Saturday, October 15, 2011

General Bert’s Emergency Message to Occupy Wall Street

Planned for Delivery on 10.17.11

“War is not good for children or other living things…” said those who protested and resisted the Viet Nam war, at a time when I was commanding US Army intelligence units in the jungles of Viet Nam – and being doused with Agent Orange, because of which I subsequently developed three separate cancers, while my government denied they had harmed me – or the people of Viet Nam.

Today we are at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and, increasingly involved in expansive, and expensive, imperial entanglements around the world. But there is another war being waged against US, right here at home. “Trillions and trillions wasted…” as Dr. Ron Paul says.

There is another war being waged right now, right here in America and the rest of the world; it is not a war for territory or gold or oil: this is a war for EVERYTHING! This is a war fought by the corporate state for your minds and bodies: the combatants are you and I, facing the forces of greed and corruption, the linked state and corporatist forces that want you ill and, should they chose to make it so, dead. And they do chose those fates for you and your loved ones.

This war, conceived and conducted by agents of the worst of the crony companies like Monsanto and the rest of Big Ag, Big Biotech and Big Pharma, working with their buddies in Big Oil and Big Banking, and their minions in big, bigger, even biggern government, is rapidly transforming our beautiful world into a World Weaponized Against Humanity.

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Today I want to talk to you about intentional, carefully planned “genomicide”, the alteration of our very DNA so that it cannot support reproduction, health or, indeed, life itself. There are three genomicidal technologies which have the capacity to damage or destroy the genome – the DNA – of all life on earth which are the principle weapons in this war.

These technologies are also heavily subsidized and supported by the bought and paid for political leadership; they are the crony technologies which are, in truth, the Weapons of Mass Destruction which you and I must fear, and must eliminate:

Nuclear Power, Vaccines and other environmental toxins and the GMOs or genetically modified organisms.

These are the Technologies of Genomicide and they are, daily, without the sound of bombs bursting in air, without the rockets’ red glare, weaponizing the world against humanity – against you, and me and our children’s children, if there are any.

The genomicidal Weapons of Mass Destruction represent unthinkable, and, in fact, uninsurable risks to our entire world. That they are dangerous to children and other living things should be obvious to all thinking people.

Vaccines are the first threat to our children – even before they are born, now that our insane public policy is to demand that pregnant women receive vaccines! Vaccines must, MUST, be rejected by any caring, knowledgeable parent. Propaganda to the contrary not withstanding, injecting toxins into living organisms, adult, juvenile, infant or fetus, is quite literally insane. It is that simple. Although not defined as such, the reality is that doing so is child abuse. And adult abuse. And elder abuse (and, for those who are thinking about their pets, animal abuse as well!)

Vaccines have NEVER prevented or cured a single disease except the dreaded PPD, Pharmaceutical Poverty Disease. Let’s be clear: vaccines are a hoax, just as the safety of mercury or of squalene is a hoax. The “science” upon which vaccines rest is as corrupt as any pseudoscience has ever been. The health care impact of this pseudoscience is enormous. The risk-free profits are enormous.

The battle is joined. Your life and mine are under attack. Our freedoms, our survival, are literally at stake.

We demand an end to all mandated vaccines.

We demand unambiguous freedom to chose, or reject vaccines in our schools, our workplaces, in our lives, for ourselves and for our children.

We demand that the US Government and its political class, people like Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, stop supporting the voodoo “science” of vaccination and allow the People to take total control of their own health care decisions. NO MORE FORCED VACCINES! NO FORCED DRUGGING! NOW!

Nuclear Power, another of the Genomicidal technologies, is another unthinkably dangerous and uninsurable threat to our children. We mourn with the parents of Japan, faced as they are with the escalating dangers of the reactors that continue to spew forth in Fukushima and elsewhere, spreading death everywhere throughout this world. We mourn with them as they watch their children sicken and die, while their government tells them all is well… and the radiation mounts that will kill them AND their beloved children.

While the FDA tries to make nutritional supplements as unavailable as they are in the EU, taking away yet more options from you for your own health and health choices, Natural Solutions Foundation is moving in exactly the opposite direction – we know nutrition is a powerful tool for wellness and are using that tool in Japan.

You see, the Natural Solutions Foundation has established its Lollipops of Life for the Children of Fukushima initiative,, working with Dr. Chris Busby’s Foundation in Japan and Dr. Michael Sigler’s Live Well Pharmacy in Panama to demonstrate the vital importance of nutritional protection from the dangers ionizing radiation.

Dr. Rima Laibow has formulated the protective pops with the help of other nutritional medicine experts and we will be distributing them free to the children of Fukushima.

Nuclear, or ionizing radiation, like the other genome-destroying technologies, destroys through free radical formation causing free radical cascades that damage the DNA, changing it forever, down through the generations, if there are generations to come.

Dr. Rima, Medical Director of the Foundation, has created an anti-oxidant and radioprotective formula that can be added to BeyondOrganic™ candy to ensure that the Children of Fukushima have a chance to survive and thrive in this weaponized world.

Why don’t children here in the US have the Lollipops of Life option to protect them from the escalating radiation contamination they face in their food water and air? Because the FDA has made it very clear that nutritional supplements in a formulation and presentation which children like is unacceptable to them. Dr. Rima jokingly suggested that perhaps if we made dirt-flavored radio-protective lollipops for American kids, the FDA might approve them.

Please support this important initiative at and share it as widely as you can with your friends and colleagues.

My message to you today is simple, and similar to the message I asked my Co-Trustee Counsel Ralph Fucetola, JD, who is speaking to you today on my behalf to deliver back in 2008 at the End the Fed rally that was held a short distance from Wall Street, at the Federal Reserve Building.

At that time the Natural Solutions Foundation joined Dr. Ron Paul in warning of a pending economic crisis. That crisis is now upon us. It is a crisis created by political greed and wrong-headed economic policies.

We joined Ron Paul then calling for an end to the Federal Reserve System and a return to Constitutional Money. Those important monetary reforms are more necessary now than ever before. I urge you to become educated about Dr. Paul’s Monetary Reform Bills HR 1094, 1098 and 2768 and to help educate decision makers about them.

Yes, there is a war for, no let me correct that, AGAINST your minds and bodies. You are the front line troops in that undeclared but ultimately lethal war. It is a war where the perpetrators, the US ruling class of political cronies, claim all they need is more power over our lives and they will “save” us from the disasters their power has carefully unleashed upon us.

We reject that centralizing tyranny over our bodies, choices and minds. We reject the notion that only more power in the hands of Federal authorities will save us from the harms caused by amalgamated Corporate/Federal power.

As Dr. Paul says of the FDA, giving that agency more more is giving it more “power to abuse.”

We call for the end to the abuse of power!

We call for an end to the excessive political power exercised by Wall Street and its corporate cronies in Washington.

We demand the restoration of the Constitutional Republic.

We declare sovereignty over our bodies and our lives, as the Constitution of these United States documents that we already have. And we declare an end to forced vaccination and drugging.

Our lives, the lives of our children and the survival of all living things depend on it!

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Thank you.

General Bert (Stubblebine)


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