Thursday, March 22, 2012

Doug Riggs - Highly Demonized Hybrids/Nephilim Involved In SRA/DID

by urupiper2 on Mar 22, 2012

Radio Liberty / March 15th, 2012 / Hour 4

Generational Sin and Demonization within the Framework of SRA/DID 

 Scripture References: Ex.20:3-6,; Lev.26:39-40; Deut.28:l5w/ l8a, 58-59; Ezra 9:1-15; Neh.9:2,16-37; Jer.l4:20; 32:18; Lam. 5:7; Is. l4:2la, 65:6-7; Dan. 9:l-l9; Mt. 23:32-36; Gal. 6:7-8

We learn from the above Scriptures that idolatry is the paramount sin and cause of Israel's captivity and slavery (cf. Ez. l6, 20, 23, etc.). All those who are SRA/DID are usually from families who, for generations, practiced some form of idolatry. When working with people with this type of background and history, it is imperative to understand the spiritual dynamics that are at the foundation of their problems. As I said in my paper titled "How to Recognize and Discern the Demonic...", demons do cause trauma and subsequent dissociation. Because of the reality that the sins of the fathers are passed on to the children...(Ex. 20:5), it is important to recognize that not only generational sin, but also the demonization associated with that sin is also passed on to the children born in families who are SRA/DID. In order to get to the root of that which spiritually drives programming, alter-dynamics and character pathology, it is important for the SRA/DID client to identify the real biological father. I have found that this information can be buried very deep within the system due to primal incest-bonding with the father. Most of the high-level Illuminati-type survivors are raised by surrogate parents who are also SRA/DID, but are used as a screen or cover for the real biological father. Because of the deep spiritual and psychological wounding that results from the infant being incested (especially by the father), it is very important to locate within your client the very first dissociative split within their alter system. You will also need to locate all internal representations or introjections of the father (and ancestors) in order to decontaminate the system from the effects of generational sin and demonization.

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