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Health Discoveries that can change the Health of Mankind - 05-19-2012 -

In the last seminar that ended May 11 students learned about the new CDI (Chlorine Dioxide Intravenous solution) plus they got the data on how to use it.  Andreas Kalcker brought data concerning dozens and maybe hundreds of different kinds of parasites that are found in the human body that prevent health and prevent recovery from many different diseases.  

The discovery of parasites, of course, is not a discovery of the Genesis 2 Church as it has been known for years, but what we have discovered is how vitally important this data is.  The protocols for killing most parasites are mostly known, but the Church is definitely streamlining the processes and making it possible to kill the parasites in many cases where it wasn’t possible before.

Probably more than 80% of humanity has parasites that either have destroyed the health of their hosts or are in the process of destroying their health.  There are books in other languages concerning parasites that we are having translated so you can learn and know about them.  

Rockefeller Foundation did research on worms many years ago and found the many diseases and health problems involved, but they chose to withhold the data from the public.  If you are not aware that you health problem is being caused by parasites medical doctors can go on treating you all your life and make thousands of dollars from you. 

In our last seminar here, ending several days ago our Bishop, Andreas Kalcker from Spain, the inventor of CDS and now CDI, showed his many discoveries concerning parasites and protocols of ways of killing parasites.  Not all these protocols for killing parasites involve MMS as many of them have been known for decades and some even for centuries.  

But it is extremely important that we know all of these parasite killing protocols as our Ministers of Health are running into them constantly.  Parasites are found in almost every corner of the body causing problems wherever they reside.

Here is a picture of a larva of a parasite found while we were in class.  It is in the eye and you have probably seen them from time to time. 
parasite larva
They get bigger and bigger and cause problems and you will notice that the eye becomes more and more blood shot.  As you can see this larva is right on the edge of the pupil.  Not very nice, but easy to overcome once we know what it is.  

This happens to be the eye of Memo Rivera, who has provided us with much help here in Mexico towards getting the seminars off the ground.  This eye situation is a help for all of us as it shows that parasites can be most any place.  

Memo did one other thing, he invented how to use one’s breath to blow the CD gas out of a bottle and into some water to make CDS.  That was several weeks ago but and it is only fair to mention that he was the one to come up with that idea. 

Most of our Seminars feature some new advancement in MMS.  It is one of the reason for having Seminars and often past students show up just for that reason, to learn the new stuff.  We do publish all of the new advancements as time goes on.  

Our technology remains open source but the only way of getting absolute up to date data is by attending Seminars.  The published data arrives in your newsletters several weeks to several months later.

There was another development by Andreas Kalcker that was very interesting.  He found that caster oil used in the vagina can destroy and remover ovarian cysts, and other cysts and tumors.  

The data was known, but Andreas brought it to the church’s attention and developed protocols for it.
kashambraThis is Kashambra from Israel.  Here is her testimony:  

I started taking MMS 6 months after Interferon Therapy. I got all the side effects of Interferon.  My right arm was twice as big as my left arm, very painful and I could not move it. 
My brain was not working right.  It took time to understand what someone would tell me and it took a few minutes till I was answering. I had terrible pain in my leg where I was injecting the Interferon and hardly could walk. I got ovarian cysts. My gums were shrinking every day.
First drop of MMS I took my brain got cleared up and I could normally speak and see again. After 4 days more my arm was back normal size. The pain got less day by day and after 2 weeks I had no more pain and it never came back. I brushed my gums and teeth with MMS and the gums stopped shrinking. 
My ovarian cysts did not go away, so I decided to go in March 2012 to the Dominican Republic. There I switched to using CDS for the oral protocol 1000. I did Douches with the CDS and DMSO and also rubbed them on my stomach several times a day.
The cysts started dissolving.  For 6 weeks two to 4 times a day small pieces came out in the douches.
Because everyone left the Dominican I decided to go to Mexico. There Andreas suggested to put a tampon soaked in Caster Oil into the vagina. I made it next day. 
After half an hour I got a strong cramp in my ovaries and a few hours after that I removed the tampon with a large piece of the cyst on it. I made a douche after that and there came out more. Next day there was nothing anymore in the douches, and my cysts are gone. A sonogram at this time proved that no cysts remained.
I am soooooo thankfull.
The doctor told me there is no way 7 cm square cysts can dissolve and that I need surgery. Can’t wait to see his face after he will check me when I go back to Israel.”
Affidavit Information:
Below you can see an Affidavit by Kashambra telling about her experience.  Affidavits are legal instruments that are very special.  An affidavit is accepted in almost all law courts of the world.  They are always considered facts.  Courts rely on them extensively as they are sworn to by the Affiant meaning that one puts his future on the line when signing an affidavit.  

Should it be proven that he has lied on his Affidavit he can go to prison as well as pay a large fine.  On the other hand critics are not allowed to say that the affidavit is a lie or that the affiant has lied.  

Should anyone such as a critic of MMS make such a statement he must prove it, and in the event that he cannot prove that it is a lie he can go to prison or pay a large fine or both.  Up to this point a critic could say that a testimony is a lie, or the person giving a testimony is lying. 

This changes the play field for critics as they cannot continue to lie saying people are not regaining their health with MMS. Now the Church can see that critics get a chance to prove their lies in court where they can go to prison for lying about anything that is said on an affidavit.  

Are all critics of MMS wrong?  Yes, I am sorry, they are all wrong because they are ignorant of the facts about MMS.  Once they learn the facts they can no longer say their critical lies except to the point that they don’t mind being evil, they don’t mind causing people to continue to suffer and die.  

The affidavit is a sworn statement that one does not get to make unproven statements about.  It is not the same as a book, or a letter, or an article in a newspaper where people get to go on and on about their opinion about these things.  

It is a sworn statement that is considered facts by the court.  You only get to make statements to the contrary if you have proof that will stand up in a court of law.  

Copy of Affidavit:
The undersigned Affiant, Chawa Carmen Finkelman (Kashambra), does herewith solemnly swear, declare, and state as follows:
1.  Affiant can competently state the matters set forth herewith.
2. Affiant has personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.
3. All the facts stated herein are true, correct, and complete, admissible in evidence, and not misleading, in accordance with Affiant's best firsthand personal knowledge and belief. 
Statement of Facts
4. In 2009 I was first diagnosed with one ovarian cyst, 4 square cm.
5. My doctor, professor Gonen in Haifa, Israel told me to come to another check 3 month after.
6. After 3 month the cyst was 6.5 square cm. Then I was been told to come every 6 month to check it.
7. Till October 2011 it stayed same size, but he found another 3.5 square cm cyst on my other ovary.
8. The doctor told me that those cysts never will disappear and I must have surgery, which I refused.

6.  End of march 2012 the problem still remained.  I used MMS for this matter and included the use of Caster oil.
7. May 18th 2012 sonogram showed the cysts on my ovaries have disappeared.
8. I was sent by doctor Aldo Curiel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to DIAGNOSTICO INTEGRAL VALLARTA to make the Vaginal ultrasound which proved the cysts were gone.
9.The undersigned Affiant, Chawa Carmen Finkelman (Kashambra), does herewith solemnly swear, declare, and state that Affiant executes this Affidavit on Affiant's unlimited liability, that Affiant can competently state the matters set forth herein, and that the facts stated herein are true, correct, and complete in accordance with Affiant's best firsthand personal knowledge and belief.
Further Affiant saith naught.
Date: May 18th 2012
Chawa Carmen Finkelman (Kashambra)


Mexico phone number: 322 129 6239

Israel phone number..: 972 52 828 4042
Date: May 18th 2012           
Louisa Page

Mexico phone number: 322 155 2572 
Alberta phone number: 403 903 3158
Date: May 18th 2012          
Blanche Chavoustie

Phone Mexico: 322 149 8929     

End Affidavit.
The signatures of the Affiant and witnesses may be verified by calling their phone numbers given.  Witnesses are witness only to the identity of the Affient. 


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