Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HAARP, Planet X or New Madrid NLE Drill?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Preparations for the Inevitable
Facts Figures and Speculation

In my frequent discussions regarding the "when" part of the next big event, there surfaces much evidence to indicate something significant may break before the "Sign of the Son of Man" appears in the sky. And my disclaimer will remain in place. God has everything in control. I never forget that God always reserves the right to humiliate the enemy. Time and time again we hear testimonies of those close to the "elite" with consistent reports on how "they" are behind schedule. To the best of my recollection, I have heard the "behind schedule" report as far back as the early part of this decade.

We have a number of events that appear they are about to unfold. Everyone knows the financial collapse is imminent. Most of us have figured out by now that China will assume the assets of the United States. Seismic disturbances are at an "all time high" (and THAT'S an understatement). Magnetic North is shifting. Ice shelves in the Antarctic are disappearing (and have been for years now). Reports of troop buildups continue. Supposedly Fort Bragg is in some sort of a "lock down" as of recent. World War III is a push of a button away. Obama is travelling to all kinds of near and far East mystical locations for some type of indoctrination events (India as of recent, with allegations that will be an epicenter for "the arrival"). Reports of "dimensional portals" opening up all over the place.


No one knows for sure when this will all break. I have been assured that our "rescue mission" will pull those of us found worthy to escape these things" out of the way before things get "bad". But what exactly does "bad" mean?

When the first verse of Revelation says,

The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants — things which must shortly take place.

What it actually means, is that these "things" will happen in "rapid fire succession. Which makes sense because otherwise how could Jesus come like a "thief in the night" ... right? Seems to me everyone will have to be caught "off guard". And with the things that are clearly "brewing on the horizon" it certainly appears this will be precisely what will happen.

Keep in PRAISE, and pray always, you will be counted worthy to escape these things and stand before the Son of Man.

New Madrid, HAARP, Seismic Hazards, and Sudden Catastrophic Climate Change

It appears there was more than one reason (as usual) for the Banking "bail outs". As with virtually all of the Luciferian "cabal's" plans, they tend to knock out as many "birds with one stone" as is possible. These "behind schedule" preparations for 2012 cost Billions. And they have those Billions from our pockets without touching a penny of the "Olympian's" (Committee of 300) TRILLIONS in "net worth".

But it makes sense since, by virtue of the orchestrated housing collapse, "they" are also achieving the goals of poverty, homelessness, confusion, distraction and financial chaos. I read the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" many years ago, and studied their origins for a long time. Do not be deceived, they are not written by Jews, they are written by "the Synagogue of Satan"; and this includes Luciferian "blood sacrifice" freaks of many nationalities. In fact, the Protocols have roots back to the Zohar from the Babylonian Talmud.

This is all about an onslaught against mankind by the "forces of darkness".

We are all being victimized. The bloodline of Adam, in its entirety (including the "gentiles" grafted onto the "olive tree"), are all primary targets. But that comes later. For now it's more about CONTROL and overall population reduction, which it seems they will achieve in more ways than one. With what's coming, it looks like the FEMA camps will definitely be needed, because no doubt "all Hell" is going to break loose - one way or the other.

Digisonde Used for Triangulating HAARP

Map of Digisonde HAARP Triangulation Devices

Mike Beckham is being used by the Lord right now. He has a growing and sizable Internet presence and it is being accessed at an all time high. Mike's web site and You Tube channel are called "Patriot Space".

His web site can be found here:

His You Tube Channel can be found here:

I praise God for Mike Beckham. In Jesus name, I ask every reader of this web site to lift him up to the Lord in prayer. Mike and I have been talking on the phone here and there. When things start to get "really heavy" he gives me a call. Well things are getting heavy for certain.

Above you see a global map of Digisonde Triangulation devices. These little gems are used to "pin-point" the location of HAARP energy at particular locations.

For detailed information on Digisonde, you can read the article entitled:

Birds, HAARP and New Madrid here:

Global Seismic Fault Map

Global Seismic Hazard Map

Here you see a worldwide Seismic Hazards map. It is easy to see that the Digisonde HAARP triangulation sensors are located close to many of these places. I do find it interesting that a number of them are also located at places where large faults are not evident in this map. So it is reasonable to estimate that there will be places targeted that are "diverse" in nature and are not prone to earthquakes, which lines up precisely with Jesus' warning.

Correlation of Recent News

Correlated Map of Events

Here you see notated map showing the likely flood zones that would occur in the event of either "Global Catastrophic Climate Change", a Nuclear event, or a coordinated HAARP event triggering a massive New Madrid earthquake. Some estimate a large New Madrid earthquake may be in the range of a 9 on a Richter scale, which is unheard of. (Original map graphics, credit Stan Deyo, http://www.standeyo.com/)

Mysterious Crack in the Earth in Michigan

You will note on this map at the top, the location of the recent "Crack in the Earth" that occurred in Michigan.

Subsequent reports have surfaced saying that "steam" of some sort is rising from this break in the earth's crust. It is likely this is the upper segment of the New Madrid fault beginning to "give way". Never mind the reports from Yellow Stone and the GPS failures in the South East. Wow.

In the middle of the map above, you see another red X indicating the epicenter of the New Madrid fault.

And further down you see another red X indicating the approximate location of the Deepwater Horizon Oil rig blowout (or "Oil Volcano").

It takes little work to uncover that the earth's crust miles around the Deepwater Horizon event is "bubbling and cracking" as the strata continues to "give way". There are web sites and You Tube channels that are dedicated to watching this as it continues to unfold.

There is little doubt that, one way or the other, the New Madrid event is certainly going to happen. When is anyone's guess. However Mr. Beckham is doing the right thing by pointing out that it could be as soon as May, since a FEMA National Level Exercise is planned that same month. And it's no coincidence the "drill" scenario is 100% focused on a New Madrid "mack-daddy" event.

The Vantage FEMA Coffin Company

Here below you see the Vantage Products Corporation.

Vantage Products Company

In a prior article (gosh probably well over a year ago) I showed the actual Patent for these things. The name of the patent was "Cremation Container for Cadaver" and shows a man laying inside of one. This information has also been covered extensively by Alex Jones and highlighted in a recent episode of "Conspiracy Theory" (but it's not "theory").

Above you will note a new term this company has embraced. They call themselves "DEATHCARE PROFESSIONALS". WOW. Never mind the "pyramids of the All Seeing Eye" in their logo. And I find it a most interesting "coincidence" they mention a "changing landscape" in the introduction to their new FEMA coffin product line.

Great job finding this Mr. Beckham. This "SAY'S IT ALL".

Mounting Evidence

I recommend you take the time to watch Mr. Beckham's You Tube reports. Open the right side of his You Tube channel and look for video's entitled PROOF, MORE PROOF, PT4, 5 etc. I am not covering this as extensively as he is, and he is "on target".

FEMA has released RFI's for the purchase of:
  • Millions of Emergency Blankets
  • Millions meals of MRI's and Non-Perishable Food
  • Underwater "body bags" for the "collection of bodies and body parts
  • And Hydration Supplies for Disaster Relief

Here are some of the links to show these RFIs.

RFI - Blankets for Disaster Relief


99 -- Request For Information - Underwater Body Bags


89 -- RFI for Pre-Packaged Commercial Meals


Here is an excerpt from one of these requests.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) procures and stores pre-packaged commercial meals to support readiness capability for immediate distribution to disaster survivors routinely. The purpose of this Request for Information is to identify sources of supply for meals in support of disaster relief efforts based on a catastrophic disaster event within the New Madrid Fault System for a survivor population of 7M to be utilized for the sustainment of life during a 10-day period of operations. FEMA is considering the following specifications (14M meals per day)
Here below is a VonHelton video on You Tube that suggests that there has been a lock down of troops at Fort Bragg (thanks Martin).


Summary in Jesus Name

Praise Jesus time is so short. Praise God for Mike Beckham and his hard work. And a special thanks to all of Tribulation-Now email List members for keeping me up-to-date on these events while I work on other articles and research.

Without all of us working together as a team, it would not be possible to collect and communicate such a VAST amount of diverse information.

Please don't lose sight of what's important. God is in control, and this is about YOUR REDEMPTION. I know it's super-hard to "let go" of "life on this earth", but sooner or later you will have no choice. One way or the other, you will have to "pay your taxes" and "pass on" ... right? So make sure you are "ready" to BE WITH JESUS and his awesome team of "Elite Angel Messengers".

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The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?