Friday, August 7, 2015

Has Something Been "Changed" In Our Actual Timeline? More about The Bernstain Bears vs.The Bernstein Bears

Even though this may not seem like anything to even be discussing to most people, I agree with Amerishima2012, and I deep-down believe that THIS is a huge nugget of information, another "clue" maybe it should be called, as to how seemingly almost everything has "changed" on this planet, very subtly.   
If a person is old enough to have lived several years, say 50+ on this planet, the amount of change in everything, especially people, is just amazing, but it is hard to describe . .  and younger people might just assume that the older ones who talk about the good old days are just being nostalgic . . .


The ‘Berenstein Bears’ internet conspiracy might rock your childhood

Proof Of The Mandela Effect In Action, Berenstein / Berenstain Bears


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