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Understanding the Matrix: A Visual Representation
May 1, 2012

by Hits Dhanak

When I talk about the forces who are working to advance this agenda of control, people often wonder what we can do to fight this. It’s not really a case of rounding up a rebellion and engaging in a full scale war, it’s about transforming ourselves to transform the illusion (Matrix). All my life I have been fascinated with the unseen realms of reality and I now want to move on to what really exists beyond this dimension.

This reality that we are experiencing in this lifetime is such a tiny fraction of possibility, and only recently a vast amount of evidence has come to light on what exists beyond the five senses. Finally the scientific establishments, well at least the open minded ones are beginning to accept what the mystics have said all along, which is that there are other worlds out there. Clairvoyants often talk about spirits and ghosts, but we so far have been puzzled as to where these entities reside.

When scientists in the 1920’s tried to pinpoint the location of sub-atomic particles like electrons, they found it was impossible and concluded that they had no single location. American physicist Alan Guth said that particles in one sense have the possibility of being in more than one place at any one time. This statement alone gives an indication that other worlds exist parallel to ours, because the same particles can be observed simultaneously from multiple dimensions.

Scientists have claimed that since particles don’t exist in just one universe, there can be an infinite number of these other universes. In one sense we live in a multi-verse, but our senses only detect the one universe. It could be that in one universe, you’re a carpenter, and in another you’re a goldsmith. Every possible outcome exists in these other universes. If someone goes back into time to change something, it does not change the existing timeline, what happens is that a new timeline branches off the original. In effect a new universe is created, but when I talk about other worlds, try not to think of it as a solid physical world because it isn’t, it just looks that way.

Some people have a problem believing that reality is an illusion because it’s so vast, “gosh the whole universe is an illusion? It can’t be surely because it’s so big!” You have to remember that scale is also an illusion, the brain tells us how big everything is, so nothing in the physical world is real. When a new timeline branches off the original, all that happens is that a new frequency projects from the Matrix. It’s like a broadcasting station that normally transmits BBC 1, but then all of a sudden decides to transmit a new channel called BBC 2.

The Matrix Is Infinite In Nature

The Matrix could have an infinite number of transmissions projecting from it, each with their own rules. The whole idea of parallel universes was so frowned upon by the scientific community that they decided to disregard it. The secret society networks like the Illuminati are in no way puzzled, they know the true nature of our reality but wish to keep the rest of us guessing. They will also continue to confuse the physicists that work on the surface to prevent them from finding out the truth. David Icke once said that most people look through their eyes and they think this is the world, but it isn’t, it’s a tiny tiny frequency range within an infinite energy field of infinite frequency ranges.

In the 1980’s a new theory emerged that was to pave the way for parallel universes called string theory. The accepted belief prior to that was that our world was made up of particles, but now the new theory was that it was made up of tiny strings that can close, loop or open like hair. It was suggested that as a string moves through time, it traces out a tube or a sheet depending on whether it is closed or open. Also a string can vibrate and the different vibrational modes of the string represent the different particle types. So for example, one mode of vibration (or note) makes the string appear as an electron and another as a photon. There is also a mode for the particle carrying the force of gravity called a graviton.

Eventually the scientific community came up with five different versions of this string theory which no doubt was enforced by the manipulators to keep them confused, but it wasn’t long before this came to an end. One of the aspects of string theory is that space-time has ten dimensions. Of course our reality is made up of three dimensions, but according to physicists the other six dimensions are curled up tightly, therefore we are not aware they exist. It was soon realised that the five theories of string were actually not so different and they were all just different aspects of one master theory, hence the term M-theory evolved. The word M could mean either mother or mystery, but it was initially supposed to mean membrane. In our case, it can mean the Matrix-theory as it’s more appropriate and does actually make sense. The problem is that string theory cannot be verified with hard evidence, which is why it remains a theory but it does answer some crucial questions.

String Theory.. What?

Just to clear up, string theory is not there to replace the existing belief that our universe if made up of point particles, it’s just another way of looking at things. In one sense, both theories can be correct.

The main difference between strings and point particles is that strings have special extent, whilst particles are zero dimensional. String theory is not saying that particles don’t exist, it is just theorising that particles are not points, but undulating strings. Both theories support the fact that the world is an illusion, because reality is a vibration, whether it be point particles or oscillating strings. The manipulators threw in another obstacle in front of string theorists with questions such as how does it explain the big bang and what creates the strings in the first place? It’s like “well done boys, but oh hang on a minute, what about the big bang? Oh well, looks like you’re all not so smart after all, back to the drawing board eh!” 

There Was No Big Bang!

They know full well there was no big bang in the first place, but this is enough to slow them down. They are trying to enforce the idea that the universe must have a beginning, but the truth is it doesn’t, nothing has a beginning. Reality just is, for something to have a beginning, it would have to be in a time zone, and time just like reality is an illusion. Also our reality only looks like so when we observe it, when it is not observed it exists in waves and frequencies so the big bang couldn’t have happened unless someone was actually observing it.

As for what creates the strings, again this is suggesting that there has to be a beginning, but again there is no start to finish, everything just is. The fact is that there was no beginning to the universe, time operates in a loop like a whirlpool, and this is exactly what the Matrix is. Our time zone is just looping in circles, all that changes are the events which take place within that timeline. Imagine swimming in a whirlpool, you go round and round. All of a sudden you escape, and someone else gets trapped in it, the whirlpool is always the same, all that changes are the people that get stuck in it.

figure 1 of the matrix
Fig1. The Matrix projecting reality: The signal emitted is just an array of frequencies and waves
figure 2 understanding the matrix
Fig2. The frequency encoded, this is what our world looks like when it is observed.

The pictures above are just visual representations to help us understand how our reality is projected from the Matrix. Try not to take the images too literally, I cannot stress enough that these pictures were created to better our understanding. Feel free to create your own visual interpretations. The first example is reality in code form, whilst the second one is observed form. The colours, objects and spaces only flash into existence when we look at it, when we turn away it exists in wave form. It’s the brain that converts the signal into colours, objects and moving places.

 a visual representation of the matrix
Fig3. A representation of what we look like inside the Matrix.
 The Matrix Definition
Fig5. Each dimension that feeds on fear is projected by a Matrix, nonetheless they are just hologram projections which are encoded with rules. Outside the realm of dimensions, it just is, there is no time or space. The above is just a hypothetical visual representation to better understand how it works.  
inside the matrix
Fig6. This picture shows the sub-dimensions that exist between the main ones.
Some of these sub-dimensions project from the Matrix, whilst others don’t project from anywhere, they are just part of the infinite wholeness. The blue projections represent the positive sub-dimensions where light beings reside, whilst the green ones are where the reptilians and other malevolent servants of the Matrix reside.

Figure 3 is a much better visual interpretation, we ourselves are actually inside the hologram. Therefore our bodies are also made up of coding just like everything else that surrounds it. Inside the hologram projection, the trees look like they do when they are observed. Figure 5 shows how multiple dimensions exist parallel to each other, they are all separate timelines. Figure 6 shows the existence of sub-dimensions, which are what psychics refer to as the spirit world. Some of these are negative, projected from the same Matrix that projects our five sense reality, whilst others are part of the infinite oneness (blue projections).

 Matrix Broadcasting
Sometimes different timelines interfere with each other, which is why we see entities like ghosts and spirits. They appear and then disappear because their frequency overlaps with ours.

Matrix Interference Patterns

Timeline Jumping
When someone travels back to change the past, a new timeline branches off the original. The original timeline remains intact, whilst the new timeline runs with alternate events.

Alternate Realities In The Multiverse
This is a representation of multiple dimensions all running parallel to each other. Each plane is a separate timeline and in between the timelines are the sub-dimensions, which is where entities like the reptilians reside.
A hologram is produced when a single laser beam is split into two. The first one is bounced off the object and the second collides with the reflected light of the first beam. When the two beams interact, an interference pattern is formed on the film. At this point all you see is a formation of concentric rings, but when you shine a third laser beam on to the film, a three-dimensional object is formed.

This process also takes place in the human brain because the electrical communications that occur between the brains nerve cells or neurons don’t happen alone. Neurons process branches like trees and when an electrical message reaches the end of one of the branches it radiates outwards just like the ripple in the pond. Neurons are grouped together quite closely, so the ripples of electricity are constantly criss-crossing each other causing interference patterns. There are approximately 23 billion neurons, each linked to as many as 10,000 other neurons.

 Humans in the Matrix 

The master picture!
It helps us understand how we decode reality.

The Brain is a Hologram
The Matrix is a whirlpool that has taken a life of its own, but it has forgotten that it is still part of the ocean. This is another way of visualizing the Matrix.
We are all experiencing the same reality because the Matrix is the source of what we see, touch and smell. However we all have the ability to modify this reality to our own taste if we know how. When I started to investigate how we really connect to the Matrix, I found the answer I was looking for. There is one part of the brain which is like a plug that connects us to the central Matrix control system, that is the pineal gland! I thought to myself, this is it, I have hit the jackpot! When information enters the eyes, it is upside down and two dimensional, but then it enters what I call an editing system in the brain.

The information gets processed through the pineal gland before it gets released back out through the eyes, so the question is what is the source of this editing process? It’s obviously the Matrix but this is how it works. The information that enters the eyes may contain data that does not correspond to our belief systems. What doesn’t fit in with our beliefs gets deleted (or slightly edited) and what does remains. Also information that wasn’t initially there gets added in.

It’s like inserting a disk full of data inside a computer and deleting the information on it, whilst adding new data in. The pineal gland is what modifies our five sense reality on an individual basis, but it’s our modification of the gland that allows us to re-write our reality. The pineal gland is like an implant that the Matrix uses to feed information into, but we can either let it do so, or we can modify the gland to change our reality, it really is a case of when we choose to wake up. All the main sensory functions of the body run through the pineal area of the brain for modification before connecting to the brain itself, so what we are experiencing is a modified version of reality.

The ancients knew full well what the purpose of this gland was, philosophers and mystics have always talked about the pineal gland in particular. Rene Descartes spent much of his time studying the pineal and called it the seat of the soul because he believed it was the point of connection between the intellect and the body. By unplugging the pineal gland from the Matrix, we can use our other senses and consciously access other dimensions. This is why the pineal is associated with the sixth chakra, because this is the chakra of awareness, which is located at the centre of the forehead. I believe the pinal to be the gateway for the Matrix to channel its information to our entire DNA.

The reason why I say this is because our world is embedded in the brain, the DNA stores rules in which we live by, i.e. the need to sleep and eat. Those who defy the laws of physics not only re-write their DNA, they have unplugged their pinal gland from the Matrix so the rules of physics no longer apply to them. When you do this, you are modifying what the Matrix is telling you, not the Matrix itself, hence why everyone else is still bound by rules. At this point my research is inconclusive, but I think the secret to escaping the Matrix prison lies in further researching the pineal.

The brain is a hologram model, but deep within is the plug that connects us to the Matrix, which is the pineal.
 Human Bain Wiring
Footnote: This is a re-edited version of a chapter from Hits Dhanak’s e-book titled Beyond this Dimension, available on his website
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