Thursday, December 16, 2010

BBC Anchor Attacks Abused Disabled Protestor As “Revolutionary Cyber-Radical”

Your New Reality
Dec 14, 2010

You don’t need to know too much background to get the full horror of what this BBCNews host is doing to a young man with cerebral palsy, who is unable to operate his wheelchair independently, simply because he dared to turn up at a recent student protest in London:

The blood-chillingly unemphatic journalist actually asks a severely disabled man if he was hurling chunks of concrete at police, and asks him again even after Jody says he can’t operate his wheelchair without the help of his brother.

Note the way interference or the host manage to cut off Jody every time he starts making valid, vital points about the police brutality inflicted on him and hundreds of other students in the streets of London, some students beaten by police, and charged with horses, were as young as 12 years old.

Note also the way the BBCNews host tries to get Jody to admit on air to things that may prejudice his official complaint later on.

Scary stuff.

Jody is becoming a hero of the what’s called the UKUncut student movement, who are opposing massive cuts to education and public services to protect the wealth of England’s richest, and for good reason. He has a lot of powerful things to say.

But after that interview, and the powerful reaction from the thousands who found it through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and began complaining to the BBC, you probably won’t be seeing Jody back on BBCNews anytime soon.

They don’t like ‘student leaders’ or ‘revolutionaries’ to be quite so articulate, and in control of what they’re saying.

England under austerity is a powderkeg, and when the public sees police are prepared to assault even people in wheelchairs, well, everything changes.

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