Saturday, May 16, 2015

Merck vaccines kill two babies in Mexico, injures dozens more

Gardasil manufacturer Merck responsible for serious injuries and deaths of Mexican children; vaccines contained deadly pig virus that destroys human health

According to Newswatch Report, the vaccines in question were administered as a single triple vaccination manufactured by vaccine giant Merck & Co., producer of the infamous Gardasil vaccine for HPV that has maimed and killed thousands of young girls. Of particular concern is an additive used in the multivalent vaccine that is known to damage human health.

Merck's Rotateq vaccine for rotavirus, which has been used in Mexico for the last five years under the blessing of the World Health Organization (WHO), contains DNA from two porcine circoviruses, PCV1 and PCV2, that even the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned about since at least as far back as 2010.

"Rotateq, the oral vaccine by Merck used to 'prevent rotavirus infection in children' has been cited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as far back as 2010 for being 'contaminated with DNA from two porcine circoviruses: PCV1 and PCV2," explains Newswatch Report.

"At the time Merck did not provide 'any information regarding if, or when, PCV1 and PCV2 will be removed from this vaccine.' Perhaps most alarming is that 'PCV2 is a lethal pig virus that causes immune suppression and a serious wasting disease in baby pigs that damages lungs, kidneys, the reproductive system, brain and ultimately causes death.'"

Administration of these deadly vaccines has reportedly been halted in Mexico until the investigations are completed. However, the chances of these horrible jabs being pulled off the market once and for all and Merck executives being prosecuted and jailed for killing innocent children are pretty low, although some feel this would be the only reasonable course of action in dealing with this heinous atrocity.



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