Monday, January 24, 2011

Maybe We Should Make This Man a U.S. Citizen and Elect Him to Congress

What we need in America are Statesmen (and women), not politicians. And, while we can’t give Mr. Nigel Farage, UK’s representative to the EU Parliament, automatic citizenship and then elect him to our Congress, perhaps his words and actions will one day serve as inspiration for the next generation of America’s Congressional representatives.

In this short address to the EU Parliament Mr. Farage once again points out how government control of our so-called free market economy leads, not to liberty and happiness for the common man, but rather, “chaos, discord and misery for millions.”

He might as well be speaking to the American people and our own Congress, as it is becoming abundantly clear that our government, central banks and policy makers engage in very much the same activities right here in the U.S.A.

Flashback: Nigel Farage to EU President: “Who are you? We don’t know you; we don’t want you”

Author: Mac Slavo
Date: January 22nd, 2011
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