Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Radio Host Quit due to "Attempted" censorship of 12/30/10 - Interview with Vatic Master, archived.

(this is a VERY interesting interview . . . )

The Vatic Project

Special: Millenialism 12/30/10 - Click on here | Play in Popup |and go to the 30th and click on the archive radio stream showing and listen to the program, the callers, and the Vatic Master and host Magnus Johnstone. He is a brave man and principled. I hope he does another show elsewhere where they do not censor. The big question is "WHY DID THE NE ESTABLISHMENT GET UPSET AT THIS OBSCURE RADIO PROGRAM? WHAT DID WE COVER THEY DID NOT WANT OUT THERE?"

Alert: Magnus Johnstone said this was the best millenium program he had done, (up to that point he had done 16 of these programs) and that was reinforced by the callers into the program the last half hour and he informed me that because of our interview something happened whereby, he was told by the management of the radio station, to change his program and so he quit. That is when I decided we should listen to it again and find out what the powers that be did not want out there. REMEMBER, THIS IS AN EAST COAST REGIONAL RADIO STATION AND IS HEARD AND LISTENED TO ALL ACROSS THE NORTHEAST. That means NY, and Wa DC. I suspect that is why the station and he, got harrassed and why we had massive hits from Wa DC and NY right after the program. Here is the streaming archived for you to listen to it. Because he had to give up his program for "principles", it became important we revisit the program and find out why and what truth we fell on that they did not want out there. He is certainly a man of principle and he had an excellent show.

Guest: “Vatic Master” from the Vatic Project


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