What are the “key dates” to watch out for and why might it matter?
  • Why did the reptilian Queen of England give 20B to fund the CERN accelerator?
  • And last but not least, if there are hoards of “unfriendly” extraterrestrials heading toward earth, is this a bad thing for everyone?

Glory to Jesus we are living in some really exciting times. We all have to stay perpetually ready for anything, particularly the “rescue mission”. It could happen at any time. But I promise you I will keep trying to debunk the confusion and build the excitement as best as I can in the mean time.


Kathy’s Wonderful Email Testimony

Dear John,

I simply HAD to email you to thank you so much for the work you are doing!

I had never heard of you until last night, never been to your website, until today. Wow! Just wow!

By the grace of God, I have believed for a while (since 1987, actually) that we have been in the “beginning of sorrows” and have been watching and waiting and praying for the Lord to lead me and to show me WHAT TO DO!

I know He led me to surf over to the FallenAngelsTV show on blogtalkradio where I “randomly”downloaded several programs, one of which was the archived interview Zen did with you and Kenneth Beer recently. I listened to the program in the middle of last night while I couldn’t sleep, and almost sat up in bed and shouted out loud a few times!

I cannot thank you enough, nor thank the Lord enough, for leading me to that interview! The Lord used you to speak directly to me inseveral ways, several very meaningful, specific ways, in direct answers to ongoing prayers I have had for over 30 years!
Without attempting to explain in detail, let me just say, your discussion of: the wise and foolish virgins, the “how to” of being filled with the Holy Spirit, Ezekiel 34, Luke 11:9, getting sin out of one’s life (wow, I am really struggling with some things right now, that I never would have believed I could be struggling with), how to be a “fisher of men” and the endtime strong delusion, these are matters that have been of extreme importance to me for a very long time, matters I have talked over with Almighty Father and wondered about and asked Him about for so very long.

In fact, Luke 11:9 was the verse the Lord first quickened to my heart, which led to my crying out to Him, and eventually being born again, so it is probably the most dear of all scriptures to me. And your explanation of the deeper meaning from the Weust (sp?) translation was so helpful! I am now so encouraged to ask and keep asking, seek and keep seeking, knock and keep knocking!

I cannot tell you how amazed and astonished I was to hear all these matters made plain and simple with crystal clarity by YOU! In one simple interview. Wow, just wowee wow! Truly God is GOOD! He answers prayer!!!!

It is as if years of scales have fallen off my eyes! Simply astonishing.

I am looking forward to pouring over your website, too!

God started waking me up over 20 years ago, just so patiently and steadily, He started showing me this and that, then this, then that, piece by piece by piece, the puzzle was being put together, the dots were being connected.

I have been watching the multiple threads of the enemy’sworld-smothering cloak of darkness, being woven together for yearsand years and years. Line upon line, precept upon precept the Lord has shown me that all the deceptions on this planet (the Illuminati, world governments and politics, the greedy, professing “christian” churches with their different gospels and other “jesuses”, the entertainment industry, the public so-called education system, satan worship, NASA, medicine, GMO agriculture, pseudo-jew zionists, the military industrial complex, the world wide web, transhumanism, the IMF and all finance, the Catholic “church” system, goddess worship, the UN, the new age, the NWO, Nazi-ism, sports, commerce, science falsely so called, the UFO alien abduction phenomenon, the Babylonian anti-christ doctrine expressed in every “religion” ever practiced on this planet, and on and on and on) all these seemingly unrelated components are interconnecting into one huge-normous tapestry of burgeoning evil and gross darkness, with the great dragon, Lucifer at the weaving loom. The tapestry is a great big dark snare about to engulf the entire planet.

Hope that doesn’t sound too overly dramatic, but frankly, the times are pretty overly dramatic, aren’t they?

Actually , I wasn’t going to write more than a couple of lines of thank you, but decided just to write what is on my heart, right now. Hope you forgive my wordiness!

Anyway, I just praise the name of the Heavenly Father and HIS SON OUR LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST! I am going to pray every day that He fill me to over-flowing with His Holy Spirit and ask Him to show me how to catch some fish for Him, before it is too late….

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again, for helping to shake me hard enough to finally get me fully AWAKE!

Hope you don’t think I am a total kook, I am simply outrageously happy in the Lord right now, and praising His Wonderful faithfulness, and His loving kindness and mercy!

May God bless you a thousand times above what you can ask or think, for all the work you are doing! BTW, I love the brochures to print out; whata brilliant idea!

If you have read this far, thanks again. I am basically a fifty-something nobody, with no agenda other than desiring with all my heart to surrender my all to my precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and be used by Him for His glory.

Okay, going to go back to your website again and start reading!!!

Your sister in Christ,


Summary in Jesus Name

Praise Jesus for that wonderful testimony. Thank you Kathy for taking the time to write it. Glory to God for the wonderful blessing of living in such exciting times. People from as far back as the apostle’s time on earth would have done anything to be alive now. And HERE WE ARE!

We have to be patient and perservere no matter what? We have to help wipe the tears of frustration from each other’s eyes if these dates don’t pan out. The more God delays things, the more opportunity we have to save our fellow elect brothers from the fire. The more God delays, the more opportunity we have to build our 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 Heavenly “Rewards”. The more God delays the more opportunity we have to get ourselves right, clean up our act, and “pull our mind and body” in line with the “Holy Spirit” inside us to achieve a state of “HOLINESS”.








… Be Blessed in Jesus Name

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Catherine Austin Fitts: Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

Monday, July 25, 2011

Homeschool, Anti-vaccine Family Ripped Apart by CPS: Chronology of a Kidnapping

Henderson Family ripped apart by
CPS because of lifestyle
Activist Post

PASADENA, CA - The case of Jeffrey and Erica Henderson provides a continuation of the critical examination of Child Protective Services in the United States, as well as the legal framework in which CPS operates.

The Hendersons were investigated at their home following an anonymous tip that Mr. Henderson had slapped his daughter. Jeffrey Henderson was arrested on the scene, and their 6 children subsequently put into foster homes. The Hendersons speculate that the call was placed by their landlord, whom they had reported to the Health Department for having dangerous mold issues in their rental. Regardless of who placed the call, it is instructive to look at the chronology of how the system of "protecting children" has responded to this perceived threat to the welfare of six children ranging in age from 10 months to 8 years, all based on one phone call. This story might prove to be a similar cautionary tale as that of citizen spy programs in tyrannical regimes. The Hendersons' story, as well as the wider story of CPS abuse, reveals American society and its values, while questioning whose interests are really being served by removing children from the custody of their own parents.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

150 human animal hybrids grown in UK labs: Embryos have been produced secretively for the past three years

Daniel Martin and Simon Caldwell

Scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories.

The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.

The revelation comes just a day after a committee of scientists warned of a nightmare ‘Planet of the Apes’ scenario in which work on human-animal creations goes too far.

Last night a campaigner against the excesses of medical research said he was disgusted that scientists were ‘dabbling in the grotesque’.

Figures seen by the Daily Mail show that 155 ‘admixed’ embryos, containing both human and animal genetic material, have been created since the introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act.

This legalised the creation of a variety of hybrids, including an animal egg fertilised by a human sperm; ‘cybrids’, in which a human nucleus is implanted into an animal cell; and ‘chimeras’, in which human cells are mixed with animal embryos.

Ron Paul: "We Will Default Because The Debt Is Unsustainable"

"When a country is indebted to the degree that we're indebted, the country always defaults. We will default because the debt is unsustainable," Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) said on the House floor today.

"If we don't understand this, this default will not be because we don't send out the checks. We will send out the checks. It will be defaulted on because people will get their money back, or they will get their Social Security checks and it won't buy anything."

States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures

[Taking their cue from the drug companies, the banks are planning to pay a few hundred million dollars in bribes to government officials to become immune from prosecution and save trillions in lawsuits.]

NEW YORK | Wed Jul 20, 2011

(Reuters) - State attorneys general are negotiating to give major banks wide immunity over irregularities in handling foreclosures, even as evidence has emerged that banks are continuing to file questionable documents.

A coalition of all 50 states' attorneys general has been negotiating settlements with five of the biggest U.S. banks that would include payment of up to $25 billion in penalties and commitments to follow new rules. In exchange, the banks would get immunity from civil lawsuits by the states, as well as similar guarantees by the Justice Department and Department of Housing and Urban Development, which have participated in the talks.

State and federal officials declined to say if any form of immunity from criminal prosecution also is under discussion. The banks involved in the talks are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, CitiGroup, JPMorgan Chase and Ally Financial.


Reuters reported Monday that major banks and other loan servicers have continued to file questionable documents in foreclosure cases. These include false mortgage assignments, and promissory notes with suspect or missing "endorsements," which prove ownership. The Reuters report also showed continued "robo-signing," in which lenders' employees or outside contractors churn out reams of documents without fully understanding their content. The report turned up several cases involving individuals who were publicly identified as robo-signers months ago.

Reuters found that such activity has continued even after 14 major mortgage lenders signed settlements with federal bank regulators promising to halt such practices and give remediation to some homeowners who were harmed.

In response to these disclosures, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Housing, Transportation and Community Development, and nine other senators sent a letter to federal bank regulators, asking them to disclose information gathered about banks' foreclosure practices.

"This is especially important given this week's allegations that mortgage servicers continue to engage in widespread 'robo-signing' despite your assurances that the illegal actions would not continue," said the letter, which also cited a report by the Associated Press.

Several senators on the Senate Banking Committee, including Richard Shelby, the ranking Republican, have faulted bank regulators for not conducting a thorough investigation of the banks' handling of foreclosures. Six months ago, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and other federal regulators conducted brief "examinations" of banks, during which they looked at a sample of only 2,800 loan files.

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has publicly objected to any wide-ranging grant of immunity by the other states. Schneiderman has launched his own investigations of the banks, including probes of suspected misdeeds in "securitizing" mortgages. Securitization involves packaging large numbers of mortgages into pools and selling securities that give investors income from the mortgages.

"Attorney General Schneiderman remains concerned by any settlement agreement that would preclude state attorneys general from conducting comprehensive investigations of the mortgage crisis," a spokesman said.

Three states' attorneys general -- in Iowa, Illinois and Connecticut -- have been designated to handle the states' negotiations with the banks over protection from civil suits and other issues. Spokesmen for all three declined to comment on the progress of negotiations, or on the evidence of continuing wrongdoing by the banks. But people close to the talks said there is still widespread disagreement over the extent of immunity and the dollar amount of penalties.

The banks involved have declined to comment on the talks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Now Two Murdoch Whistleblowers Dead

By John Romano

(YBH) – First it was Big George Webley who relayed a fear of the Murdoch machine and wound up dead. Now it’s Sean Hoare. Two British media whistleblowers. Two untimely deaths.

Let’s assume that neither was killed by Rupert Murdoch (toxicology reports haven’t been made available; foul play isn’t suspected by British authorities in either case), but something happened that put the fear of God into both men. Neither was known as a lunatic before their demise, both simply told the truth to British authorities about what they knew of Mr. Murdoch’s enterprises and died afterward at a relatively young age.

Sean Hoare

Mr. Hoare’s role in the evolving scandal is obvious: he worked at News of the World and broke the scandal wide open by charging his former editor, and then Prime Minister David Cameron’s Communications Director Andy Coulson, with lying about his role in NOTW’s phone hacking. Big George, for his part, allegedly revealed in private testimony to British authorities the fact that the Sky TV show he worked on in the early 90′s ,”Jameson Tonight”, had routinely bugged the dressing rooms of guests looking for scoops. Mr Webley’s charge was relevant because News Corp.’s initial defense was that the hacking at NOTW was the work of a rogue reporter. Big George’s charge threw cold water on that defense by helping to establish a pattern of subterfuge over many years at Murdoch-owned enterprises.

At first, Big George’s April 29th frantic phone call to me (eight days before his death at age 53, details here) didn’t make much sense. Now that the scandal has broken wide open a few things are much clearer:

  • The hacking/bugging taking place at News Corp. businesses was far more widespread than previously known.
  • Based on their dismissals from News Corp. it is shown that the hacking went far up the food chain all the way to Les Hinton, who resigned as head of Dow Jones last week.
  • The police were involved, as evidenced by the resignation of two of Scotland Yard’s top cops.
  • Prime Minister David Cameron’s Communication Director was a former Murdoch employee and News of the World editor.

The United Kingdom is the closest western country to a de facto police state. Surveillance cameras are everywhere. No Bill of Rights (in law or practice), and by living there you acknowledge that you are a subject of the British Crown. Britain is a great place, but it is not exactly a place where freedom flourishes compared with the United States, France or Canada.

Given the above, it is very easy to envision a scenario where the police could and would build a campaign of quiet intimidation against men like Mr. Webley and Mr. Hoare. London police were on the payroll of a Murdoch enterprise; why wouldn’t they act to protect their racket?

The Murdoch empire is fighting for its life, but let’s not forget both Sean Hoare and Big George Webley, two men that it would seem either directly or indirectly are collateral damage in the whole affair. Someone needs to speak for them.

DHS Video Characterizes White Middle-Class Americans as Most Likely Terrorists

Big Sis fear campaign continues, but Americans are just as likely to be killed by peanut allergies than they are in terrorist attacks

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet

A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Sis continues its relentless drive to cement the myth that mad bombers are hiding around every corner, when in reality Americans are just as likely to be killed by lightning strikes or peanut allergies.

The video is part of Homeland Security’s $10 million dollar “See Something, Say Something” program that encourages Americans to report “suspicious activity,” which in every case throughout history has been a trait of oppressive, dictatorial regimes.

Quartzsite, Arizona Update July 21: Chief Suspends 80% of Police Force

Jennifer Jones
Desert Freedom Press

About 5 pm PST, The Desert Freedom Press learned that under the current "emergency", Police Chief Jeff Gilbert has suspended ALL officers who filed criminal and ethical complaints against him. This leaves only the four officers who chose to stand with the Chief, despite the controversy and ongoing investigation by DPS. The same officers seen in the "Jennifer Jones arrest" video below. La Paz County Sheriff Don Lowery told the Parker Pioneer Newspaper last week that he had provided back up units to patrol the perimeter of Town Hall during the June 12th council meeting. Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Sheriff Lowery served together as officers on the Colorado Indian Tribes Reservation. Several Sheriff's vehicles have been seen in the town over the last hour.

Reportedly, the officers are on "house arrest" from 8 am - noon, and 1 pm - 5 pm and have been instructed not to speak with media...(but their families can.)

For more information, contact:
Will Ponce, President, Quartzsite Police Officers Association
(928) 210-6177

Read previous updates and see videos below

Ron Paul: 'Freedom Is a Young Idea and We're Throwing It Away'

YouTube - PBS News Hour

S&P renews US debt warning


WASHINGTON (AFP) - Ratings agency Standard & Poor's warned Thursday that the fight over the US debt ceiling could exacerbate the global tensions arising from Europe's troubled economies.

S&P also reiterated that it could downgrade the US debt rating if politicians cannot reach a deal to raise the country's debt ceiling by August 2.

"We believe any additional stresses caused by a protracted standoff in the US would likely amplify already tense market conditions in Europe in light of significant fiscal imbalances in Greece, Portugal, and Ireland," the ratings agency said.

Police state insanity: teens arrested while waiting for parents in OKC curfew sweep

Madison Ruppert, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

Last Saturday, around 20 teenagers were arrested for alleged curfew violations in front of a local movie theater. However, this action flies in the face of the law, no matter how it is interpreted.

The city’s curfew statute sets the curfew at 11 PM, which was 20 minutes later than when the teens were rounded up like common criminals and taken to jail. The statute also allows for children to wait for rides from parents after attending a movie, even if it is after curfew, which, incidentally, was not the case here.

Some of the teens who had been attending a movie with adult supervision were also arrested while waiting for the adults to return with their car.

One pair of teenage girls were told to shut up when they attempted to explain that they had just been let out of a movie and were waiting in front of the theater while their mother pulled the car around. The teens were never asked if they were there to see a movie, which would be acceptable under the city’s statute.

One mother told NewsOK that the thuggish police officers would not listen when her children pointed out their mother’s car waiting for them, which had been there minutes before the curfew time of 11.
The mother, Valenthia Doolin, said that they “felt violated, harassed and frightened at the hands of Oklahoma City law enforcement.”

So much for protect and serve! Terrorize and subjugate would be a more accurate motto to have slapped on their vehicles.

The Chief of Police of Oklahoma City, Bill Citty, said that this Nazi-style sweep was conducted because there had been reports of increased violent crimes being committed by young people after curfew.

Of course this completely fails to explain why children who were able to point out their parents waiting for them were treated as if they were committing a crime when they were doing no such thing.

The ordeal for these unfortunate children did not end at simple police harassment; they were all taken to the local holding facility for juvenile offenders, the Crisis Intervention Center. The CIS is run by Youth Services for Oklahoma County Incorporated, a non-profit contractor for the city and state, according to NewsOK.

Is it not interesting that the teens were scooped up and taken to what amounts to a junior private prison? I guess it is a great way to get them used to the treatment the police hope to dole out to them in the future: irrational selective enforcement and perpetual incarceration in private prisons. It also helps to show that the police officers do not care about the law or the facts; they care more about generating revenue.

Of course this so-called non-profit organization responsible for this detainment facility is run by people who have published associations with corporations that undoubtedly have some interest in the operations of the facility.

Even though none of the kids did a single thing against the law and were victims of a brutish police power trip, they were held without being able to see their parents for at least six hours.

According to parents, the innocent teens were verbally assaulted by CIC staff members who “used profanity, harsh language and called kids liars when they weren’t given the information they wanted to hear […] I could hear my daughter and her friend just in the other room bawling.”

This specific parent was forced to wait six hours from the time she arrived at the CIC because the staff had to supposedly complete paperwork. Maybe it took them four hours to find the form for “illegally arrested and detained without access to parents or legal counsel.”

The President and Chief Executive of Youth Services, the private incorporated body that gets paid to house innocent teenagers, claimed that this was just a matter of procedure. In response they are “looking at a couple of our processes on how we handle large groups.”

Of course they will not look into the policies that allow events like this to take place to begin with, as that decreased flow of prisoners would undoubtedly bring some more budget cuts.

The larger question presented by this story is: why should you care about some teenagers in Oklahoma City being falsely arrested and detained for a curfew violation?

The answer lies in the most basic fact of the case: the curfew statute.

The entire notion of a curfew enforced by armed “officers” is something that instantly brings to mind the Jewish curfews put in place by Nazi Germany in 1939.

Throughout history, curfews do not mark open, free and democratic societies, but instead the twisted, cancerous system that is Fascism.

Some tout the curfew system as a viable solution to youth crime, while completely ignoring the fact that most crimes committed against children are not committed at night, and that most children who are out at night (like all of the children in this OKC case) are not out to commit crimes.

These curfews are not only a symptom of a totalitarian police state but they also happen to be completely ineffective in their stated goal. These curfew statues fail to curb crime or keep children safe.

Studies have found that the most active hour for violent crimes against youths aged 12-14 is around 3 PM; similarly, violent crimes committed by youths peaks around 3 PM when school is in session and 8 pm when it is not.

To make matters worse for the baseless notion that curfews decrease youth crime or keep them safer, the majority of violent crimes against children ages 12-14 and 50% of the violent crimes against children age 15-17 occur within their own homes.

An outdoor curfew at 11 PM, like that in Oklahoma City, is nothing more than a waste of time and taxpayer money. It is also an assault on our right to feel safe from being illegally detained for hours when not doing a single thing wrong.

The plain fact is that curfews do not work and have never worked. If we allow these completely de-legitimized statutory systems to stay in place, we can expect more imbecilic police officers to continue these deplorable actions.

Madison. Ruppert is the Editor and Owner-Operator of the alternative news and analysis database End The Lie and has no affiliation with any NGO, political party, economic school, or other organization/cause. If you have questions, comments, or corrections feel free to contact him at


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?