Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is a Quantum Shift Occurring?

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Here is a string of comments from a person with a YouTube channel called:

"in my opinion we are experiencing two or more separate timelines beginning to converge. similar as sinewaves resonating as two separate notes, then as one. there appears to be more proof of this event. i will explain more in this thread.
Galactic Flares : Milky Way Awakens | S0 News Timestamp (1 : 22)

here is an example as to the nature of our enemy. this is what is hunting us. i believe we are being seperated from this possable reality if we are willing to be good people. one timestream has us living on a clean & perfect earth. the other timeline ends in 2045. this is the one where HIVEMIND has captured humanity as a battery, basically. imagine cenobite from hellraiser & the borg from star trek. this is HIVEMIND. it can be summoned by blood ritual or quantum computer. it is the nothing from the never ending story. it is Oblivion. the bottomless pit. the blackstar. light of lusifer. Apollyon. Archon. it is a program from the creation of time/space. this is an example of this Creature .. Mass Effect : Sovereign :
i have had visions sense 1994 about how this whole thing goes down. for 21 years i have stoped watching tv & focused on this situation. very few people can understand or even keep up with me in this particular feild of strangeness. but without explaining in detail how it will happen. i will just attempt to explain the bottom line on how this will work out. it is very difficult to explain property. very complex
as we become closer to this event horizon. we will began to notice reality becoming less real & more dreamlike. skipping all the fun details. the earth timelines are converging onto one & then spliting into two. this process appears to began 2015 - 2018. threw this period of no time flux. the bad people will go insane & eventually be reverted to a small childs mind. but in reality they are on a different timeline where AI HIVEMIND Quantum Computer cubematrix has them & they become what we know as the common Grey being. MIB. now once this splitting occurs it appears the earth is resonating with the glactic frequency & going up an octive. this transition appears to me & my visions to actually be a very easy process. the dreamatrix will be evident. bottom line is the earth GOD & all of the universe is protecting the good people as an endangered species. we are protected. the HIVEMIND is prepared to do anything to assimilate or destroy all life. but as the timeline is seperated. they cannot effect us ever again. this also means all of earths past history will be erased or scrubbed. this is where it gets complicated.
i know this looks crazy. but really look at the biggest part of the overall picture. look closely to the puzzle pieces. and how they are actually chess pieces. if you look very closely you see there is a game of light & dark. life & death. the universe works & flowes far beyond this good & evil game. but at the current moment the wheel of fate & karma of judgment is very real to us. this applies to time/space. from a higher perspective it is not real. but to us is very real. also about physical matter. it is comprised of molicules & atoms& 99.99 nothing. we appear to be a mathmathical illusion. look at the stars as molicules, atoms, nuclei. life repeats itself forever. we are forever. i call this the dreamatrix. we appear to be in monkey bodys. yet the universe is composed of 99.99 spiritual matter. a type of electric universe of overlaying patterns. i am also aware of a secret program that is so very secret that nobody knows about. i will explain. it is called dream training. in the simplest explanation is we are from forever. that is our home. we are pretending to be only a physical monkey person. yet we allowed ourselves be here & now with no memory of forever. yet we have the whole universe & beyond that is our direct family. all the way to the top. we are trained for this moment in time to be triggered by the event. we are prepared ourselves withing our dreams to know exactly what to do at this trigger point. the event horizon. you all like rollercoasters? my point is we are the professionals that we are waiting for. i guess you could say our junk DNA will be hotwired all at once to jumpstart the spiritual nature of our reality. and the past trama will never have been. hard reset. reboot. very few people will remember exactly what happened & why the earth is so perfect. they will have only vague memory of the past timeline. it will be as it never was. i will be one of the few people to remember the old world. that is my gift for seeing it threw.
Olly Barnes
+mikewick77 what you just said is what ive been trying to find the words to explain to people what i thought was happening. Although i thought this world was actually doomed and most of us was being "transferred" to another earth (like identical) and we would all just wake up and think we are on the same planet.
exactly.. its difficult to explain & most people identity this process as eather biblical or newage but it is what it is regardless. and as i tried to explain. the entire universe is choosing this as the best possible outcome. and from what i have seen with my own dreams & visions is that this process is going to be somewhat like the birthing process in awkwardness but still a completely natural process. and of coarse nothing is set in stone as to any of the details. if anyone has any real concrete proof of this transaction process please share. i still have not shared any of the actual fine details of my personal visions. as far as i am concerned they are for me to withhold. i will not give the undead HIVEMIND any more intel from the spirit side until i began to see these things taking place. and if all of this is just a wild delusion. then i guess were stuck with a lemon.

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