Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last week Geithner was arrested and released!

by  on Feb 29, 2012

 Ok. As we are literally days away from the global financial meltdown just look at what is being broadcast on MAINSTREAM media!

Geithner Is A Criminal! So How Is It He COULD Face Criminal Charges?

This adds serious credibility to Ben Fulford who wrote last week that Geithner was arrested and released. Before this broadcast even I was skeptical of the Fulford report but now it all seems very possible if not likely.

Although the topic of this report may be stunning for those of you who are still asleep, the REAL revelation in what happened in this broadcast was not the exposure of Tim Geithner but rather what Shep Shepard gives up in a TOTAL MSM mental lapse at 3:40...

"It's clear that the banks run the country...the country doesn't run itself."

If you think this is no big deal then think again. This is a HUGE webbot hit for Clif High as he's been talking about someone in the Mainstream Media having a mental lapse and saying something that was actually TRUE. Not only that but others in the MSM pick up on it and continue the discussion. Admitting that "the banks run the country" is a huge whack to the hornets nest.

BINGO and BRAVO Clif for anther hit on something that seemed to be completely random but will have a significant impact on the global consciousness moving into "March Madness".

Are you ready for it?


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?