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What Was The "Madness in the Fast Lane" (BBC Documentary, 2010)?

(see what you think! . . . . watch the first video, I think you will be amazed . . .. most will be able to rationally explain it away to themselves, and that's fine by me . . . ;- )

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A BBC documentary "Madness in the Fast Lane" was aired on 10th August 2010 about an incident which happened in May 2008. The whole story is quite bizarre - and deeply troubling.

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It seems they were on their way from Liverpool to London - from Ireland and the driver of their coach got suspicious and refused to let them back on the coach. What were they going to do in London?

(This sort of reminds me of part of the film "V for Vendetta" - which features a superhuman indestructible person (who turns against his creators and tries to show people they're being lied to etc).

The photo of Sabina Eriksson is rather striking. We hear stories about "super soldiers" and what not - were they going to do something significant in London? We may never know. But this really looks like an extreme form of mind control and some kind of "triggering" seems to have been involved. i.e. almost as soon as they see the police, they seem to have a sudden "death wish".

How did these women survive? It's quite bizarre.

Was this some kind of disclosure? Some kind of "set up" with the BBC? Are there, as Miles Johnston suggests below, subliminal elements in the documentary itself?

Perhaps we should alert the authorities to investigate this woman further when she comes to be released....

More details below - as ever, make of it what you will...

Notes from Miles Johnston

I received these notes from Miles, and he also referred me to interviews he had posted on YouTube. He has also recorded a short commentary:

Ref:- Madness in the Fast lane


From:- Miles Johnston

Investigative Researcher


Project Mannequin


August 11th 2010

Dear ---

This excellent documentary illustrates clearly issues regarding Mind Control, and the Super Soldier programmes, illustrated by a number of witnesses to very Highly Disturbing data being released, over the last 15 or more years by Barry king and James Casbolt. I remain the ONLY researcher to get them on video, which is available via my underground video series “BASES”

This is HIGHLY disturbing, and is EXACTLY what Casbolt and King talk about.

In Brief, I note:- The notes below are just a set of pointers.

These women scream "They will take our organs". Sabrina is familiar with the Cells, look the way she behaves.

They have been underground, and may be part of the Monarch/Mannequin programs, or something similar.

This is possible evidence of the Generated Life Forms, the theft of organs, and the underground labs perhaps?! REF:- BASES

Their Behaviour is "SELF TERMINATE", "Don't get Captured."

Its important the man she killed was ex RAF.

If he told her he was RAF, there is no surprise she killed him.

The RAF are involved with this super soldier programme. See RAF Welford and PEASEMORE.

Abductees, or MIL-ABS are treated terribly by their military captures, and it is no surprise Sabrina reacted by killing him, so fast, and so effectively. The Police man being “nice talked” would have been in similar danger, if she got a weapon. She was on programme at all times. She will be perfectly safe, if De-Programmed.

These women can be treated in the most terrifying way to induce the mind state they are programmed in.

See Cathy O’Brien, TRANCE-Formation.

I would be willing to provide any further data, as these two women are clear examples of this programme:-

The involvement of selected children abducted for mind control, and use in super soldier programmes, possibly Off Planet(YES OFF PLANET), and with other nonhumans. (Generated Life Forms)

Their extreme strength is an example of how immensely strong the human body can be, but also their “Self terminate” commands, so familiar with Mind Control super soldiers, when “captured”. (See the 7-7 bombers who self terminated, or were terminated by destroying the brain, or destruction of the head, as you can see this woman required 6 or more people to be subdued).

But when she saw the camera, she screamed Help. It seems they are doing this with a highly complex set of commands, to get data out to a Film Crew.

That’s why she screamed help, when she was aware of being on camera, knowing the Police were capturing her again. Their behaviour was completely rational based on the circumstances they believed they were in. These police were being used by their program controllers, who probably sent them on this mission in the first place.

They at all times responded to the TV cameras, and motor way cameras.

This is a Demonstration of power, by their controllers.

Imagine a massive army of these women, able to survive such injuries and still fight.

I suggest you wake up on this big time.

Check out my You Tube site “megawatts1066”, BASES One 2010 edit, BASES 2 Take 2, and Bases 4 part 1, James Casbolt, and Dave M, in BASES 7. See Also Coma Hospitals, where people die over bight, and we believe their bodies are used for organ stealing . Thus why one of the women called out about “They will take Our Organs”. The woman I interviewed describes how FIVE people died in her ward in ONE night, from superficial injuries. She only survived by luck.

This case is a window into the terrifying issues of Mind Control, the use of cloned “Programmable Life Forms”.

Where is the sister in the US? CORK, and US are pointers to ET events, and NSA Mind Control issues involving Non Humans. Cork has a major connection with UFO events, off the coast at Bantry, and Cork Harbour itself.

It could be these two women have been specifically directed to Demonstrate this programme, in clear plane site.

This is a huge alarm bell, you need to investigate.

If you are not already in the project, and doing so by making this programme, as noted in your use of lights, flash images and soft focus.

In many respects this programme is loaded with programming imagery.

Thus I suspect it strongly.

Miles Johnston
Full article HERE


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