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Elite Network That Included Judges, Politicians, Bankers, Businessmen, Police, NATO ... even the Belgian Royal Family implicated in HORRIFIC CRIMES

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The Hidden World
 September 19, 2013

Marc Dutroux (born 1956), "the Monster of Belgium", is a Belgian Jew who is a convicted serial killer and paedophile. He kidnapped, tortured and murdered young girls in the 1990s. He had a handful of accomplices who were also convicted - one of whom he killed (Bernard Weinstein).

In what became known as the Dutroux Affair, the resulting investigations discovered that not only had Dutroux been protected by the police during the years he carried out his horrific crimes, but it was part of something inconceivably larger than Dutroux and his handful of accomplices. An elite network that included judges, politicians, bankers, businessmen, police, NATO ... even the Belgian royal family were implicated. Israelis were also heavily involved. Dutroux's wife (also an accomplice) was a visitor to Israel in the 90s.

The scandal caused the largest protest in Belgian history. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets and there was nearly a revolution.

Nonetheless, it was all still managed to be more or less swept under the carpet, and Dutroux and his few accomplices took the fall for everyone else. Dutroux was convicted for six girls (four of whom he murdered), but INTERPOL and private investigators suspected he was involved in the disappearance of hundreds of children.

Jean-Marc Connerotte, the original judge in the case and a hero, broke down on the witness stand. He described "the bullet-proof vehicles and armed guards needed to protect him against the shadowy figures determined to stop the full truth coming out. Never before in Belgium has an investigating judge at the service of the king been subjected to such pressure. We were told by police that [murder] contracts had been taken out against the magistrates."

He testified that the investigation was seriously hampered by protection of suspects by people in the government.

The investigations also found satanic ritual was involved; one investigator said it was like going back to the Middle Ages. And if it possibly could get any worse, all of this wasn't limited to Belgium: these elite networks were found to spread out across Europe like a spider's web, and to Israel and America.

There are many other examples out there similar to what happened in Belgium, the Franklin Cover-up in the US and the "Highway of Tears" in Canada being prominent ones. And, certainly, there's an absolutely awful lot more to the Jimmy Saville scandal than they're letting on.

These hordes of monsters were never brought to justice. They're above the law, and they're still all out there. The next time you wonder why the world is in the state it's in - consider who's running it.

-The Hidden World


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