Thursday, November 3, 2011

Establishment Freaks Out That the Greek People Might Get to Vote on Bailout-Austerity Deal

Greece for sale without a vote
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Eric Blair
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The E.U. was screaming "crisis" in an attempt to ram through a new bailout plan for Greece and an increased fund to backstop debt contagion in Europe. When the deal was announced, the establishment rejoiced and tried to sell that the crisis was averted once again.

Although the attempts to set up a centralized Treasury for the Eurozone failed, and China refused to put more good money after bad, the central bankers still declared victory. Indeed, markets around the world seemed reassured by the deal.

While negotiations took place in Brussels, Greeks took to the streets en masse in what could only be described as pre-gunpowder civil war battles. Riotous scenes erupted of desperately angry citizens fighting the police as smoke bellowed from molotov cocktails and random tear gas grenades that hit their targets. Then the real bombshell was dropped.

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou called for a national referendum vote on the bailout deal that supposedly included an agreement to write off $137 billion of debt owed by Greece. But the government is being forced to implement painful austerity measures in order to receive bailout funds. A referendum vote will not only delay the "averted crisis", but may kill the deal altogether given the massive outrage of the Greek people.

Because the central planners in Europe and the United States know that if the people actually get to have a say in their financial slavery, the consolidation game will be over. Thus, the wrath of the establishment was immediately released after Papandreou's decision. Markets reacted negatively with obvious manipulation, while pro-EU politicians in Greece demanded the Prime Minister's head.

The White House rushed in to echo those sentiments Tuesday, calling for rapid action and saying that "chaos and uncertainty unleashed by Greek's shock call for a referendum on its debt deal showed the need for rapid implementation of a eurozone finance agreement." In other words, the "shock call" for direct democracy must be ignored to quickly halt the bankster's manufactured chaos.

The notion that giving the people a say in the future of their taxation and public services is somehow "shocking" exposes the true nature of the European policy makers who clearly seek more centralized dictatorial control over such issues. I ask: if international banks determine taxation and public spending for a sovereign nation, what policies are left for the voting citizens to determine?

If the collective shunning of the referendum wasn't clear enough where the elite stand on true democracy, they once again have blamed those protesting the bailouts for the pain being felt in global financial markets. And international banks promise to relieve the pain if only the people give up their financial independence. This is a worn-out play from an increasingly debunked playbook.

Consequently, the agenda and its culprits are becoming easier to recognize. Anyone condemning the decision to let the people vote on the policies of their own country is the enemy. Anyone claiming a crisis to ram through more bailouts is the enemy. And anyone blaming the financial crisis on angry citizens who are being forced to carry the weight of failed banks is the enemy.


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