Friday, July 24, 2015

Chattanooga Recruitment Center Shooting Victim Also Died In Iraq In 2004

If this doesn't awaken you then there is no hope for you

 Jul 23, 2015

[ video description ]    I respect all opinions. This is the information I found, you be the judge. Here are the links so you can verify the information yourself. Watch the FOX news video all the way through, is this how they are getting laws passed, by tricking us all? Faking deaths, etc. In my opinion, neither "Larry" nor "Skip" nor "Thomas" ever died, he is a CIA agent working towards an agenda by tricking us ALL...
So here are the links, as well as some additional verifiable links.

The picture on this website is not a picture of Thomas, it is 2 pictures of the founder of the page (Bill) careful not to get that confused

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