Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mexico's New Biometric Identity Card For All by 2012

The National Identity Card includes Complete Biometrics of all school children and adults by 2012.

Alexander Backman
Coup Media

Councilors and legislators involved in the matter were unaware of the terms of the presidential decree published today in the Official Journal of the Federation (the official paper where laws are made public), despite the refusal from congressmen, the IFE (Federal Election Institute, CNDH (Nation Human Rights Commission) and the IFAI (the Mexican equivalent to the FOIA).

Consejeros y legisladores, involucrados en este tema, desconocían hasta esta tarde los términos y alcances de este decreto publicado hoy en el Diario Oficial de la Federación. Councilors and legislators involved in the issue were unaware until this afternoon as to the terms and scope of the decree published today in the Official Journal of the Federation. "We are analyzing the document and according to preliminary data this seems to be an act of war from the Executive who clearly has earned the sense of being authoritarian," said Rep. Canek Vázquez, chairman of the panel that examines the issue of the identity card.

[In your face people! They did not know of this decree. Yeah sure! So, here they are accepting that Fecazi is an act of war on the people. The term ‘albazo’ in Spanish refers to just that as staed by Congressman Vázquez. (Follow link http://es.thefreedictionary.com/albazo). And yes, Vazquez finally says that Calderon is a Dictator of a Fascist State. A mini Franco, a mini Hitler, a psychopath that has to be removed from power by the good elements within our Armed Forces that believe in the Constitution and are willing to do the right thing.]

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