Sunday, January 20, 2013

The 2 Wounded Mystery Men (at Sandy Hook)

This video discusses the 2 wounded mystery men that were shot during the 12-14-12 Sandy Hook shooting incident and who were confirmed shot by CT Vance during a Sandy Hook press briefing where local and national media types questioned CT Vance about survivors.

The 911 dispatch tapes reveals that two men are seen running from LE types and what appears on the 911 tape, to be an officer stating "They're coming at me...pop..pop which to me appears to be gun fire, directed at the running 2 men noted by LE on the 911 dispatch tape.

Since immediately after this 911 indication that LE shot or fired upon, the running men require two ambulances which can be heard being requested. Two ambulances requested for two gun shot victims then leads me to the CT Vance press briefing where he acknowledges the two wounded men, but does not and will not identify them, because they are witnesses.

When CT Vance acknowledges that two adults have been shot, he does not in any way inform the public that they were shot by LE and not Adam Lanza.

Since the man who was captured in the woods was later identified to be an off duty tactical swat duty officer, it logically begs the question of how these 3 men could be related to the Sandy Hook crime and what is in common among the 3 men that would indicate much more?.

Since the man in the woods is an off duty tactical officer, it forces us to ask who the 2 men shot were and who do they work for? How they got shot and who shot them would be a good start and when CT Vance states he cannot or will not ID them, it made me ask, how can Sally Cox who saw the gunman in the eyes and others who are witnesses be identified, but these two men cannot be identified, because they are supposedly witnesses, but witnesses for whom or for what?

These two men is where we should focus and if we do, we will quickly find that no answers will be forth coming from any officials, because to inform the public about this matter would be to create more questions than not discussing it currently creates.

It is my hope that alternative media will see the importance of this matter and further the investigative efforts regarding these 2 wounded mystery men.

Background source material used in video production:

Newtown Article stating person in woods was off duty tactical officer. Go to last sentence on page.

Montagraph video talks about man in woods. First to ID link to source stating man in woods is off duty tactical officer.

911 Dispatch tape where.."They are coming at me....pop,pop." can be heard.

Two wounded men admitted to by CT Vance during Sandy Hook media Press briefing


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