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Occupy Oakland human rights peacemaker may die from police attack  - the insider source for local

October 27, 2011
Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner

Scott Olsen: Peacemaker Icon for Occupy Wall Street Movement
Scott Olsen: Peacemaker Icon for
Occupy Wall Street Movement
Credits: Facebook

Human Rights defender Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland went to be a Peacemaker, left an OWS icon

Scott Olsen remains in critical condition and may die of the injuries inflicted on him at Occupy Oakland Tuesday night. In a RightThisMinute exclusive interview with Geroge Nygaard, Vietnam Veteran uncle of critically injured Iraqi War Veteran and human rights defender Scott Olsen, in reference to grave rights abuses Tuesday night in the heart of Oakland, he said firing directly at protesters and firing at Olsen as he lay incapacitated with people trying to help him is no way for Americans to treat their own citizens.

"This is not Palestine. This is America. And that people would do this to their own citizens is really upsetting," the uncle of slain Iraq Veteran Scott Olsen told Right This Minute.

Olsen, who survived two tours in Iraq, was allegedly struck in the head on Tuesday night by a tear gas canister fired by Oakland police during a confrontation with protesters according to Right This Minute.

The Business Insider reports that the hospital is telling media to check back at 8:30am Pacific Time (11:30am EST in NY) for an update on Scott Olson’s condition. The Business Insider articulated that Olson “is in critical condition in the hospital and may die of his injuries.”

A video sent to Business Insider by the the aunt of the man who shot the footage, Raleigh Latham who "stood on the front lines with protesters when they confronted police."

"Scott Olsen is seen here on the right moments before he suffered his head injury and those who rushed to his aid were assaulted by police," reports Business Insider.

Olsen is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veteran For Peace. He arrived on scene to serve as a peacemaker between the protesters and the law enforcement according to his uncle.

He "absolutely" was there to help foster peace according to Nygaard. "Actually, he and I conversed several times last week. I saw his Facebook. There were some pictures of him holding one side of a banner having to do with 32 veterans attempt suicide every day and 18 are successful every day."

"Those were the kind of things that concerned him every day."

Nygaard said, "Scott would not fit the profile of a bully. He still looked like he was in high school."

After Olsen was hit, “Even when people were going to rescue Scott on the ground they fire and exploding tear gas grenades right amongst them”

“He’s somebody who went over there and fought for our freedom, comes back, and is viciously attacked for exercising his First Amendment rights.”

“He had his beliefs when he joined the Marine Corps at age of 17. He went in on his 18thbirthday and did what he believed in. And last night, he was doing what he believed in as well.”

"Being an ex-Marine myself, I have been so proud of him since he's been out of the Marine Corps."

"To make this a martyrdom for this cause is a shame," he said.

"I love the kid."

Last night, Occupy Oakland returned to City Hall to demonstrate but the armed police forces were far less, and protesters were allowed to re-pitch their occupation tents.

Since Scott Olsen was critically injured by Oakland police Tuesday night, "he's become an icon for the Occupy Wall Street movement," Business Insider reports.

"We're not sure of his condition at this precise moment, all we know is that it hasn't improved. And that has made him a rallying cry for protesters."


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