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The Shocking Youth Message (Paul Washer)

(please watch this message - I beg you - this message has really touched me - such love - I only hope that I can apply the truths of this message to my life in a worthy manner . . . this life is a test . . . I am speechless . . . PLEASE watch this, at least a few minutes of it . . . it could literally be the most important information you have ever received . . . )

This is the youth message Paul Washer preached in 2002 at a conference. The audience was in shock then and many audiences continue to be shocked by it today.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

New DHS Report: If You Love "Individual Liberty" Or If You "Believe In Conspiracy Theories" You Are A Potential Terrorist

(End of) The American Dream 

Do you love America?  Are you against a one world economy and a one world government?  Do you deeply love individual liberty?  Do you believe in conspiracy theories?  If you answered any of those questions affirmatively, then you are a potential terrorist according to a brand new Department of Homeland Security report that was just released in January 2012. The report is entitled "Hot Spots of Terrorism and Other Crimes in the United States, 1970 to 2008", and it was produced by the "National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism" for the Department of Homeland Security.  As you will see detailed later on in this article, the most shocking part of this report is when it discusses the "ideological motivations" of potential terrorists.  The report shamelessly attempts to portray red-blooded Americans that love liberty and that love their country as the enemy.  Once upon a time, deeply patriotic Americans were considered to be the backbone of America, but today they are considered to be potential terrorists.
And this report is yet another example of how the definition of "terrorism" has changed.  A decade ago, the entire focus of the "war on terror" was on radical Muslims and we were told that we had to send our boys and girls to the other side of the world to defeat them.
Well, in this new report there is barely any mention of Islam at all.  Instead, the report identifies patriots, conspiracy theorists, evangelical Christians, anti-abortion activists, survivalists and those that are against globalism as the real threats.
The focus of the "war on terror" has fundamentally shifted.  The "enemy" is now those that love freedom and those that love America.
According to the new DHS report, the following are some of the beliefs and ideologies of American terrorists....
-"fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)"
-"suspicious of centralized federal authority"
-"reverent of individual liberty"
-"believe in conspiracy theories"
-"a belief that one’s personal and/or national “way of life” is under attack"
-"a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism"
-"impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)"
-"insert religion into the political sphere"
-"those who seek to politicize religion"
-"supported political movements for autonomy"
All of the above are direct quotes from the report.
Do any of those beliefs apply to you?
Does your own government now believe that you are a potential terrorist?
There seems to be a concerted effort to demonize certain groups of people in this country.  In the past, those that loved America, those that loved God, and those that loved freedom were considered to be role models.  Now they are considered to be dangers.
The funny thing is that according to the report, terrorism in the United States has actually been declining over the past several decades.  On page 13 of the new DHS report, you will find a chart that shows that the number of "terrorist attacks" in the United States has decreased steadily since 1970.
And on page 18 of the report, we find that "extreme left-wing" groups such as radical communists were responsible for 5 times more terror attacks in the U.S. between 1970 and 2008 than all "extreme right-wing" groups and religious groups combined.
The truth is that the vast majority of Americans that are patriotic, religious or that believe in conspiracy theories are very peaceful and only want the best for this country.
But the mainstream media is making it seem like there is an epidemic of "anti-government extremists" that needs to be dealt with.
For example, the following comes from a recent USA Today article entitled "FBI: More locals seek help with anti-government extremists"....
The FBI is being inundated with calls from local government officials asking for assistance in dealing with anti-government extremists, officials said.
And as I wrote about the other day, the FBI has broadened the definition of "suspicious activity" so much that literally anyone could fall under it.
In 2012, the following activities are considered to be "suspicious" by the FBI....
-shielding your computer screen from others
-paying with cash
-acting "nervous"
-using multiple cell phones
-requesting a specific room at a hotel
-traveling with a large amount of luggage
-refusing maid service at a hotel
-staying in your room for too long
-changing your appearance
In fact, if you see any of these things you are supposed to contact the feds right away.
Was the federal government ever this paranoid during the days of McCarthyism?
If America is going to have any kind of a future, we are going to need people who deeply love liberty and who deeply love this country.
Unfortunately, there are many in the federal government that hate the beliefs that this nation was founded upon.
Our founding fathers were fiercely nationalistic, suspicious of centralized authority and were reverent of individual liberty.  So according to the Department of Homeland Security, they would very clearly fit the definition of potential terrorists.
How did America ever get so far off track?
If nobody challenges this kind of propaganda, we will go down the dark road of totalitarianism that so many other societies have gone down in the past.
It is a good thing to love your country.
It is a good thing to love individual liberty.
It is a good thing to question the government.
Unfortunately, what the federal government wants today is blind faith and blind obedience.  If the federal government tells us that patriotism, religion and nationalism are bad, we are just supposed to go along with it.
According to the Department of Homeland Security, the ideal American would be someone that embraces centralized authority, someone that is "universal and international in orientation", someone that believes in the idea of a one world government, someone that is anti-religion, someone that is pro-genocide, someone that believes that nobody should ever question leadership, and someone that has disdain for individual liberty.
Where could we ever find someone like that?
Wait, I've got it!
Cobra Commander, the ideal American for the 21st century....

Government 'may sanction nerve-agent use on rioters', scientists fear

The Independent
Leading neuroscientists believe that the UK Government may be about to sanction the development of nerve agents for British police that would be banned in warfare under an international treaty on chemical weapons.
A high-level group of experts has asked the Government to clarify its position on whether it intends to develop "incapacitating chemical agents" for a range of domestic uses that go beyond the limited use of chemical irritants such as CS gas for riot control.

The experts were commissioned by the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of sciences, to investigate new developments in neuroscience that could be of use to the military. They concluded that the Government may be preparing to exploit a loophole in the Chemical Weapons Convention allowing the use of incapacitating chemical agents for domestic law enforcement.

Full story HERE

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Jan Smith & Cliff Mickelson - CDC Morgellons Coverup

Jeff Rense Show Feb 1st, 2012

Jeff And Jan Smith - Morgellons...See What The CDC Calls Hallucinations !

 People who suffer from Morgellons disease are NOT delusional no matter what the CDC or the mainstream press would have you believe.
Take a good look at the first two photos below and ponder why a person with Morgellons disease would have tissue coming out of their body with embossed Arabic numbers on it.  This photo is real and the sample has not been altered in any way. It is available for research and DNA testing.

Photos of Arabic numbers embossed on Morgellons tissue. Tissue as shown was found like this.
This sample was engineered by humans who use Arabic numerals to mark their nanotechnology (quite like a predator marking his territory with urine - only with malicious intent and a greatly inflated Machiavellian ego).
New burn tested fiber photos non-cellulose. Original fiber before burning. 
Fiber below is the same fiber as above after
 a 30 second with a butane flame.  Outer casing did not burn. A blue polymer fiber ejected from outer fiber. This second smaller teal fiber which also had bulges in it would indicates that a third substance was inserted  within smaller teal fiber.  All fibers are not same.  Some blue fibers are cellulose and others are nanotechnology polymers and carbon.  A double walled nanotube is my best guess.
Hey CDC do you think this is cotton? Why didn't you find anything like this in your study?
Inside an ulcerous lesion-300x What is that blue speck?
Cobalt blue plaques seem to form where  blue gel fibers have emptied the material from inside of them. I believe that these plaques mature and become the blue specks.
Blue speck 450x found in lesion
Pressed on blue speck above with needle and individual baby fiber forms have appeared.
More pressing with needle reveals a colony of individual forms. The lifecycle is complete.
Big red fiber filled with large white cells.
Two halves of a large fiberball removed from lesion. Clearly, these fibers are not textile threads.
Motile (crawling) "sugar snakes" AKA polysaccharide strands next 3 photos.
many more photos and more info  HERE

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The Case For Alien Control Of Earth

(interesting perspective, and I'm not afraid to say that I tend to agree with most all the opinions of Zen . . . for those un-awake, this sounds like crazy-talk . . . for those who are paying attention, not so much . . .) 

by Zen Gardner

Just think about how pervasive the control plan is and some of the freakier phenomena we're witnessing. I don't subscribe to all of us being hopelessly co-opted, but if we don't realize the extent and nature of this massively powerful matrix projection we're living in we'll never be able to fully dispel it.

There are some very huge dots that perhaps many are not connecting. Just don't let it freak you out when the picture comes into focus. The real you, your eternal consciousness, your true soul, is not subject to all this mumbo jumbo we're being hit with. That's why hiding the knowledge of your innate eternal unstoppable true inter-dimensional freedom is the biggest cover-up of all.

The fact is, whoever's making this mess of humanity and our planet, we clearly don't need them. They need to be exposed by the light of Truth and done away with. But to do that we need to realize what we're up against.

Artifact make you think?

This Is Not that Far Fetched

Philosophers and spiritual luminaries have said through the ages that life is opposing forces just playing against each other. So why can't that include extra-terrestrials who would rather remain unknown? This doesn't preclude vast human participation at every level. But why wouldn't it include other worlds and dimensions the existence of which are now becoming known scientific fact to today's world.

Too bad we didn't just take the ancients' word for it. I mean they left us pictures for crying out loud.

The question is how much we are willing or unwilling participants in possibly someone or something else's scheme.

If the implied presence of alien controllers is true, apparently "they" need us to carry out most of their plan. Again, whoever "they" are, be it angels and demons, ETs or power mad occult driven psychopathic bloodlines.

The point is, it could be all of those!

Notice anything slightly reptilian about this? Draconian comes to mind. Hmmm

Who, Dammit?

-Who empowers and directs the Zionists?
-Who drives the City of London who in turn pulls the Zionists' and others' strings?
-Who keeps the Vatican toeing the line and the Jesuits doing their dirty work?
-Who makes sure everything American is occult science and wickedly militaristic?
-Who coordinates these think tanks and nasty intelligence agencies?
-And why is everybody a goddamn Templar, Knight of Crappo, Satanist, Freemason, Skull and Bones or member of some such idiotic cult?
Getting the picture?
It's deep shit. And we're in it.
But not for long.

Spiritual Deduction

We can all clearly agree we have overlords who are playing humanity for fools and tools. Whomever they are.

Let's just agree it's not a coincidence or accidental convergence of evil.

As other indicators say, we're clearly being groomed and broomed, and harassed and harvested like sheeple. Oh, the farmer loves his cattle and tries to keep them happy and producing. But he still milks and kills them for profit and food.

We just have to first see it for what it is. We need to wake up and not take all this lying down and find our role in all this. That's our job, our purpose, our destiny if you will. We might be playing into the great Universe's Hands of opposites in some esoteric way, but hell, let's play!

But let's stay detached and loving and play according to real conscious rules, not those of some parasitic, invading predators!

Transhumanism - The Off-World Agenda in a Nutshell

This typifies the takeover agenda this all is alluding to. Eugenics is not just the elimination of 80% of humanity which is one of their declared plans. Whoever "they" are, they apparently are trying to create a slave race to serve them. They know of our capabilities and innate awareness to Source so these need to be stifled and channeled. Whether you think it's ETs or not, that is what's going down bigtime by the Powers That Be.

So, how do they accomplish designing a slave race?

Besides social and mental control programs and short circuiting our bodies with a vast chemical bombardment by air, land and sea? Technology, baby. And groom everyone to crave it. Popularize it, push it, shove it down our throats. We need to become virtual automatons who will never question them, never mind rebel. Beware the chip! That's what they're leading up to.

Hence, the long term planning vision. Again, that kind of engineered societal trajectory and intricate coordination sure seems to be conceived from another dimension.

I mean, why would elites push for this for generations for a day they'll never see? And what human in his right mind would ever perpetrate such atrocities on humanity?

If it is ETs, do all the Controllers Know it?

I'd venture to say very few. Compartmentalization is the name of the game. Remember these invading power freaks are incredibly intelligent although cold blooded. Besides, it would probably freak even most of the lower level controllers right out. Eisenhower is said to have died from a heart attack after meeting the ETs they'd made their treaty with. The exo-politics community has a lot of research and testimony available on this subject.

But who knows?

My point is if you connect ALL the dots they definitely lead off-world or other-worldly in some way. There's just no way you can fit it all in some fleshly earthbound paradigm.

I mean even anthropologists talk about the Sumerians whose tablets clearly describe a visiting extraterrestrial race that intermingled with and engineered humanity. Hindu and Mayan and Chinese legends the same. The serpentine reptilian references alone from every known civilization should be enough dots to cover your computer screen.

Amshel Meyer "Conehead" Rothschild. Wow.

What About the Bloodlines?

No contradiction. As David Icke points out these more "pure blooded" descendents of the intermingling between humans and ETs have a greater propensity for shall we say, possession, by at least one line of inter-dimensionals. And apparently a really nasty bloodline going back to a reptilian species that is said to have moved in on earth a long, long time ago.

Just compare his abnormally long head and that of many other Rothschilds with other pictures in this article. Freaky.

Another conehead Jacob Rothschild after a tough night of shapeshifting.

What I find more fascinating is the demeanor of these oligarchical families who seem to be channeling this off-world power. They are in no hurry. They're slow eating parasites, just munching on whatever strikes their fancy as they hoard the world's resources for fun and profit. Again, evidence in my opinion of long range vision and intention not only beyond human, but clearly self-serving and anti-human.

Not only is there no light in their eyes, their smugly sinister manner reeks of manipulative malintent. Yet these types are honored with titles of Lord, Knight and Sir(pent).

More remarkable is the adoration and submission they conjure from the manipulated masses they despise.

And it's time we woke up.

Aleister Crowley's drawing of the entity LAM who dictated his book. Nice fellow.

We're Not the Manipulated Ones. They Are!

Here's a sort of happy thought. While we're forced to live under their dictatorships disguised as supposed democracies and are subject to their overt and covert manipulations etc., guess who's REALLY getting shafted?


Call it Satan worship if you want. Makes a great analogy. These controllers, the elite "brotherhood" have struck a deal. They get all this power and glory in exchange for carrying out the mission the dark side dictates. Whether you see it as Lucifer usurping God's authority and entitles of a different sort this is essentially what's going on. They even have ceremonies and rituals where they renew their pledge and get a taste of the so-called "divine" to keep them going.

Question: If you had a job working for a known killer, rapist, liar, thief and outright monster who promises you the world if you'll do what he says, you really think you can trust him that there's gonna be a happy ending for you?

Ha! Maybe when these elites flee into their deep underground bases to avoid their planned catastrophes on earth they'll get a little surprise. Just imagine: they slink down to the lower levels of their super cities all smug and feeling really good about themselves and what they pulled.

The elevator door opens and it's a giant barbeque going on. Yes, the inner earth reptilians are having them over for dinner...literally.

Now there's a picture of hell.

11 Answers that have Freaky Questions:

Let's look at some seeming facts and their questionable implications. Let the tumblers fall into place and see what it may unlock for you.
Answers, then Questions

1. A: The world takeover and transformation agenda has passed almost flawlessly through generations, even millennia, via societal engineers.  
Q: Who or what on earth has that kind of long term vision and patience?

2. A: The world leaders are answering to many levels of higher authorities almost all of which are kept secret. 
Q: Why is it kept secret and where does it ultimately lead as to who or what calls the shots?

3. A: Eisenhower and other leaders are said to have met with ETs and he and/or others in the military Industrial complex made a treaty with some of them. 
Q: Is there a secret agreement with ETs in exchange for technology, and how does that fit with the reptilian agenda?

4. A: The massive cover up of the obvious UFO phenomena is very similar to the 9/11 spectacle cover-up. 
Q: Is awareness of these 2 phenomena key to finding an empowered fully conscious awareness of what's going on that they're especially afraid of?
5. A: The military industrial complex is busy weaponizing space and is said to be colonizing other planets. 
Q: Is the cabal working with the ETs toward some ultimate plan, maybe making earth a battle station to go and conquer other worlds in their on-going very long term agenda?

6. A: UFO sightings are so prevalent and increasingly so.  


(the findings discussed in this video should be earth-shaking . . . look at the link in the description box - - - the fallen ones want us dead or dumb, does not matter to them - - i just hope that this info, as well as a method for delivery of TRH, makes it out b4 we have more dead scientists . . . Deagle sounds very excited - maybe he will stay on top of it for us non-scientists )



*more information*

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When Orwellian fiction becomes governmental blueprint

 Lost in Translation: An Important Note for International Reckoners 

The Daily ReckoningBy Joel Bowman

02/01/12   Buenos Aires, Argentina – First up, a quick public service announcement for our International Reckoners:

If you’re planning a vacation to the United States of America in the foreseeable future, you would do well to refrain from employing any confusing colloquialisms in your social media updates prior to departure.

For Australians, that means no “cracking onto” members of the opposite sex…no getting “off one’s face”…no “tearing it up”…no “little rippers” and, we would think, no “barrakking” for anyone.
Our Irish friends will likewise wish to steer clear of referring to anything as “the gas,” from declaring intentions to “eat one’s head off” and from “throwing shapes,” “sucking diesel” or otherwise “effin’ and blindin’.”

We can only imagine to what extent our English Reckoners shall have to curb their delightfully colorful lingo to ensure a stateside journey (even relatively) free of let or hindrance at the gate, though we imagine no measure of self-censorship will be sufficient to guarantee a transit experience free of at least a touch of “Ye ol’ Liberty Grope.”

What’s all this caper then, eh? What’s the apple, the score, the bleedin’ apple core?

Apologies for the loose linguistics, weary reader. But a point begs its making; a point two British (would-be) tourists, Leigh Van Bryan and Emily Bunting, discovered the hard way just last week.

Apparently rather chuffed at the upcoming prospect of a wee jaunt over the pond, Van Bryan and Bunting engaged in a bit of online banter before their big trip to the US. Mistake number one. The two were perhaps unaware that the Department of Homeland Security routinely trolls the global social media digital waves, setting up accounts to listen in on prospective threats to…um…the “Homeland.”

We can only imagine the hysterical frenzy that whipped around the DHS H.Q. when they discovered what Van Bryan, 26, had posted.

“Free this week for a quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America x”

Not that it should matter, but “destroy” is popular English slang for “party”…an easily Googlable fact, one would think, for the highly skilled heroes manning the control tower at the Twitter and Facebook Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Unit for Liberty and Freedom of the Homeland… Patriot… Liberty… uh, never mind.

After making their way through passport control at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last week, the pair were promptly detained by armed guards/heroes/patriots. But the real trouble was still to come.
The two were then informed that the DHS was on to their scheme to “destroy” (read: party in) America and (Could it be? No! Sweet Mother of Mercy!) their sick and twisted plot to dig up the grave of Marilyn Monroe!

“3 weeks today, we’re totally in LA p****** people off on Hollywood Blvd and diggin’ Marilyn Monroe up!”

The pair explained that the tweet, which the DHS had considered a grave matter of national security was, actually, a reference from Family Guy, a popular television show produced in the Homeland itself…behind patriot lines!

“They asked why we wanted to destroy America and we tried to explain it meant to get trashed and party,” explained Bunting. “I almost burst out laughing when they asked me if I was going to be Leigh’s lookout while he dug up Marilyn Monroe. I couldn’t believe it because it was a quote from the comedy Family Guy which is an American show.”

Department of Homeland Security staff, brave unwavering professionals as they are, were not deterred from their mission.

“It got even more ridiculous because the officials searched our suitcases and said they were looking for spades and shovels. They did a full body search on me too” explained Bunting.

Perhaps because grave-robbing spades and shovels have little to do with (most people’s idea of) partying, the DHS were unable to find any in the pair’s luggage or, strangely enough, on their person. Nevertheless, this was no time to take chances:

“I kept saying to them they had got the wrong meaning from my tweet but they just told me ‘you’ve really f***** up with that tweet boy’.”

Van Bryan, apparently thought to be the leader of the non-existent operation, was then cuffed, thrown in a cage inside a van and whisked away to a location where he could not be of harm to Homeland citizens.

Recounted the suspect:
“When we arrived at the prison [ed.: prison!] I was shoved in a cell on my own but after an hour two huge Mexican men covered in tattoos came in and started asking me who I was… They told me they’d been arrested for taking cocaine over the border… When the food arrived on the tray they took it all and just left me with a carton of apple juice.”

After 12 hours in custody, the pair were returned to the airport where they were sent directly home…charge sheets in hand.

Emily “The Lookout” Bunting’s charge sheet stated: “It is believed that you are travelling with Leigh-Van Bryan who possibly has the intentions of coming to the United States to commit crimes.”

Possibly has the intentions”? We can almost hear Special Twitter Task Force Agent Johnston saying, “That’s as good as a thought crime to me!”

Added the charge sheet of one Leigh “Happy Birthday Mr. President” Van Bryan:

“He had posted on his Tweeter website account that he was coming to the United States to dig up the grave of Marilyn Monroe. Also on his tweeter account Mr. Bryan posted that he was coming to destroy America.”
We’re not quite sure what a “Tweeter account” is, but you can be sure the vigilant servicemen and women at the DHS are on the case. Thank goodness the pair didn’t use the “we were only taking the Mickey” defense. Could you imagine the costs and hassle involved in having to put Disneyland on high security lockdown? We shudder to think.

So, to our International Reckoners, remember to travel safely both to and from the Homeland. And please, feel free to pass our public service announcement on.

Joel Bowman
for The Daily Reckoning

Friday, February 3, 2012

Part 1 - The Sodomite Gateway - Gnosis, Illumination and Communion with the gods

02 Feb 2012

Two kinds of acts are in the news with increasingly frequency; cannibalism and sodomy. This is behavior characteristic of the ancient gods and those who worship them. When you've heard of such perverse and hellish activity you may have found yourself wondering where it comes from. It is the nature of the beast, literally, because it's the family character of hybrid beasts to fulfill their lusts in such ways. Sodom, a city famously destroyed in a fire and brimstone judgment was a Canaanite city, a region populated by giant cannibals. Sodomites are proliferating and today's news bears witness. Recognizing the trend is helpful but understanding why, what's being accomplished, is more helpful still. Then, when you see it embedded in the familiar imagery of our culture, it may speak volumes about the reality of our situation!

Because of the nature of the subject there's no real delicate way to handle it. Without being unnecessarily crude, on the one hand, or avoiding the reality of the situation, on the other, I'm going to share what the Lord is impressing upon me.

I've addressed these topics not long ago while writing about Cain's paternity. I'll assume you're already very familiar with that work and what's presented as a foundation for this one. Sodomy with mankind was first practiced in the Garden of Eden, introduced by the serpent tree. Of this, I have no doubt because it was revealed to me by the Lord Himself, quite memorably. The root of cannibalism (fellatio) was also practiced in that place and time, with the curses subsequently pronounced upon the serpent and the man declaring in an esoteric manner how cannibalism would endure through to the end of the age.

What cannibalism and sodomy do for the practitioners of the left hand path relates to worship. This is how their gods are worshiped. It brings them near to their (demon angel) gods and makes them like the gods they worship, bringing to themselves power, illumination and gnosis. When the serpent told Eve "ye shall be as gods" it was not entirely a lie, despite what you may have been taught. What was promised was not, however, a thing to be desired by anyone who knows the love of the Lord God who created us. It may be said that sodomy is a back door to knowledge to the gnosis forbidden for our own good. There's a pun there, intended, and this is the kind of perceptive engagement I encourage here as I bring this dark subject of sodomy into the light of day, as the Lord leads.

11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;
12 for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret.
13 But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light.
Ephesians 5:11-13

I'll warn you at this point that, if you continue, you're going to see things you won't be able to un-see. It won't be anything beyond what you may regularly see in public, but you're likely going to learn to see from a different perspective. CAVEAT: If you've personally been victimized (SRA/DID) and have been cautioned by your therapist to limit your exposure to potential triggers, I strongly recommend seeking their approval first.

OK. This subject of sodomy is immediately relevant because it involves the Beast and mark of the Beast schemes. It has everything to do with the worship of Horus, and Hermes, his partner in crime, and the advancement of their agendas. Also known as Apollo and Mercury, these gods are both linked from ancient times to sodomy. It's not difficult to find supporting documentation on the Internet. Horus was reportedly sodomized by Set(h) and by some accounts also sodomized Seth in return. Hermes, is also strongly linked to this practice. These are the gods of sodomizers, servants of the serpent sodomizer Satan himself.

The best evidence I can provide to verify these claims is a collection of pictures, of the kind that are worth a thousand words, if there ever were such pictures, with the addition of a some commentary about their content and context. The witness is so vivid you'll hardly believe your eyes. You'll wonder, how can we have been so blind as to not see this? The answer is that there is a powerful spell of deception. Pharmakeia. Antichrist delusion. Evil works under cover of darkness.

I'm going to start with a graphic image over four hundred years old; John Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica. John Dee (1527–1608 or 9) was a sorcerer, famously practicing the Enochian system of demonic evocation, divining by scrying with Mexican obsidian, availing himself of automatic writing and channeling with the aid of a familiar spirit.

“This is John Dee's enigmatic treatise on symbolic language. Although published in 1564 at age 37, he considered it valuable throughout his life. The Monas is a highly esoteric work. In it he claims himself in possession of the most secret mysteries. He wrote it in twelve days while apparently in a peak (mystical) state: “[I am] the pen merely of [God] Whose Spirit, quickly writing these things through me, I wish and I hope to be.” He claims it will revolutionize astronomy, alchemy, mathematics, linguistics, mechanics, music, optics, magic, and adeptship.”

Full article HERE

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thinning The Veil – Video Evidence

January 30th, 2012

Ever since I started writing Beyond Flesh and Blood, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the supernatural implications of the world around us. I’ve talked about it before, but the veil between this world and the supernatural world seems to be thinning. Recently I’ve become addicted to True Blood (the TV show) and it is interesting to see how the main character (Sookie Stackhouse) is dealing with her new reality.
During the course of the show she goes from being ignorant about the world around her to being in a relationship with a vampire, courted by a shape shifter, and learning that werewolves exist. The reason this has become relevant in our time is because the amount of supernatural experiences seem to be increasing around the world. UFO sightings are on the rise, channeling spirits is being encouraged on TV, blood drinking has become a teenage hobby, zombies are all over Haiti (have been for a while), and televangelists are successfully making a mockery of Christ in front of the world. We are entering a time of intense spiritual warfare and we need to remain in prayer for the salvation of as many people as possible before the great deception occurs, which can literally happen any day now. There are those Christians that think this is all just make believe, so below are a few videos for your viewing pleasure that show what our world is turning into. Feel free to share.

UFO Sightings

Channeling Spirits

Vampire Subculture

Zombies In Haiti

Televangelist Benny Hinn

For a more in depth study on the subjects covered in the videos, grab your copy of Beyond Flesh and Blood. Now Available on

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Former Baptist minister paroled for sex crimes

By Bob Allen   
Tuesday, January 31, 2012
BENTON, Ark. (ABP) – A former music minister at an Arkansas Baptist church convicted of sexually abusing children has been granted parole, according to media sources.

David Pierce
David Pierce, 59, won release from prison after serving two years and four months of a 10-year sentence for four counts of sexual indecency with a child. The cases involved three now-adult boys who claimed abuse by Pierce, whom they regarded a spiritual mentor at First Baptist Church in Benton, Ark.
Pierce was originally charged with 54 counts of sexual indecency with multiple boys active in youth choirs during his 29 years as music minister at the 2,500-member congregation affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, but he accepted a plea bargain rather than stand trial. The Saline County prosecutor said he accepted the deal to spare victims the trauma of testifying in court.
One of those victims, who blogs anonymously at Descent from Darkness, wrote Jan. 31 that he expected the news and thought he was prepared to handle it, but he was wrong.
“I'm disgusted. I'm heartbroken. I'm terrified knowing he will do it again when he gets out,” he posted after hearing news of Pierce’s parole from the Arkansas Parole Board. “This is hard to stomach not just as a victim, but as a father. I can't imagine a monster like David being free in our community again.”

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The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?