Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cloaked Craft in our Skies: ET or Military technology?


Guest:  Sean  Gautreaux
(Website: (link to Parts 1-673)

Guest:  Jim Kerr

TOPIC: Cloaked Craft in our Skies: ET or Military technology?
Is the military covering up the fabled “Reverse Engineered UFO Craft” technology? A superconductor has the ability to carry electric current without dissipation. The perfect diamagnetism of a superconductor makes it possible to levitate magnetic objects. Unquestionably, one of the most famous men associated with S4 (Sector – 4) of AREA-51 is physicist Bob Lazar and is a name numerous people associate with alien spaceship reverse engineering.
Our guests, Mr. Sean Gautreaux and Mr. Jim Kerr met each other on the internet in interest of each other’s body of work. You see, Sean had been filming “lightening” in the skies of New Orleans simultaneously to Jim Kerr’s videotaping his skies in California. Paying close attention to the sky Jim Kerr began seeing and videoing strange anomalies in and around chemtrails over Aerospace valley, like   UFO’s, orbs, skyfish, rods and “signatures of various size triangular craft that were cloaked”. Studying the patterns of these craft and researching advanced technologies lead him to, Mr. Sean Gautreax’s work entitled “What is In Our Skies”. Sean had similar footage, so they immediately became friends and exchanged information, ideas, theories and of course photos!

Jim Kerr stated on the show “The craft are so far advanced they are, “beyond science fiction”!

 ”They are up there, no doubt, right above our heads. We have one of at least four scenarios going on. Either they are all military  working  alone, or all ET working alone, or both, in collusion or in conflict. And it’s starting to look like a conflict.” ~ Sean Gautreax

What was discussed on the show?

•             What exactly have you both been recording in our skies?
•             Lightning or electrical transfer between craft
•             cloud material imitating natural cloud
•             Very  low  altitude craft  formations being able to move against 25-60 mph winds
•             Fuel station in the sky?
•             Infrared, full spectrum and time laps video filming techniques
•             Chemtrails targeted at craft. Orbs, UFO’s attraction to chemtrails and craft.
•             Sylphs, colonies, money spiders, possible chem web explanation?
•             Military, ET or both?
•             Demonic holograms in the sky, FALLEN ANGELS
  •           Jim Kerr  ~ “I was recently contacted by an alleged NASA scientist asking questions about the     craft and where I was getting my information. He wanted to meet with me in a public location to  discuss my videos.”
  • •             Confirmation from employees in the aerospace field that dropped several hints after explaining  the craft to them.
•             Bob  Lazar  original  documents that were given to Jim Kerr!
•             We are witnessing a number of different players in our skies
•             Military is using advanced technologies not of this world. Alien, aka, Fallen Angel Technology.
•             Horus and Osiris, or a complete cabal fake?

This two hour interview does not even begin to explain what these two investigators have uncovered, though it is jam packed with information, photos, videos, and explanations of what the two of them have been theorizing for the past  2 years. Listen to the program now!



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