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Jade Helm Terror Brutality Already Crippling Targeted Individuals: Aussie Confesses Darkest Secrets

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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
Monday, July 13, 2015

An Australian targeted individual’s (TI) account Monday exposes what many fear Jade Helm is about. He has compiled what his says his experiences have been as subject of the type of covert program at the root of Jade Helm so much, it behooves the reader to take note, regardless of or perhaps especially because of the high-tech weapons mind-control effects he describes. They are the same as hundreds of thousands of other innocent, self-identified targeted individuals report. They are the same as many TIs described before their untimely deaths. [Deborah Dupré has written about some of those who did not survive the program's covert torture.]

“I sent a series of human rights activist emails to public authorities and forums beginning in 2003 up to 2006,” John Finch from Victoria says, describing what many TI activists do in their struggle to gain recognition and advocacy. Finch believes he came to the attention of an extremist U.S. security organization in 2004 after exercising his democratic right to free speech.

“Since then, I’ve had my human rights, liberty and privacy completely violated and all aspects and degrees of his human freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health savagely attacked.”

Finch says he has been tortured to the point of being deformed. Furthermore, according to Finch’s account, perpetrators in the program have capacity to and are employing the following covert, mainly technological assaults:
  • Place human subject under ceaseless satellite surveillance, regardless of where he/she is.
  • Via satellite, ceaselessly monitor human brain, including thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image reading, through ‘Remote Neural Monitoring’ (RNM).
  • Ceaselessly attack the human brain via satellite with voices, noises, other disturbances, images and ‘virtual-reality scenarios’; and override, control, and alter consciousness through ‘Electronic Brain Link (EBL)’. 
  • Directly abuse, torture, assault, and interfere with bodies, including performing advanced medical procedures via satellite.
  • Directly interfere with personal electronics, alter, insert etc. data, files, communications and legal evidence even during transmission via satellite.
  • Make live TV, radio, and other screens/monitors two-way for surveillance, invasion of privacy, deception, traumatisation etc.
  • Control information flow and orchestrate media globally.
Seems too far-fetched? In this week’s article, TI Victory: Mainstream TV Exposes Mind Control Human Rights Abuses of Targeted Individuals, the sophisticated technology used in the torturous treatment applied to TIs is addressed, as it was on Russia Today this week.

Finch says that through the above list of activities:

1. Surveillance
For over ten years, Finch has been under 24/7 Orwellian surveillance, – everywhere he goes.
“Since 2004, my brain, body, physical space and privacy have been ceaselessly monitored, including thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image reading,” Finch explained Monday. “I have been under this extremely traumatizing, Orwellian surveillance and interference – and then extremely brutally and hard-core tortured and deformed since 2004.” Finch says that during the past eleven years, his psychological, mental, intellectual and physical states, actions, thinking, imaginations, and words have been exploited and publicly exhibited via the internet as well as the TV and radio.

2. Enhanced interrogation/torture
Finch says he’s been subjected to sleep deprivation, sensory overload, and “mind-*uck” torture. Under subsequent intensive neurological ‘mind-control’, his experiences included:
  • witnessing suicide of ‘King of Thailand’ and a cutting off of his friend’s brother’s legs
  • saving many women’s ‘souls’ from death, and many countries from nuclear attack
  • a ‘ritual abuse wedding’ in which ‘Queens of Norway and Sweden’ participated
  • a fictitious relationship with ‘Princesses of Norway and Thailand’ and “some other illusory women”
  • a ‘road trip’ escaping ‘USA army killers and blackmailers’, ‘Asian mafia/dragon killers’ among others; and participating in fake psychoanalysis and personality analysis sessions; and doing Q & A-type interviews on diverse socio-political subjects.

3. “Voice to Skull” neurophonics
Perpetrators’ voices are forced directly into Finch’s brain, he says. The perpetrators aggressively and relentlessly psychologically attack, denigrate, interrogate, undermine, mob and bait Finch, he says. “The mind control attacks as “voice attacks forced directly into my butchered, mangled brain.” Finch says the voice to skull-type mind control assaults “take the form of a running attack with a personally codified system of comments and responses to my thoughts, activities, social and psychological state, and biorhythms – both straightforwardly and with many different disorienting, infuriating and distorting effects. This sensory and mental torture and attack directly into my brain has varied from extreme causing near-complete mental breakdown and desperation, to loud, intensive and continuous, to milder, and has included numerous mock-executions. According to Finch, it is all completely and totally “unignorable and inescapable”.

“The ‘circuits’ are always open – my brain, body and physical space are ceaselessly brutally violated, monitored and interfered with – and forced into reaction and response – 24 hours a day. It’s a brutal, technological, inescapable ‘Iago-bullshit-hell-machine’. “I literally haven’t had a single minutes mental rest, relaxation or privacy since 2005 – not a single minute.”

4. Continually subjected to neurological experimentation
Finch’s account gets worse, albeit little different to what thousands of TIs globally are reporting. As many others, he says he has ceaselessly been subjected to multiple nightly neurological experiments and interventions.

“Whilst ‘sleeping’ artificial ‘virtual-reality scenarios’ (like little ‘You-Tube’ videos or cartoons or slideshows) are forced into my brain and therein processed/experienced,” he explains. “Night after night after night – every single night since 2005 – 3,4,5,6,7 or more times per night. I have been on this sleep and brain control regime and I haven’t had a natural, uncontrolled nights sleep since 2005.

“Often my brain processing/experiencing these “virtual-reality scenarios” is transmitted and exhibited by these Mengele butchers pretending to do “science”. Their ability to do this required extensive and very brutal neutralization and engineering of my normal, healthy brain – in order to effect a kind of ‘tabula-rasa’ to use as a ‘player’ – for them to be able to force in their ‘codes’ and ‘play’ their ‘virtual-reality scenarios’. This has resulted in mentally and psycho-physiologically exhausting, degrading and deforming me.

5. Pain and experimentation
Finch says that relentlessly, he has been subjected to “deep, hardcore and other neurological attacks on his brain, creating a lasting lobotomized effect – often similar to being sledge-hammered, repeatedly stabbed, roasted, fan-forced micro waved, blow-torched, axed, bombed etc. in and across the brain, almost every single night since 2005, mostly multiple times, and sometimes for hours and hours at a time – all night, all afternoon.

“My whole creativity, ‘raw material’, senses, sensibility, feelings, thought, speech, intelligence, imagination, emotions and organic health, range, depth and potential have been completely degraded, butchered, mangled, wasted and/or destroyed. Repeatedly subjected to multiple other experiments and interventions on other areas of my brain.

6. Electrical abuse
Repeatedly and relentlessly – every single day and night, Finch has been subjected to electrical abuse and torture on his genitals, crotch, reproductive system, glands and lymph system. Again, these covert, electronic sexual assaults might sound far-fetched to the causal observer. They are, however, among the most common of all assaults that TIs describe.

“Electric currents are applied to my genitals, crotch and reproductive system at different intensities and positions, often continuously for extended periods of time. This ranges from mildly disturbing to extremely torturous,” Finch states. “The cumulative affect is sickening and constant mental and physical tension and aggravation. This electrical abuse and torture on the genitals, crotch and reproductive system is applied at any time of the day or night.

He says he’s awakened by the application of electric currents to his genitals, crotch and reproductive system – night after night after night. Often, he’s given erections in coordination with the brain butchery, and occasionally voided of semen (my sperm production has been stopped).

“I am being used, experimented upon and butchered like a lab rat,” Finch says. “My genitals have been liposuctioned, collagened, vasectomied, and my scrotum subjected to repeated reductions and enlargements. I have also been anally raped and interfered with numerous times.

7. Internally heated, electrocuted
“My stomach, glands, abdomen, intestines, lymph system and other internal organs are also being continuously, repeatedly and intensively heated and electrocuted,” he says, adding they are being “cooked/burnt-out, similar to being stabbed, roasted, micro waved, blow-torched… hour upon hour or all night and/or much of the day.

“My heart, chest, neck, lower back, back, diaphragm and all over my body. My torso, face and buttocks have been liposuctioned 2 or 3 times. My nipples are often electrocuted. Also in an extremely painful operation they put my spine out of alignment and did extensive nerve reconfiguration work in my spine and lower back throwing my whole body out of alignment – lower back, pelvis, hips, muscles, limbs, balance etc.”

Since 2005, he says, “Huge – 10,000s of hours – amounts of electricity have been pumped through my body and brain by these Nazi butchers.”

Finch believes his treatment this is an attempt to ‘re-engineer’ or ‘render’ his brain and body. He says it has seriously degraded his senses, sensibility and mental, psychological and physical strength, range, quality and depth.

“My brain has been reduced in power, quality and function by at least 70%. All my ‘raw materials’, psycho-physiological powers, energy, amorphous, undeveloped and latent thoughts, memories, emotions, passions, and feelings degraded, burnt-out and/or destroyed.

“My chest has been sunken, my lungs collapsed, my heart and muscles atrophied, my circulation and metabolism slowed, my stomach expanded and deformed, my genitals mutilated and deformed, and my body-shape completely altered and deformed.”

8. Various other odd torturous applications and dirty tricks
Finch says he is subjected to various other mental, physical and social tortures, degradations and dirty tricks. This includes having his privacy invaded by, and being extensively publicly exhibited via, internet, TV and Radio.

“Since 2004, whenever I turn on the TV or Radio, if it’s live, I am linked to the broadcasting source. It happens any time I see or hear a live broadcast, no matter where I am. It completely ruins live TV and radio – as you are actually like being in a video-conference – so it’s hard to remain impassive or unaffected – especially whilst being tortured.”

This invasion of his privacy and his torture and abuse has been witnessed by many Australian and overseas newscasters, he says.

“Thoughts and images from my deformed, mutilated brain and and lab-rat life have been ‘brain-broadcasted’ to the journalists etc. on TV and Radio – and often presented to them as if it was the workings of my normal brain/mind – also a lot of disinformation and misrepresentation has been ‘fed’ to them. This has often resulted in some of them – both advertently and inadvertently – actually actively participating in the torture and aggravation.

“Some, I believe, have actually been encouraged to elicit responses from my lab-rat brain and thereby to assist in and facilitate the butchering of my brain and senses to fit these Nazi technologies and horrendous violations.”

“The media has been flooded with dehumanizing, ridiculous ‘Psychological-Operations’, parodies and caricatures of Finch, his family and life– as at the same time they are parasiting, torturing and organically destroying me, they are constructing a fiction about ‘me’ and ceaselessly, idiotically, making what they pretend to be valid psychological and social observations about ‘me’, my life and family.”

This has been done through what he and others call 2-WAY TV, abuse another Australian, Paul Baird details on his website.

9. Family, friends and colleagues also attacked:
Between 2005 and 2008, Finch’s mother, sisters and other family members have been neurologically attacked/surgically mutilated, and both parents and other family members have been anally raped using Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons, causing them profound mental and physical ill-effects and degradation, and profound organic impairment and disruption, he claims. He also says that since 2005, many colleagues, acquaintances, friends or simply anyone who came in contact with him daily were also neurologically attacked/surgically mutilated, and/or anally raped using DEWs, causing them profound mental and physical ill-effects and degradation, and profound organic impairment and disruption. “Literally over 200 people between 2005 through 2009,” he says.

10. Organized Stalking/Mobbed
“I have been relentlessly subjected to Organized Stalking/Mobbing.” This multi-stalking abuse typically deployed against TIs consists of intense and highly organized persecution with such frequent harassment, most targets eventually boycott professional and leisure activities. That in turn, isolates the target so perpetrators can more fully take control of the victim’s life, manipulate the victim’s mind and ultimately, create him/her into a helpless situation. Finch concurs with others in that this treatment is a “barbaric form of torture.”

People are purposely engaged to aggravate, impede and violate physical and psychological spaces, privacy and freedom, he says, adding that it is extremely psychologically and physically oppressive and suffocating.

“This happens everywhere I go, anytime, no matter what I do.”

He his neighborhood has been infiltrated, as other TIs concur. TIs able to flee their home and country find that the same abuse picks up again shortly after they are in another country. 

“This is being done to me everywhere I go – including in Russia and Turkey,” Finch said, explaining it finally more or less halted in 2011.

“They do all this to me and yet these perverted psychopaths allow, even encourage me to send emails all over the world publicizing their sadistic crimes.”

He says the perpetrators continually taunt him by telling him things such as, “We’re ass-wiping democracy,” and, “You’re sweeping the floor for us.” 

“The UK and Australian government and authorities, humanitarian organizations and everybody else have completely ignored, and failed to protect me. I’m aware that there will probably be considerable resistance to anyone who attempts to help me – but I ask you to not shy away from such an act of bravery and principle.

“It is no exaggeration to say my case is as horrendous and urgent as someone fleeing a Nazi or Pol Pot concentration camp – specifically Dr Mengele-type butcher,” Finch asserts.

Jade Two Battlefield System
If the reader is acquainted with Jade Two Battlefield System artificial intelligence reports, then Finch’s account resonates more than those unaware of this year’s massive military exercises, Jade Helm 15 and running in the background of it, Jade 2. The video below, while obviously right-wing bent, according to the visuals, explains in layman terms, albeit without precise documentation, what Jade Two is and why. After viewing the video with an open mind, Finch’s account, like the thousands of other TIs’ accounts, seemingly show that these innocent targets are non-consensual human experimentees. They are only among the first wave of humans to personally experience the military’s New World Order Full Spectrum Dominance wrath.

The video is an interview with an unamed “network / software engineer” claiming to present her analysis of what’s behind “Jade Helm Exercise, (“Jade Helm 15″): the Joint Assistant For Development and Execution (JADE). She says it is a system roll out of an Artificial Intelligence Quantum Computing Technology with capacity for evaluations and subsequent treatment that TIs allegedly already experience 24/7. Jade 2 includes producing holographic battlefield simulations with capacity to use vast amounts of data that has been collected on the human population individuals, the human domain, to generate “human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate insurgents, rebels, or whatever label that can be flagged as targets in a global information grid for what the military calls Network Centric Warfare Environments – according to the mystery interviewee..

The analyst explains:
The “JADE TWO” BATTLE FIELD SYSTEM is cognitive and intuitive. It can examine prior executed battle plans and devise ‘new and better’ strategies to increase the ‘kill chain’. The second generation of JADE, ‘JADE TWO,’has the capability for two way communication with DRONES through the O.C.C.O.M. technology which is one of the next generation integrations to this system. In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a COGNITIVE SOFTWARE SYSTEM program based on a NETWORK CENTRIC WARFARE SYSTEM,… basically “AT THE HELM”. Hence we have “JADE HELM”!

Remember: “Military hardware will soon consist of ‘autonomous robots that know neither pity nor fear’ — quite a step up from the current generation of UAVs and drones operated by humans from the safety of military bases hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away,” reports Chris Tilbury for The Kernel. [Read: Robot drones with no pity or fear to decide who to kill]

Like most TIs, Finch pleads for a human rights defender and/or anyone else with integrity to contact him for further information:
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


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