Monday, June 22, 2015

Secret Space Program: The Off World Transporter (Preface) Too Many “Coincidences”

Beyond the Physical Realm

Monday, June 22, 2015

This is the preface to my article: 
“Secret Space Program: “The Off World Transporter” which I will post next.
In mid January of last year, 2014, a year and a half ago, I verbally shared with Dan Duval some of the things I knew in regards to a secret space program. One of the things I told him about was the building I had seen on the lunar surface, though I didn’t disclose to him the shape and architecture of that building. I also told Dan Duval about what I refer to as an “off world transporter”. Dan Duval encouraged me to consider posting the information on my blog. I was thinking that no one in the public arena would believe me.  
I followed up my conversation with Dan with an email that contained a written description and pictures to illustrate some of the things I had told him about. Included was some information about the building on the moon, but most of the email had to do with the “off world transporter”. 
As I was finishing up the email, a helicopter began buzzing my home, making numerous low passes directly over head. Moments after sending the email, I became violently ill, doubled over in pain for hours. Was the helicopter buzzing my home at that precise time a coincidence? Was my getting violently ill associated with the strange appearance of the helicopter?   
One year later, almost to the day of when the helicopter was buzzing my home and I became violently ill, I decided to go ahead and make public some of my information about secret space programs. Since Dan Duval and Gonz Shimura were going to do a program on the secret space program, they decided to give me some air time to make public any of my own information that I felt comfortable with disclosing.  It was only five minutes before the taping of the program that I was informed of this unique opportunity.  Wow! I didn’t have much time to think. (Which was probably a good thing since I have a tendency to over think some things.) Did I want to share this information now? Would anyone actually take me seriously? I didn’t know, but there I was and I had to decide right then whether I would take advantage of this opportunity or wait for who knows when…when I might have the nerve to tell about the things I thought were going to be too hard for people to believe. 
Like jumping into icy cold water, I decided to just take the plunge. I knew Gonz Shimura was a top notch researcher on the topic of secret space programs. If I was making the plunge, I knew I would be swimming with no novice. I was certainly in good company.  I reminded myself that if Gonz or Dan had had any reservations about what I might share on their show, they would not have invited me in the first place.   
So on that program on January 22nd 2015, I shared for the first time, a little about a trapezoid shaped building I have seen on the lunar surface and have been inside of.  I also made mention of the off world transporter, though I didn’t go into much detail. I created a rendition of the view I had of the trapezoid building on the lunar surface and posted it on my blog with a link to the program with Dan Duval and Gonz Shimura about the secret space program. 
Several days after the airing of that interview, when I was out in my car, I was was followed many miles around town by a very gutsy person who wanted to make sure I knew I was being followed. Was that harassment just a coincidence? What about the other recent times I have been followed? All coincidences?
Is it a “coincidence” that a stream of “coincidences” continue to revolve around my making public my information about secret space programs?
Just over a year ago I was thinking that the general public wouldn’t believe my accounts, however, the events in my life since I have decided to go public with this information indicates that someone or someones not only believe my information is valid, but they also fear that the general public will most definitely believe me too!
What is it about my story that would cause powers to try to silence me?…and be working to try to sway people away from finding my testimony?…even wanting people to think that what I am talking about is “religion”? What is it that makes my story so different than others being called “whistle blowers”?
It’s because they know that my testimony is the truth, not religion, but if they can get you to think it is just religion…then they have achieved their goal of railroading you away from the real truth of what is actually going on in this universe. 
It’s because my testimony is real and powerful and that I am telling you exactly who and what is behind the secret space programs and what their end game is!  I am exposing the real enemy on many different fronts!  I have been exposing them for who and what they actually are. I have been exposing their order of operations and their game plans.
I grew up in the belly of the beast, so to speak and I know their plan on many different fronts. My testimony is dangerous because I expose their deceptive lies and point people to the truth.
The most recent set of “coincidences” happened on June 3rd, the day Dan Duval and I were scheduled to do a live interview with Zen Garcia on the topic of the secret space program. A couple of weeks earlier I announced that on the June 3rd program of “Momentary Zen”, I would be sharing more about the trapezoid building on the lunar surface and that I would read to the listeners what I wrote over a year ago about the off world transporter.
- Mid-morning on June 3rd, the day I was to do the interview, my Internet went out. (Coincidence?…maybe. However, in the 2 1/2 years with this Internet provider, this was the first time my Internet went out…and just hours before my scheduled program on the secret space program. Interesting “coincidence”.)
- I picked up my fully charged cell phone to call the cable company and my cell phone started doing something it had never done before. It started flashing from screen to screen until it finally went out too. (Coincidence?…maybe. In the year I have had my cell phone, it never did what it did that day, nor has it done that since. Another interesting “coincidence”.)
- I went through the exercise of taking the battery out of my phone and then putting it back in to see if that would make the phone work….and it did…Yea!!!
- I called the cable company and went through all the press this and that until I got a live technician…Yea!!! As soon as I was talking to a live technician my call was dropped….Boooo!!! (Coincidence?…mmmm…maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time a call gets dropped while talking to any live technician ;-)
- I called the cable company back and went through all the press this and that until once again I got a live technician. Yea!!! The technician spent quite a bit of time with me going through all the trouble shooting. It was decided that my modem was not working. I was told that they couldn’t make any promises, but that they would do their best to have a technician at my home by the day’s end. Yea!!!
- At this point, I didn’t know whether I would be able to do the program or not. My cell phone was still acting up. Doing the program from the cell phone didn’t even look promising.  
- I was able to get a call out to Dan Duval. I told him of my situation and asked him if need be would he go ahead and tell the listeners what I was planning to say and would he read to the listeners what I had written to him over a year ago about the off world transporter? He said yes. Suddenly I felt better. I laughed to myself because I knew that if the enemy didn’t want me to share this information, it might be worse for the enemy if Dan Duval shared the information because Dan Duval is very anointed of God, knows the Word of God far better than I do and is able to explain things in way that makes sense to the listeners. Yea!!!
- I texted my friend, Loren Grace and asked her to do intercessory prayer. She did more than that. She swiftly put the word out and within minutes there were many people praying for Loren’s “friend”, though they did not know at the time who they were praying for.   
- Several hours later a technician arrived. Yea!!! He determined my modem was fine. He went to check the lines and found that someone had disconnected my Internet at the main box. Mine was the only line disconnected. (Coincidence?…mmmm maybe.  I might have thought so if it hadn’t been for all the numerous preceding “coincidences” revolving around my speaking about the secret space program.  It did seem all to interesting that my Internet would be disconnected just hours before I would be using it to speak to a large audience about the trapezoid building on the moon and of the off world transporter. Certainly an interesting “coincidence”.) 
- The cable technician made sure my Internet was working and then he left.
- I texted Loren Grace and Dan Duval with the good news. Yea!!!
- Moments later my Internet was out again! BOOOO!!!! (Coincidence???)
- I called Loren Grace. She then sent the relay out to all those who had been praying and told them my Internet was out again. The prayer warriors all began to intercede once again. Yea!!!
- Soon my Internet was working again! Yea!!! (Coincidence???…mmmm don’t think so…..because I know the Power of Prayer and that the fervent prayers of a righteous man [indeed] avails much….(James 5:16) I’d say that this was no coincidence at all!).
I don’t know all who entered the battle field and prayed for me that day and who prayed for God to direct the program, but I thank you all from my the bottom of my heart. I pray that God truly Blesses you for your faith in Him and for your unselfishness. 


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?