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United Nations threatens Colorado, Washington state over marijuana decriminalization laws

Thursday, November 29, 2012 by: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Likely empowered by a U.S. administration that favors the kind of nanny state politics a ruling global entity would no doubt embrace, the head of the United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board feels comfortable telling federal officials they should move to challenge measures in Colorado and Washington that decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults 21 and over.

Raymond Yans lectured the voter-approved measures - part of the United States' democratic process, something most UN member countries are not familiar with - send "a wrong message to the rest of the nation and it sends a wrong message abroad."

In an interview with The Associated Press, Yans said he would like to see Attorney General Eric Holder "take all necessary measures" to ensure that marijuana possession remains illegal throughout the United States.

Does the UN remember that Obama inhaled? 

Currently, both states are awaiting the implementation of plans to regulate and tax the drug because officials there are waiting to see if Washington will assert its federal authority in the matter. At present, pot is a Schedule I controlled substance, in the same category as LSD and heroin. The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has said that marijuana has a high potential for abuse and "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States," the New York Times has reported.

Yans' outrage makes us wonder here at Natural News if he read reports back in 2006 when then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama told the American Society of Magazine Editors that he did, in fact, smoke marijuana.

 "When I was a kid, I inhaled," he said. "That was the point."

Also, is Yans oblivious to the fact that the Netherlands has essentially legalized pot by decriminalizing both its possession and sale? Or that Portugal, in 2001, became the first European country, according to Time magazine, "to officially abolish all criminal penalties for personal possession of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine?"

At the time, critics of the policy change warned that drug use would skyrocket in a nation where hard drug use was already the highest on the continent. But a subsequent study by the libertarian-leaning CATO Institute in 2009 found no appreciable increase in usage. In fact, in the years after personal possession of drugs was decriminalized, illegal use among teens in Portugal dropped while rates of new HIV infections caused by the sharing of dirty needles also fell. The number of people seeking treatment for drug addition; however, more than doubled - but that figure was an acceptable alternative to incarceration because the Portuguese government had previously determined that treating offenders would be cheaper than jailing them.

"Judging by every metric, decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success," Glenn Greenwald, an attorney, author and fluent Portuguese speaker, who conducted the research, told Time. "It has enabled the Portuguese government to manage and control the drug problem far better than virtually every other Western country does."

"I think we can learn that we should stop being reflexively opposed when someone else does [decriminalize] and should take seriously the possibility that anti-user enforcement isn't having much influence on our drug consumption," Mark Kleiman, author of the forthcoming When Brute Force Fails: How to Have Less Crime and Less Punishment, and director of the drug policy analysis program at UCLA, told the magazine.

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Cancer Myths, GMO’s, Malnutrition and Vaccines

 The Truth Denied

 Is Humanity on the verge of extinction? Patrick Jordan & Dr. Spencer answer the BIG questions!


Our guests today are author and Researcher Patrick Jordan and Dr. Wil Spencer. Today they both raised questions that the public rarely even considers about their health and the toxic environment that we all now live in. Patrick and Dr. Spencer dive into the cancer myths, GMO’s, malnutrition, and vaccines. Solutions for the public are also brought into this conversation, solutions that every single human being should be educated on. Pay special attention to what these men have to say, it will surely blow your mind.

What were some of the topics discussed on todays program?

  • The latest craze with double mastectomy?
  • Is there a cancer GENE?
  • “Is cancer a new species”?
  • “What is a molecular switch”?
  • “Never born proteins”, what are they and how did Patrick Jordan  discover them?
  • The Manhattan Project
  • Operation Paperclip
  • Gene Expression
  • Morgellons Research
  • GMO Farming 
  • The human body needs a broad range of minerals & microorganisms

Please take the time to listen to this show, and pass it on to everyone you know and love!

Guest: Patrick Jordan
Guest Dr. Wil Spencer

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Historical Secrets of The Bush-Millman-Clinton-Lindner Crime Syndicate ► Stew Webb

Published on Nov 28, 2012 by 
Pete Santilli Show

Bush Crime Family Flow Chart

AIPAC, Decapitators Inside US Government: Intelligence Analyst

A Vortex of Weapons, Narcotics, Frauds, Treason and Murders

Bush Crime Family Quotes 
Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush in 1988 said: New World Order is the consolidation of more power and money into tighter, fewer, righted, eliter, whiter, hands. NAZI Adolph Hitler first coined the phrase: New World Order. 

Bush further stated in June 1992 to Sarah McClendon the Grandam of the Washington White House Press Corps when she asked Bush what will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran-Contra? George H W Bush Replied: Sarah, If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.--Loser and Failure Satanist and Closet Homosexual George W. Bush August 5, 2004

Governments are only there for Us to Rob, Loot and Pillage.--George H. W. Bush Anti Christ-Evil Illuminati-Knights Templar-General Satanist Human Sacrifices Infant Killer.

AIPAC, Decapitators Inside US Government: Intelligence Analyst

Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“Behind the plotters are drug cartels that have penetrated the US government, former lobbyists who were moved into government during the Bush administration and now are suspected of being involved in a coup attempt.”

Seventy hours ago, at this writing, while on Air Force One, President Barack Obama issued a press release that has been utterly ignored by the Western Press.
The president has openly announced a move against violent plotters inside the US government and espionage agents. He does not use the terms “AIPAC” or “the Israel lobby” but it is highly unlikely he could be referring to anything else.
In fact, we can think of no other group.
I was privately briefed on some of the reasons behind this document. On what is known, not “surmised,” I will explain:
There is, currently, within the US military, the Executive branch of government and among extremist “power brokers” in America an active plot to “alter” America’s form of government through “decapitation.”
Let me be clear. Where the memo, printed in full below, refers to “violent”, it means “assassination” of many top leaders in America including but not limited to the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and others.
The plot makes use of the resources of major private defense contractors and their intelligence and special operations personnel. There has been active recruiting that has been noted and is why the memo was released and why many members of the military have been subjected to investigation.
The Benghazi attack was planned and financed by this group.
Many writers in the alternative media have noted much of what is going on but not all. Some have shown access to very knowledgeable sources.
Behind the plotters are drug cartels that have penetrated the US government, former lobbyists who were moved into government during the Bush (43) administration and now are suspected of being involved in a coup attempt.
There is no direct evidence tying any foreign government to this plot though most are “fanatically” aligned with the militant Likudists in Israel under Netanyahu’s regime.
The President’s text below, unedited:

The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release

November 21, 2012
Presidential Memorandum — National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs
Memorandum for the heads of executive departments and agencies
Subject: National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs
This Presidential Memorandum transmits the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs (Minimum Standards) to provide direction and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security. These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the Nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.
The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs. These elements include the capability to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.
The resulting insider threat capabilities will strengthen the protection of classified information across the executive branch and reinforce our defenses against both adversaries and insiders who misuse their access and endanger our national security.
Barack Obama
A very real threat to world stability
To some, at a glance, this might actually sound like a response to leaks within the CIA and White House except for some extraordinary language. Please make very special note of the following:
“…to deter, detect and mitigate actions by employees who may present a threat to national security…These threats include…violent acts against the Government and the Nation…”
Please note that they refer to “violent acts” and speak of both the “government” and “nation.”
By “government,” they are indicting, with no “wiggle room,” assassination plots.
By “nation,” they may well be referring to false flag terrorism that may well include use of weapons of mass destruction. Britain was subject to such a threat during the London Olympics, one that would never have been successfully overcome without the help of journalists who put themselves at great risk.


The US government has had a twelve-year moratorium against arrest and prosecution of spies within our government and military other than those who can be tied to China.
The most famous Chinese “spy” was Wen Lee Ho, a nuclear scientist at Los Alamos Labs. He was arrested in 1999, held in solitary confinement for a year and then released.
In order to get an accurate picture I phoned two friends, one a senior FBI counter-intelligence operative and the other a very senior US Army intelligence officer.
The question I put before them, while eating breakfast, was:
“Please list the nations that represent the greatest threat of espionage against the United States and, which nations, in order, are believed to represent the “penetration threat” that President Obama is referring to.”
From the FBI, their appraisal not intended for the “pop culture” media:
“Our greatest direct threat is Israel and the Israel lobby. They have systematically penetrated every aspect of government and the military and, if they cannot get documents from those branches, friends in congress will give them access to anything that branch has available. After that is India, with every research facility at risk from RAW (Indian Intelligence) penetration and then Cuba, Mexico and Turkey.
The primary end users of this intelligence, the “clients,” are Russia and China.”
From the US Army:
“I agree with Israel and the rest but we have not had Turkey on our radar. The obvious end users are, of course, Russia and China based on capability.
The issue I have is how a presidential press release, an extraordinary and almost “draconian” document has gone without an uproar from congress and wide press coverage. Who has the power to suppress reporting on something like this, though, I know that you will say it is Israel, I would want proof.
Though there has been no official notification of this, I am of the impression that we now consider any mention of Israeli spying to be highly classified. Only Russia and China are officially listed, entirely out of concern not to offend lobbyists whose feelings outweigh real issues of national security.”
Then I turn on my television, hour after hour of TV shows about espionage and terrorism. Both American and British TV are the same.
All spies are from Iran and Pakistan; nations that our actual intelligence agencies indicate represent no espionage threat to speak of.
In fact, in my two Saturday morning phone interviews, which can, of course, be confirmed by Homeland Security who has tapped my phones, I have reflected with great accuracy. Thus, we ask you to read what President Obama really did not say “between the lines,” the message is quite clear.
We do not see a roundup of AIPAC spies, not like in the early days of the Bush administration although Attorney General John Ashcroft quashed that investigation.
What we are seeing is a hunt for traitors within the American government and military, some of which is working its way onto the news.
The question of the moment, however, is this:
How can a President of the United States announce that the government is infiltrated with terrorists and spies and no newspaper, television network or other form of media notices?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


By Dr. Patrick Johnston
November 27, 2012

The wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong remedy
A 250-pound man with powdered sugar on his OSU sweatshirt was in my office recently complaining of an infected toe. “It’s an allergy to that new BP drug,” he insisted. “My toe got red and started draining yellow as soon as you put me on it.”

A careful history and examination revealed that the patient had uncontrolled diabetes and a severe diabetic foot infection. “It’s not the BP drug,” I informed him. “It’s your donuts. If we don’t get your diabetes under control, a surgeon’s gonna have to amputate your toe or foot to save your life.”

Identifying the symptom’s easy – “my toe has an open ulcer.” Finding the cause, however, is more complex. Coincidence is not conclusive evidence. Just because the patient’s symptoms began when he started medication for his blood pressure, that doesn’t mean the med caused it. Needless to say, without discovering the true cause of his symptoms, we would never have cured it. 

The greatest single threat to American liberty is… (drum roll, please)
Listen up religious conservatives: God is a greater threat to American liberty than Obama. As news spreads on the front pages of newspapers all over the country that hundreds of thousands of people have added their names to online petitions encouraging the secession of every state in the union since Obama was re-elected, and as the number of signatures grow exponentially, let’s keep the true cause of our loss of liberties at the forefront of our minds. Just because our freedoms and prosperity began dwindling dramatically when Obama took office, it does not mean that Obama is the principle cause.
Why is God a greater threat to American liberty than Obama? There are three sins that repeatedly are mentioned in the Bible as reasons God punishes and destroying nations: 

1. the shedding of innocent blood,
2. the toleration of sodomy, and
3. idolatry. 

Judgments are pronounced in Scripture not only against the nation of Israel – the “apple of God’s eye” – but also Gentile nations (Jeremiah 18:7-10). Nations that slaughter as many people as our nation has – almost 55 million since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion-on-demand – deserve tyranny. When we promote the toleration of sodomy at taxpayer expense to our nation’s public school children, in our federal and state bureaucracy policies, and in allowing tens of thousands of sodomites to march the city streets at annual gay pride parades (they march nude in Columbus, Ohio) – we deserve tyranny. Nations where the public proclamation of God’s law and Jesus’ lordship in our courthouses and schoolhouses can get you sued, expelled from your teaching position, or booted out of office – such nations deserve tyranny. 

Tyranny is a beast worthy to be feared, but if you fear tyranny more than you fear God, you’ve not identified the proper cause of the threat to your liberty and you’re consuming the wrong remedy. You’re like an athlete who’s running the race in the wrong direction. You’re like a patient with a diabetic foot infection eating donuts to make his infection go away.

Romney is a donut
Why is this important? Most of the secession movements have been motivated by fear of what Obama’s going to do economically during his next four years in office: higher taxes, more business-choking regulation, more expensive environmental conservation measures, more gun control, more illegal immigration, and more welfare. These are symptoms, not causes of tyranny. It’s like putting a bandaid on a diabetic foot infection, and eating more sugar-coated donuts. It’s the wrong remedy. Even if Texas secedes, it will not abate the wrath of God they deserve for the shedding of innocent blood in Texas. 

If Romney had been elected, the secession movements out there would be practically non-existent and wouldn’t make any headlines. Why? The same people signing the secession petitions today would have rested content with Mitt Romney. But was Romney a threat to child-killing in America? No – he ran pro-choice commercials to counter Obama’s charge that he’d recriminalize abortion. His healthcare plan when he was governor of Massachusetts included $50-copay-taxpayer-subsidized abortion. He forced Catholic charities to prescribe abortifacient-drugs or lose funding. Was he a threat to legalized sodomy? Not at all. When he was governor of Massachusetts, he gave the nation the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, and he did so by executive order contrary to the Massachusetts state constitution. He opposed the Boy Scouts forbidding active homosexuals to serve as Scoutmasters. As a Mormon, he belongs to a polytheistic religion that teaches that Satan and Jesus are brothers. Why is fear of Obama causing such an outpouring of support for secession while fear of Romney did not? Because we think a sugar-coated donut’s going to heal our malady. Because we think Obama’s the problem, not our sin. Because we fear Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders more than we fear God’s wrath.

Full article HERE

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150 Trihealth Employees Fired for Refusing to Take Mandatory Flu Shot

By JG Vibes
November 25, 2012

In recent years there has been an undocumented resistance growing within the medical community towards vaccinations, especially forced vaccinations.

The people who created some of the first vaccines like the small pox antidote for example, actually refuse to take most modern vaccinations due to the harmful toxins that they now contain.

Many hospital employees and public health workers are now being forced to take vaccinations.  This measure of force was probobly taken to save face for the industry, because so many health workers have actually been refusing shots.

Fox 19 in Cincinnati reports that:
“One hundred and fifty employees at Tri-Health received termination letters after not getting a mandatory flu shot.
According to a company official, employees were asked to get a flu shot which was offered on-site at the workplace and was free of charge. Employees that didn’t get the required flu shot got termination letters this week.
Those employees who were terminated can go through an appeals process and get re-instated, but that process begins with verification of getting the flu shot.”
Despite the fact that the shot was free and given during work hours it seems fair to reason that the 150 some health employees who refused the shot did so out of concern for their safety.  There is information out there on the internet on every single shot and vaccine, so be sure to do your own research and find out what you are actually putting in your body.

Government Tells NJ Hurricane Victims to Demolish Their Homes Immediately or pay $2,000 Per Week

By JG Vibes
November 25, 2012

After hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, all of the mainstream media sources were praising FEMA and the governments overall response to the disaster.

However, since the dust has settled and reality has set in, it seems that most of the actual help is coming from people in the community and the government is actually doing more harm then they are doing good.

This week, residents of one of the most hard hit areas on the east coast, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, were told that they had to demolish their homes or face heavy fines.

According to a local newspaper:
“This weekend, Joe Biden visited this oceanfront community in Ocean County, but local residents, some who saw their homes for the first time, were also greeted by demolition notices.
Dated November 13th, one noticed by a resident who wishes to remain anonymous, stated “Your structure has possible structural of footing failures.”
It went on to say the structure would be demolished by November 30, 2012, just 17 days from the notice.   The order allowed the residents to request a hearing, but also threatened by fines of up to $2,000 per week if they did not comply with the order and fix their homes before the 30th.
To date, homeowners have been allowed to hire contractors for damage assessments, quotes, winterizations and insurance inspections, but no plans have yet been made for any reconstruction, leaving homeowners in a difficult position with very little time to decide what to do before their homes are demolished by the township.”
People should be able to move at their own pace with this, especially because these are decisions that are being made with their own property.  The government has no right to tell these people what to do with their property.

FEMA shut down a few weeks ago “due to bad weather”, during which time Occupy Sandy and other independent voluntary organizations continued to provide aid to hurricane victims.

Although mainstream media sources have been reporting that FEMA has done a great job, people who are actually forced to interact with FEMA have an entirely different story.

Some people who have no choice but to live in the “tent cities” set up by FEMA say that they are treated like criminals and actually feel like they are “in a concentration camp”.

Many on the east coast are still without power, lighting or housing and it seems that in many ways the natural good will of peaceful human beings is outshining the inefficient programs that are put forward by corrupt governments.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Armed Drones To Patrol Highways By 2025

Friday, November 23, 2012

Autonomous vehicles and flying drones that would disable a suspect’s car remotely with an electromagnetic pulse are set to patrol highways by 2025 according to a number of concept vehciles designed by major manufacturers such as Honda, BMW and General Motors.
The 2012 LA Design Challenge asked companies to come up with a concept for “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025,” with the winner set to be announced next week.
Most of the entrants for the competition have responded with designs that overwhelmingly suggest “patrol cars and motorcycles would be replaced by computerized drones,” within the next 10-15 years, reports the New York Times.
Honda’s entry, the Honda CHP Drone Squad, includes both a four wheeled drone vehicle and a two-wheeled motorcycle-style drone, both of which would hunt down suspects without the need to be manned.
General Motors’ concept, named the Vault Squad, includes three futuristic vehicles designed to “observe, pursue or engage.” The NY Times noted that the term “engage” was “left menacingly undefined.”
BMW’s DesignworksUSA studio came up the E-Patrol (Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle), which would allow the operator to deploy an airborne armed surveillance drone which would have the capability to disable a suspect’s vehicle using an electromagnetic pulse.
“The main structure can deploy three drones. The top drone sits above the main structure and is a flying drone, while the other two are one wheel vehicles attached to the rear,” according to BMW. “In the case of a pursuit during heavy traffic areas, the patrol officer sitting in the two passenger main structure can deploy either the flying drone or one of the single wheel drones to chase the suspect and report back data to the main structure. When all drones are deployed, the main structure can continue to function. All drones have added protection benefits in that they can send an impulse to another vehicle and disable it.”

Minority Report becomes reality: New software that predicts when laws are about to be broken

  • U.S. funding research into AI that can predict how people will behave 
  • Software recognises activities and predicts what might happen next 
  • Intended for use in both military and civilian contexts 
By Damien Gayle PUBLISHED: 05:59 EST, 23 November 2012

An artificial intelligence system that connects to surveillance cameras to predict when people are about to commit a crime is under development, funded by the U.S. military.

The software, dubbed Mind's Eye, recognises human activities seen on CCTV and uses algorithms to predict what the targets might do next - then notify the authorities.

The technology has echoes of the Hollywood film Minority Report, where people are punished for crimes they are predicted to commit, rather than after committing a crime.

Scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have presented a paper demonstrating how such so-called 'activity forecasting' would work.

Their study, funded by the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, focuses on the 'automatic detection of anomalous and threatening behaviour' by simulating the ways humans filter and generalise information from the senses.

 The system works using a high-level artificial intelligence infrastructure the researchers call a 'cognitive engine' that can learn to link relevant signals with background knowledge and tie it together.

The signals the AI can recognise - characterised by verbs including ‘walk’, ‘run’, ‘carry’, ‘pick-up’, ‘haul’, ‘follow’, and ‘chase’, among others - cover basic action types which are then set in context to see whether they constitute suspicious behaviour.

The device is expected to be used at airports, bus and train stations, as well as in military contexts where differentiating between suspicious and non-suspicious behaviour is important, like when trying to differentiate between civilians and militants in places like Afghanistan.

Tom Cruise in Minority Report: In the Hollywood film, Cruise's character must go on the run after authorities predict he is about to commit murder

Tom Cruise in Minority Report: In the Hollywood film, Cruise's character must go on the run after authorities predict he is about to commit murder 

 Full story HERE

Saturday, November 24, 2012

NDAA 2013: Let's Identify The Traitors to The US Constitution

Friday, November 23, 2012

Eric Blair
Activist Post

By now anyone who pays attention to politics knows that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2012 contained a provision that allows for the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charge or trial.

Section 1021 of the 2012 NDAA states that anyone suspected of being involved in terrorism or “belligerent acts” against the U.S. can be detained by the military under the so-called Authorization for Use of Military Force, including American citizens.

In other words, the war on terror has been officially declared on U.S. soil and everyone is now considered a potential combatant in this war.

Senator Lindsey Graham pretty much summed it up when he said, "The homeland is part of the battlefield and people can be held without trial whether an American citizen or not."

Even though this clause is a direct violation of citizen's rights under the 6th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, there was scarcely any dissent and hardly a peep from the corporate media when Obama signed it into law under the cover of darkness late on New Year's Eve 2011.

This year Senator Rand Paul once again blocked the passage of the NDAA for 2013, which the Senate hoped to rush through before the Thanksgiving recess. Using a filibuster, Paul is attempting to force a vote on his amendment to exempt American citizens from the indefinite detention clause.

Rand Paul's amendment simply reaffirms the 6th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution:
A citizen of the United States who is captured or arrested in the United States and detained by the Armed Forces of the United States pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107–40) shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.
Compare that to the 6th Amendment of the Constitution:
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.
It's sad that it is so difficult to get elected officials to debate, let alone vote on, legislation that is in direct violation to the Constitution that they swore an oath to uphold. But these are certainly Orwellian times where normal thinking no longer applies.

As Rand Paul points out in the video below about the 2012 NDAA vote, “The senate voted 55 to 45 to allow indefinite detention of US citizens without jury trial. We have become Orwellian without even knowing it.”
When the Senate resumes after recess, the NDAA 2013 will likely pass even with a recorded vote on Paul's amendment, but at least the traitors will put themselves on display for all to see.

If there are any true oath keepers in positions of power, this would be a perfect time to arrest those who vote against this amendment. Their treason to the Constitution couldn't be any clearer.


Fritz Zimmerman Interviews on The Giant Human Skeletons

Nov 22, 2012 by

The Truth Denied Talk Radio
Guest :Fritz Zimmerman

Fritz Zimmerman is an unaffiliated scholar who has spent 13 years in both academic pursuits and field work in search of the origins of the conical burial mounds and sun temples, known as henges that are found across Europe and North America. Over 10,000 State and County histories in North America and the British Isles were poured through to collect the largest number of giant human skeletons in print. Independent studies of Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Symbolism, Etymology, Anthropology, Archaeology has resulted in one of the great finds of our age.

The Amorites developed high mathathematics and discovered pi and square roots of numbers. The number 666 was expressed by the Amorite Babylonians as the "Magic Square" (see attach) Any way you add the numbers it will add to 111, six rows per side makes all of the sides add to 666.

2 Chronicles 9:13 Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred and threescore and six talents of gold; or 666!

We know that Solomon represents the Sun from his name Sol is Latin for sun, Om is Hindi for Sun and On is Egyptian for sun. Stonehenge was constructed using the measurements of Gematia. The numbers 1080, 666 and 555 are found within its construction The numerical codex is most prolific in the measurements of the Ohio Earthworks

Sun Temples (henges) were constructed as either having a circumference of either 660 or 666 feet. Their gateways were aligned to Solar events of the solstices or equinox-as was Stonhenge.

Many henges also have a circ. of 660 feet. ( attach 660 240) Henge group in Chillicothe, Ohio where the diameter of the henges was 210 feet 210 pi = 660 A;so note that one of the works has a diameter of 240 feet. These measurements also are apparent had in some linear works in Piketon, Ohio (160 piketon) 420 + 420 + 240 = 1080 420 + 240 = 660 and the small north south wall is 212 feet 212 X pi = 666 The symbolism in Ohio at Moundsville WV and Marrietta Ohio


By Greg Evensen
November 24, 2012

Like many of you, my memories now span over 62 years and ten lifetimes it seems of experience and horrific change. As I have observed the past five years, I am consumed with the dreadful sense of shame and guilt that I have failed to walk my children and grandchildren into a brighter future than what I had. Now when I stand with a group of veterans, many heads hang low when we talk of wars fought, battles won or lost and all for what…..? Daily heroism, lives cut short and friends lost because the call to “duty” was answered by men and women who believed they were advancing freedom for others and reinforcing the freedom we had been given 236 years ago. And when taps sounded in the hearts and minds of so many, each night as stillness and contemplation made its way into the room, heartbreak and a deep sense of the loss of country cannot be dismissed. The heart and soul of America has been held hostage to greed, tyranny and destruction for decades, but the crime bosses have entered that pitiful room where our nation’s dreams were imprisoned. The beating continued until finally, mortally wounded, America could withstand no more. In a moment of time, her soul was defeated, her deeply compassionate spirit was crushed and life as we knew it----ended.
All of the second guessing and excuse making in the world cannot hide the results of this slow and agonizing death. America’s people preferred a string of lies and transition from freedom to slavery over bright and prosperous dreams yet to come. 

Politicians and distortion artists in the national media took gullible and shallow minded citizens toward a future so grim and empty that the human mind struggles to comprehend it. Yet, on the eve of Thanksgiving 2012, we wonder with good cause, what could we possibly be thankful for. Herein lays the promise of the ever free American. No government, no leader, no established gang of rights stealing thieves can ever totally erase the yearning of freedom for people who know the ultimate freedom grantor. That is why there is great hope lying in the midst of such national governmental wreckage.
We have collectively desired the socialist horror we now live with each day. We as a nation have bought the river of filth that tells us that sodomy is a right, murder of our unborn is a right, starving our dying elderly is compassionate, drug use is a state sanctioned choice, leaving our soldiers to die is collateral damage, incompetent murderous Secretaries of State and Defense are excused by the President. A President who lies, when telling the truth is easier, carries the nation and is re-elected. A brave four star general and admiral are relieved of command for refusing to follow criminal orders. They could have rescued our people under attack and were trying to follow the soldier’s code of sending reinforcements to assist those brave men in battle fighting for their lives. Alice’s looking glass world could take some power point lessons from these traitors, liars, and killers smiling to the press as they lie daily to the American people. The blood of these victims cries out for justice from the citizens they swore to protect.

We sing God Bless America with tears in our eyes for the righteousness we feel doing so. God simply cannot comply with our false humility in the wake of such abject evil in our midst. We say “In God We Trust” and print it on our money yet God is no where in sight. He has moved out of the way so that we can pursue our lunacy and perversion. We can not even choose a viable government let alone understand the depths to which our shallow lives have fallen. The hammer is about to fall on the incredibly foolish American nation. We have sealed our fate and elected to go hand in hand with the destroyer of worlds down the road to utter devastation. That is a gross understatement and will be fully realized in the short weeks and months to come.

Fiscal cliff? How about social, political, monetary, free choice and destiny abyss…..a bottomless pit of no return? That is your future. No parachute of hope and change will do this time.

Options? Only one that I know of. If you want to return home in one piece, then gather your friends and family together. Agree that you will live free or die. Accept that sacrifice on an unprecedented scale will be life at its best. Endure hard times for they will be a training ground for many years to come.

The whole luciferian agenda of the past 7,000 years has never faltered a step. For reasons known only to God, we have been given an opportunity to be a part of the last great chapter called the human race. In my view, we must agree to wage the war that has been bullied into our face. How you wage it is up to you, but you will be forced to fight, like it or not. Some will run, others hide, some will go over to the enemy and still many others will fight, just because they have no other choice. MARK MY WORDS! There’s a fight coming. “Fix bayonets, gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves,” as Sgt. Major Plumley so famously commanded at landing zone X-ray, Viet Nam. That 1965 quote is known to those who face immediate death in hand to hand combat. There will be no quarter (mercy) shown. The government is bent on absolute control, absolute power and absolute enslavement of the American nation. 


Do you have supplies? Do you have meds? Do you have the means to defend yourself? Can you survive a winter blackout? (Ask those in New York and New Jersey) Do you even have matches? The list is long and your preps may be few. The mantra repeats itself here over and over. ARE YOU READY??

My eyesight is fading away from an event of two years ago. I have difficulty reading and distinguishing three dimensional depth. I have endured injuries while a police officer that I have not fully recovered from and now haunt me again. I have lost strength and stamina. My time of peak performance is long past. However, my commitment to my family, friends and community is stronger than ever. I will stand my post until relieved or I die. I will lead by example even if I stumble. I long for the day when I can say, “I was blind, but now I can see.” I pray that God will allow me to continue to teach those who want to learn about surviving and pushing back under stress a bit longer. I do not flinch in the face of the adversary, nor shrink in the presence of the enemy.

My God uplifts me and gives me strength to see and to fight. You see, that is the REAL issue here. It is being willing to stand for what is right even if no one else is standing with you. I am tired and I want to go home to rest with my family and friends. I want to be left alone. I do not want to hear the sounds of battle ever again. As tired and weary as I am, I am not quite ready to swing on the porch just yet. Home is where the heart is. Just give me a field of fire and targets of opportunity. That will give me a real sense of final application of a lifetime of skills and experience. One word of caution, do not stand in front of me in defiance and seek to harm my family. Even with bad vision, it will not be a good day for those that try to inflict tyranny and attempt to disarm me.

I need to regain my focus and commitment to battle one more time. That is what I desire for you as well. Those of you who understand what I have said and those who understand where I am, regroup, don’t quit. Weariness and injuries are a temporary problem. Living to fight and to die without cause or a spiritual eternity lost in hell is the consummate waste of your life’s effort. 

Plan more than anything to know Jesus now and forevermore.

Share the time you have left with those you love so that the love you knew will last through the ages. Leave the things of life that do not count and pursue the things that do. America was murdered. She cannot be brought back. Pray that people may still live free where they are. In the end, “Free America” may be a few square miles of where you now reside.

We who have fought the good fight, run the race, endured to the end, are free indeed. That kind of freedom cannot ever be taken from us. Resist the evil around you, pray for salvation from this fallen world. Give your prayers for those who need deliverance from it, from sin and slavery. Veterans, former police officers, preachers, fellow citizens, that must now be our primary and perhaps, final mission. So, one last time, “FIX BAYONETS! STEADY….TO THE END.”

Friday, November 23, 2012

Opting Out and Paying the Price of Being Awake

Waking Times

November 21, 2012 

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times
At the very core of a revolution lies the radical transformation of the individual, which is ear-marked by the dissolution of fear of the consequences for speaking and acting in accordance with good conscience.
More people are starting to awaken to the realities of our world – the good: human energies, medicinal properties of plants, the power of meditation, universal consciousness – the bad: the assault on natural health, genetically-modified foods, chemtrails, electromagnetic pollution – and the ugly: toxic disasters, deforestation, corruption, greed, endless war, cancer.

With this awakening comes greater awareness of the role that an individual’s acquiescence to intrusions on personal liberty plays in supporting the system.  The awakening process naturally compels one into developing the courage to risk inconveniences like expulsion, humiliation, arrest, fines and jail-time, or worse, in order to live in a accordance with principle and common sense. Courageous non-compliance to ridiculous government edicts and rules, as well as to the opinion’s of others, is the highest form of protest, but often carries penalties, both social and legal.

So, what price are some paying for being ‘awake?’

Expulsion and Loss of Opportunity
Implementation of location tracking radio-frequency ID (RFID) technology has been underway for many years now, with governments putting RFID chips into passports, vehicle registration stickers and license plates, medical institutions using these chips on infants and Alzheimer’s patients, and corporations using RFID to track employees and inventory. Often the reasons given for the implementation of this technology are security and increased efficiency. Yet, many are justifiably concerned that RFID can and is already being used to compromise our civil liberties and invade personal privacy.
“With tags in so many objects, relaying information to databases that can be linked to credit and bank cards, almost no aspect of life may soon be safe from the prying eyes of corporations and governments”. - Mark Rasch, former head of the computer-crime unit of the U.S. Justice Department (Seattle Times)
Schools, such as Northside Independent School District (NISD) in San Antonio, Texas, are starting to use RFID-equipped ID badges to stay aware of students’ locations while they are on campus in an effort to reduce truancy and tardiness. Yet, students are standing up for their right to privacy. Andrea Hernandez, sophomore at NISD’s John Jay High School, is a great example; she has refused to wear the RFID badge.
“What we’re teaching kids is that they live in a total surveillance state and if they do not comply, they will be punished. There has to be a point at which schools have to show valid reasons why they’re doing this.” – John Whitehead, civil liberties lawyer and founder of the Rutherford Institute (
Andrea Hernandez is being expelled from John Jay HS and her program at the Science and Engineering Academy. Her father, Steven Hernandez, objects to his daughter wearing the tracking device, citing Biblical concerns. He compares the RFID cards to the “mark of the beast” in the Book of Revelation.

Publicly criticizing the school in this way has prompted school officials to offer immunity to his daughter if Mr. Hernandez would in turn hush up and stop encouraging others to stand up to this Orwellian policy. They offered to remove the chip from Andrea’s card in exchange for the family to end its criticism of the “Student Locator Program.”
“[A]s part of the accommodation my daughter and I would have to agree to stop criticizing the program and publicly support … it. I told [the Deputy Superintendent] that was unacceptable because it would imply an endorsement of the district’s policy and my daughter and I should not have to give up our constitutional rights to speak out against a program that we feel is wrong.” – Steven Hernandez (
In this case, a bright young high school kid is risking being expelled from school, the bravery and astuteness of Andrea Hernandez and her family has inspired many others in her school district to speak out – 300 more students now refuse to wear the RFID badges and about 700 more have signed a petition opposing the use of RFID-equipped badges, giving reasons such as religious beliefs and concerns about civil liberties and personal privacy.

Unjust Criminal Punishment and Public Humiliation
There is a growing concern among the American public about the use of increasingly invasive and potentially harmful body scanners at airports, and the lack of unbiased third-party testing on the potential dangers of using these scanners. This is doubled by the growing abuses conducted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which was created to oversee airport security in the US after 9-11.
We are writing to call your attention to serious concerns about the potential health risks of the recently adopted whole body backscatter X-ray airport security scanners. This is an urgent situation as these X-ray scanners are rapidly being implemented as a primary screening step for all air travel passengers. Our overriding concern is the extent to which the safety of this scanning device has been adequately demonstrated. - Doctors John Sedat Ph.D., David Agard, Ph.D., Marc Shuman, M.D., Robert Stroud, Ph.D., all of whom are faculty at the University of California, San Francisco (Natural News)
Created in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the TSA was charged with providing effective and efficient security for passenger and freight transportation in the United States. It has since become one of the Department of Homeland Security’s most visible and costly means of clamping down on Americans domestically, boasting an $8 billion annual budget and a roster of employees that includes TSOs (or airport screeners).Canada Free Press
Worries about harmful radiation, virtual strip searches, inappropriate “pat downs” and molestations, theft of personal items, and the verbal abuse of the traveling public, are resulting in regular citizens speaking up for their rights.

TSA claims you have the right to refuse scans, however, it has become clear that opting out exposes one to more ‘invasive’ treatment, which, in some cases, leads to delayed travel, embarrassment, charged emotions and anger, or even arrest and prosecution.

This is what happened to Andrea Fornella Abbott, who recently was found guilty of disorderly conduct and sentenced to one year of probation for standing up for her 14-year old daughter’s rights and not allowing TSA screeners to ‘pat-down’ or touch the child.

The common sensical act of not permitting strangers to put their hands on the private parts of her teenage daughter comes with a price tag, however, it also lights the way for others who’s intuition is already telling them that we are in grave danger of become a new breed of highly obedient slaves.

Just like Andrea, many travelers have already paid the price for being awake and standing up for their rights and beliefs. As the world transforms around us and we enter the age of enlightenment, many more students, employees, drivers and regular citizens will jeopardize their comfort and convenience, be publically humiliated, or disrupt their daily lives in order to spark a revolution. Movements, such as TSA opt-out week taking place during this Thanksgiving week, will give more individuals the confidence to stand up to tyranny, despite threats of retaliation by TSA, and pursue life with renewed awareness of the power of the individual, at whatever cost.

There is no single grand act that can bring about a revolution, only a thousand daily unsung acts of individual courage can do that.

What price are you paying for being ‘awake’ during the waking times?’

Thursday, November 22, 2012

‘There will be no peace until Gaza blockade is lifted’

22 November, 2012

Israeli tanks are stationed at an Israeli army deployment area near the Israel-Gaza Strip border on November 21, 2012. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)
Israeli tanks are stationed at an Israeli army deployment area near the
 Israel-Gaza Strip border on November 21, 2012. (AFP Photo / Jack Guez)

The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel is unlikely to last, as Tel Aviv will not lift the siege of Gaza, anti-war activist Don DeBar told RT. For a lasting peace, Gazans' living conditions must be improved beyond the bare minimum for survival.
­“Unless the people of Gaza are allowed food and medicine and material to rebuild their blown-up country, then there is no justice until that happens and probably be no peace,” Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and journalist said in an interview with RT.
RT: Given the experience of previous ceasefires between Israel and Hamas – how long do you expect this to last?
Don DeBar: Well unfortunately earlier they had included the lifting of the blockade of Gaza in the peace agreement, and just here and now that is not the case. The reason for the entire extension of the hostilities – the precondition – has not been lifted, which is the starving of the 1.5 million people of Gaza by Israel illegally. So until that blockade is lifted, any act of violence that comes out of Gaza – as mild as they are, are really the acts of self defense from a people that are being starved to death. So until that precondition is removed, there should be no peace, and certainly there will not be.
RT: Gaza is celebrating the truce, with the head of Hamas declaring it as a victory over Israel. How much of a victory for Hamas is it?
DD: Their condition degraded from being starved to being starved and bombed, and now the bombing apparently will stop. And so that is the reason to celebrate, as meager as it might seem, in the face of starvation. But the real crime here is the fault of the Arab nations, including Egypt and the others. Egypt has no problems supporting a revolution with material, a quote-unquote revolution in Syria. They had no problem allowing material to be smuggled into Libya to overthrow the Libyan government, and yet they’ve been acting as a gatekeeper for Israel, even under Morsi, at the various crossings into Gaza. Rather than the Egyptian population marching into Gaza and standing with them, which it sounded like it was going to happen a couple of days ago, now we have this. Again, we’ll see what happens – but unless the people of Gaza are allowed food and medicine and material to rebuild their blown-up country, then there is no justice until that happens and there probably be no peace.
RT: Is it a victory because they’re not being bombed anymore?
DD: I would consider it a victory also if I were being bombed – but they need to be dealing with the material things of life, and they need food, medicine, construction materials, water – the things everyone else needs and feels entitled to, and the things everyone else is allowed under international law – and to go to war over it when they’re denied.
RT: The previous war four years ago, while even bigger in scope, didn't stop Hamas attacks in the long-term. Do you think the latest Israeli offensive has managed to achieve its goal?
DD: No, other than to destroy some of the means of self defense that the Gazans had. Again, the precondition to dealing with that is to give people, if not justice, at least enough to survive and have a decent life. Right now it’s 1.5 million people in an open-air prison camp without food, without medicine, without the material means of survival except through those crumbs that are allowed to pass through the hands of the Israelis. Until that changes, Israel will not see peace and it should not.
RT: Few expected Israel to sign up to a ceasefire hours after the terror attack on its capital in the last 24 hours – most expected retribution instead. What was the key factor that made this truce possible?
DD: Probably Hillary Clinton and her going there. Morsi has a serious problem and it may hinge on that. The revolution that took place in Egypt has been guided by the people from the streets, and the real hot button issue that certainly diverges between leadership and people there is how the leadership deals with Israel. And the people in Egypt are not happy with the situation in Gaza even before these recent hostilities, and if Morsi did not do something and look as if he did something, then his position would become extremely untenable. It may well be just them just trying to keep Morsi in there and his compliance is what’s behind this most recent effort. But it will fail.
RT: Netanyahu's reportedly just said Israel's next mission will be to stop weapons smuggling from Iran to Gaza. How does he plan to do that?
DD: It sounds like they’re beginning a PR offensive against Iran, and it's going to justify some sort of Israeli strike against Iran. It will probably happen before the election, if it does happen.

"The only logical explanation is significant depopulation"►Catherine Austin Fitts w/ Jeff Rense

Jeff Rense Show

Catherine Austin Fitts: "They're Going to Depopulate or Bankrupt the Rest of Us"

By Greg Hunter's 

Catherine Austin Fitts calls what happened to the U.S since the market meltdown of 2008 a "fiscal coup d'├ętat." Fitts should know because she is a former Wall Street insider who has managed investments worth $300 billion. She is also a government insider. Catherine Austin Fitts was an Assistant Secretary for HUD in the first Bush Administration more than 20 years ago. She says our leaders are ". . . doing a number of things that are going to depopulate or bankrupt the rest of us." Why are people so ill-informed? Fitts says it's because, "Corporate media is lying to you and wasting your time." She also says, "Were going through a period of great change, and the pace is going to accelerate." And, "Gold will be at the center of a new currency that will emerge."  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report.

Sinkhole high concentrations of extremely dangerous poisonous gas
 November 21, 2012

Assumption Parish's Bayou Corne sinkhole area residents have been alerted that workers at the disaster area detected high level of an "extremely dangerous" poisonous gas at one of the company wells while they were flaring it Tuesday.
The extremely dangerous poisonous gas, hydrogen sulfide is in high concentrations at a Texas Brine well near the sinkhole, according to workers at the Bayou Corne disaster site Tuesday.
Wells at the sinkhole are being flared in attempt to rid it from gases inside the 1-mile by 3-mile Napoleonville Salt Dome facility used for storage by oil and gas industry companies.
"Texas Brine has reported high levels of H2S from their sonic vent well that is drilled into the cap rock," according to officials first on their blog post and then, in a written statement by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Office of Conservation.
"The Texas Brine well was shut due to these levels," according to local officials.
"Please be advised that H2S is an extremely dangerous gas," officials alerted on their blog post. "Unlike methane, it is heavier than air and collects at low to the ground levels."
This globally historic event, that was first observed in May, is posing human rights violations, including the right to security.
The uncontrollable and irreparable hole continues to grow. Dangerous chemicals are being released. Seismic activity rocks the area.
(Watch on this page the sample video clip of a training program about hydrogen sulfide that has caused injuries and deaths of oil and gas industry workers.)
"Brief exposures to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide (greater than 500 ppm) can cause a loss of consciousness and possibly death," reports the Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry (ATSDR).
In "many" individuals, "there may be permanent or long-term effects such as headaches, poor attention span, poor memory, and poor motor function," according to ATSDR.
DNR Office of Conservation concurred with Texas Brine late Tuesday that the well needed to be shut to ensure safety of the public and workers on the site.
"Texas Brine has also established a safety perimeter around the well, including use of barricades and gas monitors, under the oversight of Conservation staff on site," DNR stated in a written statement about this latest deterioration of the disaster site, adding that the poison does not extend to the Bayou Corne community.
"Hydrogen sulfide does sometimes occur naturally in the cap rock of salt domes, and while the cap rock of the Napoleonville Salt Dome does underlie the Texas Brine facility, it does not extend to the Bayou Corne community."
Workers created a perimeter around the well with gas monitors to ensure no more gas escaped from the well.
DNR says daily environmental safety testing in the community by DEQ has included tests for hydrogen sulfide and those tests have not detected the poisonous gas in the community to date.
"Additionally, DEQ took an extra round of samples today and will continue to monitor the community. The Office of Conservation will be meeting with Texas Brine representatives to further assess the next steps to be taken with the well."
Officials continue to advise locals to heed mandatory evacuation
On September 14, the DNR declaration about the life threatening emergency, Declaration of Emergency and Directive, included:
It is hereby declared that the presence of natural gas in formations and sands shallower than the underlying cap-rock, and in the Mississippi Alluvial Aquifer, and its top stratum in and around the Bayou Corne area has the potential to threaten lives, the environment, property and operations, sites and facilities under the regulatory authority of the commissioner of conservation."
Since early October, it has been recognized that dangerous gases are posing the possibility of a powerful explosion in the sinkhole area communities. Last week, at a resident briefing in Pierre Part, Dr. Gary Hecox, the key geologist on the team of experts working on the historic sinkhole event, again answered the burning question about an explosion that has been debated by others.
"Is there a possibility of an explosion in this area," a local asked Hecox.
He answered with one word: "Yes."
He soon advised the room filled with locals and officials that residents needed to evacuate and also register for industrial gas monitors being ordered for inside homes due to the methane threat posing the risk of explosions.
In early October, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals urged parish officials to ensure three things due to the dangerous gases being released in the area: 1) "heed the evacuation orders issued," 2) "avoid restricted areas," and 3) "discuss any health concerns they have with their physician."
Many locals in the mandatory evacuation area have chosen to stay. Others near the evacuation zone have reported smelling foul odors and being ill at times with symptoms that reflect gas poisoning. They, however, continue to have no aid to leave.
DNR’s contractor, The Shaw Group, is investigating the latest health and public safety risk.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Israeli Attack Kills 10 in Gaza Home

Video - CNN Report
The lifeless bodies of children pulled from a home destroyed by Israeli Bombs.
Posted November 19, 2012 

Attack wipes out 11 members of a single family as onslaught continues
November 11, 2012 "The Guardian' - -At least 11 members of one family, including five women and four children, were killed when Israel bombed a house in Gaza City on Sunday

The air strike flattened the home of the Dalou family in the Sheikh Radwan district of Gaza City, causing the biggest death toll in a single incident since the offensive began last Wednesday.

After the Dalou family home was destroyed, the bodies of the children were pulled from the rubble and taken to the morgue at Shifa hospital. The dead also included an 80-year-old woman.

Elsewhere in the city early Monday an air strike levelled two houses belonging to a single family, killing two children and two adults and injuring 42 people, including children, said Gaza heath official Ashraf al-Kidra.

Witnesses said there were chaotic scenes as the dead and injured were brought to the Shifa hospital, which has been on emergency footing since the start of Operation Pillar of Defence.

The bodies of four young children lay on two metal trays in the morgue, covered in dust and blood. A crowd of onlookers outside became increasingly distressed as the body of the children's mother was wheeled in, covered in blankets.

GAZA, Shifa Hospital, 18 November 2012




The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?