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Brave Woman Stands Up To Unlawful Entry Of Government Thugs

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Sheriff's busted into my private home at approx 6 am on Tuesday March 30, 2010. They banged on the door and yelled "Open up... Kern County Sheriff" etc.. for about 4-5 minutes.. I was alone and they were looking for Joe, the man they beat up on the roadside a few months ago in Bakersfield, California. (see video "Joe Police Brutality on my channel" They said they had a warrant but when I demanded to see it, they then retracted their statement and said "We don't NEED a warrant!!" They threatened to arrest me.. and tried to ORDER ME in my private home to "{back off" of them. See for yourself if I backed off... I do not follow orders of color of law nazi military agents.. they have NO AUTHORITY and NO JURISDICTION. They unlawfully entered and terrorized me. Then they went to my friend Alan's dad's house where he was and approached him with guns at his head and threatened to "RIG" a drug test on him to frame him for something. They also said they would kill Joe if they find him. They refused to identify themselves and when I asked one if he was a robot.. he replied "YES"!

Here's Joe from back in October '09, just after the police had beaten, jailed & released him 4 days later . . .

Bob Schulz - We The People Go After The Banksters

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We Are Change covers We The People's Bob Schulz going to court on the constitutionality of the bankers bailouts. We are still waiting for the courts decision.

America the Pacified: Atrocities in Afghanistan

Kathy Kelly
Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If the U.S. public looked long and hard into a mirror reflecting the civilian atrocities that have occurred in Afghanistan, over the past ten months, we would see ourselves as people who have collaborated with and paid for war crimes committed against innocent civilians who meant us no harm.

Two reporters, Jerome Starkey (the Times UK), and David Lindorff, (CounterPunch), have persistently drawn attention to U.S. war crimes committed in Afghanistan. Makers of the film “Rethinking Afghanistan” have steadily provided updates about the suffering endured by Afghan civilians. Here is a short list of atrocities that have occurred in the months since General McChrystal assumed his post in Afghanistan.

December 26th, 2009: US-led forces, (whether soldiers or “security contractors” (mercenaries) is still uncertain), raided a home in Kunar Province and pulled eight young men out of their beds, handcuffed them, and gunned them down execution-style. The Pentagon initially reported that the victims had been running a bomb factory, although distraught villagers were willing to swear that the victims, youngsters, aged 11 – 18, were just seven normal schoolboys and one shepherd boy. Following courageous reporting by Jerome Starkey, the U.S. military carried out its own investigation and on February 24th, 2010, issued an apology, attesting the boys’ innocence.

February 12, 2010: U.S. and Afghan forces raided a home during a party and killed five people, including a local district attorney, a local police commander two pregnant mothers and a teenaged girl engaged to be married. Neither Commander Dawood, shot in the doorway of his home while pleading for calm waving his badge, nor the teenaged Gulalai, died immediately, but the gunmen refused to allow relatives to take them to the hospital. Instead, they forced them to wait for hours barefoot in the winter cold outside.

Despite crowds of witnesses on the scene, the NATO report insisted that the two pregnant women at the party had been found bound and gagged, murdered by the male victims in an honor killing. A March 16, 2010 U.N. report, following on further reporting by Starkey, exposed the deception, to meager American press attention.

Two weeks later: February 21st, 2010: A three-car convoy of Afghans was traveling to the market in Kandahar with plans to proceed from there to a hospital in Kabul where some of the party could be taken for much-needed medical treatment. U.S. forces saw Afghans travelling together and launched an air-to-ground attack on the first car. Women in the second car immediately jumped out waving their scarves, trying desperately to communicate that they were civilians. The U.S. helicopter gunships continued firing on the now unshielded women. 21 people were killed and 13 were wounded.

There was press attention for this atrocity, and U.S. General Stanley McChrystal would issue a videotaped apology for his soldiers’ tragic mistake. Broad consensus among the press accepted this as a gracious gesture, with no consequences for the helicopter crew ever demanded or announced.

Whether having that gunship in the country was a mistake – or a crime – was never raised as a question.

And who would want it raised? Set amidst the horrors of an ongoing eight-year war, how many Americans think twice about these atrocities, hearing them on the news.

So I’m baffled to learn that in Germany, a western, relatively comfortable country, citizens raised a sustained protest when their leaders misled them regarding an atrocity that cost many dozens of civilian lives in Afghanistan.

The air strike was conducted by US planes but called in by German forces. On September 4, 2009, Taleban fighters in Kunduz province had hijacked two trucks filled with petrol, but then gotten stuck in a quagmire where the trucks had sank. Locals, realizing that the trucks carried valuable fuel, had arrived in large numbers to siphon it off, but when a German officer at the nearest NATO station learned that over 100 people had assembled in an area under his supervision, he decided they must be insurgents and a threat to Germans under his command. At his call, a U.S. fighter jet bombed the tankers, incinerating 142 people, dozens of them confirmable as civilians.

On September 6, 2009, Germany’s Defense Minister at the time, Franz Josef Jung, held a press conference in which he defended the attack, playing down the presence of civilians. He wasn’t aware that video footage from a US F15 fighter jet showed that most of the people present were unarmed civilians gathering to fill containers with fuel.

On November 27, 2009, after a steady outcry on the part of the German public, the Defense Minister was withdrawn from his post, (he is now a Labor Minister), and two German military officials, one of them Germany’s top military commander Wolfgang Schneiderhan, were forced to resign.

I felt uneasy and sad when I realized that my first response to this story was a feeling of curiosity as to how the public of another country could manage to raise such a furor over deaths of people in faraway Afghanistan. How odd to have grown up wondering how anyone could ever have been an uninvolved bystander allowing Nazi atrocities to develop and to find myself, four decades later, puzzling over how German people or any country’s citizenship could exercise so much control over their governance.

Today, in the US, attacks on civilians are frequently discussed in terms of the “war for hearts and minds.”.

Close to ten months ago, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told reporters at a June 12, 2009 press conference in Brussels that General Stanley McChrystal “would work to minimize Afghan civilian casualties, a source of growing public anger within Afghanistan.”

“Every civilian casualty — however caused — is a defeat for us,” Gates continued, “and a setback for the Afghan government.”

On March 23rd, 2010, McChrystal was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph. “Your security comes from the people,” he said. “You don’t need to be secured away from the people. You need to be secured by the people. So as you win their support, it’s in their interests to secure you, …. This can mean patrolling without armored vehicles or even flak jackets. It means accepting greater short-term risk – and higher casualties – in the hope of winning a “battle of perceptions and perspectives” that will result in longer-term security.”

And on March 2nd, 2010, he told Gail McCabe “What we’re trying to do now is to increase their confidence in us and their confidence in their government. But you can’t do that through smoke and mirrors, you have to do that through real things you do – because they’ve been through thirty-one years of war now, they’ve seen so much, they’re not going to be beguiled by a message.”

We’re obliged as Americans to ask ourselves whether we will be guided by a message such as McChrystal’s or by evidence. Americans have not been through thirty-one years of war, and we have managed to see very little of the consequences of decades of warmaking in Afghanistan.

According to a March 3, 2010 Save the Children report, “The world is ignoring the daily deaths of more than 850 Afghan children from treatable diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia, focusing on fighting the insurgency rather than providing humanitarian aid.” The report notes that a quarter of all children born in the country die before the age of five, while nearly 60 percent of children are malnourished and suffer physical or mental problems. The UN Human Development Index in 2009 says that Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, second only to Niger in sub-Saharan Africa.

The proposed US defense budget will cost the U.S. public two billion dollars per day. President Obama’s administration is seeking a 33 billion dollar supplemental to fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most U.S. people are aware of Taleban atrocities, and many may believe the U.S. troops are in Afghanistan to protect Afghan villagers from Taleban human rights abuses. At least the mainstream news media in Germany and the UK will air stories of atrocities. The U.S. people are disadvantaged inasmuch as the media and the Pentagon attempt to pacify us, winning our hearts and minds to bankroll ongoing warfare and troop escalation in Afghanistan. Yet it isn’t very difficult to pacify U.S. people. We’re easily distracted from the war, and when we do note that an atrocity has happened, we seem more likely to respond with a shrug of dismay than with a sustained protest.

At the Winter Soldier hearings, future presidential hopeful John Kerry movingly asked Congress how it could ask a soldier “To be the last man to die for a mistake,” while contemporary polls showed less prominent Americans far more willing to call the Vietnam war an evil – a crime – a sin – than “a mistake.” The purpose of that war, as of Obama’s favored war in Afghanistan, was to pacify dangerous populations – to make them peaceful, to win the battle of hearts and minds.

Afghan civilian deaths no longer occur at the rate seen in the war’s first few months, in which the civilian toll of our September 11 attacks, pretext for the war then as it is now, was so rapidly exceeded.

But every week we hear – if we are listening very carefully to the news, if we are still reading that final paragraph on page A16 – or if we are following the work of brave souls like Jerome Starkey – of tragic mistakes. We are used to tragic mistakes. Attacking a country militarily means planning for countless tragic mistakes.

Some of us still let ourselves believe that the war can do some good in Afghanistan, that our leaders’ motives for escalating the war, however dominated by strategic economic concerns and geopolitical rivalries, still in some small part include the interests of the Afghan people.

There are others who know where this war will lead and know that our leaders know, and have simply become too fatigued, too drained of frightened tears by this long decade of nightmare, to hold those leaders accountable anymore for moral choices.

It’s worthwhile to wonder, how did we become this pacified?

But far more important is our collective effort to approach the mirror, to stay in front of it, unflinching, and see the consequences of our mistaken acquiescence to the tragic mistakes of war, and then work, work hard, to correct our mistakes and nonviolently resist collaboration with war crimes.

Alex Breaks Down McCain-Graham S.3081 Indefinite Detention & Torture Bill

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Dissenters To Be Detained As Enemy Belligerents

Bob Chapman Covers Economic Power Grab by Banking Cartel

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Judge Napolitano On Alex Jones TV : Obamacare is Unconstitutional

(please listen to Judge Napolitano . . . he is the closest thing to the truth you will EVER hear on Mainstream . . . he really goes into things here . . . if he were to run for high office, imagine what kind of response he would get . . .but also how long he would be allowed to live . . .)

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Alex welcomes back to the show former New Jersey Superior Court Judge, political and legal analyst for Fox News, and the host of Freedom Watch and a talk radio show, Andrew Napolitano. Judge Napolitano is the author of several books, including Constitutional Chaos: What Happens When the Government Breaks its Own Laws, A Nation of Sheep, and Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power, and Deception in American History.

Lithuania: Father Kills Pedophile Judge and Senior Politician

(this may seem to be an odd post, but I assure you there will be more in the future on this topic, as it becomes more evident, as the evil grows, that the world has a LOT of paeodiphiles running it, as well as the court systems being full of them . . .)

EU Times
Posted by Europe on Oct 20, 2009

A dad who shot dead a judge and a senior politician because they molested his three-year old daughter has become a national hero after going on the run in Lithuania.

Horrified Drasius Keyds, 37, gunned down the perverted pair on Monday after police turned a deaf ear to his pleas for justice for his tortured tot.

Now in hiding, Keyds has become a hero on YouTube and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world pledging support.

“You are a hero to all of us,” reads one Facebook message. “What you did is nothing but justice.”

Mugs and t-shirts with his image on them have begun appearing alongside the logo “Drasius: Lone-avenger”.

Support Drasius Kedys on Facebook! According to this blog, the Judge and the Politician were also Jewish.

Keyds’ nightmare began a year ago when daughter Deimantela told him about a meeting set up by his then fiancee with judge Jonas Furmanavicziusa and the Speaker of Lithuania’s parliament , Andrius Us.

The pair allegedly raped and abused the youngster who reported her ordeal to her father.

But a year long campaign for a police investigation failed when detectives told Keyds there was not enough evidence to proceed with a case.

Now the fugitive dad is being offered a safe haven in neighbouring countries like Poland.

Jewish Parliamentary deputy speaker Stefan NiesioĊ‚owski said: “This is a clear case of incompetent law enforcement on the original crime.”

IRS Says It Needs More ‘Resources’ to Implement Tax Provisions of New Law

ABC News | March 30, 2010

Ask critics of the Democrats' health care overhaul about the law's impact, and among the "horrors" they may describe is an army of Internal Revenue Service agents with "dangerously expanded authority."

Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee warn that as many as 16,500 new IRS auditors and investigators -- or 17 percent of the agency's current work force -- could be needed to administer and enforce new health insurance rules under the law.

That could mean more audits, confiscated refunds and incursions into details of individuals' health insurance plans -- all at a cost of up to $10 billion over 10 years, they said in a report published last week.

"When most people think of health care reform, they think of more doctor exams, not more IRS exams," said Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, ranking member on the House Joint Economic Committee. "Isn't the federal government already intruding enough into our lives?"

Full article here

New Homeland Security Report claims "Right-wing Extremism" is on the rise fueling resurgence in "radicalization"

Defend Our Freedoms Foundation
by DFX
March 29, 2010

Several months ago, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a simliar report targeting conservatives and ideals as "Right-wing Extremism". After intense public scrutiny and a strong back-lash from Congressional conservatives, the report was retracted.

Now, with all the Tea-Party demonization efforts and hub-bub, DHS comes out with a rather timely report to further paint the Tea-Party movement into some "radical and/or racist" organization that is more or less violent. Logic would tell you this isn't the case, as we've seen, the Tea-Party movement is a mix of all races and political backgrounds including Dems, Repubs, Libertarians, Independents etc. etc.. The groups have protested peacefully since its' creation over a year ago. Other attempts to counter this group have also been tried (as with the Coffee Party).

The new report is 10 pages, and as you may have suspected, it starts with the "White Supremacist" and "anti-government" rhetoric claiming they have plans to carry out "violent acts" because of the current economic conditions causing foreclosures, unemployment etc. Like the old "lost teenager" synopsis for joining gangs, the DHS report mimics this saying the conditions are ripe for "recruitment".

On page 1, we get a summary of what these groups are about and that "right-wing extremists" are "capitalizing on the first African-American President" as a means for recruitment (though Obama is only 50% Black - go figure)...

(U//LES) Threats from white supremacist and violent antigovernment groups

during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry

out violent acts. Nevertheless, the consequences of a prolonged economic

downturn—including real estate foreclosures, unemployment, and an inability

to obtain credit—could create a fertile recruiting environment for rightwing

extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and

government authorities similar to those in the past.

(U//LES) Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first

African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new

members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal

through propaganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.

It goes on to say what we're seeing now is similar to the 1990's etc. (In case you didn't know, Bill Clinton was really the first Black President). This report, though, has a new twist about Veterans returning home. Instead of saying this time (as the last report) that they were mentally unstable and likely to form "anti-government" groups, this report claims that they are targets for recruitment by "right-wing Extremists" because of their military skills.

Yet, The Serve America Act (still in legislation), which aims to have 250,000 AmeriCorps members by the year 2017, also states that Veterans with these skills are ideal for recruitment into national service under this Act (page 234):

‘‘(ii) recruiting veterans, particularly returning veterans, into service opportunities, including opportunities that utilize their military experience;

So, the DHS reports echos exactly what is in the Serve America Act, but instead of serving the government, they would be serving "right-wing" extremists. So i guess both the DNC (sponsoring this bill) and "right-wing extremists" want these guys for their skills according to the Serve America Act and the DHS report. Go figure!

The rest of the DHS report goes on to explain these "conditions" causing an increase in hostility towards the govenment etc. There is a small section on "Disgruntled Veterans" too (now looking further down in the report).

The first report of this nature put intense pressure on Janet Napolitano for releasing it. Will she get the same scrutiny for this report?

If you can leave the United States, I would suggest you GET OUT NOW


by John Galt

March 29, 2010

While I was out playing happy camper in the Everglades and checking on my ‘local’ BOL, some news snuck through the system but thankfully good old Tyler Durden at has the scoop:

It's Official - America Now Enforces Capital Controls

This is not something I say lightly after reviewing this information and reinforcing the commentary from the Rangel rule which restricted and penalized voluntary emigration and/or renunciation of one’s citizenship from the United States.

If you can, even if it means a 75% loss of your fortunes, get out now.

If you have a universal skill set (Programmer, trader, medical skills, security skills, etc.) and can relocate with little resources, get out now.

If you have real estate holdings in certain nations (not Canada or Mexico) get out now.

The precursor to most major shifts within western civilization have always been the restrictions placed on the flow of capital. Without going off into woo-woo land on you, all I can say is that this is a warning shot that something major is about to occur which further restricts the freedoms of the citizens of this once great nation. When I did my radio show, I warned that this one event, a key moment or marker in any nation’s history was something to be taken deadly seriously. In my opinion it means that a currency realignment or change or outright revocation of rights taken for granted was certain with a 90 day, maybe if we’re lucky, 180 day window.

One more time:

If you can escape, do it now.

Good luck to all and God Bless.

N.Y. Times columnist: Death panels will save 'a lot of money'

Paul Krugman tells 'Roundtable' economists agree it's 'going to be major'

March 30, 2010

By Bob Unruh

Left-leaning economic commentator Paul Krugman says the so-called "death panels" established by President Obama's trillion-dollar nationalized health-care plan will end up saving "a lot of money" for the government.

The comments from Krugman, who writes on the New York Times blogs, came during a discussion of "Obamacare" about the time it was adopted by Congress.

He was appearing on ABC's "Roundtable."

"People on the right, they're simultaneously screaming, 'They're going to send all the old people to death panels,' and 'It's not going to save any money,'" he said.

Another panelist interjected, "Death panels would save money," to which Krugman responded:

The advisory panel which has the ability to make more or less binding judgments on saying this particular expensive treatment actually doesn't do any good medically and so we are not going to pay for it. That is actually going to save quite a lot of money. We don't know how much yet. The CBO gives it very little credit but, but most, most of the health care economists I talk to think that's going be a really, uh a really major cost saving.

The video has been posted on the Conservatives4Palin website, and it was Palin who was among the first to denounce the "death panel" concept in the government-run health care.

That's the idea that appointed government officials who under the plan will have access to medical records will determine if a treatment will be provided to a needy patient or not. Theoretically, that could be a death sentence for a patient denied a treatment.

In the United Kingdom and other nations where such government procedures already are in place, the survival rates for such afflictions as breast cancer or prostate cancer are lower than in the United States, and critics say it is because of the treatments that are denied patients.

Full story HERE

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alex Jones interview blasts corporate media war lies killing millions; explains patriots’ resistance

March 30, 2:18 PMLA County Nonpartisan ExaminerCarl Herman

Any person competent with the disclosed facts of evidence and US war laws can prove that US government and media “leadership” willfully lied by commission and omission to cause unlawful war in Iraq. I document the evidence and explain the law in writing here. I verbally walk listeners through in my interview by eminent scholar, Jim Fetzer, here. This evidence includes CIA disclosure of over 400 active agency assets infiltrating corporate media to propagandize Americans to achieve government policy priorities.

The same kind of obvious and Orwellian lies are being repeated for war with Iran.

Alex Jones, leading journalist reporting information such as in the above paragraphs, was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper to comment on what CNN and corporate media is spinning as “anti-government hate militias.” Mr. Jones taped the entire interview in order to preserve its full content and context, shown in the two videos below. The videos show Mr. Jones’ responses to questions, but didn’t have access to the wired feed for the questions. According to Mr. Jones, the questions attempted to connect his reporting to causing violence.

Mr. Jones’ responses are powerful and exactly what every American choosing the US Constitution over lies, brutality, suffering, and death need to witness:
Fellow Americans: literally for the love of God, it’s time.

It’s time for our men and women in government and military to choose: either stand with the US Constitution you’ve sworn to support and defend against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, or remain complicit in ongoing Wars of Aggression, mass murder of our soldiers and our fellow humans in other lands and throwing trillions of our tax dollars to do so, pushing the world ever-closer to an apparently planned and desired nuclear Third World War (and here), and guilty of what Dr. Martin Luther King called “Silence is Betrayal” before the US government assassinated him according to the only trial conducted for his murder.

Full story HERE

CIA Officer- Robert Steele Stresses the Importance of Blogging – MONTAGE

BackBurneNews (YouTube), March 26, 2010

Are Politicians Even Worried About The 2010 Elections?

Aaron Zelman
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
March 29, 2010

To Those Who Care:

This letter is my personal opinion, and is not meant to reflect the viewpoint of JPFO or its members.

Since the election of Barack Obama, Congress has twice blatantly demonstrated its total lack of concern for the will of the American people. First, the mind boggling and completely secret bank bailouts, and now the passage of so-called “health care reform”.

Sharing some of my present thoughts with you would have seemed overly alarmist on the day Obama was sworn into office. But now? Now there are urgent questions that must be asked.

Now there are urgent questions that must be asked.

With a few laudable exceptions, Senators and Representatives in Washington D.C. do not seem to care about the upcoming elections in November of this year. With a less than eleven percent approval rating from their constituency, these politicians, in normal times, would be cringing at the thought of going home to their own States and Districts to face the wrath of a furious American public.

But look how these arrogant politicians are behaving. They don’t seem to care. Were elections held tomorrow the bums would be tossed out … by the truckload.

And so, the question must be asked: Are there even going to be elections in 2010? And, if there are, will they be honest?

Are there even going to be elections in 2010?

I repeat: On the day of Obama’s occupation of the White House this question would have been the fodder of no one but the most hardened and cynical “conspiracy theorists”.

But this Obama administration, and the Congress he dragged in with him, rival, and perhaps even surpass, the sweeping socialistic change in American life that FDR’s “New Deal”, and LBJ’s “Great Society” instigated. Two years ago, describing what has taken place in this nation recently would have been waved off as the wildest of fiction.

Two years ago, describing what has taken place in this nation recently would have been waved off as the wildest of fiction.

Along with my concern for the 2010 elections, I’ll list some other pertinent questions that can no longer be labeled irrelevant or fanciful:

1. Why is our military spread all over the world right now? These are loyal men and women who most rigidly hold to fundamental American values. They have the will and weapons training to defend these values against all enemies “foreign and domestic”. But now they are dispersed to places like Afghanistan and Iraq. To bring “democracy” to Islam? Additionally, there are hundreds of U.S. military bases in foreign lands around the globe, few of which serve any demonstrable vital purpose.

Why is our military spread all over the world right now?

The explanation given is that they are “fighting for us”. But might it be more appropriately reasoned that they are effectively being prevented from fighting for us (and with us) … right here in America, should that terrible possibility arise?

2. Why are our local police being wooed and seduced with sophisticated military hardware by federal agencies like Homeland Security, the FBI, and BATFE? The “war on drugs” has been the excuse for this militarization of our police departments, but why is there such emphasis now given to “crowd control” weapons?

Why are our local police being wooed and seduced …

3. We now officially have no right to privacy while speaking on a cell phone. How has this immense attack on our Fourth Amendment protection from government incursion into our lives been achieved? Again, there is always an excuse. In this case it is “terrorists”. But what was wrong with the due process procedure of obtaining a lawful search warrant? Have the American people at large become the enemy?

Have the American people at large become the enemy

4. When will the other boot drop on the Internet? Australia has already instituted massive censorship. France is stepping right into line. Is everyone who’d like privacy in their personal communications and web research a kiddie porn purveyor, or a “hate criminal”, or a drug dealer, or a “terrorist”?

When will the other boot drop on the Internet?

5. How long can the Second Amendment remain relevant when our military and police forces keep getting equipped with hi-tech “crowd control” weapons that are prohibited to the rest of us? The Second Amendment was created in recognition of a G-d* (see:footnote) given right to preserve one’s life, and to be a defense against government-gone-bad. Why this escalating domestic “arms race” against the armed citizenry of America? Check out this interesting device.

6. Vast detention camps are being built on U.S. soil. See: New York Times ,and Fox News. Notice the tricky use of the word “immigration” in these stories.

Why has the government been at all secretive about this? Why not just come out and tell us what is being done for our protection and security in case of a bio or nuke attack on an American city?

Why has the government been at all secretive about this?

During the Cold War, civil defense signs pointed out the way to every local bomb shelter. School kids took tours of our missile defense installations. Why keep the location of relocation camps a secret? It instills deep suspicion instead of healthy confidence.

7. What kind of suicidal lunacy allows Islamic Jihadists to come here and get a foothold in our nation? Political correctness will crush us. Why are these America haters even allowed off the plane or across the border? And why aren’t they being profiled and deported by the shipload?

What kind of suicidal lunacy allows Islamic Jihadists to come here and get a foothold in our nation?

8. What do you call ten million illegal aliens in America? Why can’t we call it what it is? It’s an invasion.

Look around. Any American in their right mind has the right to ask what is going on, and not be labeled a “racist”. Our nation is being given away right under our noses. Does anyone else see this? And, it is pretty obvious that the Obama cabal plans to grant all illegal aliens amnesty…and the right to vote. See Washington Times.

Why can’t we call it what it is? It’s an invasion.

9. Why hasn’t computer vote counting been completely abolished in America? The Pentagon’s computers have been hacked. The FBI’s computers have been hacked. The Social Security Administration’s computers have been hacked. But we are supposed to assume that vote counting computers cannot be hacked? What is wrong with hand counted paper ballots? So what if it takes three days to finalize election results? So what?

Why hasn’t computer vote counting been completely abolished in America?

This one is particularly troubling to me. This has happened in America before. See: “Battle of Athens, Tennessee“. Because if elections (along with bogus opinion polls that legitimize the staged outcome) become simply a form of cyber social engineering, the ballot box doesn’t mean a thing anymore. At that point, the only recourse we have left is ……

At that point, the only recourse we have left is…

We don’t have time to wait for the 2010 elections to begin our retrieval of the freedom ground we have lost. We must use any and all forms of lawful pressure that can be brought to bear against the leftists who have plunged us into this immense tar pit. They must be reminded of the mistake they have made every minute of their waking lives. They must be reminded that there is a price they will now start paying. Taking a hint from their own guru, Saul Alinsky, we now must “target” them ruthlessly. It doesn’t start in November…it starts now.

It doesn’t start in November…it starts now.

In order to initiate a change in the flow of events, seeds must be planted in people’s minds. In many ways this is a battle for the hearts and minds of our friends, families and neighbors. It is a painful realization, but our complacency is the root cause of what is happening. So do something for Freedom each day:

♦ First, circulate this letter to everyone you know.

♦ Understand the liberty you are losing! JPFO has the Bill of Rights in fifteen languages. The English version has a layman’s explanation of the legalese. Make sure you share this information with others.

♦ Understand the ultimate dangers of “gun control”. Visit JPFO’s “Gun Control/Genocide Chart”. Realize that Obama and his minions would see you completely unarmed. There can now be no question that this is their goal. A socialist takeover of America is happening before our eyes.

♦ Use JPFO’s electronic handbills. They put the heat on our enemies. They can be circulated as you wish. If you have thoughtful ideas for an electronic handbill or cartoon, let me hear from you.

♦ In conversation with friends, speak out! This nation wasn’t born in silence. It was firebrands who brought freedom to America. To get in touch with your real American roots, read Patrick Henry’s famous speech.

Then think about this one: If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison came back to life, are you enough of an American that they’d break bread with you?

I will close with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill. All freedom loving Americans should somberly contemplate these words:

“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Wake up America. Wake up now!


Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

p.s. I’d like to hear your comments and thoughts, so that I may share them with others who care.

* Out of respect, observant Jews do not use the name of the Almighty in secular texts.

Suggested reading. Here are two very articulate insights into what has happened to us: "Destroying America from Within" and "American Tyranny".

Reconciliation Act H.R.4872 Brings Microchipping to America

(this article has no author listed, but I am posting this anyway . . . I know that the implantable medical device language was in the original House Bill, but could not find in the Senate Bill passed on 3-22 . . . looks like they "corrected" their error . . . not good AT ALL . . . )
March 30, 2010

jihad jamie

Forget the national ID card, implantable microchips are coming to a clinic near you no later than 36 months after the bill is signed into law.

During the thorough coverage of H.R.3590 America thought it was free of a ‘Healthcare System’ that allowed a national medical registry to be created and the population to be tagged with implantable RFID chips. But a second heath care related bill called “The Reconciliation Act of 2010” (2300 pages) was recently passed by the Senate on March 25th after being passed by the House on March 21st. This bill has been cleared for the White House and awaits the signature of the Dictator and Chief. Buried in the text of the 2300 page monstrosity in section 2521, the creation of a National Medical Device Registry is enacted. This is portrayed as a registry to collect safety data on medical devices such as pacemakers and to put the safety data in a publicly accessible national electronic database.

But as usual the wording of this bill permits the creation of something entirely quite different. In 2004 the FDA approved the Verichip for use of storing medical records. This device was classified as a Class II medical device. This is most likely the Class II implantable device being referred to in this section of the bill. The bill allows the unique device identifier (Chip ID tag) to be linked to “postmarket safety patient outcome data” regarding the implantable device itself. In order “to facilitate the analyses of postmarket safety and patient outcomes” the health secretary will examine ways to gain access to Medicare health records, private sector health records and other data deemed necessary (including surveillance data) by the Health Secretary and then link it to the database and your RFID implant. Just to be accurate, section (3) defines “data” as “claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the secretary.”

So basically this bill creates a National Database of any type of data deemed appropriate by the executive branch of the US Federal Government. This could literally be anything. This could include anything you might have expected to find in an East German Stasi file. All of this data will then be linked to a “Class II implantable device” under your skin. There you have it, just like Lindsey Williams warned us. Forget the national ID card, implantable microchips are coming to a clinic near you no later than 36 months after the bill is signed into law.

UFO Sightings: US Air Force Captain Witnesses UFO Deactivate Nuclear Missile Warheads

March 30, 2010US Intelligence ExaminerFred Burks

"For the sake of that airman I spoke with, and for all the other officers and men in the Air Force who have had to keep silent about what they experienced with these objects, I, without reservation, accuse the U.S. Department of the Air Force of a blatant, pervasive and continuing cover-up of the facts, deception, distortion, and lying to the public about the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Below is solid evidence to support my accusation."
-- Captain Robert L. Salas, USAF, on the shut down by UFOs of nuclear missile warheads at Malmstrom AFB

Captain Robert L. Salas of the USAF is one of the many brave military officers who have come forward to share their personal experience of a major cover-up around UFOs. I had the privilege of spending some time with him personally in February 2010. He came across as a quiet, warm man who was still disturbed by his experience. We have stayed in contact, and he later sent me an essay describing his detailed research into a most amazing – even inspiring – UFO incident he experienced, which I've posted with his permission below.

Captain Salas was present in March of 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana when a large, saucer-shaped craft at a very close distance was reported to him at the same time as numerous nuclear missile warheads were deactivated. Could this have been a message from extraterrestrial beings not to engage in nuclear conflicts? Why has this and many similar incidents reported by high-ranking officials not been given major news coverage. Don't miss Capt. Salas' excellent essay below, and then visit the links listed in the "What You Can Do" section at the end for more on this fascinating topic.

With best wishes for a brighter future,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team
Former language interpreter for Presidents Bush and Clinton

Back to Montana
By Captain Robert L. Salas

nufoc presentation.tif

Text Box: Captain Robert L. Salas

On March 25, 1967, I woke up groggy from my 24 hour "tour in the hole," as we referred to duty in the underground capsule. As I recall that morning, I picked up the Great Falls Tribune and read accounts of UFO reports around the area.

Later that afternoon, I received a call from one of the airmen who had seen the object at Oscar Flight where we had experienced the strange incident of multiple warheads being disabled the morning before. He pleaded, no begged me to meet with him to talk about what had happened. All he wanted to do was talk about it.

He had been one of the security guards who had to stand in abject terror in front of this large red pulsating ball of light by our front gate with only a rifle in his hands. He told me unashamedly that he was confused and frightened by what he had seen, and he was desperate to speak with me about it. I had to tell him that I had taken an oath not to speak about the incident to anyone and could not meet with him.

As much as anything that has transpired in my life, that conversation has consistently haunted me to this day. I was unaware at that time that the entire flight of ten Minuteman I missiles was also disabled while UFOs were observed over the launch facilities of nearby Echo Flight on March 16, 1967. They too were not allowed to talk about it. Only later did I discover the intense policy of secrecy around UFOs throughout the Air Force.

James Klotz and I have documented these events in our book Faded Giant. There are multiple witness statements and documentation to support these claims. At least for the sake of that airman I spoke with, and for all the other officers and men in the Air Force who have had to keep silent about what they experienced with these objects, I, without reservation, accuse the U.S. Department of the Air Force of a blatant, pervasive and continuing cover-up of the facts, deception, distortion, and lying to the public about the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Below is solid evidence to support my accusation.

Note: For Captain Salas' background and a much more detailed description of his personal experience with the above event, click here. For personal research he later conducted into this astounding incident, read on.

Full article HERE

Monday, March 29, 2010

Libertarian Attacked for Heckling Tea Party Sarah

Kurt Nimmo
March 28, 2010

It probably wasn’t a good idea. A young man who identified himself as a Libertarian and a Ron Paul supporter was brutally attacked after giving Sarah Palin a piece of his mind at a Tea Party Express rally in Mesa, Arizona. The Tea Party Express is a front organization for Republicans who claim they own the Tea Party concept (in fact, they stole it from Libertarians).

Tea Party supporters apparently now double for brownshirt thugs. They are indistinguishable from John McCain neanderthals. They are intolerant and believe Libertarians should be assaulted for daring to speak out.

As noted below, it wasn’t Tea Party supporters who attacked the man in Arizona. It was John McCain supporters. But now that Sarah Palin has turned Tea Party events into McCain rallies, can we truthfully say there is any difference?

Republicans have finally delivered a death blow to the Tea Party movement. It is now a verifiable faction of the Republican party. Super star Sarah wants to bomb Iran. She is a neocon. And so is everybody who follows the Tea Party Express.

It really is quite amazing how easily the Tea Party movement was compromised and turned into a gaggle of Republican platform mumbling Stepford wives.

“As Palin took the podium at the rally for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), hecklers began to disrupt her remarks,” reports KNXV. “One of the hecklers, who said his name is Alex, was removed from the auditorium. He can be seen in the video… being tackled by three men — one identified as a police officer in plain clothes, a man in a McCain T-shirt and another man.”

“I hate Obama,” insisted Alex after his face was pushed against the pavement. “I don’t like Obama. I’m a Libertarian. I’m trying to save America. I like America, I like Americans — I just don’t like John McCain.”

Two McCain thugs assaulted a man for the crime of speaking his mind, albeit out of turn. It wasn’t enough to simply escort him off the property. He had to be thrown to the pavement and stomped on. Is this the sort of treatment Libertarians should now expect at Republican Borg hive Tea Party rallies where the rock star Sarah throws her support behind John McCain? It is not enough the neocons hijacked the Tea Party movement. Now they insist on trouncing Libertarians, the very people who originated the movement.

In Tempe, Arizona, while campaigning for McCain, Palin said: “Anyone who uses threats of violence will be in my crosshairs.” She was talking about Americans outraged over Obama’s totalitarian care passed by Congress who have said less than polite things. No actual violence has occurred.

As for Libertarians… well, they should expect to be thrown to the pavement.

Don’t Be Fooled: Republicans Really Love Government Enforced Healthcare

Cronlock Media Network | March 28, 2010

Forget all the self-serving diatribes by Republicans about Obamacare. They are for government enforced health care. “Republicans were for President Barack Obama’s requirement that Americans get health insurance before they were against it,” the Associated Press reports this morning.

Republicans trumpeted the “obligation” (at gunpoint) that Americans buy health care insurance from large monopolistic corporations for decades, long before Hill and Bill attempted to foist their version on the plebs.

Republican statists view health care at gunpoint as a “free-market route to guarantee coverage for all Americans — the answer to liberal ambitions for a government-run entitlement like Medicare.”

Of course Republicans don’t support Medicare. It does not fit the narrow confines of their partisan political ideology. Medicare was included as part of the Social Security Act of 1965, signed into law by president Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat.

Republicans are miffed because Obama and the Democrats co-opted their original concept, minus a mechanism they proposed for controlling costs. Republicans are not opposed to totalitarian care, they are simply opposed to the Democrat version.

If you believe Republicans are serious about controlling costs, look no further than Bush’s $3 trillion budget proposal in 2008 (a record at the time). When Bush took office, the national debt was $5.73 trillion. When he left, it was $10.7 trillion.

Mitt Romney — who was billed as the man who would save us from Obama and the “socialists” during the selection, er election — forced the residents of Massachusetts to buy health insurance. Lord Romney said government mandated health care is “a personal responsibility principle.”

Government invariably demands “personal responsibility” on the part of the plebs while it engages in corruption, starts wars under false pretense and kills millions of people, and enslaves future generations to bankster debt.

Romney’s health care at gunpoint was backed by Scott Brown, the Republican that had Democrats and the usual suspects at MSNBC and CNN chattering about a fascist rightwing takeover of Congress.

Brown replaced the late Democrat Sen. Edward M. Kennedy. It was said his appointment would almost certainly lead to the collapse of Obamacare. Brown says his opposition to the new shakedown for large insurance corporations is over tax increases, Medicare cuts and federal “over-reach” — because Democrats are doing the reaching — on a matter that should be left up to states. It was a different story when his buddy Mitt was forcing gunpoint healthcare down the throats of Massachusettans.

In the case of states’ rights, Brown might want to look at the example set by the former leader of his party, George W. Bush. The Bush administration violated the Tenth Amendment by repeatedly meddling in the states in regard to medical marijuana, the federalization of education, and state control of the National Guard.

“The idea of an individual mandate as an alternative to single-payer was a Republican idea,” health economist Mark Pauly of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School told the Associated Press. In 1991, Pauly published a paper explaining how a “mandate” (government coercion) could be combined with tax credits to force the commoners into compliance. Pauly’s paper was embraced by the George H.W. Bush administration.

Republicans like to tell you they are opposed to taxation. Instead, they use taxes as a carrot and a stick to force government mandates down your throat.

Nixon before Bush backed the idea of a mandate that employers provide insurance. Even the Heritage Foundation back in the day supported this government imposed “individual requirement.”

Later today in Nevada, the Republican Tea Party will gather and demand the ouster of Democrat Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrats for passing Obamacare. The event will be led by the darling of the establishment Tea Party, former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin. On Friday, Tea Party Sarah threw her support behind the establishment stalwart John McCain.

McCain’s latest authoritarian outrage is the “Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010″ that, if passed, would turn the country into a military dictatorship. It was introduced with the participation of the notorious warmonger Joe Lieberman. Apparently the legislation is backed by Tea Party Sarah.

The Nevada event was organized by the Tea Party Express, an organization in bed with Our Country Deserves Better PAC, which is closely affiliated with the Republican-affiliated consulting firm Russo Marsh & Associates. In other words, the event in Nevada will be strictly an establishment Republican affair. The objective is not to get rid of government enforced health care, but to get of rid of Reid and put in a Republican. It is another example of the false right-left paradigm in action.

In January, the Tea Party Express supported Scott Brown. As noted above, Brown supported Romney’s version of Obamacare in Massachusetts.

Republicans will shamelessly exploit the compromised Tea Party and the efforts of the states to repeal Obamacare in order to win seats in Congress during the mid-term elections. If they manage to overturn the Democrat majority in Congress, they will not work to repeal Obamacare. They may nibble around the edges of the bill but will leave it largely intact. Republicans have no problem with the government forcing you to shell over your money to large insurance companies. Republicans are enforcers for the global elite and transnational corporations.

Both Republicans and Democrats need to be trounced in November. Obamacare needs to be challenged on Constitutional grounds. The establishment controlled Supreme Court, however, cannot be counted on to repeal the bill. It may take civil disobedience on the part of millions of Americans before this bill ends up in the dust bin of history where it belongs.

Too Big To Jail? DoJ: Wall St. Bailout Buds 'Co-Conspirators' In Plot To Rip Off State, Local Governments

Crooks And Liars

Municipal bonds are where a lot of the political kickbacks and corrupt deals are typically hidden, so I can't say I'm surprised. In fact, it's sort of funny that the governments dealing with these guys apparently thought they could trust them, considering how crooked the business is. Lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas, as the nuns used to say:

March 26 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and UBS AG were among more than a dozen Wall Street firms involved in a conspiracy to pay below-market interest rates to U.S. state and local governments on investments, according to documents filed in a U.S. Justice Department criminal antitrust case.

A government list of previously unidentified “co-conspirators” contains more than two dozen bankers at firms also including Bank of America Corp., Bear Stearns Cos., Societe Generale, two of General Electric Co.’s financial businesses and Salomon Smith Barney, the former unit of Citigroup Inc., according to documents filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on March 24.

Gee, look how many were firms that were already taking money from us on the front end. They wanted the back end, too?

The papers were filed by attorneys for a former employee of CDR Financial Products Inc., an advisory firm indicted in October. The attorneys, as part of their legal filing, identified the roster as being provided by the government. The document is labeled “list of co-conspirators.”

None of the firms or individuals named on the list has been charged with wrongdoing. The court records mark the first time these companies have been identified as co-conspirators. They provide the broadest look yet at alleged collusion in the $2.8 trillion municipal securities market that the government says delivered profits to Wall Street at taxpayers’ expense.

Excuse me while I rush to my fainting couch. I'm a little dizzy from the shock.

“If the government is saying they are co-conspirators, the government believes they have sufficient evidence that they can show they were part of the conspiracy,” said Richard Donovan, a partner at New York-based law firm Kelley Drye & Warren LLP and co-chair of its antitrust practice. Donovan isn’t involved in the case.

The government’s case centers on investments known as guaranteed investment contracts that cities, states and school districts buy with the money they receive through municipal bond sales. Some $400 billion of municipal bonds are issued each year, and localities use the contracts to earn a return on some of the money until they need it for construction or other projects.

The Internal Revenue Service sometimes collects earnings on those investments and requires that they be awarded by competitive bidding to ensure that governments receive a fair return. The government charges that CDR ran sham auctions that allowed the banks to pay below-market interest rates to local governments.

[...] Banks may choose to cooperate with prosecutors because in light of the government bailout funds they’ve received “a guilty plea would just be an absolute disaster for some of these companies,” said Nathan Muyskens, a partner at Shook, Hardy & Bacon in Washington and former trial attorney with the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition.

“There have been antitrust investigations where there have been companies involved that were just never indicted,” he said in a phone interview.

Yes, this is what's now known as "too big to jail." Why, they're too big for just about anything!

At the same time, the government will probably focus on seeking to convict individual bankers, he said.

“When someone goes to jail for five years, that resonates,” he said. “When a company pays $200 million, it’s simply a balance sheet issue. Jail time is what captures corporate America’s attention.”

Sunday, March 28, 2010

9-11 Truth makes HUGE appearance at Los Angeles Anti-War March

Channel Icon
Watch the YouTube video, and you will see that our participation in the march was an extreme success.

Large FBI, Homeland Security Operation Targets Militias in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio

(looks like things are continuing to spiral downward . . . )
March 28, 2010

The following audio report was posted on the Militia Radio site on the evening of March 27:

Update: Fox News reports this afternoon that seven people have been arrested for allegedly selling pipe bombs in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana in connection with the federal raids. “The arrests and raids in Michigan and Indianapolis are related to alleged militia activity in the region, but are not related to international terrorism. There is not a current threat to the public, according to a law enforcement source.” Fox does not mention FBI activity in Ohio, covered below.

An Ann Arbor, Michigan, website reports this afternoon that the people arrested in Michigan are from from a group named Hutaree, described as “a Christian-oriented militia group based in Lenawee County.”

“Local Michigan militia member Jimmy Schiel said he was told five people were arrested – including one known member of Hutaree. Schiel said the five were reportedly arrested during a raid at a service in the Ann Arbor area for a Hutaree member who died recently. Schiel was told about eight Hutaree members were present. Schiel, who said he was invited but did not attend, spoke to a Hutaree member who was at the service, he said,” reports.

The Hutaree website is here.

On Saturday night the FBI and Homeland Security conducted what was described as a “major” operation against the Michigan militia.

As of Sunday morning, the operation was not reported by national media, although it was covered by local media in Michigan.

“The FBI was conducting raids Saturday night at multiple locations in southeast Michigan,” WXYZ News in Detroit reported last night. “Action News has learned Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force is also involved in a major operation.”

The feds would not tell WXYZ “who they were targeting or where, but the FBI has set up a command center at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department in Ann Arbor, where they have brought in two satellite trucks and a radio tower.”

“Several media outlets report that the FBI conducted raids on Saturday night and Sunday morning at several locations in Washtenaw and Lenewee counties. In its Sunday morning broadcast, Channel 7 Action News reports that Homeland Security and the Joint Anti-terrorism Task Force are also involved in the raids, possibly connected to the Michigan Militia. A command center has been set up at the Washtenaw Sheriff’s department,” reported the Ann Arbor Chronicle.

“There is still a lot about this case we don’t know,” reported Action News reporter Kim Craig (see second video below), “and hope to find out later today, but there does seem to be a connection to the Michigan Militia.” The FBI and Homeland Security used “a small army” against a house in Adrian, Michigan.

It appears raids are being conducted in Hammond, Indiana, and Sandusky, Ohio, as well.

“Hammond police assisted with an FBI raid Saturday evening in the Indiana city, but federal officials would not release any details,” Chicago Breaking News Center reported.

FBI, Homeland Security, and agents from the Sandusky Police, Erie County Sheriff’s deputies, agents from Toledo Police Bomb Squad and Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s K9 Unit conducted an operation in Ohio. “Some officers in green uniforms carried large automatic rifles,” the Sandusky Register reports this morning. An FBI spokesman said warrants were sealed in federal court and he could not release any information until after the suspects appear in court Monday.

The Michigan Militia website reports today that the group has not been raided. “We do nothing illegal, ” a headline on the website states. “Both The Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia and the staff of condemn attacks or threats of any sort directed against our elected representatives. We also condemn those who would use these attacks to further their agenda. If you don’t like your representatives, then recall them or elect someone else, or hell, run for office yourself. We also urge all representatives to obtain and read a copy of The Constitution,” the site explains.

The original Michigan Militia was formed in response to the federal government’s mass murder in Waco, Texas, and the murder of Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge in Idaho. The Michigan Militia came to national attention in1995 when the corporate media erroneously associated Timothy McVeigh to the group.

Last April, the Department of Homeland Security released a report on “rightwing extremism” that warned of militia violence. The DHS report followed similar reports issued by MIAC and the Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment Center. The MIAC report claimed supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Bladwin, and Bob Barr are domestic terrorists.


The corporate media has reported on the raids. “The FBI confirmed to Local 4 [in Adrian, Michigan] that there were several law enforcement activities in the Lenawee/Washtenaw County area late Saturday night,” reports MSNBC. “Michigan State Police said the raids are not terror related, but would not comment further.”

Welcome to Illuminati News!

Illuminati News

All-Seeing EyeWhat is wrong with this world? Why all those civil wars, why all this chaos and disaster? Why can't people just live together in peace? When conflicts arise, why is it so hard for the United Nations and other parties to stop the killing, despite peace negotiators and ambassadors?

Is it that man is basically evil? Is it just human behavior? Lots of questions. When we look around, it may seem like man is basically evil, but that is not true. There is good and evil within us all; it needs to be there for our basic survival, and they are subjective terms in the sense that we can define good and evil in whatever way we want. What's good for one person, may be considered evil by another and vice versa. However, the society will eventually reflect the minds of their leaders, and if the leaders are implementing what the majority perceives as evil, the society will be evil as well, and people affected by a malevolent government will start acting like them. However, WE are the ones who appoint and accept our leaders, so ultimately the responsibility is yours and mine.

All this chaos, genocide, ethnic cleansing and the overall disasters have a genuine purpose. It is all very carefully planned by a few people, mostly men, behind the scenes, high up in the society, above any power structure that the ordinary citizen is aware of. It is a modern extension of an old theme to "take over the world". To those people, power, control and wealth is their true religion and they use any means they can to maintain their power and control, including murder and genocide.

These people on top, who basically are of Royal Bloodlines, is currently working on reducing the world population in order to easier maintain their control, and ultimately the strive towards a centralization of power, which will include the whole world.

This is a very old plan; something the same bloodlines have been working towards for millennia. However, now is the time when they have the means to accomplish their goal and fulfill the "Work of the Ages". They see us citizens as inferior and are dehumanizing us in their own minds to the extent that they don't care if we live or if we die. In a future Global Society, if they manage to accomplish this to its full extent, you and I will be no more than slaves, whom they can kill and treat as they want anytime they want.

Many people call this the New World Order, but it is really an Old World Order which is now about to be fully accomplished, unless we do something about it.

As I will show on this website, we are already mind controlled, deceived and slaves to these super-rich families, most of us without even noticing it, but the future they have at hands for us will be much worse...

I recommend that you continue reading from this website, and I am sure this body of information will blow your mind. Things you have been wondering about, that never made sense, will all of a sudden fall into place. On a gradient scale, you will start getting the full picture. You will become very aware of what is happening in the world and why and you will be able to see for yourself, as time goes, how things are unfolding and you will understand why certain things are happening.

Take one or a few pages at the time, because it is much to read, but it is vital for all of our survival to be aware of what this website will reveal. And if you are not familiar with the subject at all, I strongly advise you to start with the link called The Secret Brotherhood,. or click on "Read First" in the left menu on page 2.

Are you voting for the Democrats or the Republicans? Does it really matter which? Is the difference that big?

I will show you that the outcome, no matter whom you vote for, is already thoroughly outlined and predicted; not by the politicians themselves, but by the real powers, the "Shadow Government", invisible to the general public. The political decisions they make are not in our best interest, but in theirs only. The tax money you are paying to your government so they can work on accomplishing our common goals actually go towards accomplishing their goals, which are very different from ours. This Power Elite is deeply into the occult and black magic, which I also will show on this website. The rituals are practiced within secret societies, such as the Freemasons and others.

So who are those people I am talking about? They are basically 13 super wealthy families and their off-shots, with the European Nobility on top, and their fellow travelers are the International Bankers. Their bloodlines go back in time - way back to old Babylon and further. They are the same families, but under different names, that have influenced history almost since the beginning of time. It is mind-boggling, but hopefully this website will prove my point without any doubts.

This website has four main categories:

My advice is to start with category one and go on from there. There is much to study and much to learn. Still, this website only scratches the surface of what there is to know.

The site is updated on a regular basis. Updates can be found here.

Good luck,
Wes Penre, Webmaster and Researcher


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?