Saturday, June 27, 2015

This is the Spice Which Prevents the Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain


Nowadays, fluoride can be found almost everywhere, starting from antibiotics, from drinking water to toothpaste, etc.

The neurotoxin fluoride has been the main topic of many academic debates with decades, and has now become an object of numerous controversies among general public. For the first time, it was used in drinking water in Russia. A lot of people from around the world, mostly from the fluoride regions in USA, have begun to organize, on a local and state level, an overthrow of this omnipresent toxin in drinking water.

A new study, published in the magazine “Pharmacognosy”, titled: “Curcumin attenuates neurotoxicity induced by fluoride” gives an experimental support for the claim that fluoride is actually a substance which damages the brain.

The authors of the study are researchers from the Zoology department of the University of Science Ml Sukhadia, and the University Udaipur from India, who passed the previous decade in researching and found out that fluoride really causes serious, neurodegenerative changes in the mammals’ brains, i.e. in the hippocampus’s cages and the cerebral cortex.

According to these studies, the fluoride is the first nonorganic ion that attracts the scientific world with its toxic effects and its F toxicity which is transmitted through drinking water and this is considered to be a global issue. The effect on health, found during the reports for the F exposure, includes different cancer types, negative reproductive activities, cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

The study focuses on the fluoride caused by neurotoxicity, identification of the exitoxicity –stimulation of the neuron to a death point and the oxidative stress as the two main culprits for neurodegeneration. This is noted since the subjects with the condition known as fluorosis, and stains on the teeth enamel caused from overexposure to flour during the teeth development, also have neurodegenerative changes connected with a form of the oxidative stress known as “lipid peroxidation”. The surplus lipids in the brain can lead to decrease in the overall phospholipid content.

Thanks to these well known mechanisms of the fluoride connected with neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration, the researchers were able to identify the basic polyphenol in the spice TURMERIC– a spice which prevents the fluoride from destroying your brain!

The previous researches of the turmeric, have established it as an antioxidant in 3 different ways and it can protect from: Molecular oxygen, hydroxyl radicals and damaging of the super oxide radicals.

Also, turmeric helps in the increase of the endogenous glutathione and its production in the brain, and moreover it reacts as an excellent antioxidant which protects the immune system of the organism.

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