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The Recall Sword Used Against Those that Violate the U.S. Constitution!

 (someone in Connecticut needs to start recall petitions . .  this can be very effective . .  the templates are free & ready . . )


recall-giron-can-you-hear-us-now-bigThe Colorado Recalls – Can You Hear Us Now?

By Stew Webb and Glenn Canady Founders Recall

We had some very good news today in the fight for the Republic when we woke to discover that two Colorado Democrats who voted in favor of Colorado’s recent unconstitutional gun control laws were removed from office in a special recall election!

History was made on September 10th, 2013 with the first two successful legislative recalls for the great state of Colorado!  Democrats Angela Giron of Pueblo and John Morse of Colorado Springs were both replaced by Republicans after a relentless recall campaign by gun loving patriots.  The recall volunteers used anger as their motivation for success!

Their anger came from the very unpopular gun control laws that were rammed through the Colorado legislature with the help of Giron and Morse after the Aurora Theater shooting.  As an extra bonus it was also reported that Giron and her entire staff were shocked and caught completely off guard by her unexpected loss in the recall!

It’s Always About Gun Control!

Criminals and government operatives running false flags can always get guns with a lot more than 15 rounds so why would you disarm or restrict the potential victims of these demons unless that was the plan all along?  Of course those of us who study the New World Order (NWO) know that taking all the guns from Americans has always been the ultimate goal.  One of the reasons we know this is because of Dr. Day who was the head of Planned Parenthood in 1969.

Dr. Day was told at the time that nothing could stop the new world order’s plans. He felt confident enough to share the NWO plan with his peers so they could be prepared for all the “necessary” changes they would see!  I guess it’s sort of how the villain in a James Bond film always has to brag because it’s too late for Bond to do anything about it!  Luckily, a patriot by the name of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, who has a near photographic memory, attended this lecture along with eighty other respected doctors.

Despite a hypnotic suggestion that was given to the doctors to later forget the information, Dr. Dunegan wrote it all down afterwards and then recalled the plan in precise detail on tape in the 80s. This material is found in the article titled, “Insider Leaks Entire New World Order Agenda”  It’s required listening for all patriots fighting NWO tyranny!

In that audio testimony Dr. Dunegan stated that the new world order would keep pushing for more and more gun control until all the guns were eventually taken from Americans as they were in other countries they already controlled!  They absolutely needed to get all of our guns and demonize them before the final stages of their new world order system could come to fruition!  That’s why the new world order stooges are really getting aggressive in their gun control now!  It’s also why more and more recalls will be needed to root out the new world order traitors!

Giron and Morse no longer work for “We the People” because they betrayed the U.S. Constitution and the will of the people in Colorado. Patriots used the ultimate power of the recall election to show all Americans what to do when tyrants take over the government – don’t get mad – Recall them and get even!  Which traitor to the US Constitution is going to feel the wrath of the recall sword next?
Could it be the Missouri Governor who vetoed the Missouri Legislators strong  2nd amendment law that sent Barack Obama and U.S Attorney General Eric Holder nuts? Maybe the Zionist New York Mayor Bloomberg who pushes Daddy Bush’s New World Order Illuminati Zionist agenda.  Well that’s where the fun comes in because those that serve the new world order will never know when the recall sword will be drawn against their traitorous activities that are being exposed more each day thanks to real alternative media websites such as Veterans Today.

The Good Guys Strike Back!

It’s been great to see how the mainstream media or what most of us call the “Fake News” is running around like NWO chickens with their heads cut off clucking about how this Colorado recall is a “very dangerous development”!  Yes, the “Fake News” and the other new world order traitors do have reason to worry over this Colorado recall.  They should be afraid, very afraid in fact because the Colorado recall election just proved that the power has always belonged to “We the People”.  We just didn’t know it yet!  The American people have now fully awakened and we’re not happy American’s as the recall election in Colorado has just proven!

Most of us know that our future has been destroyed by these Illuminati Zionist New World Order demons and we’ve got nothing else to lose!  In fact, the only way we lose now is if we don’t do everything possible to stop them from finishing their satanic agenda with World War III.
Congress Deceived by Sarin Plot by Gordon Duff (Share this with you Congressman and Senate Obama and Kerry are liars pushing Daddy Bush’s Illuminati Zionist Agenda)

The recall sword came out of the sheath today in a big way and showed every patriot how to chop away the New World Order weeds choking the life from the Tree of Liberty!  Those that continue to tread on our founding document, the U.S. Constitution will see the recall sword come after their job next if they violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic!

The “Fake News” was also busy whining that this recall election was being funded by the powerful NRA, and other big money interests but nothing could be further from the truth!  The only big money involved was on the side of stopping the Colorado recalls since M.D.I.C. (Minor Demon in Charge) Mayor Bloomberg personally gave $350,000 to try to save Giron and Morse for his gun grabbing agenda!  Even H.D.I.C. (Head Demon in Charge) Barack Obama couldn’t stop the recall!  It was reported that Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA) operatives were seen in the area to help Giron get out the vote. Despite the best efforts of Bloomberg and Obama, the patriots pushing the recall petitions at gun shows and locally owned businesses would not be denied as they educated the public on the Recall Petition procedure and got them ready to vote!

Success in Colorado Came from Three Contractors!

The Giron recall was actually started by three local Contractors that took action into their own hands.  Their names are Victor Head, Adam Head and Ernest Mascarenas and they began the Giron recall because she went against the will of the people of Colorado!  Here’s a short video of these three patriot Contractors smashing the lies that Giron and the mainstream media told about them!


Everyone in Colorado’s district needs to help these American Patriot’s get out of debt $1.00 each will do that.

By the way, Victor Head, the leader of the pack, spent $5,000 out of his own pocket to have the recall petition paperwork created by a lawyer so that this recall formula could be easily adapted for other states. But Victor paid much more than this to make this recall election successful.  Incredibly, Angela Giron personally sued Victor Head three times to try to stop her recall and it cost him $40,000 to defend himself!  So Victor went all in for freedom to the tune of $45,000 out of his own pocket for this victory!  For this reason, we are now asking all patriots that read this article to visit his website at and donate anything you can so he can recover some of this money he had to spend to fight these new world order demons!  We must hang together and support those patriots that had the guts to make it all happen!  They are true Hero’s in the fight for Liberty and the U.S. Constitution.

The other hero in the Colorado recall efforts is David Justice at “The Basic Freedom Defense Fund” (BFDF)  who spearheaded the recall petition efforts for John Morse!  The BFDF is a non-profit corporation committee dedicated to defending Constitutional liberties and sponsoring grassroots groups in their efforts to defend the Constitution.  David was the originator of the Colorado recall efforts of John Morse and has documented how to do a recall with written and video materials that makes the recall process much easier to understand.

Here’s a video by David Justice which explains in detail exactly how the recall process works in Colorado.  The recall process is similar in many other states but you must check each State’s rules and regulations with your Secretary of State’s office.  David says that many states have similar processes but that you must carefully check with each State for their own rules.


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