Sunday, June 10, 2012

Morgellons white fuzz on skin

Jun 10, 2012 by

I get white fuzz on the skin right after a shower. It pours out of my skin everywhere from head to stomach. Its not bad on legs. Days I just wait until it comes out then brush it off. After that I continue on my day. I have no idea what triggers it to come out. I think I have this real bad among morgellon sufferers. This is what it looks like close up.


The Black Sheep tries to warn its friends with the truth it has seen, unfortunately herd mentality kicks in for the Sheeple, and they run in fear from the black sheep and keep to the safety of their flock.

Having tried to no avail to awaken his peers, the Black Sheep have no other choice but to unite with each other and escape the impending doom.

What color Sheep are you?