Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homeland Security Grants Will Put Unmanned Surveillance Helicopters Over Super Bowl

Activist Post

Editor's Note: In 2007 it was revealed that unmanned drones were slated to watch over America, but it has remained somewhat secretive; confined mainly to border control. Now, the full rollout appears to be at hand as one of the world's most watched events will have drone helicopters circling Arlington stadium, as well as "bomb robots" on the ground. This is whole new level of militarization that goes beyond the mere presence of soldiers at major events to acclimate the public to a total police state.

Ken Kalthoff -- NBC - DFW

Two years of planning have produced a comprehensive plan for North Texas Super Bowl security, officials said Friday.

The plan is intended to safeguard locations around the region when an estimated 200,000 visitors join local residents at hundreds of events during the week of the February 6th Super Bowl.

Officials with a dozen federal, state and local law enforcement agencies demonstrated parts of the plan Friday in an Arlington parking lot near Cowboys Stadium where the game will be played.

"Not one agency, not one city could do this alone, and so it takes an incredible amount of coordination, preparation and planning," Assistant Arlington Police Chief James Hawthorne said.

Included in the demonstration was everything from high tech to horses.

Arlington Police have acquired some new equipment with homeland security grants including unmanned helicopters to watch over the stadium site.


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

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