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Woman who provided 65,000 abortions calls killing of unborn a “sacrament” and a “blessing”

Patricia Baird-Windle
Patricia Baird-Windle

On August 29, 1999, Florida Today’s editorial page editor Pam Platt interviewed an abortion provider in Florida named Patricia Baird-Windle, 64, on the occasion of her retirement after 23 years and 65,000 legal abortions as the owner of the Aware Woman Center for Choice abortion clinics in Melbourne, Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, FL.

In its article, Florida Today extolled the baby-killer as “one of the stalwarts on the front lines of the abortion wars.”

Here are excerpts of what Baird-Windle said in the interview (via
“I now consider abortion to be a major blessing, and to be a sacrament in the hands of women.” 
“Now that there’s no longer the need for children to work farms and in factories, we should recognize that women should always have the absolute right to say when and where and how they are going to be a parent.” 
“This [abortion] is perhaps the biggest social change ever in women’s lives. Many personality types don’t like change at all, and this particular change, one that clearly places the power in the woman’s hands, is just desperately upsetting to the authoritarian male and some females.” 
[Asked whether she sees herself as what opponents of abortion call her, a baby-killer who fosters a culture of death and who provides abortion for money, Baird-Windle said] “Not for one New York minute. (Laughs.) I knew better. A. I know how stupid they are. B. I know how venal they are.” 
[Asked whether she ever thinks providing abortion is wrong or immoral, and how she sleeps at night, Baird-Windle said] “If you’re referring ‘sleep at night’ to any form of guilt, there is no form of guilt when you know what you’re doing is giving a woman power over her life, and when she’s doing the right thing.” 
[Asked whether it is possible to find common ground with her opponents, Baird-Windle said] “The reason it is not possible in largest measure is because they have allowed with the killing and the torment tactics all of the moderates in their field to leave their field. They hear no moderate voices anymore. They hear nothing, see nothing, but the acts and voices of extremists.” 
“I had a fabulous career. And every abortion and every contraceptive delivered … was a victory.”
At least two Melbourne pro-lifers overheard Baird-Windle say at a Christmas party, “You practice your religion and let me practice mine” and “My religion is a holy ritual child sacrifice.” She also claimed to be “a Goddess.” Windle later denied making these comments. On another occasion, however, she admitted making those comments but said they were in jest. (Source: forerunner)
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