Thursday, December 23, 2010

Swine flu winter: 200 fight for life as number of patients doubles in a week to put strain on intensive care units

By Sophie Borland
Last updated at 4:00 PM on 21st December 2010
  • Fears virus has grown more virulent over last year
  • NHS managers draw up emergency plans to tackle outbreak

Nearly 200 swine flu victims were fighting for their lives last night.

The number of patients in intensive care has doubled in a week and many of them are either elderly or pregnant. 14 have so far died.

Seventeen of the 190 are being kept alive by highly-specialised heart and lung machines – three times the usual number.

Pregnant mother-of-four Fallon Devaney, 25, is in a critical condition in hospital after contracting the disease last week.

Doctors fear that the baby is sapping Ms Devaney's strength - leaving her unable to fight the infection.

It is feared that the swine flu strain may have grown more virulent over the past 12 months with victims quickly becoming dangerously ill.

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