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Dr. William Koch and his suppressed cancer treatment

 (the true discovery may have died with Dr Koch, but people need to be continuously reminded that we the cattle/sheep/dogs/goy/etc have been lied to about basically everything, not just now, but for 1000's of years, or more . . .EDUCATE YOURSELF! . . . imagine you are a psychopath, and discover that 99% of people will believe and trust in lies . .  the world becomes your oyster . . . )

By Jon Rappoport
June 3, 2014

"Vital history, which is to say, unwritten history, floats across our field of vision as a future that could have been but never was---unless we resurrect it now." (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Dr. William Frederick Koch, 1885-1967. Main treatment-medication for cancer and other diseases in humans and animals: Glyoxylide, a homeopathic, which Dr. Koch developed himself.

Sued twice by the FDA. 1943, 1946. Not guilty. Harassed and discredited by medical authorities. Koch left the US for good in 1950 and settled in Brazil.

Despite offers, he never made the formula for his medicine available to medical groups or drug companies, for fear they would change and pervert it.

See, a site maintained by the Koch family. You'll find much information there on the work of Dr. Koch, including scientific papers.

Here is an excerpt from remarks read into the Congressional Record by US Senator William Lancer, on June 7, 1948. It not only reveals the scope of Koch's work, it opens up a chapter of hidden history:

"Fortunately for Canadian farmers in the Province of British Columbia, the Minister of the Department of Agriculture possessed an open mind. This fact is saving cattle raisers into the millions of dollars annually. It is assuring them of better cows, steers, and beef than previously known."

"Such ailments as Bang's disease, Johne's disease, and other fatal diseases that custom­arily make devastating demands upon dairy herds, are no longer fatal in British Colum­bia. Thanks to the integrity and foresight of Canadian physicians, veterinarians, and Government experts who recently completed a series of successful experiments with the Koch system for treating virulent diseases."

"But, be it known as a further warning against trying to suppress truth, that farmers in various parts of the United States are rising up in indignation, demanding the right to enjoy the sameadvantages as their Cana­dian brethren, Cattle raisers in South Amer­ican countries, notably Brazil, have for years demonstrated the validity of the Koch treat­ment."

"'We the undersigned members of the Michigan State Legislature [25 legislators signed the petition] respectfully pe­tition the Congress of the United States, through an appropriate committee to in­vestigate the injunction imposed by a Fed­eral Court on William Frederick Koch, Ph. D., M. D., a pioneer in the field of research and treatment of cancer, inasmuch a. [sic] recently discovered methods of treatment [that] confirm the research of Dr. Koch, with the end in view of requesting the Attorney General of the United States to have said injunction dis­missed, so that Dr. Koch can continue fur­ther research and practice in his field with­out restriction.'"

"Suffice to say that Michigan farmers are not letting their herds die while waiting for bureaucrats to lift an injunction that should never have been imposed. They are using Koch Therapy anyway thereby saving them­selves and the public substantial sums of money in terms of cattle, beef, and dairy products."

"One leading breeder told how the Koch Treatment had saved an especially good cow given up to die. He explained that it de­veloped mastitis during lactation. A veter­inary surgeon advised him to have the ani­mal removed from the herd and slaughtered. There was danger of the infection spreading."

"Instead, the Koch Treatment was applied. The action consisted of one dose of the therapeutic reagent being administered by hypodermic syringe under the skin of the neck. Recovery was instantaneous and with­in a week the cow's milk was being sold to the creamery."

"Testimonials like the following by Dr. Wahl could be multiplied to fill several large vol­umes: 'Over a year ago, my sister was dying of lymphosarcoma, a disease which the profes­sion regards asinvariably fatal. The diag­nosis was made by Dr. H. H. Penner, of Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pa.,on the basis of biopsy study No. 1171, May 1, 1946. The medical staff of Mercy Hospital bad previ­ously made a diagnosis of lymphoscaroma or Hodgkin's disease.

"'The case was far advanced at the time, my sister having been practically bedridden for 6 months because of weakness and re­current infections. The mashes of lymphoid tissue did not have to be palpated; they stood out on the aides of her neck and in her axillae and groins like bunches of grapes mixed with walnuts."

"...My sister was in the last stages and was said to have only a few weeks to live, accord­ing to the best knowledge on the subject. She recovered after one dose [of Dr. Koch's Glyoxylide] in character­istic fashion.'"

"Comparisons are odious, but Dr. Koch has been described by authorities as 'the world's greatest living chemist'; 'the discoverer of a new science which charts the future course of the medical profession'; 'one who cannot be bought, coerced, or intimidated'; 'a Chris­tian gentleman of courage and distinctive attainments'; and 'aman of amazing ca­pacities.'"

"No one who knows him well and understands the humanitarian spirit that animates his every deed will deny that the fore­going descriptions apply."

And here is an excerpt from another report, "Some Informal Remarks on the Treatment of Cancer," which Dr. CW Allen, Professor of Medicine at Tulane University, presented to the Orleans Parish Medical Society, on April 27, 1925:

"Last October a patient of mine suffering from an inoperable cancer of the rectum asked my advice about the Koch treatment. I strongly advised him to have nothing to do with it, that it had been investigated and pronounced worthless, and that I regarded it as a fraud. He, however, was determined to go to Detroit and consult Dr. Koch. At that time he was emaciated, weighing less than a hundred pounds and was so weak that he had to be carried to the train on a stretcher. Two months later he returned to New Orleans weighting more than 130 pounds, and now weighs 170 and attends to business as usual though there is still some local evidence of his trouble."

"I am frank to say that I was amazed at the wonderful improvement in this man. I then called on another patient here who was treated by Dr. Koch at the same time. After talking with these two afflicted persons I was deeply impressed, not only by their personal experience but also by statements concerning others with whom they came in contact while being treated."

"A doctor friend whose wife was in a hopeless condition from carcinoma called on me to discuss the matter and as his wife was unable to travel we wired Dr. Koch and received a treatment. In a similar way I received a dose for a hopeless bladder case of Dr. Walther's. With these treatments Dr. Koch sent some directions and information as to what would happen following its use. The results were so strikingly as he predicted that I became extremely interested."

There are other cases, other case histories, other remarkable successes. Dr. Koch never claimed to be able to cure cancer in all instances. He was always working to improve the treatment. His departure from America was a direct result of harassment by government authorities. Their crimes, of course, went unpunished. They were "protecting the public," if that phrase is taken to mean: guarding a monopoly, preventing cures, and killing patients.

Jon Rappoport


William F. Koch, Ph. D., M. D.Official Research PageMaintained by the Koch Family

The sole purpose of this site is to accurately present Dr. Koch's theories to the scientific community in order to improve the well being of mankind.

This site chronicles over fifty years of Dr. Koch’s scientific research as he investigated and eventually isolated the most fundamental factor common to all disease. Dr. Koch’s epoch making discovery of this Least Common Denominator led to the ‘birth of a new science.’

Through extensive documentation Dr. Koch outlined the chemical processes by which disease may be reversed. Dr. Koch’s research focused on the means to restore the body’s oxidation mechanism back to its original vitality, thereby re-equipping the body with its innate ability to restore and maintain health, not only in cancers but also in a host of its ‘allied diseases.’

This research led to Dr. Koch’s development of several synthetic antitoxins: Glyoxylide, Malonide and PBQ. These catalysts became the stimulant necessary to achieve the oxidative separation of the ‘host cell/pathogen integration,’ when the pathogen was a virus, a carcinogen, a bacterial toxin or an incompletely burned tissue metabolite. Dr. Koch successfully defined the position of the activated amine group, the free radical, the double bond and the Carbonyl group in pathogenesis and in its correction.

Of historic significance is the knowledge that as early as 1919, Dr. Koch’s discoveries were taking him in a direction diametrically opposed to the position held by Organized Medicine, which at that time was investing heavily in the development of radium and surgery as the most promising treatments for cancer.

After failing in its attempt to gain sole control over his research, Organized Medicine launched a fifty-year, unlimited assault aimed at discrediting Dr. Koch’s reputation, medical practice and research, along with those of any physician who dared to validate his Theories or use his Reagents. Organized Medicine developed an extensive propaganda campaign, disseminated false information on Reagent chemistry and publicly dismissed the Koch Theories, which emphasized the relationship between environmental toxins, dietary deficiencies and a depleted oxidation mechanism, as primary initiators of the disease process.

Because Dr. Koch endured such extensive persecution in regard to his science, he determined that the medical/pharmacological industry would forever remain unwilling to independently monitor, document or validate any of his ongoing laboratory research or medical case histories; therefore since his death, December 9, 1967, there have been no authentic Koch Reagents reproduced. It was because of the scurrilous intentions held by the medical/pharmacological industry that Dr. Koch intentionally withheld specific knowledge required in the production of viable Koch Reagents. (Therefore, any claims to the contrary should be viewed as suspect.)


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