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Read It Before It Is Banned By The US Government - PART THREE

Defender Publishing

Approval Of The Augurs

By Tom Horn

In my last entry I concluded by stating the obvious, that the end of the Bush administration was accompanied by public desperation for "hope" amidst widespread messianic fervor surrounding the election of America’s current president, Barack Hussein Obama. Bush’s Angel in the Whirlwind administration was thus prophetic in that it resulted in "universal entreaty for an inspirational and political demigod—a savior—to arise on the global scene promising a New World Order."

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Read It Before It Is Banned By The US Government - PART TWO

Flu Release As Control Mechanism: EndGame

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Clip from Alex Jones’ 2007 film Endgame in which he outlines the possibility of the intentional release of a flu virus as a man made bio-weapon, leading to forced inoculation and a tightening of the police state grid before a move toward population reduction.

Cap and Trade’s $3,900 per Family per Year Price Tag....

The Truth Will Set You Free

Bend over, America and get ready for the largest tax increase in history... the cap and trade scheme.

While we're being distracted by Obama's personal jet flying low over NYC, bringing back nightmares from that MOSSAD/CIA false-flag and being shown pics from around the world of people wearing masks to protect them from swine flu, our corrupt Congress is pushing to pass the cap and trade scheme, which will put a never ending tax on our backs that keeps doubling each year until some vague goal is met.

The Empire's 24/7 news channels are on point, reporting on the man-made swine flu nonstop from around the globe, seeding fear and confusion into your brains, while nary a peep is heard from any reporter on the floor of Congress that's debating this huge tax increase.

Wall Street must be drooling over the amount of money this is going to generate, a significant amount which that bunch of gangsters will make disappear offshore, devising another of their "Three Card Monte" games to make the money vanish.

At least 650 BILLION a year will be taken from our pockets to fund this "green-collar" bubble

Here's part of an interview on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" about this Wall Street fantasy. Amy's talking with Arun Gupta of The Indypendent:
And there’s a lot of talk now also about a green-collar economy. I think that’s very important, but one of the reasons that it’s important to ban derivative trading is the investment banks are salivating over a green-collar economy, and that needs to be explained why, because they are—have set up trading desks. It’s estimated that carbon trading, the idea of trading in pollution rights, in ten years will be larger than all energy markets combined. So they’re looking to make a killing off of it. They’ll create derivative instruments, and this will just create another bubble. So we need to be now thinking about clearly exactly what to do to put in progressive ideas and to prevent this disaster from happening again.

The White House will use a portion of this tax to fund their "Wars for Empire and Israel."

And We the People will be left holding the bill.... again.

Don't buy the hype of the innocuous sounding Save Our Climate Act of 2009 , it's just another massive fraud being perpetuated by the same clowns that told us Saddam had "nooks," and that 19 crazed Muslim fundies attacked us on 9/11.

“You know, when I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, you know — under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.”

Then Senator Obama, in a January 2008 interview with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Will NorthCom take over in Swine Flu Outbreak?

The Progressive
By Matthew Rothschild, April 29, 2009
(check out the last name of this story's writer!)

The swine flu outbreak raises a lot of fears.

Here’s one you might not have thought of yet: The Pentagon may be taking over more and more of our civil society in this crisis.

Back in 2002, President Bush created NorthCom, the Pentagon’s Northern Command, which has jurisdiction over the United States.

And NorthCom has been running preparedness drills in the event of a flu pandemic for at least the past three years.

Making things more alarming, NorthCom got assigned its own fighting unit six months ago—the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, which had spent much of the last five years battling things out in Iraq.

The assignment of that fighting unit alarmed the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “This is a radical departure from separation of civilian law enforcement and military authority and could, quite possibly, represent a violation of law,” said Mike German, ACLU national security policy counsel.

Testifying in March, General Victor Renuart, head of NorthCom, said it would provide “assistance in support of civil authorities” during an epidemic. And, he added, “when requested and approved by the Secretary of Defense or directed by the President, federal military forces will contribute to federal support.” But he boasted: “USNorthCom does not wait for that call to action.”

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Another President Who "Channels"

Mail Online
Obamamania or overkill? President marks his first 100 days in office with THREE HUNDRED photos... all of him

On a tour of the State Floor of the White House in January, the president looks at a picture of John F Kennedy. He and wife Michelle have channelled the Kennedys many times.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dr. Rebecca Carley - Swine Flu Threat Level Raised to Level 5?

Dr. Rebecca Carley, who teaches clients nationally and internationally how to reverse autoimmune diseases.

How to Prepare (Naturally) for Swine or Avian Influenza — Updated

April 25, 2009
Jonathan Campbell, Health Consultant
Natural Therapies for Chronic Illness & Health Maintenance

Several years ago, various U.S. and U.N. agencies and the Council on Foreign Relations were spreading the word that the Avian Influenza could be as severe as the worldwide Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918, and predicted hundreds of millions of deaths worldwide. Fortunately, that outbreak did not come to pass. This year, however, a severely debilitating swine flu has already stricken more than a thousand people in Mexico and killed as many as 68, with 20 confirmed (as of April 25, 2009).

For people who have weakened immunity and are vitamin C deficient, this influenza likely kills it victims by rapidly depleting ascorbate (vitamin C) stores in the body, inducing scurvy and collapse of the arterial blood supply, causing internal hemorrhaging of the lungs and sinus cavities.

Most people today have barely enough vitamin C in their bodies (typically 60 mg per day) to prevent scurvy under normal living conditions, and are not prepared for this kind of illness. (Vitamin C deficiency is the root cause of high infant mortality and many childhood deaths worldwide; it is the root cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS.)

The way to prepare yourself and protect your family from this influenza is not a vaccine or anti-viral drug. I strongly recommend that if vaccines and/or anti-viral drugs are offered to you, that you refuse them. These actually reduce your immunity; vaccines contain many toxic components, such as aluminum, mercury, and solvents, and anti-viral drugs interfere with critical body processes. Historical evidence of vaccinations has shown that they actually increase the chances of becoming severely ill. Influenza vaccines in particular are notoriously ineffective and have harmed thousands of people, and there is evidence already that Tamiflu, now being stockpiled for a possible epidemic, is useless against Avian Influenza. The best way to prepare for influenza is by enhancing your immune system and increasing the amount of vitamin C in your body.

The amounts of vitamin C suggested below are perfectly safe. This nutrient is actually produced in the bodies of most animals, in enormous quantities. Only humans, monkeys, and a few other animals must consume it to get enough of it, and most humans get about one-thirtieth (1/30) of the amount they really need. It is necessary for dozens of body processes, such as the building of collagen and the making of antibodies, white blood cells, and neurotransmitters.

The supplements I suggest below can be obtained at good quality supplement stores such as Vitamin Shoppe or at online supplement discounters such as, although for the most part the powdered forms can only be purchased from online discounters. Buy good quality supplements such as those made by NOW Foods, Source Naturals, Jarrow, Nature's Way, Vitamin Shoppe (store brand), etc. (These are not endorsements, but suggestions based on my personal experience). For vitamin C, buy ascorbic acid, not the chelated forms such as calcium or sodium ascorbate or Ester-C, because at the acute illness dosages you would be taking too much of these minerals). Do not use drug store supplements. For children, modify the dosages according to the body weight of the child as compared to that of an adult (~150 lbs, 70 kg). For instance, if your child weighs 50 lbs, use 1/3 of the adult dose. Always divide the dosages over the course of the day, taking 1/3 of the daily dose with meals.

1. Begin increasing the amount of vitamin C that you take each day to very high levels, spread over the course of the day, in divided doses taken with meals. Start at 1000 mg per meal, and increase slowly to 2000-4000 mg per meal. (These are adult doses, modify by body weight for children.) Your optimal dose is just below the point where your body complains by giving you mild diarrhea. This is called the "bowel tolerance dose." Such doses are perfectly safe - vitamin C is natural to our bodies and needed for many body processes. Most people don't get nearly enough. Stock up on this vital nutrient - buy ascorbic acid in 1000 mg capsules or in powder form, 1-pound or 3-pound canisters. Mix powder with water or fruit juice. Be sure to take vitamin C with food that will coat your stomach to prevent stomach upset, such as organic soymilk, and to rinse your mouth afterwards to prevent mouth irritation or potential interaction with tooth enamel.

2. Take 6000 mg of the amino acid lysine per day, 2000 mg per meal (adult dose, modify by body weight for children). Lysine is a natural protease inhibitor - it prevents bacteria and viruses from spreading in your body. You can obtain it in tablet, capsule, or powder form. The latter form is the least expensive; buy several pound containers of it.

3. Take a high-potency multivitamin/multimineral tab, and a calcium/magnesium supplement, every day.

4. Drink at least 2 quarts (8 cups, 2 liters) of non-caffeinated liquids per day. Spring water and/or decaffeinated green tea made with spring water are best. Do not drink diet soda or consume anything with aspartame or other artificial sweeteners.

5. Stock up on other anti-viral agents and nutrients: l-proline and l-glycine (amino acids - at least one pound of each, in powder form), turmeric extract capsules, ginger capsules, garlic capsules, 15-mg zinc/1-mg copper capsules or tabs, oil of oregano (Gaia Herbs brand is a good one), decaffeinated green tea extract, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), and non-gmo or organic soy protein drink concentrate. (Note to expectant mothers: Do not use oregano oil or green tea extract during pregnancy.)

6. In advance (right now), find a chelation or alternative health clinic that is willing to administer 30-gram intravenous vitamin C infusions. This may be necessary if you are stricken by the Avian Flu and find that you cannot keep up with it with the oral dosage. Please contact me at if your clinic needs preparation and administration information.

7. If you do become ill, start increasing your daily vitamin C dosage dramatically - your bowel tolerance dose will rise as it is used to detoxify your body from the virus toxins; it may rise to as much as 100,000 mg (100 grams) per day (adult dose). Take up to 2000 mg per dose, increasing the number of dosages to as many as once per hour. Back off the dosage and frequencey if you get diarrhea. Start taking 12,000 mg of each of l-lysine, l-proline and l-glycine per day, in divided doses. Take 1000 mg oregano, 4000 mg turmeric extract, 4000 mg ginger, 4000 mg garlic, 45 mg zinc/3 mg copper, 1500 mg N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), and 2000 mg green tea per day, in divided doses. Increase fluid intake to 3-4 quarts (liters) per day. (These are the adult doses, slightly more or less is OK, modify by weight for children.) Eat small easily-digestible meals complemented with 1/2-scoop soy or whey protein shakes. Continue this regimen until all signs of illness have subsided. If the illness is not controlled by the regimen, obtain a series (2-3 per week) of 30-gram Vitamin C intravenous infusions at a chelation or alternative health clinic, with higher dosages if necessary for pneumonia or previously compromised immunity (e.g., AIDS or CFIDS). (Important: See note above regarding use of this regimen during pregnancy; do not use oregano oil or green tea during pregnancy.)

8. If you are currently taking Lipitor or another cholesterol-lowering (statin) drug, stop taking it immediately. These drugs are very damaging to the immune system. The above vitamin C and lysine regimen will (through a completely different mechanism) naturally balance your cholesterol and protect you from heart disease. If you continue to take a maintenance dose of 6000 mg of vitamin C and 6000 mg of lysine per day, you will never need to take statin drugs ever again. For more information on this, see for an article about statin side effects. If you have any other kind of heart or blood pressure problem, see the article

9. You must take the regimen above every day, consistently. After the danger period has passed, I recommend that you continue the regimen at the level of 6000 mg vitamin C and 6000 mg lysine per day (adult dose, modify by weight for children). You will enjoy better health, lose fewer days to illness, and protect yourself against heart disease. (If you choose not to continue the regimen, please taper off gradually.) Use your stocks of anti-viral nutrients for any illness you may encounter.

If you or a member of your family have any kind of serious or chronic disease, or you are looking for a long-term regimen to maintain health, I urge you to look at the Natural Therapy Virtual Clinic website,

Full story HERE

Chairman of Gore Climate Hearing Strikes Gavel, Cuts Off All Dissent

Aaron Dykes
Jones Report
Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It would be comedic– if it weren’t so serious.

Al Gore & pals are trying to push through a very serious, very burdensome carbon tax, a new derivatives bubble stands to grow around it, and there is in fact no scientific consensus on the issue– and yet the chairman of the Commerce Subcommittee on Energy & Environment, Rep. Ed Markey cuts off every single member of the House who attempts to raise questions or challenge Al Gore’s claims in any way, shape or form.

Full story HERE

Homeland Security Issues Alert On Mandatory Quarantine Procedures

BATF and FBI to forcibly detain Americans despite only 7 confirmed swine flu deaths in Mexico

Homeland Security Issues Alert On Mandatory Quarantine Procedures 290409top

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Department of Homeland Security has sent out an alert to health care providers outlining how BATF, FBI, and U.S. Marshals will be called upon to impose mandatory quarantines in the event of a widespread swine flu outbreak in the U.S.

According to the report, “DHS Assistant Secretary Bridger McGaw circulated the swine flu memo, which was obtained by, on Monday night. It says: “The Department of Justice has established legal federal authorities pertaining to the implementation of a quarantine and enforcement. Under approval from HHS, the Surgeon General has the authority to issue quarantines.”

The memo states, “U.S. Customs and Coast Guard Officers assist in the enforcement of quarantine orders. Other DOJ law enforcement agencies including the U.S. Marshals, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives may also enforce quarantines. Military personnel are not authorized to engage in enforcement.”

However, a separate Defense Department planning document on dealing with pandemics states that the Pentagon will use the forces at its disposal to assist in “quarantining groups of people in order to minimize the spread of disease during an influenza pandemic” and aid in “efforts to restore and maintain order.”

As we reported yesterday, so-called “involuntary isolation” is already being enforced in certain areas of the United States. The state’s health director in North Carolina, Dr. Jeffrey Engel, said that authorities were already involuntarily isolating patients who may have the swine flu virus. He refused to divulge the location of where the victims were being quarantined.

News reports such as this one from MSNBC are prevaricating around the contention that quarantines are a normal event that Americans should be comfortable with. In reality, there has only been one case of “involuntary quarantine” in the U.S. in the last 45 years.

“In 2007, Andrew Speaker, an Atlanta lawyer, was quarantined inside a hospital in Denver on suspicion of having extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis. It turned out that the CDC was incorrect and Speaker had a milder form of the disease,” states the CBS report.

The MSNBC report also falsely claims that quarantines will solely be handled on a state/local level, when in reality, Bush’s executive order 13375 outlines a federal response, and the DHS memo lists numerous federal authorities that will have powers of quarantine.

In addition, the Bush administration’s National Strategy For Pandemic Influenza, released in November 2005, states that the federal government will impose “quarantines” and “limitations on gatherings”.

With Time Magazine busy preparing Americans to accept enforced mass vaccination programs and telling them to “trust” the government and “forgive” them when the vaccines cause death and injuries, the prospect of mandatory quarantines will likely be the precursor for any such nationwide vaccination program. The vaccine to supposedly combat swine flu is being manufactured by Baxter International, who were caught red-handed last month attempting to release bird flu vaccines which were contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus itself.

Swine flu has caused the death of one toddler in the U.S. and in fact only seven of the supposed 159 fatalities in Mexico have been confirmed as swine flu - meaning the other 152 could have been due to any number of infectious diseases that routinely kill Mexicans in the thousands on a yearly basis.

The comparative threat of swine flu does not correlate with the feverish reaction of authorities, who in the initial stages of the outbreak refused to take any measures to contain it, such as closing the border with Mexico, but after the virus had already begun to spread, they were quick to prepare draconian control measures while hyping the inevitability of a pandemic.

Meanwhile, the hysteria whipped up by the media has spread faster than the actual virus itself.

Swine flu: Baxter seeks swine flu sample to begin work on vaccine

(this should be considered a "test" - a test to see just how uninformed, dumbed-down, etc., people in the U.S. are . . . just a few WEEKS ago, Baxter was caught sending live bird flu virus in vaccinations! Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries . . . one would think that people being informed that Baxter has been picked to be our savior from the Mexico Flu might want to know about this . . . those who will not believe anything unless they see it or hear it on their beloved mainstream news are really fooling themselves)

Chicago Tribune
|Tribune reporter

With world health officials worried about the global outbreak of another deadly virus, Deerfield-based Baxter International Inc. once again finds itself involved in the action.

Baxter confirmed over the weekend that it is working with the World Health Organization on a potential vaccine to curb the deadly swine flu virus that is blamed for scores of deaths in Mexico and has emerged as a threat in the U.S.

Shares of Baxter were up 2.4 percent, or $1.16, to $49.23 a share in trading Monday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Baxter, which has an emerging vaccine business, has worked with the U.S. and foreign countries in the past to develop vaccines for the H5N1 virus commonly known as bird flu.

Full story HERE

Reid says Obama told him, 'I have a gift'

WASHINGTON – Everyone knows President Barack Obama can deliver a great speech, including the president himself, according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The paperback version of Reid's book, "The Good Fight," is coming out May 5 with an epilogue called "The Obama Era." Reid said he was impressed when Obama, then a freshman senator from Illinois, delivered a speech about President George W. Bush's war policy.

Reid, D-Nev., writes: "'That speech was phenomenal, Barack,' I told him. And I will never forget his response. Without the barest hint of braggadocio or conceit, and with what I would describe as deep humility, he said quietly: 'I have a gift, Harry.'"

A copy of the book's 15-page epilogue was provided to The Associated Press. Reid said in an interview he hesitated about citing Obama's comment because he knew it could be interpreted as bragging.

"To be honest, my wife, she said, 'don't tell people that,'" Reid recalled. "She's afraid it could be taken the wrong way. But she's heard me tell lots of people that, and everytime she goes 'don't do that.' Now it's there for thousands of people to read."

Full story HERE

Campaign demands boot for Napolitano

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nearly 2 dozen groups appalled at 'extremism' report

By Bob Unruh

A coalition of nearly two dozen organizations is launching a campaign that demands the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and an apology from President Obama for labeling those who hold traditional American values and conservative ideals as terrorists.

"We, the law-abiding Citizens of America, demand: 1. The Resignation or Removal of DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano for her partisan political profiling of veterans and conservatives and her abuse of power," says the petition, which is posted on the website for the coalition that goes under the name No Political Profiling.

It also demands, "An apology from President Barack Obama to ALL Americans for his administration's call for domestic spying," and "The Immediate Retraction of the 'Rightwing Extremism' report for labeling law-abiding citizens as 'terrorists' because of their political views."

As WND reported, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security cited executed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh as an example of why "right wing" interests must be monitored closely by his agency in the United States.

Full story HERE

Parental rights already being lost

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

State could take over decisions on health, schooling, abortion

By Bob Unruh

Supporters of a plan to amend the U.S. Constitution to include parental rights are warning moms and dads across the United States they already are losing their rights to make decisions regarding their children's health, education, welfare, finances, sex education, access to abortion and even leisure time.

"The erosion is upon us," said Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, a college and a church and now a dedicated leader in the effort to change the U.S. Constitution through the amendment process to restore and protect parental rights.

Eighty years ago, the amendment website notes, "the Supreme Court declared that 'the child is not the mere creature of the State; those who nurture him and direct his destiny have the right, coupled with the high duty, to recognize and prepare him for additional obligations.'"

However, according to Farris, a survey last year of state and federal appellate court rulings found "the vast majority of the court decisions refused to acknowledge traditional parental rights are fundamental rights."

The problem, says Farris, is the growing reach of domestic and international government into decisions about health, education, discipline and other issues that for millennia have been made by parents. In one recent case in the South, the parents of a 13-year-old juvenile were refused access to his medical records because the doctor decided against including the parents in the discussion.

According to Farris, the parents could only be granted access to their son's medical records with their son's permission.

"The Supreme Court has so muddied the waters … the growing practice is to treat parenting as a government privilege," he said.

In another case that outraged parents, a federal court ruled that parents do not even have the right to withdraw their children from public school teachings that violate their religious beliefs.

Full story HERE

Dr Deagle - Report on Swine Flu Outbreak in Mexico City

Dr. Bill Deagle gives his take on the Flu outbreak . .. please realize that there are many other views regarding this flu outbreak which are very tame, just looking at the numbers, etc. . . . however, there is also the huge possibility that this is just the beginning of the beginning . . . again, only time will tell . . . the important thing, I think, is to make ourselves aware, be able to see thru the "official" announcements and mainstream media's hype, and to do our best to prepare ourselves, spiritually and physically, for strong tests of our will and faith in the days, weeks, etc. ahead . . . )

Steve Quayle - Something Wicked This Way Comes

Steve Quayle discusses his take on the current situation with the potential Flu Pandemic, and how he sees it as a huge danger . . . some may consider this perspective as over-the-top, or worse, and only the near future unfolding events will tell . . .

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


REDDEN: What about the current controversy over chemtrails - the theory that airplanes are spraying the population with some kind of chemical or biological weapon. As I understand it, a number of researchers believe that many of the contrails in the skies these days are not the normal contrails formed by high-flying jets, but are actually trails of chemical or biological agents which spread out and then fall on the earth.

HOROWITZ: ... I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of the public, which would then cause a general immune suppression, low grade to high grade, depending on exposure. An immune dysfunction, which would then allow people to become susceptible to opportunistic infections, such as mycoplasma and other opportunistic infections.

REDDEN: So you believe that high-flying planes are, in fact, spraying something on the population, that the theory is real?

HOROWITZ: There's no question that it's real. There's no doubt about that. I first began to investigate chemtrails when some were sprayed over my home in Northern Idaho. I found out from one of the chief toxologists at the CDC that Ethlyne Dibromide was being added to the jet fuel. Now EDB is a known human chemical carcinogen that was removed from unleaded gas because of it's cancer causing effects. Now suddenly it has appeared in the jet fuel that apparently high-altitude military aircraft are emitting.

REDDEN: Why has ethylene dibromide been added to jet fuel?

HOROWITZ: When you examine who owns the fuel, who are the fuel company directors, suddenly you enter into the realm of the Rockefeller family, the royal families, Standard Oil and British Petroleum. And what are their other agendas? ... documents show that historically, they have funded eugenics, genocide, depopulation, family planning...

HOROWITZ: You're looking at decision-makers who have, for whatever reasons, decided to put this toxic waste into jet fuels for human exposure, what ultimately's going to be human exposure. And it just so happens that these same people have put a lot of money into reducing world populations...,

REDDEN: As I understand it, this [chemtrails] is not just an American epidemic, but it's gone across Europe.

HOROWITZ: That's right. I've got colleagues over there, I've got colleagues in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Toronto, British Columbia all reporting the same bizarre seeding of the atmosphere. It's horrible. What is going on is just despicable.

REDDEN: One reason I'm interested in this subject is, I personally know three people who had the exact same thing happen to them. First they came down with flu-like symptoms which didn't go away. Then the doctor said their flu had developed into a bacterial infection. Then they were all given a brand new antibiotic they had never taken before, and they all had serious allergic reactions.

REDDEN: Then they were all given a brand new antibiotic they had never taken before and they all had serious allergic reactions. What happened to them?

HOROWITZ: OK, what you're looking at with this upper respiratory infection is that it is a multi-factoral illness. It's associated with a variety of chemical and biological co-factors. Just like with AIDS, it's not the AIDS virus that ultimately kills, it's co-factor microbes such as the mycoplasma. What you have could be described as an ideal Russian biological cocktail. And I suppose it's called a Russian biological cocktail because the Americans most likely invented it.

What they determined would be the best biological chemical warfare approach was a combination of chemicals and biologicals, so that it would be very difficult to diagnose and then treat the illnesses.

REDDEN: A point of clarification. Are You saying that the fungus is working with the chemtrails and the antibiotic to make people sick?
HOROWITZ: Exactly. And you've got somebody who's going to be chronically ill. And in the contemporary warfare arena, where experts in biological chemical warfare convene and discuss the ways that are ideal to conduct warfare today, to really take an enemy out, you don't want to kill the people. You want to produce people who are chronically ill and become dependent on the state and totally sap the resources of the country.


Dr. Horowitz is an internationally acclaimed authority on public health with a Masters Degree in Public Health and Behavorial Sciences from Harvard and a Masters Degree in Health Ed from Tufts. He has served on the faculties of several universities including Harvard and Tufts. Dr. Horowitz, author of several best sellers on public health issues lectures frequently here and abroad.

Exclusive NYC Club With Thousands Of Skulls

(now THIS is beyond strange . . . it is hard for "normal" people to accept the reality that there is a LOT of death worship going on with the elites . . . not their deaths, mind you, but of the commoners/serfs . . . it took me a couple of looks at the pics to start seeing all the skulls . . .there is a link called "GO BACK" on the webpage . . . clicking that link gives a demonic double-headed eagle type insignia)

Exclusive NYC Club With Thousands Of Skulls

'What makes you think it's natural to be heterosexual?': Christian teacher suspended over gay rights promotion row

Mail Online
By Jonathan Petre

A senior teacher has been suspended from his £50,000-a-year job after he complained that a training day for staff was used to promote gay rights.

Kwabena Peat, 54, was one of several Christian staff who walked out of the compulsory session at a North London school after an invited speaker questioned why people thought heterosexuality was natural.

The presentation was given by Sue Sanders, a co-founder of the Schools Out organisation which campaigns for gay equality in education.

According to Mr Peat, Ms Sanders, herself a lesbian, said that staff who did not accept that being gay was normal had ‘issues’ they had to deal with.

Mr Peat, a history teacher who is also a head of year, said he was upset that people who disagreed on religious grounds had no chance to respond.

He wrote privately to the three staff members who organised the session, complaining about Ms Sanders’ ‘aggressive’ presentation. In his letter, he cited the Bible and warned that practising homosexuals risked God’s ‘wrath’.

But the staff complained to the school’s principal that they felt ‘harassed and intimidated’ by the letter and, after an investigation, Mr Peat was placed on paid leave. He is now being supported by the Christian Legal Centre.

‘I am very disappointed, although not shocked,’ the married father of three said last night. ‘I am the one who has been harassed and intimidated – for expressing my religious views.’

Full story HERE

The knock at the door

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Joseph Farah sees dire implications for liberty in Obama's 'volunteer' force

It is rare in history that government moves to achieve its ultimate goals in one fell swoop. More often, particularly in the U.S., government grabs power from the people and usurps constitutionally protected liberties in small stages over time.

The intent of Barack Obama's words, which he borrowed from Defense Secretary Robert Gates in laying out a vision for "a civilian national security force" bigger and as well-funded as our military services, taken in conjunction with the "Give Act," are clear. He wants to create something very new in the history of the United States – something ill-defined, nebulous, yet frightening in the context of our nation's heritage.

I have to remind you, because I have an ego, that I was alone in first recognizing the gravity of Obama's first mention of his vaunted "civilian national security force." I did so way back in July of 2008 – still early in the presidential campaign.

In those chilling words, for anyone who understands the nature of totalitarian population control techniques, I saw the specter of something very dangerous, incredibly newsworthy and, yet, his words went hardly noticed in the euphoria of Obamamania.

Only now are we beginning to understand what it means to have a "civilian national security force."

Government-funded "volunteerism" is, of course, an oxymoron. Americans have ample opportunity to volunteer to make their communities better. They do so willingly every day. Anything that is required is not voluntary. Anything that is paid is not volunteerism.

No matter what the immediate intent is of the plans for the massive new bureaucracy envisioned by Obama and the Democratic Congress, the legislation represents a significant departure from American tradition and cannot be supported in any way by the Constitution. The Constitution strictly limits the powers of the federal government. Nowhere in the enumerated powers of that document will you find any suggestion that Congress has the authority to create such a program.

Further, when government effectively employs millions of civilians in what is openly dubbed as a "security force," it is clear that such an initiative poses all kinds of threats to liberty, the rule of law and the will of the people.

I have to laugh at those Republicans who actually saw Obama's choice of Robert Gates as defense secretary as wise. Again, I actually predicted Obama would choose Gates as defense secretary long before he was elected. Gates is indeed a very bright man. He is also the architect of the "civilian national security force" idea, which suggests to me he is also a very authoritarian man – one who sees few limits to the wonders government can accomplish.

Authoritarian and totalitarian regimes of the past have created such "civilian national security forces" to serve their interests – to squelch dissent, to spy on the people, to intimidate and to police.

They have often been used to bolster party dictatorships and authoritarian cults of personality.

That's the threat that such legislation poses – if not immediately, at some time in the future. Once a bureaucracy like this is created, it can always be changed, amended, its powers expanded and its purpose perverted.

It is extremely dangerous legislation in any form.

In 230 years as a republic, Americans have seldom had to fear the proverbial knock at the door. But with the advent of "the Give Act" and "the Serve America Act" and the "civilian national security force," all that could change very, very quickly.

Sovereignty resolution draws fears of secession in Montana

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
April 27, 2009

Whether a resolution debated on the House floor Wednesday was a call for secession or an affirmation of the U.S. Constitution depended on who was doing the talking at any given moment.

House Resolution 3, sponsored by Rep. Michael More, R-Gallatin Gateway, was a sweeping statement on state rights.

“For those of you who would like the abbreviated version, here it is: The right to govern is derived from the consent of the governed. That is what this resolution is all about,” More said.

Among other things, the resolution states that “any acts of Congress that abridge protected individual freedoms are not law and are void” and “every state has a right to ignore or reject all unwarranted assumptions of power by other entities within its boundaries.”

Knowing the charges were coming, More said the resolution was not about seceding from the union, only an affirmation of the rights granted by the Constitution.

Read entire article

Iraq War Vet Beaten, Tased by Cops at Las Vegas Airport

ABC 13
April 27, 2009

An Iraqi War veteran says Metro officers beat him at McCarran International Airport. Action News has video of the alleged beating two months ago. National guard Sergeant Mark England says the officers beat him with a nightstick and shot him with a taser after an argument with TSA agents at the airport. The Metro officers involved are still working and Metro says based on the video Action News showed them they believe the officer didn’t do anything wrong.

Gore Denies that Ken Lay, Goldman Sachs CEOs Helped Develop C02 Trading ‘Scheme’

Carbon-swaps would lead to another derivatives bubble and those who created financial crisis would benefit once again, Congressmen warn

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | April 27, 2009

After insisting once again that there is a consensus on man-made global warming (while paradoxically comparing those not in consensus with those who deny the moon landing), Al Gore obfuscates, downplays and refuses to discuss the role that CEOs have played in crafting his Cap-and-Trade C02 trading schemes and carbon swapping systems.

Full story HERE

Poll: No Net shutdown – even in emergency

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

82% say they oppose 'cyberspace security' bill in Senate

WASHINGTON – A Zogby poll released today shows overwhelming opposition to a Senate bill that would give the president authority to shut down the Internet in times of national emergency.

Commissioned by the O'Leary Report, the poll of 3,937 voters in the last election shows 81.8 percent oppose the idea, with only 5 percent supporting it. The margin of error is +/-1.6 percent, according to Zogby.

The bill in question is the Cybersecurity Act of 2009, sponsored by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, and Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. It would give to the U.S. government authority over all networks considered part of the nation's critical infrastructure. Under the proposed Cybersecurity Act of 2009, the president would have the authority to shut down Internet traffic to protect national security.

The government also would have access to digital data from a vast array of industries including banking, telecommunications and energy. A second bill, meanwhile, would create a national cybersecurity adviser – commonly referred to as the cybersecurity czar – within the White House to coordinate strategy with a wide range of federal agencies involved.

"I know the threats we face." Rockefeller said in a prepared statement when the legislation was introduced. "Our enemies are real. They are sophisticated, they are determined and they will not rest."

The bill would allow the government to create a detailed set of standards for cybersecurity, as well as take over the process of certifying IT technicians.

A spokeswoman from Rockefeller's office told Fox News neither he nor the two senators who co-sponsored the bill, Snowe and Nelson, will answer questions on cybersecurity until a later date.

Full story HERE

Monday, April 27, 2009


By: Devvy
April 27, 2009
© 2008 -

The rot and corruption that has been oozing out of Washington, DC for decades continues as Americans scramble to keep their heads above water, a roof over their heads and food on the table. 401(k)s will continue to bleed and the shock factor will multiply as Americans see the fruits of their labor and dreams turn to dust. Congress continues the march towards complete totalitarian, world government. The Constitution is merely a prop; neither we the people nor the sovereignty of these united States of America matter to the 534 (excluding Ron Paul) cowards and crooks who serve their special interests money machines and global masters.

For those who still believe there is a difference between the Democrats and Republicans (other than the issue of abortion), let me disabuse you of that myth right now: April 17, 2009: Steve Schmidt urges Republicans to begin voicing more support for civil unions and gay rights. The Democrats controlled Congress for 40 years. This brought us disasters like LBJs "Great Society," two monstrous failures called immigration reform (the first from Ted Chappaquidick Kennedy; the second foolishly signed by Ronald Reagan) that opened the flood gates resulting in a continuing invasion that has cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, bankrupting local municipalities and states and robbing Americans of jobs that rightfully belong to our people.

The Republicans took over in January 1995; they lost "power" in November 2006. In all those years of "control" not one single, unconstitutional or unnecessary cabinet or agency was eliminated. The unconstitutional invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan continued by writing hot checks. They did not take Eisenhower's blue print and put it into action. Illegal aliens: Do not pass go and you sure as hell are not entitled to free medical, education, housing or America's jobs. The GOP simply out spent the Democrats while funding the same bloated government:

November 4, 2004: Why Are Democrats Upset Over The Elections?
November 4, 2005: Conservatives pay lip service to the Constitution

Financial meltdown

Who will prosecute these individuals?

April 14, 2009: Wells Fargo revisited: A Case of Unmistaken Fraud

April 24, 2009: Judge Andrew Napolitano: Bank of America's Chief Committed Fraud and He Can't Hide Behind the Government

April 20, 2009: Big bank profits are bogus! Massive public deception

This is becoming routine every Friday after close of business hours: U.S. regulators close 4 banks and a credit union. Why late on Friday's? The shadow government counts on the American people being distracted and too tired to notice.

Republicans who wouldn't give any of Ron Paul's bills the time of day regarding the FED for decades are suddenly lining up to become sponsors to audit that private entity. After all, they're facing an election next year. Too little, too late as I pointed out in this column: Unprecedented rape of the American people underway in DC. The money is gone. Stolen from you, your children and grand children by Congress, one president (Bush) and one usurper president (Obama/Soetoro). Every Republican who voted for the bail outs last year and handed total power to the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking cartel and Secretary of State who now support H.R. 1207 need to be thrown out of office in 2010. Without question every Democrat incumbent should also be removed from office for what they've done and are doing to this republic. No mercy. No exceptions.

We have passed the point of no return regarding fiat currency and financial stability. Brilliant individuals like Dr. Edwin Vieira, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and so many others have warned for decades what would happen if there was no monetary reform. No. The economy isn't healthy or showing signs of recovery. Such statements by the controlled "mainstream" media and Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka and so forth, as well as the other toady's who serve their global masters (Bernanke, Geithner, Paulson, etc) are simply lies. (See links below)

The explosion of spending will not stop. Every check being written by the federal government is a hot check because the people's treasury is overdrawn $11.1 trillion dollars. Here is more reckless, destructive, communist spending on the horizon:

Obama proposes $100 billion U.S. loan for IMF
The International Monetary Fund doles out money to countries around the globe. Trillions dumped into black holes and the debt is slapped onto you, me, our children and grand children. The U.S. Constitution does NOT authorize a sitting president or CON-gress to simply loot and rob us blind to give money to some private world fund.

Killer 'green' bill to slaughter U.S. economy
Obama drains lifeblood from financial system with climate legislation
White House Admits Cap-And-Trade Tax Costs Triple Their Official Estimate
Obama Will Shock Consumers with Higher Electric Bills
Detroit Councilman Kwame Kenyatta walks away from mortgage underwater
'House Democrats don't want Gore humiliated - "They are cowards"
Obama's hidden bail out of General Electric - more stealing from you
Obama seeks to double US foreign aid
Amnesty for 20 million illegals will finish US off
Dems Want to Shield Health Care Plan From GOP

BTW: Congress destroyed the finest health care system in the world

Usurper president

While the birth certificate crisis continues to build, please remember this: Obama aka Soetoro simply producing a long form vault birth certificate will not "put this to rest once and for all". There is chatter that a new, high tech forged long form vault certificate is being prepared. Regardless of whether Obama aka Soetoro was born in Kenya, Hawaii or Nebraska, it was his father's status as a British subject that makes him ineligible period:

“When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children."

Obama aka Soetoro can never be a 'natural born citizen at birth' because his father was a Kenyan national under British rule. At his birth, Obama aka Soetoro was a dual citizen. That ends any possibility of him being constitutionally ineligible. This is the core issue. Obama aka Soetoro never "reclaimed" his citizenship as claimed by his supporters because he was not a 'natural born citizen at birth." Can anyone read English anymore?

Additionally, when his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, married Indonesian national, Lolo Soetoro, Obama became an Indonesian citizen. They do not allow dual citizenship. That is why Obama's legal name on his school records in Indonesia is Barry Soetoro. There is no evidence he ever legally changed his name to Obama or reentered the U.S. legally. The only thing an authentic, verifiable vault birth certificate might prove is what we already know: Obama is a pathological liar and that he has committed massive fraud in ten different areas; identity theft and massive, illegal campaign contributions just to name two.

(For those who don't know, Obama aka Soetoro's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, worked for Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner's father: "It also turns out that Geithner’s father, Peter F. Geithner, serves on the board with Kissinger of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations. This is the group that rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, celebrating Chinese investments in the U.S. economy. In another interesting connection, it turns out that Peter F. Geithner was with the Ford Foundation and oversaw the work of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, developing what are called micro finance programs in Indonesia.")

Obama has the power to immediately fire any U.S. Attorney at his whim. If he even gets a whiff that U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor will convene a Quo Warranto, it's highly likely Obama will fire him in a NY second. Of course, that would raise big red flags even with his most ardent supporters. However, we must continue hammering on elected public servants and officials in law enforcement at every level -- millions of us; click here. Dr. Orly Taitz has two recent posts you should take the time to read:

Letter to the General Counsel of Admiral Mallen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Can President Be Arrested or Don't let America Turn into another Sodom and Gomorrah

In his book, Soviet America, published in 1932, William Z. Foster Said: "When a communist heads a government in the United States - and that day will come just as surely as the sun rises -- that government will not be a capitalist government, but a Soviet government and behind this government will stand the Red Army to enforce the Dictatorship of the Proletariat." Obama is building his storm troopers via legislation. Obama was tapped early in his life for the role he is now playing; Communism in Hawaii and the Obama Connection and then off to the most corrupt political base in America outside Washington, DC: Communism in Chicago and the Obama Connection (Special Report).

How did Obama aka Soetoro get a security clearance from the FBI? Tell me.

Full story HERE

US Marches Toward A Financial Disaster Worse Than Anyone Thinks

The Advocate

By Herb Denenberg, The Bulletin
Thursday, April 23, 2009
This column will show you that:

• Barack Obama’s financial disaster will be much worse than you probably think. That’s because there is another even bigger financial disaster lurking ahead and that will start to come into play in a few short years.

• There are alternatives to the Obama-style socialist health-care reforms. The Obama reform that will compound our financial crisis and create a health-care crisis

• You can find better thinking and analysis on our major public policy questions in a free publication than you can in many of the expensive periodicals and newspapers you may be subscribing to.

The Metrics Of Our Financial Disaster

Before I get into the metrics of disaster, let me credit the source of what follows — an article by Dr. John C Goodman, a fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis, titled “A Prescription for American Health Care,” that appeared in the March 2009 issue of Imprimis, a free publication of Hillsdale College with more than 1,700,000 monthly readers. (For a free subscription, e-mail imprimus@hillsdale or call 800-437-2268.) I find more wisdom in one issue of this publication than in 10 years of most of The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer rolled into one.

Mr. Goodman bowls you over with this opening statement: “When you get through the economic time we’re in right now, we’re going to be confronted with an even bigger problem.”

There are 78 million baby boomers now starting to sign up for early retirement under Social Security and, in two years, they will start signing up for Medicare. The problem is that the federal government has put no money aside to pay these obligations and appears to be the inspiration for Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. The government will make Mr. Madoff look like a two-bit chiseler by comparison.

The Trustees of Social Security estimate a current unfunded liability of $100 trillion in 2009. To handle the payments will require either a crushing tax increase or a crushing cutback in benefits.

If that doesn’t knock you over — even in the age of Obama, $100 trillion is still a lot of money — it gets worse. The unfunded liability of Medicare is six times larger in terms of unfunded obligations than that of Social Security. So if you’re keeping score, that’s already $700 trillion in unfunded liability. That’s more than 45 times the size of our entire economy.

If you think this is the sky-is-falling blues for a far out time, think again. In 2012, Social Security and Medicare will need one of every 10 general income tax dollars to cover their combined deficits. By 2020, that goes to one of every four general income tax dollars. And by 2030, the midpoint of the baby boomer avalanche, it will take one of every two income tax dollars.

Don’t relax yet. That analysis doesn’t even include Medicaid, which is almost as large a problem as Medicare. Even the Congressional Budget Office, controlled by the Democrats in Congress, says that by mid-century, Medicare and Medicaid are going to crowd out everything else the government does. In other words, the government will only be able to pay for Medicare and Medicaid, and nothing else such as defense, energy, education, etc.

If the federal government wants to continue to do what it is doing now, that would mean, according to the Congressional Budget Office, that a middle-income family would have to pay two-thirds of its income in taxes.

If you think it can’t get worse, it does. Private sector employer-funded pension plans are not fully funded, but are backed by a federal insurance scheme, which is also not fully funded. This generates a potential taxpayer liability of between $500 billion and $1 trillion.

On top of that, almost none of post-retirement health-care promises of private employers are funded. And state and local post-retirement health funds are also not funded. If you want to know what that means, some California localities have already declared bankruptcy because of employee retirement plans, and the first of the baby boomers is only 63 years old.

Full story HERE

Swine Flu Vaccination Propaganda from 1976


A new Pandemic means a new Vaccine- But wait a minute, apparently this one was a threat before and it is making a comeback. Here is the commercials for the Swine Flu outbreak in '76. The Swine Flu has to mutate to have an effect on humans because it doesn't normally pass from Swine to humans. So now it has miraculously done so again. It is going to have to get in line with the other flus and vaccines the government keeps trying to scare us into taking.

End The Fed Rally NYC


Original Footage of a very angry End the Fed Rally with speaker Peter Schiff

On the Flu Bug and Those Disappearing Microbiologists

Jolly Roger
April 26, 2009

If you sell crack, join a gang, or rob the mob you can expect to die a violent death, but if you listen to your mother, eat all the right foods, and study hard in college to become a microbiologist, you should expect to live to a ripe old age and die peacefully.

That being the case, a few eyebrows were raised when five microbiologists either disappeared or died mysteriously violent deaths in 2001. A short time later the number rose to 19, and then 29.

They were found stabbed to death in the trunks of cars, thrown off bridges, or they wrapped their cars around trees after their brake fluid disappeared. Once again, this is the stuff of Hollywood spy stories, and not the way you would expect a microbiologist to give up the ghost.

By 2005, we lost 40 micro-biologists in less than 4 years, all under suspicious circumstances, and during this time someone discovered that they were all working for the government, or government contractors, on projects related to bio-terrorism, flu pandemics, or anthrax. Obviously they weren’t trying to find a cure for anything, or there would be no need to silence them.

Then it was discovered that our government was involved in strange experiments that involve exhuming bodies of people that were killed by the 1918 Spanish flu, and genetically engineered flu viruses, all the while the media is preparing the public with stories of bird flu wiping out thousands of chickens (acid test?) and even a few people here and there.

People who are becoming accustomed to the practices and motives of our criminal government tried to warn you of an impending flu pandemic, but your TV training taught you to dismiss them all as "crazy conspiracy theorists," and you naturally associated all their warnings with stories of Bigfoot and UFO abductions, just as you were trained to do.

The good folks of FEMA predicted a need for a few million plastic coffins, which are now spread out across the country, but despite this revelation, most of America still thinks their biggest concern is a toss up between the Super Bowl and American Idol.

Well it seems as if the crazy conspiracy theorists were right again, because the world-wide flu pandemic they were warning you about has been unleashed, and it will dominate the headlines until millions, if not billions of people are dead. It won’t be stopped because no one with the means to stop it wants to stop it.

Wash your hands often, pull your kids out of school, avoid crowds, if not people altogether, avoid alcohol or drugs that will weaken your resistance, and stay well-nourished.

Two of the goals here are to cull the population, and to encourage general mayhem and misery that only a World Government can save you from. You’ll be so worn out and tired of death and depression that you’ll offer little resistance to the new order. The economic collapse and World War three are part of the same plan, and it’s all been tried before. It’s the same crew behind this latest attempt, and it’s not difficult to see who’s behind it all, once again.

This flu pandemic that will soon cause people to drop like flies is no mutated bird flu. It’s a genetically engineered virus designed to kill as many people as possible. And after people do start dropping like flies, political dissidents will be accused of being flu carriers and no one will object to them being hauled away. Good luck. — Jolly Roger

Here’s an interesting link:
if you start at the bottom of the page and work your way up you’ll see a nice collection of news articles that document the entire process of creating and testing a flu bug that will wipe out millions of people.
(or at least that part of the process that’s revealed to the public)

Thanks to Lori Price of for compiling these articles

Swine Flu Attack Likely A Beta Test

New World Liberty
Sunday, April 26, 2009

The latest bioterrorism attack by the New World Order is likely a beta test. Yes, it is a bioterrorism attack. It was a hybrid strain created from human, swine, and bird flu from North America, Europe, and Asia. It was created in a laboratory. This doesn’t happen in nature.

Baxter was caught shipping a weaponized avian bird flu mixed strain in their vaccines last month in Europe. Again, this is proof that this deadly virus was created in a laboratory because they did exactly that last month. Bayer was caught shipping HIV in their drugs in the 80s. Both of these events are published in mainstream newspapers. You can use Google like everyone else to find them.

I predicted this event last month in my documented and linked article when Baxter was caught. If Baxter was trying to do this, they weren’t going to stop trying, especially when Baxter wasn’t even prosecuted for the crime, and the television news was completely silent about it.

It seems someone wasn’t caught this time before they were able to make delivery of the virus. Not that anyone would be prosecuted for bioterrorism. They weren’t prosecuted the previous numerous times where they were caught.

This latest flu hasn’t been widespread and not that deadly. It seems to be just a beta test and not the real release to drastically reduce the population of the world.

Yes, the ruling elite want to reduce the population of the world. They write about it in their books, in their think tank documents, in government documents, and at their conferences. You won’t hear about it on television news because they’re part of the mainstream media trust, along with AP and Reuters, which are all owned by the same people.

They add the industrial waste and active ingredient of rat poison, known as fluoride, in your water, causing your brain, liver, and bones to rot and decay. They add mercury, which is as toxic as lead or arsenic, to the vaccines as a preservative, causing autism and sudden infant death syndrome, among several other things. Yes, the government hates you and wants to kill you. Government loves war and death.

Before any scientist does anything very drastic they always do a beta test. They are studying several different things such as how far it spreads and how fast. They are studying if it mutates. They are studying if they’ll get away with the crime.

Mexico seems like an ideal distribution point since they know it would spread to the United States. There are less safeguards in Mexico than the United States, but the United States is the primary target. Americans have a Second Amendment right, which makes Americans a big threat to the New World Order and the ruling elite’s power.

It is your duty not to make the latest beta test a success by screaming about it. Scream about it to your elected representatives and to the media. Demand justice.

The sick part about this is that they are using vaccines to spread the virus. The cure for the bioterrorism attack is the method of delivery so take vaccines at your own risk. Take a rat or your local politician to the doctor with you to beta test the vaccine before you take it.

Just be aware they may switch the delivery mechanism to something like food, water, or aerial spraying to drastically reduce the population. I’m not an expert, but I believe injections are the most effective delivery mechanism for spreading such a biological weapon and is why they were caught doing just that.

The real test will be much more deadly and much more widespread. They’ll bring in martial law when it happens and take the rest of our rights away if we happen to survive a large scale bioterror attack.

Full article HERE

As Swine Flu Spreads, Conspiracy Theories of Laboratory Origins Abound

(NaturalNews) Perhaps due to the genetic makeup of the fast-spreading H1N1 strain of influenza -- which includes genetic elements from bird flu, swine flu and human flu spanning three continents -- there is considerable speculation that the origins of this virus are man-made.

It's not an unreasonable question to ask: Could world governments, spooked by the prospect of radical climate change caused by over-population of the planet, have assembled a super-secret task force to engineer and distribute a super virulent strain of influenza designed to "correct" the human population (and institute global Martial Law)?

Technically, it's possible. The U.S. military, all by itself, has the know-how to engineer and unleash such a virus. That doesn't mean they've done so, however. It would be an astonishing leap into crimes against humanity to intentionally unleash such a biological weapon into the wild.

Then again, governments of the world have routinely engaged in crimes against humanity, haven't they? The U.S., for example, dropped nuclear bombs on civilian populations in Japan. Israel rained white phosphorous on Palestinians, Hitler exterminated countless Jews, and Americans fired millions of rounds of depleted uranium rounds into targets in Iraq and Afghanistan. Unleashing a viral biological weapon in Mexico City is no great leap beyond what governments have already done to achieve their goals.

Throughout human history, virtually all the great crimes against humanity have been carried out by governments -- mostly in the name of peace, prosperity and security, by the way. So let's be clear about one thing: Governments are certainly capable of doing this if properly motivated. Let there be no question about that.

EXCERPT FROM YENY GREGORIO DÁVILA' BBC posing (voiceover): I work as a resident doctor in one of the biggest hospitals in Mexico City and sadly, the situation is far from "under control". As a doctor, I realize that the media does not report the truth. Authorities distributed vaccines among all the medical personnel with no results, because two of my partners who worked in this hospital were killed by this new virus in less than six days, even though they were vaccinated as all of us were. The official number of deaths is 20; nevertheless, the true number of victims are more than 200. I understand that we must avoid panic, but to tell the truth - it might be better now to prevent and avoid more deaths.

BARBARA MILLER: While Mexican officials say their primary concern right now is human life, the country's Finance Minister Augustin Carstens says it's clear that the outbreak will have a significant impact on the country's economy.

Vaccinated doctors dead in days

Did you catch what was said here? As Dr. Yeny Gregoria Davila posted on the BBC website, vaccines were given to the medical personnel and those very same medical personnel were dead within six days. Thus, the vaccine is certainly not protecting these people from infection.
Another reason to avoid vaccines

Let's suppose for a minute that the conspiracy theory angle on this swine flu infection is correct. If the spread of the virus starts to wane, the best way for health authorities to unleash a second wave of infections is to mandate the vaccination of the public with vaccines that are intentionally contaminated with live H1N1 viruses.

Does that sound far-fetched? Consider the news item published here on NaturalNews just one month ago, entitled Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries (

As that article explained, one pharmaceutical company was caught inserting LIVE bird flu viruses into vaccine materials sent to 18 countries. Was this a trial run for the H1N1 global infection effort? It certainly raises suspicions. When a new virus seemingly "engineered" from three different species suddenly appears in multiple nations -- just one month after a drug company was busted inserting live bird flu viral fragments into globally-distributed vaccine materials -- it should raise the eyebrows of even the most steadfast skeptics.

It doesn't prove anything, of course, but it does raise suspicions that this sort of thing could be happening beyond closed doors.

The question to ask yourself on this is the usual one: Who benefits from a global pandemic?

Once you answer that question, you're well on the way to determining the truth or falsehood behind the H1N1 conspiracy theories.

I'm not even going to answer that question for you. I'll let you ponder the answer yourself.

Once you answer the question of who benefits from a pandemic, ask yourself this second question: Are they capable of harming or killing humans to accomplish their goals?

Answer that question and you've figured out most of the true story behind these events.

NaturalNews will continue to cover this H1N1 swine flu outbreak in greatly detail. Watch the website for frequent updates.

Full article HERE


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?