Saturday, February 5, 2011

21st Century Inquisition

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Medical viciousness, which flows like a river out of doctor’s arrogance and ignorance, drags many people to death’s door including the man in the above video. It has to do with a strict control of information that can be deadly to patients. In the above 60-minute CBS video we see someone almost die because a team of doctors did not want to administer intravenous vitamin C to a man on life support. But with some legally-applied arm-twisting they managed to push the hospital administration to administer 50 grams of C a day. To everyone’s delight the patient started showing immediate improvement and then full recovery.

The vital information that saved Alan’s life is no secret. But it is kept secret by an army of doctors and nurses who have been trained to distrust or shy away from the use of any natural or even semi-natural nutrient such as ascorbic acid—though not quite the full complex that a natural C would have—but still powerfully effective in emergency and intensive care situations.

Under the umbrella of CODEX, a new inquisition has been initiated, an all-out witch-hunt against natural medicine and its practitioners. I know of personal stories on different continents where noble people are deliberately attacked. My dear friend and medical associate Dr. George Georgiou from Cyprus actually had a spy come into his office posing as a patient secretly taking films of the diagnostic intake so it could later be edited and presented on local television.

The Cyprus Medical Association is picking up the pace in overtly attacking all natural medicine practitioners on the island of Cyprus, which is now part of the European Union. The tactics they are using are highly unethical and unprofessional. According to Georgiou they are “basing their attack on the myth that all natural medicine practitioners are unqualified charlatans and people should not trust them with their health.”

On Wednesday 9th January, a program “60 Minutes” on one of the national channels, “Sigma” showed how paid stooges acting as patients would enter natural medicine practitioners clinics with hidden spy cameras and record the practitioner treating them. Excerpts from this were taken completely out of context making Georgiou look like a charlatan when he clearly is not. He is one of a small handful of doctors in the world upon whom I would entrust my life if the need arose. His only offense to the local medical establishment is that he is a naturopath and some people believe all naturopaths should be hung.

And while we are at it we might as well lynch some homeopaths; there is a war against that form of medicine as well, even though homeopathy is one of the best treatment modalities because it addresses the whole person just about better than any other modality. Personally I like homeopaths for their diagnostic depth and the way they treat people as human beings with a soul. Half the battle in medicine is won just from paying attention and listening to patients. So much can and should be said for the healing power inherent in doctors taking a sincere interest in their patients.

Contemporary medicine rejects—across the board—anything outside the mainstream medical box. There is no consideration allowed for anything that has not been clinically proven, yet clinical studies are astronomically expensive and only the pharmaceutical companies can afford to run them. In recent years the quality of these “official” studies has been drawn into question. Thus the results on which the FDA often bases their decisions are flawed. There is no credence given to anecdotal experiences or testimonials from patients as to whether or not a treatment works so doctors are at a disadvantage by not utilizing natural medicine, something that has worked well for many centuries.

Natural medicine is a religion that the orthodox medical community needs to convert to. I use the word religion in a dual manner here. First the conversion is simply in the mind—converting one’s thinking from a terroristic paradigm to something vastly more reasonable. Pharmaceutical terrorism has bred insanity in the rank and file members of allopathic medicine, turning the practice of medicine into a crime against humanity.

I am soon to start championing in the world the practice of pastoral medicine. This form of medicine does have an allegiance to something higher than the limitations of human thinking. Medical truth is more easily seen when we connect to a universal intelligence that is truth and only knows the truth.

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