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Alex Jones: Al-Qaeda created by CIA

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There is an increasing pressure from lawmakers in Washington, as well as from the American public for President Obama to be more specific in the strategy for Libya. Radio host Alex Jones however argues there is more to it than an American/Obama agenda. He compared the situation with the US missions in Iraq, Rwanda and Serbia, where, he alleged, Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA and used to fight Serbs all as a part of an overall globalist agenda of the New World Order.

Going Broke: Treasury Down to $58.6B in Cash, $130.5B Borrowing Authority

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

( - Imagine that you had an average monthly income of about $170 balanced against average monthly expenses of about $940--and that you were more than $14,000 in debt.

Then imagine that as of today, you had only $58.60 in cash left in your bank account and $130.50 left on your line of credit.

Now multiply these numbers by 1 billion and you will have the up-to-date financial situation of the U.S. government.

According to the Daily Treasury Statement released by the U.S. Treasury Department today at 4:00 p.m., the Treasury had $58.6 billion in cash in its accounts as of the close of business on Tuesday. That was down from $190.6 billion at the beginning of March and $309.8 billion at the beginning of this fiscal year on Oct. 1, 2010.

In the first five months of this fiscal year (Oct.-Feb.), the federal government averaged $169.6 billion per month in revenue. (During these months, the Treasury brought in a cumulative total of $845.3 billion—including all moneys from individual income taxes, corporate income taxes, payroll taxes, excise taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, estate taxes and other taxes.)

In the same five months that it was averaging this $169.6 billion in revenue, the federal government was averaging $943.4 billion in monthly spending. (During those months, the Treasury actually spent $4.717 trillion—including, for example, $2.492 trillion to pay off the holders of Treasury securities that had matured, $245.7 billion in Social Security benefits, $212.8 billion in Medicare benefits, $158.4 billion to pay defense contractors, $113.0 billion for Medicaid benefits, $111.6 billion for Department of Education programs, $94.3 billion in interest on debt, $73.4 billion in salaries for federal workers, and $26.7 billion in insurance benefits for federal workers.)

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Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls? Seventy metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history

By Fiona Macrae
Last updated at 8:36 PM on 30th March 2011

For scholars of faith and history, it is a treasure trove too precious for price.

This ancient collection of 70 tiny books, their lead pages bound with wire, could unlock some of the secrets of the earliest days of Christianity.

Academics are divided as to their authenticity but say that if verified, they could prove as pivotal as the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947.

Lines of inquiry: The metal tablets could change our understanding of the Bible

Lines of inquiry: The metal tablets could change our understanding of the Bible

On pages not much bigger than a credit card, are images, symbols and words that appear to refer to the Messiah and, possibly even, to the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

Adding to the intrigue, many of the books are sealed, prompting academics to speculate they are actually the lost collection of codices mentioned in the Bible’s Book Of Revelation.

The books were discovered five years ago in a cave in a remote part of Jordan to which Christian refugees are known to have fled after the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD. Important documents from the same period have previously been found there.

Initial metallurgical tests indicate that some of the books could date from the first century AD.

One of 70 ring-bound books (codices) made of lead and copper
One of 70 ring-bound books (codices) made of lead and copper

Revelation: Experts speculate that the tablets could be the lost collection of codices referred to in the Bible's Book Of Revelation

Hidden meaning: Scrolls, tablets and other artifacts, including an incense bowl, were also found at the same site as the tablets

Hidden meaning: Scrolls, tablets and other artifacts, including an incense bowl, were also found at the same site as the tablets

This estimate is based on the form of corrosion which has taken place, which experts believe would be impossible to achieve artificially.

If the dating is verified, the books would be among the earliest Christian documents, predating the writings of St Paul.

The prospect that they could contain contemporary accounts of the final years of Jesus’s life has excited scholars – although their enthusiasm is tempered by the fact that experts have previously been fooled by sophisticated fakes.

David Elkington, a British scholar of ancient religious history and archeology, and one of the few to have examined the books, says they could be ‘the major discovery of Christian history’.

‘It is a breathtaking thought that we have held these objects that might have been held by the early saints of the Church,’ he said.

But the mysteries between their ancient pages are not the books’ only riddle. Today, their whereabouts are also something of a mystery. After their discovery by a Jordanian Bedouin, the hoard was subsequently acquired by an Israeli Bedouin, who is said to have illegally smuggled them across the border into Israel, where they remain.

However, the Jordanian Government is now working at the highest levels to repatriate and safeguard the collection. Philip Davies, emeritus professor of biblical studies at Sheffield University, said there was powerful evidence that the books have a Christian origin in plates cast into a picture map of the holy city of Jerusalem.

A 16th century painting depicting Jesus's death. The metal books contain pages with images, symbols and words that appear to refer to the Messiah and, possibly even, to the Crucifixion

A 16th century painting depicting Jesus's death. The metal books contain pages with images, symbols and words that appear to refer to the Messiah and, possibly even, to the Crucifixion

X marks the spot: The cave in Jordan where the artifacts were discovered

X marks the spot: The cave in Jordan where the artifacts were discovered

Dr Margaret Barker, a former president of the Society for Old Testament Study, confirmed that a sealed book is mentioned in the Bible

Dr Margaret Barker, a former president of the Society for Old Testament Study, confirmed that a sealed book is mentioned in the Bible

‘As soon as I saw that, I was dumbstruck,’ he said. ‘That struck me as so obviously a Christian image. There is a cross in the foreground, and behind it is what has to be the tomb [of Jesus], a small building with an opening, and behind that the walls of the city.

‘There are walls depicted on other pages of these books too and they almost certainly refer to Jerusalem. It is a Christian crucifixion taking place outside the city walls.’

The British team leading the work on the discovery fears that the present Israeli ‘keeper’ may be looking to sell some of the books on to the black market, or worse – destroy them.

But the man who holds the books denies the charge and claims they have been in his family for 100 years.

Dr Margaret Barker, a former president of the Society for Old Testament Study, said: ‘The Book of Revelation tells of a sealed book that was opened only by the Messiah.

‘Other texts from the period tell of sealed books of wisdom and of a secret tradition passed on by Jesus to his closest disciples. That is the context for this discovery.’

Groundbreaking find: A section of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered in 1947

Groundbreaking find: A section of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were unearthed in 1947

Professor Davies said: ‘The possibility of a Hebrew-Christian origin is certainly suggested by the imagery and, if so, these codices are likely to bring dramatic new light to our understanding of a very significant but so far little understood period of history.’

Mr Elkington, who is leading British efforts to have the books returned to Jordan, said: ‘It is vital that the collection can be recovered intact and secured in the best possible circumstances, both for the benefit of its owners and for a potentially fascinated international audience.’

*British scientists have uncovered up to eight million mummified dogs, thought to have been sacrificed to Anubis, the god of the dead, 2500 years ago after excavating tunnels in the ancient Eygptian city of Saqqara.

Highly Contagious AIDS-Like Disease Spreading in China

(According to information leaked from the Anglo-Saxon Mission, China is to catch a "cold" . . . can't help but wonder . . . )

By Chen Yilian
Epoch Times

A poster to promote AIDS awareness ahead of World AIDS Day in Beijing. A highly contagious AIDS-like disease is spreading in China, However, HIV tests come up negative.
In a small hotel across from the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a reporter from New Express Daily, dressed in an isolation suit, interviewed a dozen “unusual” patients from different areas of China. Their symptoms are painful and debilitating, and AIDS-like, but repeated tests for HIV have come up negative.

Lin Jun, one of the patients interviewed in the March 24 New Express Daily report, said he used to be chubby, but now he is skin and bones, and his joints have become all deformed.

Lin is referred to in the group as “big brother” for his kindness and giving fellow patients hope when they feel hopeless, with some having considered suicide.

In 2008 Lin’s mother received a blood transfusion at a hospital. Afterwords, she experienced frequent night sweats, numb limbs, aches all over, creaking joints, rashes on her hands, and weight loss.

In May of that year, Lin accidentally became infected through contact with his mother’s blood. Fourteen days later, he fell ill with swollen lymph nodes on his neck, sore knees that made clicking sounds, and pain all over his body. He also started vomiting after every meal, and the left side of his face swelled up. In half a year, his weight dropped from 82 kilograms (181 lbs) to 52 kilograms (115 lbs).

Three months later, his wife and child developed the same symptoms.

Lin said he went to every major hospital in Shanghai, but could not get a definite diagnosis. He has taken the HIV test eight times, and each time the test turned out negative.

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AstrolPatriot Releases Nibiru Information

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AstrolPatriot points out the brown dwarf star with orbiting satellites from telescope images.

Helpful videos and links:

Nibiru Timeline:

What Google/NASA are hiding:

25 Symptoms of Nibiru:

Nibiru Safe Zones:

ELEnin Comet Is A NASA Psyop:

Depleted uranium: a strange way to protect Libyan civilians

Aletho News

By David Wilson | Stop the War Coalition | 24 March 2011

“[Depleted uranium tipped missiles] fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way… I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people.” – Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd), Lawrence Livermore Lab, California, USA

In the first 24 hours of the Libyan attack, US B-2s dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs. We do not know if these massive bombs, along with the Cruise missiles launched from British and French planes and ships, contained depleted uranium (DU) warheads. But if past evidence of their deployment by the US and British military is any guide, they may well be part of the bombardment Libya is now experiencing.

DU is the waste product from the process of enriching uranium ore. It is used in nuclear weapons and reactors. Because it is a very heavy substance, 1.7 times denser than lead, it is highly valued by the military for its ability to punch through armored vehicles and buildings. When a weapon made with a DU tip strikes a solid object like the side of a tank, it goes straight through it, then erupts in a burning cloud of vapor. The vapor settles as dust, which is not only poisonous, but also radioactive.

An impacting DU missile burns at 10,000 degrees C. When it strikes a target, 30% fragments into shrapnel. The remaining 70% vaporises into three highly-toxic oxides, including uranium oxide. This black dust remains suspended in the air and, according to wind and weather, can travel over great distances. If you think Iraq and Libya are far away, remember that radiation from Chernobyl reached Wales.

Particles less than 5 microns in diameter are easily inhaled and may remain in the lungs or other organs for years. Internalized DU can cause kidney damage, cancers of the lung and bone, skin disorders, neurocognitive disorders, chromosome damage, immune deficiency syndromes and rare kidney and bowel diseases. Pregnant women exposed to DU may give birth to infants with genetic defects. Once the dust has vaporised, don’t expect the problem to go away soon. As an alpha particle emitter, DU has a half life of 4.5 billion years.

In the ‘shock and awe’ attack on Iraq, more than 1,500 bombs and missiles were dropped on Baghdad alone. Seymour Hersh has claimed that the US Third Marine Aircraft Wing alone dropped more than “five hundred thousand tons of ordnance”. All of it DU-tipped.

Al Jazeera reported that invading US forces fired two hundred tons of radioactive material into buildings, homes, streets and gardens of Baghdad. A reporter from the Christian Science Monitor took a Geiger counter to parts of the city that had been subjected to heavy shelling by US troops. He found radiation levels 1,000 to 1,900 times higher than normal in residential areas. With its population of 26 million, the US dropped a one-ton bomb for every 52 Iraqi citizens or 40 pounds of explosives per person.

William Hague has said that we are in Libya ” to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas”.You don’t have to look far for who and what are being ‘protected’.

In that first 24 hours the ‘Allies’ ‘expended’ £100 million on DU-tipped ordnance. The European Union’s arms control report said member states issued licences in 2009 for the sale of £293.2 million worth of weapons and weapons systems to Libya. Britain issued arms firms licences for the sale of £21.7 million worth of weaponry to Libya and were also paid by Colonel Gadaffi to send the SAS to train his 32nd Brigade.

For the next 4.5 billion years, I’ll bet that William Hague will not be holidaying in North Africa.


Veterans Today

March 29, 2011



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

A plot is currently in motion to overthrow the government of the United States. It has already begun and has moved forward in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin but more states are waiting to act. Shooting incidents and bombings are planned and some may already have been carried out. A major false flag terror attack on the United States is expected, followed by states openly defying the federal government, suspending the constitution and declaring a joint “state of emergency.”

Those involved are told 5 Supreme Court justices will back them up, paralyzing the United States.

Michigan has already suspended most constitutional guarantees already and plans are in motion to enact martial law. Police departments will be “defunded,” union contracts illegally dissolved and police powers will pass to mercenary groups derived from Blackwater International.

Schools are being closed in some cities, classrooms being overloaded with students stacked like “cordwood” in others. Universities are facing cutbacks while curriculums face politically inspired gutting.

Those who used to fear increasing taxes, always death to a reelection campaign are now taxing the middle class to death. There will be no more elections, not real ones anyway. In Michigan, in fact, plans are moving forward to dissolve dozens of local governments. They are being replaced by “political consultants” who will be above any court or recall authority. This law has already been written and it says exactly this.

On a federal level, a terror attack of such magnitude is in the works as to force a full scale invasion of Iran, something currently beyond the military capabilities of the United States. America will be left in such a weakened state that a “dark horse” candidate, certainly not one of the gang of political failures waiting in the wings for 2012, will be “placed” into the presidency as in 2000, approved by the Supreme Court.

The name “Petraeus” is being bandied about but there are others.

Emergency decrees are currently being enacted or planned in a dozen states which will suspend elections.The perpetrators? A cabal of international corporations and financial institutions have formed a ruling council that will replace the current government.

  • First the trade unions will be disbanded, later their leaders will be “shunned”
  • City and country governments, all municipal boards and authorities, schools and utilities, will be placed under private control
  • Police, fire, emergency services will be privatized as have prisons in many areas already
  • Courts will be “suspended,” replaced by appointed boards that will “adjudicate” both civil and criminal issues
  • A VAT (value added tax) of 15% will be placed on all retail purchases. All Corporate taxes will be ended

George W Bush left the United States economically destroyed, its infrastructure crumbling and its reputation a shambles. Rule of law had failed at home, draconian laws subverted the rights of every American. Our standard of living plunged, home values are still in free fall and most American families have no net worth whatsoever with the majority of middle class families who once had equity in homes are now in debt.

Most American pension plans are insolvent and almost all state and municipal governments are facing having their credit rating lowered enough for their bonds to be rated as “junk.”

Moves have already been made to push many state and city governments into insolvency. The books are being “cooked” and revenues are being slashed while funds for vital services are being rerouted and held up. If an insurrection doesn’t begin with the failure of basic services, plans are there to create one. Martial law will follow. Groups are moving, “policy formulation advisors,” from state to state, pre-staging “emergencies” through sabotage of government functions.

This wasn’t an accident, it took years of careful planning.

Two moves in particular made what is coming up possible.

  1. 9/11, the “false flag” and “inside job” of all time and
  2. The Supreme Court’s bizarre decision granting political rights and citizenship to foreign owned corporations that register in the US

The intended result of these acts is the destruction of the United States and its people.

We might ask why but there is no way to find anyone who is accountable other than those who serve the foreign masters.

We are not going to be able to vote our way out of this. That right disappeared a long time ago.

Tens of thousands of Americans are protesting now. It won’t be enough, not until all of us take the first step of calling for a national strike.

Rule of law and the constitution need to be restored, but not by the pack of criminals who wormed their way into office with drug money and promises of constitutional reform.

There is a legal basis to impeach Justice Clarence Thomas immediately. That will afford the American people some immediate basic protections of their freedoms. Other justices are, we believe, equally corrupt.

The moves against the people of Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Florida and other states has to end. There is no question of the severity of this or how illegal and unconstitutional.

It is time to abandon “left” and “right” and go American only, people, not corporations.

The mass of security bureaucracies created over the past decade have to be dismembered and the network of data collection through our cell phones, computers, cars, credit card tracking, healthcare information and more has to end.

The Return Of Precious Metals And Sound Money

By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press – 3/15/2011

Well, those devious gold bugs and sound money advocates are at it again! They had the audacity to produce economic analysis that consistently outshines and embarrasses mainstream Keynesian pundits. They had the nerve to expose the seedy underpinnings of the private Federal Reserve. They even had the gall to bring the long established short manipulations of metals markets by global banks like JP Morgan and HSBC into the light of day, where anyone whose head was not buried in the dark recesses of their own colon could see and say “My god! There really is an organized cabal against gold and silver!” But if you thought all that was outrageous, these people, who promote the insane notion that our currency should actually be backed by tangible wealth and should be under the control of the voting public instead of some unaccountable parasitic corporate central bank, have now brought state legislators into the mix! The return to sound money has begun…

Thirteen states currently have proposed measures which would reinstitute the long suppressed need for a precious metals standard. Utah is the furthest ahead in this battle, its House just recently passing a bill which would make gold and silver officially recognized as legal tender within its borders. All that remains is a signature from Utah’s governor:

Colorado, Georgia, Montana, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Washington all have similar bills to that of Utah in different stages of development. Why, after decades of treating gold and silver standards like a cocktail party joke, have the states suddenly turned friendly towards the idea of commodities as currency? It makes perfect sense when you examine what is happening all around us in the world today…

Necessity Is The Mother Of Prevention

The states are broke. Not just broke, but destitute. If California had a loan shark, its knee caps would have felt the splintery sting of a Louisville Slugger years ago. Illinois would have turned to prostitution (and maybe still will). All the clawing of eyes and gnashing of teeth that went on in Wisconsin this past month over the rather tame cuts to labor union wage bargaining power is nothing compared to what many states have to look forward to when they decide to confiscate employee pensions and cut major funding to basic services like fire, and police. Some state governments know what is coming, and they are wisely moving to cushion the fall.

Legislators recognize that if municipal bond investment continues on its current downward spiral, there will be widespread defaults. These city and state bankruptcies will almost assuredly be met with offers from the Federal Reserve of a new bailout; QE3…..or QE20 (does it really matter anymore?). This bailout would not be “substantial”, it would be gargantuan! What do you get when states bring in increasingly diminished revenues while constituents demand more and more money for welfare and public services because of inflation and the subsequent rise in poverty? You get a space-time-debt singularity so volatile it stretches the very fabric of your local economy until it tears wide open, unleashing a gravity well of capital destruction similar to a double-ended tornado that snatches your money and hurls it into the upper stratosphere never to be seen again. The point is, you get yet another Fanny and Freddy; a self perpetuating never ending bailout free-for-all that fizzles only when the dollar has been thoroughly cremated, which shouldn’t be long from now.

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NYC Erased “9/11″ From Cop Death Certificate

March 30, 2011

The family of an NYPD cop who worked at the World Trade Center site and died of cancer last week said the city changed his death certificate to scrub any mention of Sept. 11.

Howard Wong told the New York Post that Officer George Wong’s hospice doctor, Lyla Coreoso, wrote “cancer” from “9/11 exposure” on his death certificate after he died last Thursday following a two-year battle with gastric cancer.

According to the Post, the medical examiner’s office later changed the cause of death to “pending.”

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Letters Claim Al-CIAda Has Nuclear Bombs Hidden Across United States, Al Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run

Anthony Freda Illustration
Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

25 letters that claim nuclear bombs are hidden throughout the United States have been sent to multiple investigators and citizens in the Chicago area.

The letter inside said, “The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160 nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches, stores, financial institutions and government buildings.” It also said, “This is a suicide mission for us,” reported CBS Chicago.

While this news may be startling to many, it is no surprise to those in the alternative media. The idea of nukes in the United States has run rampant for years, with many believing rogue elements of our government will actually use these nukes within the United States to create enough chaos to initiate a world government.

In 2002 the right wing news organization World Net Daily reported that Bin Laden had snuck over 20 suitcase nukes into the United States,
A new book by an FBI consultant on international terrorism says Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network purchased 20 suitcase nuclear weapons from former KGB agents in 1998 for $30 million.
The book,“Al Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror,” by Paul L. Williams, also says this deal was one of at least three in the last decade in which al-Qaida purchased small nuclear weapons or weapons-grade nuclear uranium.
This report was one of the first out of a long line of fear mongering reports that have been used to plant the idea of Al Qaeda nuking us into the mind of everyday American citizens.

Most remember the “missing nukes” report that broke in 2007. Apparently several nukes were lost for upwards of 36 hours after leaving U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota.

According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were “lost” for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a “cross-country journey” across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana. Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACMs) that were “lost.” The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story, reported Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya.

The idea that Al Qaeda could place over a hundred nuclear weapons into government buildings throughout the United States is 100% impossible. Cave dwelling ninjas do not have the ability to either steal or create nuclear weapons, fly them over to America, and somehow plant them in government buildings.

The fact that the Pentagon and the CIA run Al Qaeda, have dined with top “terrorist” Anwar al-Awlaki, and openly fund Al Qaeda seems to be unimportant to the corporate controlled media.

This isn’t a realistic option yet reports like this are used to trick ignorant Americans into hating Muslims even more.

This also gives elements of our government the ability to say, “told you so” if or when a nuke detonates in an American city.

Thorium Solution vs NWO Depopulation Agenda

(they evidently can't make bombs out of Thorium . . . as long as our world is run by demons, they will never use it . . .)

An obscure metal that could energize our world... It's called thorium, it's eco-friendly, and there's lots of it. Many scientists say it could even replace uranium as a nuclear power source. But despite its potential, the metal is yet to gain a foothold in the market. RT's Laura Emmett explains why...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fukushima beyond point of no return as radioactive core melts through containment vessel

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) The battle to save the Fukushima nuclear power plant now appears lost as the radioactive core from Reactor No. 2 has melted through the containment vessel and dropped into the concrete basement of the reactor structure. This is "raising fears of a major release of radiation at the site," reports The Guardian, which broke the story ( A former General Electric nuclear expert told The Guardian that Japan appears to have "lost the race" to save the reactor.

The only feasible interpretation from this analysis is that radiation emissions from Fukushima could suddenly become much greater. It is also now obvious that the radioactive fallout from Fukushima will last for decades, if not centuries.

Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan last night admitted the situation at Fukushima remains "unpredictable." Meanwhile, the presence of plutonium in soil samples is proof that the nuclear fuel rods have been compromised and are releasing material into the open atmosphere. (

But don't worry (and don't prepare)

How many times were we told over the last two weeks that the Fukushima situation was solved? How many times were we assured there was "no danger" to the world? President Obama even went out of his way to tell Americans they should not prepare for anything, since there was nothing to worry about.

Don't acquire any potassium iodide, people were told. The situation is completely under control and nuclear power is safe, clean and green!

That's the GE spin machine talking, of course, and I don't mean the spin cycle on your rusty old washing machine. It's the network of corporate lies that has characterized the nuclear power industry for at least the last three decades. And now those lies are coming back to haunt us all.

What's next: Radioactive gas

So what happens now that the fuel core from Reactor No. 2 has burned its way through the containment vessel and dropped to the concrete floor? It follows the laws of physics, of course: The super-heated nuclear fuel reacts with the concrete material in the floor, producing highly radioactive gas which now runs the risk of escaping into the atmosphere if it gets through the outer containment wall.

But that's precisely the problem, you see. The outer containment wall was partially destroyed by the original hydrogen gas explosion that rocked Reactors 2 and 3. So we may be looking at a situation right now where there is nothing in the way of a massive release of radioactive gas from Fukushima. It all has the makings of a ticking (dirty) time bomb.

Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor's Message for Japan: 'Run Away as Quickly as Possible'

AOL News

Dana Kennedy

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the long cleanup of Chernobyl, was a 35-year-old engineer at a nuclear plant in Ozersk, Russia, in April 1986 when she and 13 other scientists were told to report to the wrecked, burning plant in the northern Ukraine.

It was just four days after the world's biggest nuclear disaster spewed enormous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and forced the evacuation of 100,000 people.

Manzurova and her colleagues were among the roughly 800,000 "cleaners" or "liquidators" in charge of the removal and burial of all the contamination in what's still called the dead zone.

Natalia Manzurova
Courtesy of Natalia Manzurova
Natalia Manzurova, shown here in 1988 in the "dead zone" of the Pripyat, is one of the relatively few survivors among those directly involved in the cleanup of Chernobyl.

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Obama administration restricts findings on Gulf’s dead dolphins

Wikimedia Commons Image
Lynn Herrmann
Digital Journal

BILOXI -- The Obama administration has issued a gag order on data over the recent spike of dead dolphins, including many stillborn infants, washing up on Mississippi and Alabama shorelines, and scientists say the restriction undermines the scientific process.

An abnormal dolphin mortality this year along the Gulf coast has become part of a federal criminal investigation over last year’s BP oil spill disaster and as a result, has led the US government to clamp down on biologists’ findings, with orders to keep the results confidential.

The dolphin die-off, labeled an “unusual mortality event (UME),” resulted in wildlife biologists being contracted by the National Marine Fisheries Service to record the recent spike in dolphin deaths by collecting tissue samples and specimens for the agency, but late last month were privately ordered to keep their results under wraps.

Reuters has obtained a copy of the agency letter that states, in part: “Because of the seriousness of the legal case, no data or findings may be released, presented or discussed outside the UME investigative team without prior approval.”

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Cronyism and Dictatorship in Michigan (Video)

Activist Post

In this clip, Rachel Maddow naturally uses left-right political labeling to explain the situation. Beyond this, however, the situation in Michigan is truly as alarming as she states. The cronyism is on full display as Governor Rick Snyder will raise taxes on the backs of seniors and the poor by eliminating tax breaks, as well as income tax deductions for such things as donations to public universities. The $1.7 billion that is projected to be saved will immediately be given over to corporations as a $1.8 billion tax break, resulting in a less-than-zero benefit to the state of Michigan.

Even worse, in the case of "financial emergency" (which Snyder himself can create by cutting funding to cities and towns) the Governor becomes a de facto dictator of the state with the power to unilaterally choose his own local governments by employing financial overseers to determine fiscal health, then offer the remedy. It would be a perfect microcosm of Problem-Reaction-Solution except for the fact that there will be no need for even a reaction; it's just straight from problem to solution with the Governor of Michigan as the creator of both -- the essence of a dictatorial policy.

Maddow correctly calls this out for what it is: using a "crisis" to push an agenda that would never be accepted without the declaration of a crisis situation.

Predictably, the protests have begun, but they need to become a lot more vocal, or it won't only be a eulogy for unions being given; it will be a eulogy for the state of Michigan.

US apologizes for more Afghan 'kill team' photos

Der Spiegel/Wikimedia Commons image

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US military apologized again Monday after Rolling Stone published more photos and videos of members of an alleged rogue army unit "kill team" accused of killing Afghan civilians for sport.

A week after one soldier was jailed after striking a plea bargain to testify against the alleged ringleader, the weekly magazine published a series of graphic images and a long story including extensive detail of the allegations.

"The photos published by Rolling Stone are disturbing and in striking contrast to the standards and values of the United States Army," said a Pentagon statement.

Full story HERE

Something very wicked approaches quickly and secretly ...

. . . and if it smells like the Destroyer of old, and if it quakes like the Destroyer of old, it may just be the Destroyer of old!

Posted by Amy Evans on March 28, 2011

Survive PX

Those of you who have read the Kolbrin Bible or the Ipuwer I have mentioned several times in my posts here, know that it was described as filling the entire sky as it passed our Earth ... and that it was reported to take almost 9 days to approach & leave our planet in peace ... especially after all of the massive damage it caused during its visit.

And we all know our friendly NASA has denied knowing anything about something coming anywhere near our little planet that could in anyway be describe as the Destroyer or Wormwood or Nibiru ... but, you all know that I have posted that our friends over at StarViewerTeam, in Madrid Spain were very certain it would be here sometime this year ... well, it really does appear they were correct.

This thing is coming very quickly, and NASA has known about it for some time ... they made an Orbital Simulation for it, then filled in on the bottom file ... seemingly so it would hardly be noticed ... but, alas, it has been noticed ... and ignored!

You would think, if I were to tell our News Media about a massive something coming from deep space, that they might take a little notice ... and you'd think if I told of a massive something coming from deep space was going to come extreamly close to our planet, and to even be seen during our daylight hours, that might pay alittle more attention, and plaster it all over our TV's, and the front pages ... and you'd really think if I told them, that not only is this something coming from deep space, and every time it alligned with our Earth & Sun, our planet suffered a deadly Earthquake ... say in Chile, or New Zeland, or maybe Japan ... and also that it will have 2 more allignments ... say in September and November of this year, they may really jump off their collected rear-ends and warn the public ... right?

Well, you'd be wrong!

This something has been carefully packaged as a small Comet ... but Comets, no matter how large they may be, do not have a very strong gravitational effect on any space body they approach or pass ... we have all been taught that a Comet is nothing but a big ice ball, mixed up with rocks and dust ... but this one seems to ... and if it did in fact have the ability to cause the Chile 8.8 or the New Zeland 7. something, or the recent Japan 9.0 at the distance it was alligning on these dates, what will it be able to do, when its approaching our Earth? ... or when its very close along side our planet? ... or when its right in front of our planet ... in our same orbit? Also, what will our Sun do, when it passes close between it and our planet on its approach to our planet in September-October?

In reviewing this JPL/NASA Simulation, it struck me that this orbit, and the closeness to our planet, and the amount of days in close passage near our planet, almost matchs the account I found in the Kolbrin Bible & the Ipuwer, and the Tempest Stele of Ahmose I, and by some weird coincidense almost the same account by a Chinese Emperior in 1600BC ... nearly 3,600 years ago?

Well, you look for yourselves ... here is the URL ... ... type in c/2010 x1 and sit back and work the simulation yourself ... and you decide.

But dont take too long ... this somethig is drawing closer each day ... if nothing else happens during this approach, we only have until early September until its on our doorstep

Is this what we all have been waiting for? ... or is this something new, and do we still have to worry about 2012?

Oh, by the way ... I found out today that the Vatican has known, as StarViewerTeam said, about this something all along, and that they believe it is Nebiru ... and that they also know the Annunaki are still alive and well on it ... and get this ... they know that the Annunaki are a Warrior Race ... seems that my idea of the Destroyer attacking our planet on its last visit, may not be so far-fetched at all?


Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

(if you are the banksters, and do not completely control a country, how better to do it than to stir up a revolution, loan the money to fight it to the "rebels", then make sure the rebels win by keeping the spigot flowing with all the other resources you already own (bankster-run assets, like the US, etc.) then, when the dust settles, voilĂ ! . . .)

Dees Illustration
Economic Collapse Blog

The rebels in Libya are in the middle of a life or death civil war and Moammar Gadhafi is still in power and yet somehow the Libyan rebels have had enough time to establish a new Central Bank of Libya and form a new national oil company. Perhaps when this conflict is over those rebels can become time management consultants. They sure do get a lot done. What a skilled bunch of rebels – they can fight a war during the day and draw up a new central bank and a new national oil company at night without any outside help whatsoever. If only the rest of us were so versatile! But isn’t forming a central bank something that could be done after the civil war is over? According to Bloomberg, the Transitional National Council has “designated the Central Bank of Benghazi as a monetary authority competent in monetary policies in Libya and the appointment of a governor to the Central Bank of Libya, with a temporary headquarters in Benghazi.” Apparently someone felt that it was very important to get pesky matters such as control of the banks and control of the money supply out of the way even before a new government is formed.

Obama Raises American Hypocrisy To A Higher Level

Dees Illustration
Paul Craig Roberts

What does the world think? Obama has been using air strikes and drones against civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and probably Somalia. In his March 28 speech, Obama justified his air strikes against Libya on the grounds that the embattled ruler, Gadhafi, was using air strikes to put down a rebellion.

Gadhafi has been a black hat for as long as I can remember. If we believe the adage that “where there is smoke there is fire,” Gadhafi is probably not a nice fellow. However, there is no doubt whatsoever that the current US president and the predecessor Bush/Cheney regime have murdered many times more people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia than Gadhafi has murdered in Libya.

Moreover, Gadhafi is putting down a rebellion against state authority as presently constituted, but Obama and Bush/Cheney initiated wars of aggression based entirely on lies and deception.

Yet Gadhafi is being demonized, and Bush/Cheney/Obama are sitting on their high horse draped in cloaks of morality. Obama described himself as saving Libyans from violence while Obama himself murders Afghans, Pakistanis, and whomever else.

Indeed, the Obama regime has been torturing a US soldier, Bradley Manning, for having a moral conscience. America has degenerated to the point where having a moral conscience is evidence of anti-Americanism and “terrorist activity.”

The Bush/Cheney/Obama wars of naked aggression have bankrupted America. Joseph Stiglitz, former chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, concluded that the money wasted on the Iraq war could have been used to fix America’s Social Security problem for half a century.

Instead, the money was used to boost the obscene profits of the armament industry.

The obscene wars of aggression, the obscene profits of the offshoring corporations, and the obscene bailouts of the rich financial gangsters have left the American public with annual budget deficits of approximately $1.5 trillion. These deficits are being covered by printing money. Sooner or later, the printing presses will cause the US dollar to collapse and domestic inflation to explode. Social Security benefits will be wiped out by inflation rising more rapidly than the cost-of-living adjustments. If America survives, no one will be left but the mega-rich. Unless there is a violent revolution.

Alternatively, if the Federal Reserve puts the brake on monetary expansion, interest rates will rise, sending the economy into a deeper depression.

Washington, focused on its newest war, is oblivious to America’s peril. As Stiglitz notes, the costs of the Iraq war alone could have kept every foreclosed family in their home, provided health care for every American child, and wiped out the student loans of graduates who cannot find jobs because they have been outsoured to foreigners. However, the great democratic elected government of “the world’s only superpower” prefers to murder Muslims in order to enhance the profits of the military/security complex. More money is spent violating the constitutional rights of American air travelers than is spent in behalf of the needy.

The moral authority of the West is rapidly collapsing. When Russia, Asia, and South America look at Europe, Australia and Canada, they see American puppet states that contribute troops to the aggressive wars of the Empire. The French president, the British prime minister, the “president” of Georgia, and the rest are merely functionaries of the American Empire. The puppet rulers routinely sell out the interests and welfare of their peoples in behalf of American hegemony. And they are well rewarded for their service. One year out of office former British prime minister Tony Blair had a net worth of $30 million.

In his war against Libya, Obama has taken America one step further into Caesarism. Obama did Bush one step better and did not even bother to get congressional authorization for his attack on Libya. Obama claimed that his moral authority trumped the US Constitution. The hypocrisy reeks. How the public stands it, I do not know:
To brush aside America’s responsibility as a leader and--more profoundly--our responsibilities to our fellow human beings under such circumstances would have been a betrayal of who we are. Some nations may be able to turn a blind eye to atrocities in other countries. The United States of America is different. And as president, I refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action.
This from the Great Moral Leader who every day murders civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia and now Libya and who turns a blind eye when “the great democracy in the Middle East,” Israel, murders more Palestinians.

The American president, whose drones and air force slaughter civilians every day of the year went on to say Libya stands alone in presenting the world with “the prospect of violence on a horrific scale.” Obviously, Obama thinks that one million dead Iraqis, four million displaced Iraqis, and an unknown number of murdered Afghans is just a small thing.

The rest of Obama’s speech showed a person more capable of DoubleSpeak and DoubleThink than Big Brother and the denizens of George Orwell’s 1984.

How does a person as totally absurd as Obama expect to be taken seriously?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Globalist Bid To Ban Cars Is Part Of “Planned-Opolis” Agenda

Paul Joseph Watson
March 29, 2011

Globalist Bid To Ban Cars Is Part Of Planned Opolis Agenda 290311top
Image: Wikimedia Commons

The controversy generated by the European Commission’s announcement that it intends to ban all cars from city centers by 2050 only scratches the surface of the true tyranny that the globalists have in store for us as part of their “planned-opolis” agenda, which represents a chilling hybrid of communist and fascist control measures that will completely subjugate the population and eviscerate all traces of freedom, mobility and independence.

“Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years,” reports the London Telegraph.

Reaction to the proposal was furious, with the Association of British Drivers labeling the plan “crazy,” warning it would plunge Europe into a “new dark age”. BDA spokesman Hugh Bladon suggested its architect, Siim Kallas – Vice-President of the European Commission, should go and find himself “a space in the local mental asylum”.

UK Transport Minister Norman Baker was also forced to address the controversy, saying the EU should not be meddling in individual cities’ transport policies.

“We will not be banning cars from city centres anymore than we will be having rectangular bananas,” he said.

However, the fact that the globalists plan to ban cars as part of their effort to destroy the living standards of westerners under the contrived pretext of halting global warming is not even the half of it.

As we highlighted in January, funded by monolithic corporations and large banks, including the likes of Bank of America, Time Warner and Royal Dutch Shell, the Forum for the Future NGO released a video bragging of how the elite not only plan to ban private car ownership for all but the most wealthy, they also seek to imprison malcontents who don’t conform to the new eco-fascist system within squalid ghettos while those who do submit have every aspect of the lives controlled by super computers and a nanny state on steroids.

After we published two articles exposing the group’s hideous agenda, the Forum for the Future organization pulled the video from You Tube, presumably wary that one of the slaves had caught on (“we’ve got one that can see!”), but a mirror version was later re-uploaded by a concerned reader.

Watch the clip below.

Browbeating us about how the only solution to expensive fossil fuels is to enforce a “tightly planned and controlled” system, the infomercial (again, funded in part by oil companies like Royal Dutch Shell), goes on to tell the story of what life will be like in 2040 through the words and actions of a subservient, obedient slave named “Vee” who dutifully acquiesces to the necessity of the new way of things.

We soon begin to learn what living in the new “planned-opolis” will look like – food and water is regulated and rationed by a “Global Food Council” which seizes total control over farming. Meat is a rare treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions (mirroring precisely the conditions endured by those in Maoist China).

The state decides what your job will be with “designated career announcements,” nobody has the choice to decide their own vocation.

Movement and behavior is controlled by a calorie credit card linked to a smart phone that rations the amount of travel the citizens of “planned-opolis,” are allowed to make. Private ownership of cars will be banned for non-elitists because, “the state knows they just aren’t practical anymore.”

Of course, none of these new rules will apply to the rich elitists enforcing them on the rest of us – it’s made clear in the ad that the wealthy will still be able to roll around in CO2-belching cars whenever they like while everyone else is forced to get government permission and be allocated a time slot in which to use restricted vehicles provided by the “Slick Travel Corporation”.

“It makes so much sense doesn’t it,” insists the smiley faced slave “Vee,” who enjoys the fact that she can “switch off brain and go to work,” adding, “With this many people around I’m glad there’s a mega-computer in charge.”

Of course, for those who resist and still cling to some semblance of freedom in defiance of the state and the super-computers running the slave grid, there’s the “cry freedom ghetto,” prison camps for malcontents who are blocked from getting jobs, accessing high speed transport or the Internet.

Full article HERE

CNN Segment On Libya Titled “The New World Order”

(in your face . . .)

You Tube
March 28, 2011

CNN features a round table debate on Libya intervention entitled “The New World Order,” which features NWO acolytes Richard Haass of the CFR and Robert Kagan of PNAC, as well as Jane Harman, who mentions the work of Richard Holbrooke, a former Bilderberg / CFR diplomat.

TV Ads Normalize Thuggish TSA Behavior

(I have been noticing this in some of the commercials . . .have you?. . .sickening . .. shudda wrote an article, I guess . . .)

Kurt Nimmo
March 28, 2011

In the videos below, ad agencies attempt to portray Gestapo TSA goons in a light and comical fashion. The result of this is to excuse and normalize what a few short years ago was considered the sort of abusive activity found primarily in totalitarian police states, not republics.

Scowling TSA goons going through our luggage – and sticking their hands down our pants – is now part of the routine.

Airing propaganda masquerading as television commercials gets us accustomed to what we should find abhorrent. It reduces fascism to a Saturday Night Live skit. It sends a message – lighten up, this is part of life and the cost of doing business (as the victims in the video discover). It’ the price we pay to stop terrorists.

It should come as no surprise large transnational corporations like FedEx and AT&T find Gestapo behavior normal and something to poke fun at. Corporations have funded fascist military coups and violent takeovers around the world, most notably in Chile, Haiti, Guatemala, and elsewhere in the third world. Transnational corporations operate more effectively in police states where troublemakers are disappeared and bureaucrats easily paid off.

EU to ban cars from cities by 2050

Glimpse of the global master plan -- Wiki
Bruno Waterfield
The Telegraph

Cars will be banned from London and all other cities across Europe under a draconian EU masterplan to cut CO2 emissions by 60 per cent over the next 40 years.

The European Commission on Monday unveiled a "single European transport area" aimed at enforcing "a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers" by 2050.

The plan also envisages an end to cheap holiday flights from Britain to southern Europe with a target that over 50 per cent of all journeys above 186 miles should be by rail.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

MADNESS: Supporting Al-Qaeda in Libya (Video)

YouTube -- crabbydogtrix

Sixth study in recent months links mercury in flu shots to brain damage, autism

Ethan A. Huff
Natural News

The toxic effects of the mercury, also known in vaccines as Thimerosal, have once again been confirmed, this time by researchers from the University of Brazil. Marking the sixth major study in recent months to condemn the use of mercury in medicine, the new study reveals that mercury causes serious brain damage, and is linked to autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer's disease in adults.

Dr. Jose Dorea and his colleagues conducted an extensive, peer-reviewed analysis of various studies and available information in major databases that address the effects of low-dose Thimerosal, or ethylmercury, on neural tissue and behavior. They found conclusively that Thimerosal accumulates in brain tissue, negatively affects brain development, and harms brain cells.

"Mercury is known to cause serious harm, especially to fetuses and children because of their smaller size," said Lisa Sykes, president of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD), a non-profit group dedicated to removing mercury from medicine. "Why remove Thimerosal from pediatric vaccines only to inject it into pregnant women and children with recommended flu shots? They removed Thimerosal from other vaccines, so it should also be removed from flu shots."

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'US drops uranium bombs on Libya'

(murderous monsters . . . doing this in our name with our tax dollars . . . and as long as we go along with it, the blood is on our hands, like it or not . .. what do we do as Japan fries?? . . . spread more radiation around the world, causing death and birth defects . . . )

Sun Mar 27, 2011

US B-2 bomber

The Stop the War Coalition says the bombs and missiles that the US-led military alliance has dropped on several Libyan cities contain depleted uranium (DU).

The report recently published on the Coalition's website said that in the first 24 hours of the war on Libya, dozens of bombs and cruise missiles were launched by US, British, and French forces -- all with depleted uranium warheads.

US B-2 aircraft dropped forty-five 2,000-pound bombs on key Libyan cities, it added.

DU munitions are controversial because they raise long-term health concerns like kidney damage, cancer, skin disorders and genetic defects.

"[Depleted uranium tipped missiles] fit the description of a dirty bomb in every way... I would say that it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people," said Marion Falk, chemical physicist (retd.), Lawrence Livermore Lab in California.

The report comes as the Western forces claim the operation in Libya is aimed at protecting civilians.

Director of the US military's Joint Staff Bill Gortney has told reporters at a Pentagon briefing that he is not aware of any use of depleted uranium munitions in Libya.

Libya says at least 114 people -- many of them civilians -- have been killed in US-led airstrikes in the country.

"We are losing many lives, military and civilians," Libyan government Spokesman Mussa Ibrahim said in Tripoli.

Dozens of civilians have been killed in Libya since US-led forces launched aerial and sea attacks on the North African country.

Libyan troops have also killed thousands of civilians since a revolution started against Colonel Gaddafi in mid-February.

Libyan rebels to start oil exports soon

(why are we invading Libya?? . . . oh yeah, humanitarian mission to protect the "rebels" from the mean Gadhafi . . .)

27 March 2011

BENGHAZI, Libya: Oil fields in rebel-held territory in Libya are producing between 100,000 and 130,000 barrels a day, and the opposition plans to begin exporting oil "in less than a week", a rebel representative said on Sunday.

"We are producing about 100,000 to 130,000 barrels a day, we can easily up that to about 300,000 a day," said Ali Tarhoni, the rebel representative responsible for economy, finance and oil, at a news conference.

He said the rebel government had agreed an oil contract with Qatar, which would market the crude, and that he expected exports to begin in "less than a week".

Tarhoni said he had signed the contract with Qatar recently and that the deal would help ensure "access to liquidity in terms of foreign denominated currency".

"We contacted the oil company of Qatar and they agreed to take all the oil we export and market that oil for us," he said.

"We have an escrow account... and the money will be deposited in this account, and this way there is no middle man and we know where the money is going."

Tarhoni said the main obstacle to exporting oil would be finding shipping companies, and other representatives from the Provisional Transitional National Council opposition body have said they are having difficulty finding companies to insure oil tankers taking exports from rebel-held territory.


on Mar 26, 2011

Mainstream Censors They FEAR us, Waking Up to NWO Crimes

A television ad for that features Alex Jones' narration has been banned from broadcasting on nearly every major cable and satellite network. Its imposed blackout is due largely to its clarity and accuracy about the real current events covered in the free video it references, a video that mainstream outlets do not want people to see.

If you want to learn more and watch the FREE video the media doesn't want you to see, go to Again, this is a free video, but the truths it contains are upsetting to the establishment at large

Sunday, March 27, 2011

ELEnin Comet Is A NASA Psyop Cover For Incoming Dwarf Star

Above Top Secret

Topic started on 26-3-2011 @ 10:56 AM by PlanetXGuy

My investigation into the ELEnin Comet began in early February, 2011 amid controversy that Leonid ELEnin is '
code' for a meteor shower Extinction-Level Event that others have also started to investigate (ATS topic). I have exchanged several emails with someone posing as Leonid Elenin ( and have concluded this to be some kid answering emails as some kind of counterintelligence operation, as he was unable to answer even the simple questions on this ELEnin Comet topic to add that he hopes to make a real live reporter interview about his discovery some day in the future. Right off the bat in my investigation of this ELEnin Case, I ran across the evidence that Google had blocked out a section of Google Sky that just happens to be the same coordinates as this ELEnin Comet (5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58" = topic) near the Orion Constellation.

ELEnin NASA JPL Orbit Data

NASA came out with the orbit data for their ELEnin Comet that the Russian supposedly discovered using a remote-controlled telescope in New Mexico (article) at 4.316 AU (400+ million miles) from Earth, but amateur astronomers using telescopes cannot find his comet at less than 2 AU (Astrolpatriot @ Careful analysis of the JPL orbit data for this inbound object reveals a startling series of seeming coincidences beginning with the Earth axis shift on February 27, 2010 with the 8.8 Chile Quake that took place on a Sun/Earth/ELEnin alignment. Then we have the September 4, 2010 7.2 Christchurch, New Zealand Quake that happened on a ELEnin/Sun/Earth alignment late last summer. More recently the Earth axis shifted 4 inches at the March 11, 2011 9.0 Japan Quake that also took place on a Sun/Earth/ELEnin alignment saying this inbound object has much greater mass than any mere comet (Video). This Event Timeline (GLP link) was drafted using the NASA JPL orbit data for their ELEnin Comet.

Evidence of a 10th planet began to surface back in January of 1983 with this New York Times article (story) thought at the time to be Planet X. The Wiki general information for a brown dwarf star (link) indicates that these objects are very difficult to see. Most people seem to think that a dwarf star of great mass would be visible if using the ELEnin orbit/flight path, but LUCUS explains why we cannot yet see this inbound object in the first video here. Apparently the combination of being super-cold and containment within a massive gravity well provides the dwarf star with a cloak of invisibility, because the star absorbs light and the gravity well creates a phenomena called Gravitational Lensing (link) that bends light and allows you to see the stars in the distance. The NASA orbit data says this comet reaches perigee in the center of orbit nearest the Sun on September 11, 2011, or exactly ten years after the 9/11 Attacks. The data says third conjunction is November 22, 2011 on the day Rothschild murdered JFK (Video).

The whole solar system is heating up (ATS topic), the Sun is becoming active (link) and earth change events are becoming more frequent with greater intensity with increased global warming, volcanoes, earthquakes, rogue tides, sinking islands, magnetic pole migration, mass animal deaths and much more (GLP topic). Many fail to realize that while the 9.0 Japan Quake shifted Earth axis 4 inches at the ELEnin alignment, the water tables reportedly rose in Florida like with the 8.8 Chile Quake that shifted Earth axis last year (story). March 11, 2011 is the same time that Texas aquifers fluctuated with the 9.0 Japan Quake, which now seems more likely to be caused by the Sun/Earth/ELEnin alignment than an earthquake halfway around the world. In fact, earth change events appear to be escalating (like earth wobble) with the approach of the ELEnin object (Video).

Then we arrive at the fact that Greenland experienced sunrise two days early (story), which is a great sign that something is off with Earth orbit. LUCUS explains how the approach of a brown dwarf star answers a lot of questions (link) about what is happening all around us that others simply cannot begin to answer. While I expect those blinded by Normalcy Bias (Wiki and shills) to fill this topic with denial, denial, denial, that is easily answered with one-sentence statements, someone please post a reporter interview of Leonid ELEnin with recent pictures of his comet discovery. That should be a simple task since his comet is now less than 2 AU from Earth.

When the reader finally wakes up to what is really happening, then you may want to identify Planet X Safe Zones (topic). FEMA is buying billions in food (story) for the Elite and prepping without you right now as we speak ...


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?