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Mandatory vaccination is mandatory incarceration: Parents being jailed over vaccine injuries


For people trying to fight the system over the fact that their once-healthy child developed a vaccine injury, it's bad enough that they're often faced with missing medical records and lies. Then there's the fact that they could go to jail. It's absurd, but it's true.

The cycle is as follows: You give your child a mandatory vaccination. They soon fall ill. When you dare question the situation, or more specifically, suggest a link between vaccinations and the onset of health problems which never before existed, the government (also the largest purchaser of childhood vaccines -- to the tune of $4 billion) and Big Pharma looks as you like a deer in headlights while maintaining that their actions are save-the-world necessary. Your persistence about the vaccine injury is bothersome and threatening to their livelihood and greedy mentality, so the authorities come knocking at your door.(1)

It's all part of a system that wants us to keep our mouths shut yet expects us to swallow their lies. Speak up too much, and you're a bad person who could end up in facilities typically reserved for the likes of robbers, child molesters and murderers. Is it not Big Pharma, though, who is robbing us of our health and money, and harming our children? They, of course, are not questioned by authorities or facing jail time. We are.

Question your child's health after a vaccine and DCS could show up at your door

For example, after a little baby died when she was given 14 vaccines in less than six months, her mother began looking into the matter. Records went missing, loopholes were exploited and she was often ignored. Ultimately, Tennessee's Department of Children's Services (DCS) questioned her and her family under the guise of making sure they were holding up alright in the wake of the baby's death. In the meantime, they strongly alluded to possible harm towards the baby, asked their son if he had been hurt and even took pictures. She didn't end up in jail, and DCS eventually backed off, but it makes you think. Besides, such an outrageous action shouldn't have occurred in the first place.(2)

Situations like hers are often par for the course though. In many instances, Big Pharma and the government even go so far as to attribute Shaken Baby Syndrome to the onset of sudden health problems, suggesting that the parents are to blame. However, some phrases are sometimes used to gloss over the real problem; many experts have noted that Shaken Baby Syndrome, for example, is often NOT caused by a disturbed parent who wishes to inflict horror on their child.

Rather, the baby's brittle bones or inflammation and swelling of the brain -- which are often claimed to be strictly due to intense, deliberate shaking -- can be the result of receiving vaccinations that produce the same health problems.

Parents often falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome, when vaccines likely real cause of death

Dr. Viera Scheibner even wrote about this in her published paper, "Shaken Baby Syndrome: The Vaccination Link." In it, she expressed concern that, upon the discovery of a vaccine injury, parents are often falsely accused. She wrote:

While investigating the personal medical history of these babies based on the caregivers' diaries and medical records, I quickly established that these babies were given one or more of the series of so-called routine shots – hepatitis B, DPT [diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus], polio and HiB (Haemophilus influenza type B)– shortly before they developed symptoms of illness resulting in serious brain damage or death.(1)

Life without parole for man, despite medical record inaccuracies

One person who knows all to well about this is John Sanders. After his baby girl received eight vaccines in one day, she began vomiting, having fits and developing rashes. She developed a brain injury and died a day later.

Sanders, who had expressed concern about the baby he entire time and who was at the hospital at the time of her death, was ultimately arrested and sent to jail. It's life without parole for him, despite the fact that many discrepancies in his child's medical records were found, including the finding that information gathered to arrest him included the wrong baby's name!(3)

The madness must stop. It's simply a matter of good, loving families trying to raise healthy, happy children. When their child's health changes before their eyes right after receiving vaccines, they have every right to question the authorities. Instead, the authorities meet them with a "guilty until proven innocent" mind set, slap them with unfair accusations and even give them life in prison.

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